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: Rek’Sai, the Void Burrower, revealed
Well you know who to ban on Hide and Seek now LOL.
: Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance, available now
On one hand, I don't blame, but ask for LoL players to stop with the whining because it won't solve anything other than your needs be heard by others in a Forum, I am sure Riot is doing their best to solve the issue going on with its services. One the other hand, I grow a tad bit disappointed that Riot continues to have these service interruptions, but won't complain about it because it's 7 in the morning, I should be asleep ready to go to class at 2:00 xD. Riot don't worry about the people who have been nagging you in this post. Just get what you have to get done, done. It's Preseason time baby and I am ready to have some fun with it! I like the Maokai VU :) and I will have fun playing and learning Kalista when I have a chance to play her. Put that your pitchforks Rioters. Put down your torches, just be patient and let them work because {{item:3070}} won't do you any justice ;] - Yurokhu {{summoner:4}} AND IM OFF.
: Everyone who can't get Kalista... just go to your champion tab and buy her from there, 0 delay I got her instantly :D
Doesn't work. It'll hit you with the unavailable cheese.
Rapatto (NA)
: I would never expect the servers to work when everyone and their mother are trying to get on. Its like 40000 elephants trying to fit through one door. The problems you are experiencing aren't even related to patch 4.20. If you finally got on, go to your profile, go to champions, search Kalista and buy her there. Boom. Done. Quit whining, have some patience.
I tried that and it said she was unavailable QQ lol.
: Kalista Q&A [Completed]
Okay my question with Kalista is this: Even though I have seen a few posts saying that she is indeed not Senna, Lucian's late wife stolen by the Soul Robber Thresh, was her champion spotlight screen images that show a shot of her with Thresh and another with Lucian an attempt to troll us? Or is there some other reason that you went about that? Because I know when I saw that I was like I call BS on Rito! Lol
: Preseason 2015: Diversifying Objectives
My opinion on banning in general would be to make a system when you can see the chat from the champion select screen all the way to the end of the game. Or at least give us a tool of which we can screenshot the player's text/submit video evidence of their wrongdoings to your team and you...That in my opinion would be very smart because instead of all of the blind "report this feeder", instead you would be able to determine yourselves if banning these players would be worth the while. I was in a game yesterday trying to play mid as Heimerdinger since I never really use him at all whatsoever and I wanted to practice my mid. Five seconds later a player on my team locks in tryndamere and says to me "I am going mid" and goes ghost and ignite and feeds the entire game. We had a Darius also who just auto locked top so it was just a lost game from the beginning (I was forced to go bottom and we ended up just letting the enemy team 4 man push down mid so that they could win as soon as possible). It is situations like this that make me not like playing this game because yes, you hugest problem are the players who troll and become easily toxic and act like little crying spoiled children who claim challenger smurf when they feed to all hell and flame their own team saying derogatory words and etc. Instead of the 280k players you say improved their behavior, do more about these players who make your fanbase look like 9 year old condescending buttholes.... - Yurokhu That is all Riot, that is my only rant. Your game is awesome! {{champion:201}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:59}} {{summoner:3}}


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