: They should keep this Yasuo "bug"
I see your point, is this way it's less frustrating. And the way it was allowing it to be more reactionary was "broken" because it lasted so long. Here's the thing: "Hell, if they would intentionally put this in, there would be room to adjust Yasuo where he actually needs it instead of leaving his stats fairly weak in exchange for keeping the parts of his kit that are frustrating in the same state." The bug doesn't actually put any room in for additional stats. Yasuo, as a champion kind of has a "stat ceiling" where his stats can't go higher than. Not literally but figuratively because if you buff his stats you get TANK YASUO, something far more broken than Yasuo with a reactionary windwall that lasts a fairly long time. What could they really give him worthy of compensation for this huge bug? Almost anything they give would either lead to some Psuedo Assassin Yasuo even more than he is now, because it'd have to be snowballing burst damage, or anything else and you get Tank Yasuo. People already hate how snowbally Yasuo currently is so I don't think that works, and well we all know how much people hated Yasuo in season 6 when he was played as a tank.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 26
On the precision stat splitting; If you do that I think you blatantly have to buff some champions; plenty of champions in old runes/masteries took 34-39% AS, and currently precisions 18% feels very clunky as is. Yasuo/Irelia/Tryndamere 3 of my main champions I used todo this on all of them, as did alot of their mains and all 3 champions took a big hit in power when new runes came out and the lack of AS is a big portion why. Yasuo's Q in early levels can be nearly a half second longer in CD, and slightly longer cast time; This means it can take more than a whole second in total to get your whirlwind... and Irelia can lose an auto or two that she used to get with W; Tryndamere same thing but with a crit... If you split precisions stats I expect these champions to be in major need of a compensation buff. I already feel like I cannot go resolve secondary unless in a truly abusive lane like Pantheon where I used to take it unless I countered my enemy laner. and on opening up botlane; I think with just minor tweaks, Yasuo or Riven could work since you said you didn't think skirmishers would work well... Also maybe try Jayce?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 6
Meddler... I notice Fighter based Grasp changes on PBE which tells me you want more fighters to go down resolve. You also want to help splitpushing, and are concerned with Botlane Tower FirstBloods? May I make a couple suggestions? 1. Change Demolish... Demolish is rather weak if it's not doing it's job at making a difference in when towers fall for one, and for two it's base damage is low and CD is high; and it scales only with HP... which means even for tanks it doesn't always scale quickly because tanks commonly go Armor/MR items and get HP mid game... and for bruisers they get relatively little hp until late game just relying on what little they get from Phage/Jaurim's items... Also why should tanks be able to take towers like rift heralds? This reminds me of when you guys upped the AP ratio of damage to towers. It doesn't really make too much sense to give tower pressure to a class that shouldn't be aimed at taking towers. I suggest changing demolish to scale with BASE AD as well. Also maybe help Fighter items help them take towers more? Like make it so Tiamat Active hurts towers, and Black Cleaver shreds Tower armor like champions. Lastly, make it so autoing towers lowers demolish CD slightly so AS based splitpushers (which varies from Triforce Jax->Tryndamere) can use demolish better Getting the numbers just right will be a challenge but it'd fix alot of problems simultaneously it'd buff fighters, it'd buff splitpushers, it'd nerf FBT botlane&tanks top. It'd also give a lot of Fighters a much easier time choosing Resolve; which is seemingly what you want given the Grasp change on PBE (12/5 update)
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 8
I think it should be FervorofBattle or ThunderLordsDecree. Each of these just let damage carries do their job easier whether it's the late game adc stacking on the consistent damage, or assassins snowballing with burst. I really don't think it should be StormRaidersSurge, as it simply takes away most of the weaknesses of the juggernaut class, it doesn't help them due what they're meant to do, it takes away their counter play. What I mean by this; is Zed/Syndra is SUPPOSED to burst squishies. Caitlyn/Ashe is SUPPOSED to constantly auto for high dps. Nasus/Darius IS NOT SUPPOSED to be unkitable, tanky, and do tons of damage. I talk about these because they're the 3 top candidates in the poll.
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: Champion Subclass List
Feel like Kennen Blitz and Cho aren't that unique, also how is {{champion:39}} not a skirmisher? and how is {{champion:245}} and lastly how isn't {{champion:107}} a diver? Seriously he dives in as hard as Vi Xin or Nocturne...


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