: You're now a Rioter. What's the first (reasonable/semi-reasonable) thing you do?
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: The %%% is probably the reason (I think it's hate speech since it blocks it but i'm not 100% sure). You can try to contact support if you haven't had a chat restriction before since it seems like you never specifically called anyone a hate speech (hate speech and the 3 letter acronym "kys" jumps over chat restrictions and goes right into bans I believe). Also, some of the things you said were slightly toxic like "fucking go in" and "this guy holy shit" but if you didn't get any chat restrictions they aren't ban worthy.
i mean i got an account perma ban but i never got chat restricted in this account.
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: >Youre bad idiot: 1 does the job Surely you were telling people that 1 report for any offense is all that's needed. Because this: >Youre bad idiot: be sure to x9 xeralt edgy kid that wnated to steal a role then was toxic and now inting report all 3 Does nothing but harasses another player. Both games, you dedicated a significant amount of your chat toward one player, harassing and insulting Xerath and Lulu. A punishment was warranted, and if you had chat restrictions (plural) before, this was the next step. After a 2-week ban, your next punishment is a permanent ban.
i mena he was inting so hell yeah ima talk shit to him and if riot thinks this is bad well they have a problem.
: Well I'm sorry to say, but this is completely deserved. You were just being a jerk in those games, nothing more to say about that.
So 14days ban for 2games is deserves when im respondind to trolls?lol
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Youre bad idiot

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