: Goodbye cancer ranged top picks
people are playing neeko top?
Win Zhao (NA)
: Please increase delay before first carousel starts
i have a friend that i try to get to play with me but he hats the game mode because by the time he loads in the everyone else has taken something . it sucks because he isnt able to play the mode the way it was intended and i want to be able to play with friends
: Could green wards be re added to the game?
idk i remember when we had to buy wards and the support would be the ward slave. you could light up the entire enemy jungle like a x mas tree an the enemy team would never be able to clear them. in situations with heavy wards the enemy supports can never clear them because supports are usually slow and have shit atk speed.
: yorde synergy is broken
any sorcerer team or shojin user beats them since they cant dodge spells.
Sidernar (NA)
: i used to be a recurve zombie(building RFC every chance), try to force yourself to pick other items. you will find in different cases different items are op. i've really liked red buff/morello's lately for early game, and tank items are a great way to close out a win(DC and PD are busted for late game). not discounting that locket stack is the current "broken" thing. remember, yordles die to magic damage too....
rfc+ Rageblade draven doesn't care
: > [{quoted}](name=Turk Derk,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=nMYlYvuN,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-08T07:57:31.974+0000) > > Rageblade and Rapid Fire Cannon are must have items that can break the game compared all of the other items, but maybe I'm just bad at the game who knows. Pretty spot-on. If you're running any kind of comp that relies on basic attacks, RFC is a necessity. Completely negates both PD and Yordle comp.
Since the dragon synergy exist, the actual dragon being immune to magic damage, and dragon tooth idk how you are suppouse to win a game running a sorcery or elementalist comp. it makes sense to just load up a draven/vayne/ashe/trist with rapid fire +rage blade to win
: If you were a champion, what would your champion selection quote be?
rujitra (NA)
: This is a very interesting idea - or if not a wishlist that notifies you, at least allow “favoriting” of skins so you can get to them quicker when you want to buy them (like, add a store homescreen section for “favorited”) - maybe call it “view later” better than favorites lol.
> [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Tuxu3tGM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-08T19:52:48.214+0000) > > This is a very interesting idea - or if not a wishlist that notifies you, at least allow “favoriting” of skins so you can get to them quicker when you want to buy them (like, add a store homescreen section for “favorited”) - maybe call it “view later” better than favorites lol. and make the wish list viewable by friends so you can see what your friends would like as a gift. i have a long distance friend and we buy each other a skin every x mas but we never know for sure what the other one would like.
Kimimi (EUNE)
: Why do Kai'Sa and Rumble have the same amount of skins?
i suspect they are going to give rumble a visual update.
: I've built 3+ blademaster comps several times and won. I'm pretty sure I've gone full blademaster and won at least once or twice. Yes Fiora is garbage. Don't go for blademaster early unless you can get a spatula and avoid using her. In fact, don't use her period. She's the most useless unit in the game and wasting a spot on her will lose you games unless the rest of your comp is absolutely disgusting. Blademaster by itself isn't very impressive but the available synergies make it viable. Darius and Varus will get you imperial/demon. Later on Swain can do the same. Gangplank is the next weakest link after Fiora but his barrels can hit hard at 2-stars and he has the extra attribute so you can throw in a Lucian or Miss Fortune for gunslinger. He can also get you that juicy early gold lead if you go pirate for a few rounds early game. It really does help ramp up your econ. Not saying they don't deserve a buff of some sort, just pointing out there are paths to viability.
ive won using nobles and a stacked fiora with 2 shojin and a bf sword before so yea she isnt great but she is still worth using
: I wrote a long post about 6 class buffs and devoted an entire paragraph to blademasters. Draven has nothing to do with blademasters. There are several other problems with blademasters not dependent on single units. One of the bigger issue is that blademasters are actually all melee except for draven of course. An all melee comp simply doesn't work. All melee will get destroyed by just one adc. You might say assassins are melee, but they have the burst to kill. Blademasters don't have burst. They are sustained, but making a sustained dps melee simply doesn't work. They will get wrecked by any aoe. They will get wrecked by sustained adcs because they have to get in range to even hit them. Yet blademasters are designed to do damage so they aren't tanky so what you get is the worst of both worlds. It has nothing to do with draven. It has to do with the entire design of blademasters and how it fits into the game which is awful. Yet while blademasters are terrible after testing it's sad to think that there is something worse than blademasters. 6 knights.
yea i agree completely. i have made it to 6 blade masters before and what happened was they all wen off targeting diffrent units and some of them didnt target anything at all because there was no room on the board.
