: The thing about Vengeful Spirit and Pudge was that they were literally breaking the game. Vayne isn't breaking the game by building Guinsoo's, she just synergizes with it really well. In fact, she can't even use the item to it's fullest potential, since the AP and Magic Penetration is actually useless on her. Banning Vayne from using Guinsoo's is like banning Ezreal from using Manamune or banning Jax from using Trinity Force. It's just items they synergize with really well. Granted, Guinsoo's is just a toxic item in general, not just on Vayne, but others like Kayle and Master Yi go from "Tolerable" to "Oh God, leave me alone" once they get it. And given how Riot keeps trying to rework it, I'd say that, at this point, it's better to just remove the item as a whole.
Sadly they can't remove it, because the real Guinsoo would have their heads.
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: 8.7k out of the 40.2k damage taken was true damage (more than 20%). This seriously rings an alarm about how much true damage is in the game.
Yeeep. Riot is overdoing it with the true damage. However, I doubt that they'll take this game as evidence, as the majority of that true damage was Vayne using a Guinsoo (which seriously should be forbidden on her specifically).
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: It's not the 1 second tick that needs to be looked at, I think it's the fact that it doesn't tick when you're in range of the enemy, it just pulses. Under the wrong circumstances, you could essentially get zero ticks of dmg off on an enemy who's orb walking despite the fact that they are in range of your aura almost the whole time. That, and damage over time is worthless in the ROFLSTOMP meta but that's a few locked threads and a can of worms on it's own.
Then this is all the more reason to change the cadence. Highly skilled opponents just weave in and out of the timer and avoid taking damage; changing to a 0.25-second cadence would prevent that.
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Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Done25,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JM0NJzQL,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-21T00:11:37.731+0000) > > Scales off HP, not armor. Yeah, and every good armor item, gives HP.
So, by your logic, {{item:3025}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3193}} are bad?
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: If I got it right, there is a high chance that Braum doesn't really exist in the lore and that the character it's more the embodyment of the tales about him, similar to how Kindred is Death.
Well, if I'm right, Riot will probably say "retconned".
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nasu010 (NA)
: Hey i remember this. I see you made changes but you kinda removed a lot from the previous, so he can no longer cast while flying? That's too bad was a good idea you just needed to change how his flight worked. Hmmm.... So many nerfs, expected bur as if too many? I see your sticking to the wow dragon theme but you restricted it to 1 breath. OK I've got more to say but am out for now
Well, I couldn't quite return it as it was 2 or more years ago. It'd be accused of copying existing Champions, for one.
: I think he's a bit too over reliant on death to be useful, perhaps during Reign of Death he goes into ghost form for a few seconds? that way he could be more useful (e.g following it up with the W slow.) Also I'm getting some serious "Oh shit my entire army is dead from that level 10 lich." Warcraft 3 Vibes on that R son. EDIT: by death I mean "Being dead" not as in... like your entire concept is bad, I Actually really Like the theme and the gameplay idea.
How is he reliant on dying to be useful? That ghost effect is just a unique gimmick that allows him to scout while waiting to respawn.
: Not a champ concept the Jedi would tell you
Indeed. He's a Sith legend, after all.
