: Who should I play to climb?
At low elo, it doesn't matter. Just play whoever you're most comfortable/best with. It's as simple as that. Just one trick the champion.
Gofs (NA)
: Possible victorious skin champs?
: Season 8 Ranked Rewards
You need to be Gold+ in any Ranked Queue before Season 8 ends to receive the Victorious Skin. Riot will soon announce when the season will end. With Riot's track record, it's safe to say that Season 8 will end in about a month. So, early-mid November. If I read the 8.20 patch notes correctly, players are eligible to earn the end of season rewards if they received the Icon. I believe the icon will show a teaser image of the victorious skin.
: The season has not ended yet
: Sometimes you just get this guy in your game. Unlucky.
: Had to dodge....again
People who troll because they didn't get their preferred role should get banned, period. They are allowed to continue abusing the system by forcing others to dodge. Riot needs to fix this issue.
Glîtchy (NA)
: Why are some against 5 bans per team?
CLG ear (NA)
: what are some of ur favorite science fiction novels
GIJose65 (NA)
: I find it physically impossible to watch DBZ subbed and with the original soundtrack.
Dragon Ball Z is my favorite anime series. Picked up the complete series on Blu-ray. The Funimation dub with Bruce Faulconer soundtrack is straight up Legit.
: Cant wait for 10man bans to hit lrank game!
: Don't fuck with tornados.
: Loading bug
What's going on, Riot?
: What Champ should I get?
: I have hit 1 million mastery points on Lulu
: Just lost about 25 LP all together because YOUR client keeps making me dodge!
There's a huge exclamation point on the league client that shows the current server status. The status states that they are investigating reports that the client is unresponsive after accepting matches. Riot recommends to switch to Low Spec Mode under settings.
: I voted for Trump
I voted Trump, as well. There's just too much corruption. * Attorney General Loretta Lynch pleading the 5th to congress about the Iran payment... * FBI Director James Comey and the false investigations of Hillary Clinton's emails. * CNN giving Clinton answers to debate questions. * DNC favored Clinton and took out Bernie Sanders by rigging the primaries. * Clinton Campaign paying people to incite violence to Donald Trump rallies. Hillary blamed Trump for the violence. * John Pedesta telling Clinton Campaign to dump emails. * Clinton deleting 30,000 emails from an email server that was insecure. There's so much more I can list, but I don't have to worry about it anymore because the election is over. President elect Trump will #DrainTheSwamp!
Rioter Comments
Fearless (NA)
: Let's talk about Plants!
> We actually clearly see that almost no tier of play uses them very well outside of highest level of play. Very big issue. A competitive game requires a skill gap. Players strive to get better by learning how to play. **By adding random elements into the game, the skill diminishes**. This is a scary quote from a designer for a competitive game. Riot is catering toward the casual players. There's no question about this. by implementing plants into the game, Riot will promote * bad decision making without any consequences * Luck * No skill Since highest level of play knows how to jungle, Riot decides to remove skill and add random elements so low tier players can compete against better players. This lowers the skill gap and creates a casual game. **Absolutely horrible idea. ** Official Source From Riot Fearless: https://twitter.com/RiotFearless/status/786415165491204097
Fearless (NA)
: Let's talk about Plants!
Riot, do not implement plants into the game. This is League of Legends we are talking about. **This is a competitive game where players strive to get better. Stop catering toward the casual players. ** Random factors promotes casual play styles. Randomness diminishes skill. It's plain and simple, folks. Bungie's Halo 3 was my favorite game of all time. It was competitive and it required skill. However, Bungie decided to cator toward casual players when they released Halo: Reach. Once 343i took over, Halo 4 was a complete casual game. Anyone and everyone was good at the game. there was no skill involved. I stopped playing Halo after that nonsense. My all time favorite game franchise turned its back on the competitive scene... That's when I started playing League. LOL has been my favorite game for years, Riot. I've experienced a game that was heavily competitive turn into a casual game. I'm afraid Riot is doing the same by adding random based objectives into the game. This is aiming toward the casual players. **Don't do this, Riot!**
: Plants in the jungle, your opinion gd?
