: Nah. That's better for Kai'Sa who actually has reasons to build both. MF's should just grow anytime she gets a takedown.
It makes more sense with MF since she already has G-cups, canonically.
: Inb4 full ap majei's/ rabadon's builds go meta..... And scar sjws..
Hybrid builds would be better. {{item:3124}} + {{item:3146}} = GG-cups
Azwel (EUW)
: Anyone still hates Fiora's new model?
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Terozu (NA)
: Lux does not actually have a wand, it's actually a military baton she refers to as one. Something to note, batons are generally carried by military Marshals. Since her Aunt Tianna is a Marshal in the Demacian military, Lux's baton would probably be seen as her imitating her aunt.
Yet she's never seen with it in the comic. And I suspect it'll be Tianna who orders Sylas executed, so why would she want to imitate her?
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Blåsigt (NA)
: Here is my issue: how has Katarina not killed Lux yet? She such a saccharine - annoying character. Also, we would finally see an an end to the deluge of Lux skins. NO MAS, Riot. NO MAS
Because she's got bigger fish to fry back in Noxus.
: Is that a Shield Hero reference?
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yousosmart,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=dgH3nG9J,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-13T00:09:52.116+0000) > > Yep, because medieval eugenics practices were sooooo effective. /s They weren’t effective, hence why we stopped, I’m just saying that it wouldn’t surprise me that this totalitarian like society that has such a stick up its ass about being proper and showcasing their I’m better then thou boner whenever possible has a mindset of not dirtying their lineages.
: -We learn in other Demacia stories that this isn't the case. Mages get their power checked, and if they're low-threat they're allowed to live their lives. We know this because when Sylas escapes and starts his mage rebellion, this policy is *reversed* and mages are all locked up as potential threats (we see this in one of the short stories). And they ARE potential threats when you've still got Sylas running around. (We also see that the anti-magic angle is not as extreme in every corner of this society) -I'm pretty sure that's meant to indicate that Garen knows/suspects that Lux has magical power. It's not solely that she has compassion for the mages. -How, exactly, does the fact that petricite stores magic change anything about it? It absorbs magic and then (presumably) slowly leeches it out over time, in a dose small enough that nobody notices or cares. Moreover, he was only able to do so right after touching Lux. It's exactly what Demacia claims it is: an anti-magic material. Sylas is one of the only people who realizes what it can do, and since he apparently needs to SEE the magic is probably the only one who CAN utilize it like this. -Like it or hate it this is a very common thing in medieval politics. And it's not like Lux is being married off to some old rapist who'll see her as a piece of meat; she's getting married off to someone who she's known since childhood. It's bad, but it's not the worst thing that could be happening to her and given that Garen is looking to SAVE HER LIFE I'd say it's understandable. Lux defends the way of life she lives in because she sees the good it does as more valuable than the harm it brings, same as anyone. She's very much an optimist and that may get in the way of her clear thinking, sure, but to decry the entirety of Demacian life as this disgusting thing is, frankly, inaccurate. We're seeing Demacia in a very negative light right now, yes. But keep in mind that Poppy's adventure to find the Hero, Galio's quest to beat up everything bad, Shyvana's honor and comraderie with Demacians, Jarvan's sense of duty, Garen's zeal to protect the innocent... these things all exist in Demacia as well. You can't just ignore all of that and proclaim that it'd be better if Noxus wiped it off the map.
>And it's not like Lux is being married off to some old rapist who'll see her as a piece of meat Unlike a certain redhead who got renamed to "Bitch". XD But as for your "Demacia has some good in it", the comic has not done anything to show that side.
Jamaree (NA)
: Wouldn’t be surprised if they did tbh, with how unwilling they are to accept anything, wouldn’t be surprised if they had this concept of only nobles are allowed to court nobles kind of thing much like the old European monarchies did.
Yep, because medieval eugenics practices were sooooo effective._ /sarcasm_
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: > [{quoted}](name=Stars Shaper,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=r44e2pMt,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-06-12T20:26:06.430+0000) > > Remember that Sylas is cunning af and is also telling Lux a lot of lies to have her more in his power. I find it too convenient that has been exactly the crownguard who caged him. Eh Lux **DID** see people being forced to drink petricite in prison cells with people of all ages locked up without a trial that wasnt a lie.