: Ahri always tries to Q champions out of range
now i understand why no one uses ahri. imo other than pyke and lucian tier 2 units suck
: Why didn't Qiyana receive any emotes?
: The game has existed for 10 long fucking years, and the client is still trash?
: BETA aka work in progress
As it is now no exp, no honor, no reward of any kind, no match history, no post game chat lobby; the game feels unsatisfying upon completion regardless of how fun the game is to play. Like im eating a delicious meal at a beautiful restaurant and as soon as i finish a wizard waves his hands and removes it from my stomach and kicks me out. I hope they and what i above listed before the change things in game to make it a more well rounded experience.
: Impossible to choose the first champ
This has happened to me a couple of times too. its like that issue where sometimes people load into SR 10 seconds later than everyone else. An easy fix would just be to increase the delay for picking your first champ by 10 seconds.
: TFT is out hope you didn't wanna play it in a reasonable amount of time!
Im almost spending as much time in queue as i am in game.
Sherrl (NA)
: Can we get some form of reward for TFT?
Literally anything would be nice. I just checked and the TFT games dont even show up in match history.
: He technically already got a lore VU. His new look has already been shown on the Universe site. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/1/1f/Demacia_Prince_Jarvan_IV.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20181113024029 Just a matter of time when he gets a VU in the game.
realizing any demician champ to get a full visual update is going to have allot of white in their new color pallet.
Khabith (NA)
: Can we all just stop copying each other? It's getting kinda sad
How else will i be able to farm up votes? Since these new boards just copied the design of reddit at the time its not really surprising thats what goes on here. Overall i agree though, its a sham original thoughts and ideas often dont make it to the top and usually get down voted so people just never see them.
: Fear of Tank Metas vs What We Have Now
i just dont like tank metta because it was also allot of non tanks building tank items and fights would devolve into thes fake tanks brute forcing bad fights but still having a chance to win through high base values/max hp dmg/true dmg, And i dont want tank ekko/fiora/rengar/shaco/riven to come back but i also dont like the champs that can bully or abuse the weaknesses of those champs being strong Darius/Gnar/Nassus/Red Kanye. the more i write about this the more i remember why i hate top lane so much, its so counter pick reliant.
: your year in review is up
Yasuo was the champ i killed the most as a mid main. feels good.
: Riot's at it again! Blatant over the top sexualized champion! Sylas the Magic of Hunky Studs
Im not sure just being shirtless for a male = being sexualized. there is more to it than just having an exposed chest. I personally dont find him to be very sexy, and there is nothing sexy,fun, or even Positive about his lore or within his voice lines so that leads me to even further disassociate Sexy with Sylas https://twitter.com/Loudwindow/status/1080769446375874562
: Riot, I think it's time to move on. Or should I say, move forward.
i like the lore they release but i dont get excited about it anymore. there are so many stories in motion within the world we know as Runeterra but, without any of these stories moving forward within the current timeline. everything i read from them feels like past tense and the heroes we know dont interact with each other towards any type of tangible objective or conflict. i want to know more about whats happening or going to happen in this world than what already happened and has no consequence to the world as we know it today.
: Bethesda has fallen, and now Blizzard also has fallen
for me 2018 was the year of realizing everyone is trash.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Glacial augment Caitlyn seems pretty good tbh
Augment + Approach velocity has always been good, but is it optimum on cait? Probably not. idk why people are downvoting this without commenting any type of argument as to why not.
: > [{quoted}](name=AirKingNeo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wtimjBLv,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-12-16T07:15:25.990+0000) > > No... because Assassins aren't meta. "{{champion:84}} {{champion:7}} aren't meta" k
veil hard counters lb but i dont think it does anything to akali. vs akali it just means she cant open a fight with e1 or r1
iiGazeii (NA)
: Neeko's Last Bloom Should Deal The Most Damage, Not The First
: Drugs on Runeterra?
: K/DA Evelynn
her q should have its on unique sound unless its bugged again.
Seen (NA)
: I used up all my luck for this year.
