: So it's more boring and has less counterplay
Well, remember that Xul is melee and has no mobility, whereas Karma and Nocturne can boost their speed.
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: We have it basically on Karma and Nocturne (it's a hard CC so same concept) I think the leash mechanic is more healthy than a guaranteed CC.
Xul's version doesn't require a tether, but his version doesn't allow for a self-heal or Fear effect.
: Thing is, immediate point & click cc is basically the only reliable counter to hyper-mobile champions.
Haven't you heard? Riot doesn't want counterplay to hyper-mobility! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} /s
: So a variant of {{champion:142}}
Not quite. Xul's is point-and-click, Zoe's is a skillshot. They also inflict different CC's.
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: Maybe we could periodically spawn in little chimes around the map for her to pick up to increase her power!
: I support buffing her, but her ult needs a little more setup before I think Riot will do anything. Don't nerf the damage, but make it require more time to setup than just 'press Q once and click enemy ADC to auto win teamfight'
How about having it so that each orb added to the ult increases the damage exponentially rather than linearly? This would require some adjusting, but it'd reward Syndra if she gets off a mass orb ult and punish her if she fires without setup. Separates good Syndra players from bad ones (not gonna say "good vs great").
FilDaFunk (EUW)
: When you say "power without gameplay", doesn't this apply to most champs? The purpose of the passive is to boost her mid/late game (although previous iterations of the q portion were better). Notice that she doesn't have a passive until level 9.
The fact that she has no passive until level 9 and that it works the way it does makes it super boring.
: Nooooo They tried that gated crap with Cassiopeia before they finially realized gated scaling is really bad.
There's a difference between gated scaling and gated utility. This would be the latter.
KoKoboto (NA)
: Err doesn't change much imo. Just means that she won't have access to passive at times. Most of these are "just play the game how you already would and you'll get stuff". Doesn't actually change gameplay.
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GigglesO (NA)
: "Just build armor"
I think it's less that we need to buff armor and more that we need to nerf true damage and the Conqueror Keystone.
Eedat (NA)
: I havent played HotS since shortly after release. How is Abby doing?
Still super situational, but I find him a refreshing change of pace.
CoffeeMug (EUNE)
: Would need a bit of re-balancing tho,but it could work. Few questions: 1) Her healing on W would need to be buffed 2) Would be stackable?Or would it have a higher CD,with an even higher healing? 3) Would her max HP cost be removed?
Not stackable, and the heal-over-time effect is not the bulk of the healing. It's more of an add-on that primes an ally to be healed by her Q. And yes, this would involve having her HP cost removed.
Meddler (NA)
: Thank you! Lux: The stuff on PBE (assuming that's what your asking about) has some promise I think. In particular the thesis of 'what if so much of Lux's laning play didn't involve harassing with a very hard to dodge, but very mana intensive E'. Possible that shifting power around could do a lot of good. Don't think we've got all the details right at the least though. MF: Seems in an ok spot. We'll need to take a look at all marksmen after the upcoming item changes, likely they'll all shift around at least a bit in terms of power and playstyle.
Slight hijack, but what are your current thoughts on Soraka? I personally think that her current playstyle is too awkward, and that she could benefit from taking notes from Malfurion in Heroes of the Storm. Here's a link to a discussion on said topic: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/K23zkA4G-soraka-should-take-some-notes-from-malfurion
: [Open Discussion] Star Guardian 2018 Team Comp?
{{champion:89}} - Leader {{champion:22}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:92}} Bonus points if Irelia and Riven have a dynamic similar to Sailor Uranus and Neptune.
makkii (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yousosmart,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fZAnO4ak,comment-id=00020002,timestamp=2018-04-18T12:34:48.207+0000) > > Saw the changes, immediately don't like them. I do not like the idea of making her E slower and smaller. Of course you wouldn’t like e to actually be dodgeable 🙄, never mind it would allow riot to buff her damage to allow her to waveclear and be more viable overall, can’t takeaway that undodgeable e spam
Actually, yes, I would not like that. I'm a level 7 mastery Lux, FYI. And it's less about the smaller radius and more about the slower projectile speed. That is REALLY feelsbad.
: How are you going to react when I tell you that Lux has a minor rework's worth of changes coming soon? https://clips.twitch.tv/VictoriousKawaiiHamburgerPunchTrees
Saw the changes, immediately don't like them. I do not like the idea of making her E slower and smaller.
: I feel like one of the biggest problems with Soraka, aside from the strength of Aery and %shield/heal increase, is her instant, ranged, AoE, silence that turns into a root. It's basically a point and click ability. I think it's just too powerful and definitely the best of all the silences in the game. Garen has to run up to you and auto, Fiddle's has projectile speed, Malzahar's has a delay, Cho'gath's is a small cone in front of him. I feel like the silence should at least have a travel time so you have a chance to play around it.
Maybe the initial damage (if it's still there) should be removed and loaded into the secondary effect. I know it doesn't fix the silence problem, but it makes the ability less annoying if you get out of it quickly.