Gilgayu (NA)
: I feel like he should have stronger cc than just a slow. He can only unleash his full potential if he charges his ability, but his ms will be impaired while charging, making it very hard to hit. I think it would be cool if his q can be a "small" cone, meaning it should have the range of a skill shot (1100-ish), but with a cone shaped hitbox. It is kind of what people would imagine when they think of dragon's breath, and it dealing damage in a wide, short cone.... is kinda weird? His q also seems to be too long. 3 seconds is a fairly long time to not move (unless you want him to move, which changes everything I said ^) What if you shorten it to 1.5 seconds? If you actually want him to deal damage over seconds, letting 50% of the damage dealt right away is probably way too much. So much so that there wouldn't really be a point of waiting those 3 seconds (if you have liandry's and ralyai's, however, that's a different story). Another way to make an unique q is to make it "toggle on/off," but not the usual ones. What I'm suggesting is: >Toggle On: Plagueis charges up a breath attack, increasing damage as he charges up. Upon release, Plagueis releases a dark breath attack in a wide cone (60 degress, 700 range, which is slightly better than Rumble's), dealing magic damage to all enemies hit. _x_ magic damage is dealt immediately, and he will do _y_ magic damage per 0.25 second until it is toggled off. If fully charged, 15/17/19/21/23% of the total damage is dealt as true damage. Plagueis is healed for _z_% of the damage dealt to Champions by Death's Breath. >X = 20/40/60/80/100 (+5/5/6/6/7% of your bonus hp)(+25% AP) Y = 8/16/24/32/40 (+15% AP) Z = 5/7/7/9/9% (+1% for every 80 AP) >Cost: (Starts ticking after finished charging) 25/35/45/55/65 first cast, and 10/15/20/25/30 (+1.5% current hp) for every second after. Cooldown: 6 seconds after toggled off Note: Upon casting, you will do X+Y damage, so it actually is a lot if you go full AP. At rank 5, Death's Breath can do 160(+60% AP) per second after the initial cast damage. Plagueis can move when Death's Breath is toggled on, but the cost will be doubled. This allows him to become a melee mage-brusier as you wanted, since he can keep this throughout the fight for a considerable cost even if he went brusier (since it has such a high base damage, I wanted to add that current hp scaling so full tank Plagueis isn't always chosen). Tell me what do you think of this "revised" version of q. _________________________________________________ I also feel like his ult is a bit too strong. It certainly is a very good ult, and it fits his kit perfectly. But just imagine: Plagueis casts ult, 2 secs later, he uses the already fully charged e, ult pops. Like... how to you miss that? Personally, I think he doesn't need the big aoe damage on his ult (I feel like that mechanic isn't really necessary for your concept), but rather have it grant Plagueis: 1. increased ms (70-ish?) 2. automatically charged abilities for __all__ of his abilities in the next, and perhaps give his abilities some sort of cdr (maybe -1 sec cd for every enemy champion hit?) 3. some other effect that can be used when Plagueis is in ghost form, since right now he can't do much... ___________________________________ Well, that will be it for my opinions. I know that I might have suggested a lot of things that you don't want as part of Plagueis's kit, but I think my suggestions are... reasonable. Please tell me what you think of these.
The Q doing half immediately, half over 3 seconds is intended to work this way, and {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} would be good items on Plagueis. He's meant to be a bruiser-mage, so a combination of health and AP works well for him, as his fully-charged E can give him resistances. The ult is not a channeled thing; you activate it and then 3 seconds later you detonate, and can still perform other actions while doing so. I have that 3-second wind-up there so that Plagueis needs to use his ultimate in a deliberate, planned attack, not as a reactionary thing. If you use it well, you can devastate the enemy team, but if you misuse it, it's fairly easy to dodge. It's comparable to a character from Heroes of the Storm, The Butcher. One of his ultimates, Furnace Blast, is what I used as inspiration for Plagueis' current ultimate. I do like your idea on having it so that each Champion he hits with his ult, he gets to use a fully-charged basic ability. Very neat. Just to note, Plagueis can perform other actions while charging up his attacks, though while charging an ability you cannot use another ability simultaneously. Plagueis' main gameplay gimmick (charge-ups) is mainly inspired by Yrel in HotS. She does the same sort of thing, though she's less on the damage side and more of a disruptor/bruiser.
: only issue is that you made a dragon champion melee
It's melee for gameplay reasons. I could always give this Champion 175 attack range instead of 125.
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: I mean he betrayed her yes, but his life was on the line at that point, and he was actually going to lose his life because of her.
The thing is, he also killed a LOT of people in his escape. Is one life worth many? If he had escaped without causing a single fatality, then she wouldn't feel conflicted about it.
: She would probably want to know why he betrayed her. "Just why?" And he would most likely push her away, maybe even kill her if she still stood in his way...or just regret it mid-act but still would push her way.