: Who do you want to see featured on PROJECT and Star Guardian Skins for this year?
#Star Guardians {{champion:89}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:163}}
Jaspers (EUW)
: What's next? Creating giant sentinels to lock up and kill the mu... I mean mages. .... Wait. {{champion:3}} On topic, yeah, the world of Runeterra is extremely grey at the moment. Demacia is trying to keep it's people safe, sometimes that means making bad decisions, however... {{champion:99}}: "Would you kill to do it?" {{champion:517}}: "No, no of course not." Sometimes, taking the harder option is the best option to stop murderers. This said, the politics of the society does not tarnish the people. We have so many good Champs from Demacia, just because the underbelly of it isn't the best doesn't meant the people aren't. Sadly, we aren't hearing stories of Shyvana's heroics, or Poppy's adventures or things like that.
When Sylas said that, he was clearly lying. Lux was just naive to believe him.
: No. They don't treat mages like monsters. They treat them like sick people. We have seen it in other stories. Mage hunters don't resolt to violence unless provoked, and even then they are not lethal weapons. There are cases of mages that live free as long as they register and don't use their powers. Do they treat them fairly? No. But they aren't genocidal monsters about it either.
It's not gonna take much. Once Sylas gets out, they'll get to the genocide. Either way, the whole Demacian mage eugenics thing is soon gonna bite them hard.
: I mean, I get the idea. They treat mages poorly because they are afraid of them, and the reason they are forcing {{champion:99}} to marry is not as much for being a woman, as much as for being a mage who they want to protect and keep on secret. But otherwise, they are supossed to be this well integrated society where everyone always keep each others backs, unlike the cutthroat day to day that is living on Noxus. Now, it would even be nicer if they actually had SHOWN any of that.
But how can they be a "well-integrated society" when they treat their own people who are born with magic like monsters? Did they ASK to be born with it? Doesn't matter to Demacia; if you're a mage, you're gonna die.
: The marriage thing isn't at all like any of those. If they are forcing {{champion:99}} to marry, is because they are afraid she is going to be discovered as a mage eventually. So, the only thing they could thought about, was getting her on higher position were no one could attack or make claims against her withour repercusions. Otherwise, and seeing that in Demacia there seems to be as many women as men on the military, the forced marriage thing doesn't seem to me as a regular phenomenon.
Oh there'd be repercussions even if Lux became queen. One day her magic becomes public knowledge, and the citizenry riots because of the nobles being hypocrites on "mages are evil!"
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Sukishoo (NA)
: The MK series is a union set of games, so any of the actors in there are 100% never going to be in a game like League as it's Non-Union and thus under their pay grade. So, sorry but you won't see him here.
Are you sure about that? We've gotten some high profile VA's over time (i.e. Liam O'Brien) and surely they'd charge more than Ronald Banks.
: Quiyana might be the least likable character I've ever read about
I agree with Chromatic Eagle: Qiyana's someone who is hard to like and that is a good thing. Having her as an over-ambitious brat makes her unique in the roster.
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: current morde does this. he has to kill you during his ult first, but effectively controls your champion when he does.
That ultimate is getting removed because it's impossible to balance on a Champion like Mordekaiser. Maybe it'll come back on another Champion in the future, though.