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: riot said heal over time is bad because it's either so weak you barely notice it and barely makes a difference or so strong it feels like to the enemy they might as well not attack you while the heal is on you
That doesn't mean it can't work. Besides, in Malfurion's version, the HoT isn't what does the majority of the healing; it's when he lands his Moonfire on enemy Heroes that the healing really kicks in.
: Originally Soraka had a heal over time and it was more fair in lane. You could all-in and she couldn't just burst heal through your damage. She had sustain but you could fight her. Then Riot decided heal over time is too "unsatisfying" so they made all the heals instant. That turned out to be a huge mistake but they stuck with that decision very stubbornly even though in the end they had to nerf and remake every healer.
That's the problem with Riot: they HATE White Mages with a passion.
: So... the Original Soraka?
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: Bilgewater is next it seems
We already had a Bilgewater event about 2 years ago.
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: didn't rengar and khazix also have a sidequest one since the beginning of time? but I think nami teaming with a Diana and increasing her w and passive scalings would be insanely cool.
Not the same idea. Look at how Heroes of the Storm does quest-based talents and you'll get what I mean.
: Which Champions should have "Quests" built into their kits?
My picks so far: {{champion:112}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:18}}
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: To me, the purpose of an item is to offer choice to the player, giving them one set of bonuses out of many potential others, which the player has to select based on their intended strategy and playstyle. In this respect, Viktor's Hex Core does not fulfil the purpose of an item, because there is no choice as to whether or not it can be equipped. There is some element of choice in _when_ to upgrade the item, but at the end of the day it's just a way of tying gold to Viktor's augments via a stat stick and an item slot. Because of this, I would support looking into a different way to implement Viktor's augments. I know the OP is a big fan of quests, and I think a quest mechanic could be an excellent method of unlocking Viktor's augments over the course of a match. In fact, it would likely be much more thematically appropriate to Viktor than gold, because at the end of the day Viktor is a scientist obsessed with research, optimization and adaptation, not material wealth. Implementing the Glorious Evolution in a manner that encouraged the player to research, adapt or otherwise evolve their gameplay over the course of a match via a quest, rather than just dishing out upgrades alongside a gold fee, could go a long way towards letting players embody Viktor's fantasy, and so in a manner that would avoid limiting his diversity of itemization relative to other champions (which itself is antithetical to his character, as he strives to unlock the potential of people via the gift of technology).
Yeah, come to think of it, giving Viktor baseline quests as a means of getting his augments would be MUCH better than relying on the Hex Core.
Darks (NA)
: lux has a similar pick and winrate and riot thinks shes not in a great spot, but syndra is "fine".
Syndra has far more impact in pro games than Lux does since she can stun, knockback, and has better single-target burst.
: Unsure. I imagine it would require some level of investigation. Her passive could be on the table; that doesn't seem unreasonable to me.
I suggest taking a look at Quest talents in Heroes of the Storm and trying something like that for Syndra. Require her to land hits with her abilities on enemy Champions to unlock rewards.
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: {{champion:115}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:41}} {{item:3070}}
: Get gud. Practice CSing, probably one of the easiest things you can practice and control yourself, in this entire game. Go into a custom game and just CS for 30-45 minutes. Otherwise, you have no reason to complain because you aren't actively trying to improve yourself.
Even those who practice CSing will fuck it up and then get woefully behind.
SkyeMoon (NA)
: It should be a skill to be able to contest. It is not healthy to just farm the wave and have no interaction with your lane opponent. If there is no PvP interaction, you might as well not even have a lane opponent. Learning how to trade, stay healthy, have proper back timings and capitalizing on your opponent's mistakes when they greed for that cannon minion is a skill that should rightly be in the game.
I don't disagree with that. My actual beef is with the whole "minion survived with 1 HP, so you get nothing" bullshit moments being made so much worse with these cannon minion changes. If you get one of those 1 HP misses, it'd be nice if you at least got half of the gold instead of none of it.
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Ganondorf (EUW)
: Both of them have maximum sass. x)
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: Tired of hearing the same announcer over and over again.
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: i feel like this is a good step in the direction he should be going in. However! Whenever i play mordekaiser and have a dragon i can just like one shot someone with a 13k hp Elder dragon that chases them for a while. That or an ocean drake. That slow is obnoxious tbh.
I'm not saying that Dragon Ghost isn't awesome, but on Mordekaiser it may be the wrong fit now. I'm thinking the ult should be transferred onto someone new, and then we give Mordekaiser a new ultimate that fits his theme more.
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: That is a good and HORRIBLE idea. It is like when people constantly wanted S's on champions that they will intentionally throw games to keep their scores. Or they would ignore lanes to farm. They will ignore objectives to finish "Quests". Frankly I would rather they include the multiple daily quests like HOTS has. Can make it so they only give BE or BE and EXP.
I'd have said quests generally rely on Champion vs Champion interaction, not farming. It'd also be more like what happens with Kayn's gameplay, not as something to get you post-game rewards.
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