I actually think he wouldn't try to kill her, but he might try and force himself upon her. Think about it: male prisoner escapee who was in correspondence with a beautiful girl? He's bound to be lusting for her (at least, that's the sort of thing I see in a lot of other story settings). Though I fully expect that if he _did_ try to force himself upon her, she'd be quick to give him a sharp knee to the balls.
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: Yes. his name is Sylas
Unfortunately, Sylas is still a grey area. Yes, he wants to topple Demacia, but that's because of the shitty hand he was dealt in life, and because of how damn prejudiced Demacia's elite are against all forms of magic. He's a victim of Demacian hypocrisy, more-or-less. He's damn close to being a total villain, but isn't quite there.
: I think for the reasons you stated I found this question super interesting and fun to think about! It may have been naive of her, but I bet in one interpretation she identified with Sylas (albeit in a very different personal circumstance) and placed too much trust in him. She really wanted him to be something he isn't, someone who was helping her work through her troubles and in the end she got burned for it. Doesn't make Sylas a bad guy, he's a pretty gray character, and really humanizes Lux in that she probably feels pretty betrayed but also recognizes why he did it. Still, doesn't make it hurt any less I imagine
At the very least, I imagine Lux would probably slap him in the face as he's giving some sort of rant about how he has to tear down Demacia's nobility.
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I like to think that they're gonna end up being the Professor Xavier and Magneto of Demacia's mages. Lux has seen plenty of good in the world and knows that Demacia can make good use out of mages who use their powers beneveolently like she does. Sylas however hates that idea and just wants to burn the whole kingdom to the ground, since he thinks Demacia will never change.
: I'd expect her to be quite annoyed, seeing as she now knows she's been manipulated. He might give her a wink, but probably wouldn't try to recruit her cause she knows what's up now.
I feel "annoyed" isn't the appropriate word for how she'd feel. I think she'd feel betrayed by him, but unable to let go of how she thought of him as a friend (or of how she had a crush[?] on him).
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: This wouldn't work very well with league champions. Towers of Doom is a medium variance map in a low variance game. heroes of the storm champions are balanced to team fight at level 1. League champs are not, items and scaling abilities, actual last hit farming and such. Sure, you can do it at level one. Poke champs are overrated. Sion in particular at level 2 or level 3 would be fantastic for this map, Camille as well. Typically in Towers of Doom is you wanna select 2 tanks, 2 assassins and one support. Top lane is the safest to soak, 2nd in priority to roam and take because of the proximity to boss and top sapper camp. Mid lane is kinda whatever. Bot lane is the highest priority to take because of the proximity of the sapper camps. By taking bot lane tower and making it yours, when the sappers are capped, they do extra damage to the nexus and get you ahead. Soaking experience is the primary focus, getting the overall level above the enemy team for talent advantages. What makes this map higher in variance is how and when players prioritize objectives, for example 2 altar spawns to do nexus damage, I like to call one the weak side, the one closest to your base which is the easiest to take, and the strong side, which is the one farthest to your base. People screwup this simple concept regularly which is why you get such high variance to the map. The strong side is the one you wanna contest with your team, which means where you will be fighting at. An example of this, I was taking the weak side altar while my team should have been attacking the strong side, then I join in with the assassin I was playing, assassin goes in last and mops up, who knew that was a concept. Rather than attacking the strong side, my team comes to weak side. Thus our weak side gets contested. So, we give them their weakside and get blownup at our weakside. It is a tradeoff, you can give them an altar, and take an altar, that is ok. When you start giving them two at a time is when you start losing though. So, more often than not, you lose not because the enemy team is better than you, but, the way people prioritize objectives. You pretty much lose to your own team's collective stupidity more often than not. You can win every fight on this map, and still lose to your own prioritization. Push this over to league, where people regularly run it down mid and Aram summoner's rift at the 15 minute mark while ignoring side lanes and such. Meaning they have terrible macro, and you are going to have some major issues popup on a map like this. Especially, when you throw in leagues medium variance gameplay, farming, items and item spikes and such.