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: I'm not saying it can't be done, but I have to say that there IS a problem with a "Swarm" or "Hive-Mind" design to a champion. That problem is, MOBAs, while obviously inspired by the Real-Time Strategy games of the past (The whole GENRE came from the DOTA mod of Warcraft 3 after all), they ARE different game types. Real-Time Strategy games revolve around controlling multiple, usually large armies of units at one time. Certain maps of the storyline campaigns of those games would give you certain "Hero" units, usually empowered versions of existing units with increased stats or the occasional exclusive power such as a Magic Spell, or some other ability/power. However, MOBAs lock you into to the use of ONE character, essentially locking you into those "Hero" units, and the regular footsoldier type units you build at the Barracks or Training Facility of whatever races in a RTS game, are not controllable. If you don't understand, let me put it this way. For all intents and purposes, those types of characters, the ones you call "Hive-Mind" types, at least I think in a MOBA, are an example of a "Minion-Mancer", or a type of champion that summons creatures, and then use said creatures that they summon for additional effects. This type of champion/character or whatever you want to call them, I personally think are as close to a "Hive-Mind" type of character we could probably get. {{champion:90}} along with {{champion:143}} and {{champion:83}} are, to the best of my knowledge, the main champions designed in this fashion in League of Legends. {{champion:90}} summons Voidlings which he directs through use of his other spells. {{champion:143}} plants her Seeds, which create additional units dependent on what spell she uses to activate said seeds. {{champion:83}} creates graves via his passive and Q, and then summons Ghouls from said graves, directing them to targets with his skillshot E. Note, that with any of these 3 champions, that there is a way to affect, or direct the actions of the units they summon/create, but they CANNOT be controlled DIRECTLY BY THE PLAYER. The player can INFLUENCE the actions of those units, but not control them directly. TL;DR: MOBAs just aren't designed for the control of multiple units at one time.
Multi-unit control isn't required for such a Champion to work. You could just spawn a bunch of pets, march them in a direction, and they'll handle things.
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: Good ears! It is indeed Fred Tatasciore. :D He killed (heh) it and was so great to work with. <3
> [{quoted}](name=Riot mChao,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=mgddA2NO,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-05-30T04:59:37.312+0000) > > Good ears! It is indeed Fred Tatasciore. :D He killed (heh) it and was so great to work with. <3 He's certainly channeling his Abathur accent here. Speaking of which, we need a Champion who speaks like Abathur. "Death, ill-advised."
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: > [{quoted}](name=Kuzja1,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=ol08PdAa,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-05-19T01:28:30.460+0000) > > I'd feel very lucky to be the star hanging from her neck. It looks like it has the best seat to the whole show. The whole show to Sona landing a 5 man Crescendo?
Being able to have a nap on Sona's big soft chest pillows. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: So you want Sgt Hammer?
In a sense. Maybe not the Siege Mode mechanics, as Riot hates the idea of being able to attack turrets from outside their range for more than one attack.
: I think would be much likely to see a tank skin for rumble than a new yordle in one.
That wouldn't work because it wouldn't match Rumble's silhouette, which would lead to gameplay confusion.
Rioter Comments
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Rioter Comments
: I could see a toned down version of this honestly. RIOT has done some weird shit we think is normal now.{{champion:432}}
Yeah, but this one can't be dodged and is global. It'd also have a correspondingly longer cooldown (i.e. Karthus-level CD).
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Falrein (EUW)
: I don't have much to say, great issue! I really like the story and the art. I think this series is gonna be great. My only complaint is about that hideous boob plate but well :p I hope this series goes well, so that the comics can continue. Given how interesting they have been so far, I'd love for my mains to have one someday. Can't wait to see what's coming. I've already pre-ordered the paper trade version! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: [Spoilers] Lux: Issue Nr. 1 - Feedback, Discussion and Questions
Oh great, that artwork of issue 2. Knew it, Sylas is a lech. Have to say, this episode just reinforces my hope that Lux will take all the mages in Demacia and lead them on an exodus. Demacia's basically doing the Nazi Holocaust to them. Additionally, the bit on Garen speaking with his aunt doesn't show he knows her secret. He's concerned because the things she's saying could attract the wrath of the Mage Seekers (they might think "Mage-lovers are just as bad as Mages themselves!").
: Malphite changes coming to PBE
One thing this doesn't seem to address, but probably isn't meant to address, is how much Malphite can be gimped by armor-shred effects. Black Cleaver doesn't just lower his defenses; it lowers his damage output as well. Of course, I imagine that this isn't something Riot is going to change or address, and it'll stay as a "working as intended" weakness for Malphite. Still, doesn't make it any less of a pain-in-the-ass.
: I mean I can see it in the hair..not really anything else though
The blouse and cup size are a match too, aren't they? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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