: Why does Conqueror only interact with AD?
Because it's melee ad top laners that are struggling against tanks?
Zumo (EUW)
: Question for Riot's balancing team
Most of the balance team is silver lul what do you expect, they focus too much on the paper aspect than the reality of how changes actually impact the game.
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Shadòw (EUW)
: it isn't a channel tho. it would ruin the champion if it would be. the counterplay is simply getting away from him once he uses it (he can't insta recast it) and then striking once it is down (he is very vulnerable when it's down). Jumping onto a Jax that doesn't have his E on CD with Camille is suicide, not a gameplay issue.
If his counterstrike isn't a channel, then what is it?
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: We agree. Every champion will be unlocked for Clash matches.
dominusx (EUNE)
: Yo holy shit i actually want this.
: I dont think so, no way can anyone know what the best runes are. and also playstyle differs
These set ups were made with the help of multiple Challenger players for each champion and using statistics/champion synergy. That's why some pages also have variations, such as "all-in" or "tanky" or "sustained damage".
JxKay (NA)
: The Artist (3 of 4)
It might be a bug, perhaps try restarting your client? It may be counting the progress but just not updating when you check your missions tab.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=w36EqnhK,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-11-24T05:53:35.790+0000) > > Whats a Volibear? I believe a Volibear is a string instrument often pair with a bow.
No no, thats a violin. I think a Volibear is a female reproductive organ
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: Why tho. It takes like 2-4 games that you don't even need to win to finish all the mission objectives pertaining to the mode, and after that why play it if you don't find it fun since theres no leaderboards for it or anything.
oh sorry for miswording it, im not saying im doing it, but people are ;-;
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: Same, been lagging a lot lately
a lot of people in my games have been dcing too
: Lagging, Random Ping Spike
Same, been lagging a lot lately
: "Purchase boots in 4 games"
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: the leveling system is meant to try and give lower people (you are level 10) more champions before they hit 30. so the reward you got (a champion capsule) seems pretty accurate..
poppy? a champion that costs 450 and disenchanted for 200 ? Thats my milestone reward for hitting level 10? n i c e
Quepha (NA)
: It generally took about a month to get enough IP for a 6300 champ under the old system, you should get Xayah a lot faster under the new one.
Well it feels hopeless, i've been at around 2k blue essence for about 4 levels now and I really want to play her T_T. Getting something like poppy and nunu feels really bad, but we'll see c:
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