Well, I'd imagine that like in ARAM, everyone would start the game at level 3 in a LoL-ToD setting, money and experience would come in faster, etc. This would be something of a special game mode like what Nexus Blitz is doing, but with different rules.
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nasu010 (NA)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} t{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Well well this is single handedly the best formatted and elaborated champion concept I've seen thus far, makes me question if this is an official release. She's interesting to say the least and yet i cant help but be unmoved, i mean her kit is good, everything works together and flows with her kit but she seems rigid, or basic, no offense of course but to me she lacks wow factor, what about her would make me say OMF I WANT TO BUY/PLAY THIS. I mean don't get me wrong id probably play it but she's like a "Corrin, in smash Bros" fairly good but just average, this is however just my opinion so don't change it if it is what you have wanted it to be. Good job on this though well executed{{sticker:vlad-salute}}
I do agree that her kit isn't flashy or stylish, but I designed it from a "gets the job done" approach. Having too many Champions with super-flashy kits can make things too complicated.
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: Um, no. [Reav3 already confirmed we're getting another new champ before Kayle & Morg.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/s9MHQRll-symbolizing-the-champions-and-reworks-this-year-so-far?comment=000200000003)
I see. Well, I don't anticipate this new Champion within the next month or so; that's too rapid a cadence for Riot.
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ºSilver (EUW)
: WTF happened to demacia
I actually doubt it's for a new Champion as we just got Neeko. I think the teaser is related to the upcoming Kayle/Morgana VGU's.
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: Why dat fish-ass though ? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Talk to the artist about that. I personally overlook that due to the overall quality.
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Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yousosmart,realm=NA,application-id=ELUpwER8,discussion-id=8wsxAeO6,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-25T20:43:13.602+0000) > > That may be so, but should Karthus fall out of favor, this is one thing they could try so they have more balance levers to pull. > > To be honest, I didn't realize Karthus was so good right now. As you said, Dark Harvest really favors him now. The whole items counter karthus thing doesnt matter Recently I HAD A GAME I told my Leona to rush locket because our teamcomp had 0 shields vs karthus (typically you want lux/karma in your team vs him) Leona rushed support item into locket but by that time the game was already over. After a game I screamed at her for NOT LITERALY rushing locket Infact I rushed Locket to playing irelia. Trinity into locket By the time I got locket karthus had 14 kills so its to late for a counter... Itemization counters other then tabi/hexdrinker are quite bad in league. I guess you can put stopwatch in that book
Locket doesn't work all by itself. Your teammates also need to get MR, or the shields get overmatched easily.
: Why are deathball damage early game comps able to team fight harder than actual team fight comps???
: I think a mod rigged this to make it so no one can hate this idea.
You do realize that Gameplay+ doesn't permit downvotes, right?
Hibeki (NA)
: Pretty sure you can heal and barrier while stunned? I could be wrong but i have vivid memory of doing so
Either way, the mini-stun would still prevent stuff like Karma self-shielding and the like.
: It takes more than just the Voodoo concept to make a champion. They have to have a story, interactions with other champions, and a place in the world. And that is just in-lore. In the real world, someone on the Riot design team has to actually want to design a Voodoo champion and pitch a good concept and support to the Design leads and then after many iterations it may be released as a Voodoo champ or may have changed into something complete different. Finally, players have to want it, like a dragon in the case of Aurelion Sol. Although there have been others requesting it, it seems mostly because they have been playing another game rather then wanting it for LoL itself. I would say just wait. The niche may get filled 100%, maybe less, but it's definitely an archetype that Riot is looking at.
If we want something unique, how about adding in a Voodoo God (like a Loa)? Bwonsamdi's proving to be a real hit in WoW right now.
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: Might look a bit odd given the size of Vi's gauntlets
Wouldn't make it any less badass, especially since she'd be able to pull it off _despite_ such huge gauntlets.
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