Zeanix (OCE)
: Okay now the Gameplay team is just trolling
ive been think and maybe the balance team just likes to get really high...often.
: If you ask me, I only have one complaint about Neeko
my complaint about her is just her 340 base ms. because she is a mid range mage im ok with her damage being what it is.
: Riot when are we going to get this lizard guy as a champ?
: Yes, rightfully so. Vayne is without a doubt one of THE worst champion designs in the game and the game is HELL whenever she is good.
but there arre far worse things in this game than vayne getting a buff and she hasnt been good since they removed her q crits so whats the issue.
Antenora (EUW)
: If Prize fight is the first event, the game should level up everyone who is level 5 to level 6 to keep it on a fair playing field.
idk i like it when im jungle and my jungle duo decides to fuck around in lane and not farm so i get all the solo exp and wind up lv 8-9 but the time everyone else is 5-6. solo jungle exp is insane in this mode.
: That Vayne PBE change
tumble is hardly burst not that it cant crit. all it does is magnify her ad but vayne hardly builds any ad anymore now that rageblade lost its ad stacking. but i guess people will just complain about vayne if she ever gets any bufs
: Yeah I am kind of leaning towards Herald shouldn't be in the game mode. This isn't like Dom as a supposed to be faster game mode where it tended to be short but could go fairly long in really tight games; it is artificially capped to end at like 20-21 minutes max. I just don't see the point in even having a baron herald available to cheese with. Also URF is kind of broken as an event and has a tendency to snowball the game if one team has several more of the busted urf champs. It isn't as bad now that they have predictably overnerfed DH to the point where they need to revert or replace it(lux, ez, or yi coming out of urf first event with the 40-80 DH plus like 12-15 stacks on fire was gg) but it still tends to impact the game more than other events.
i would rather it be a dragon that just gives team gold. herald giving baron buff to minions in this mode is ridiculous.
: I feel like certain modes in Nexus Blitz should fully reset your character.
i just dont like stepping on 5 teemo shrooms/shaco boxes/ heimer turrets form the last round during the prize fight event.
: Well, a lot breaks this mode. It's unbridled chaos and about the antithesis of fun for me.
: Nexus Blitz: Scuttlecrab Racing!
yea this is kinda bs. the only way to move the crab should be to actually kill it an have it re spawn. champs like {{champion:53}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:106}} just break the event.
: HUGE BUG!!! Karma & Neeko Nexus Blitz Sleigh BUG
this reminds me of cho'gal in heroes of the storm lol
Even (NA)
No we dont, but if riot is going to spend time and resources to put out content it should be content that people want. riot should cater to their consumers instead of pushing to see how far they can go before people complain or more importantly, before people stop buying their product.
: There should be no bounty whatsoever for having a CS lead. Having a CS lead probably means consistently outplaying your opponent in lane. Imagine if you're up 100 to 50 cs and you both kill trade for 1 for 1 and now you both have even gold. All this does is encourage people to do is just pick assassins that inherently farm poorly. Now you will get shutdown gold if your opponent makes 1 mistake.
ha, thats pretty much how my game went. the enemy team was mostly assassins so they sniped whoever was alone and didnt farm much until, my team just played 4 man deathball till they won.
: Darius is so mediocre post laning phase
unless he gets fed in lane, then he just runs around super fast with phase rush ad cast q for half someones hp bar
: You get Dark Harvest stacks when you damage champion clones that have low hp
If u kill sion your dark harvest resets and then you can hit him again for 1 more stack too
Jeddite (NA)
: Dont immediately decline the invite. Wait a short while -- accept the request (ideally, said madnerd is in another game), then send a _**"LOL @ U"**_ type message, and unfriend them.
thats that petty shit i do like
: Which region would you want to live in?
Does Noxus allow sex workers? if not then i guess Ionia.
: The Aatrox skin wasn't what I expected from Prestige skins
i thought the prestige skins were only going to be released after a skin was already deemed by the community to be very popular. this aatrox skin is going to be released along with his prestige edition right away? riot does not even know if people are going to like the base.
: How are you guys feeling about Fiora running this item?
i love it. i was one of the fio mains pre rework that would stack lifesteal for thos massive healing ults that would totally reverse a fight. i much prefer that squishy sustain fiora for the game than the tanky alternative.
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