If these plants are implemented into the game, League of Legends will turn into a casual game. Very sad, indeed. > "They spawn in semi-random locations in the jungle"
: Road to Pre-Season: Assassin Update
Invisibility, whether it's "Camouflage" or "Invisibility" should be **countered** using Pink wards, period. I don't want to deal with inconsistent variables when it comes to competitive play. If a champion with invisibility is strong enough to one shot other champions, it should be about knowing when the right moment to strike when they're in "short-term stealth." This provides * A much healthier balance towards a mechanic that is already overpowered. * A skill gap (which is good for a competitive game) * High Risk/ High Reward Also, players are currently limited to buying only two pink wards at a time. And during late game, most players will have their inventory full with other items anyways.
: So SoloQue is coming back?!?!!
Yes, Solo Queue is returning to ranked for Season 7. Here's the official source from Riot: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/riot-pls-ranked-pls-2017-season-ranked-changes
: Do you receive the champion for the victorious skin?
Yes, players who are Gold+ in Ranked will receive both the Champion and the Victorious Skin. Here's an official source from Riot for last years _**2015 season rewards**_. (read FAQ) http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/2015-ranked-season-draws-close
sunden12 (NA)
: Ranked rewards.
The victorious skin will still be rewarded to those who hit Gold+ in ranked. They will release information on the victorious skin in a few weeks. Source: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/GD/AgF5BlhU-season-rewards-team-rewards-and-victorious-skin
: How much Alcohol could I drink before class without anyone noticing I was buzzed?
: Is RE4 good for couch gaming?
Trogmar (NA)
: Your most fun champion?
{{champion:40}} Janna's entire kit is legit.
RyDizzle (NA)
: Need suggestions for new champ to unlock!
{{champion:51}} I highly recommend playing Caitlyn. Cait does a lot of damage and she's a safe pick for an ADC champion. * Long range auto attacks * Escape (E- 90 caliber net) * Traps for zoning out enemy champions * Destroying towers
: Riot Pls: Ranked Pls
Thank you, Riot! A competitive game should remain competitive, period. Changing a competitive game to be a casual game doesn't work. For example, the Halo games were heavily competitive up to Halo 3. Bungie decided to cater toward the casual players when they released Halo: Reach. Plus, 343i's Halo 4 turned out to be 100% casual friendly. I believe this is a great start for League's 2017 Season. I hope the ranked experience will be improved for all levels of play. Also, competitive games require fair gameplay for both teams. Focus on the balance issues and allow for more bans during champ select and the 2017 season should be solid.
: State of Gameplay: Pre-Worlds Updates and Beyond
Rioter Comments
: Crafting the Client: Profile and Collection
Will the Profile page have borders from Season's Ranked when reaching Gold and above? (Ranked Rewards)
Krizalid (EUW)
: Riot, you seriously need to help David Hayter
: Cancerous Dynamic queue premades
I just experienced something horrible. I was winning my last promo game and the 4-man group on my team decided to ff... The fk is going on?
: When do ranks reset?
The Ranked season starts on the 20th. It will be a soft reset. Source: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/2016-ranked-season-kicks-soon
: New champ select replaces Team Builder
Lets look at the current Game Types for Summoner's Rift 5v5: *Normal (Team Builder) *Normal (Blind Pick) *Normal (Draft Pick) *Ranked (Solo/Duo) *Ranked Teams (Draft Pick) There's too many Game Types for Summoner's Rift 5v5. Having more Game Types **create longer queue times** Riot needs to remove the current Team Builder and replace it with the New Champ Select. This is what it should look like for the 2016 season. *Normal (Blind Pick- New Champ Select) *Normal (Draft Pick- New Champ Select) *Ranked (Dynamic - New Champ Select) *Ranked Teams (Draft-New Champ Select) With only 4 Game Types available, there will be faster queue times. People will most likely get their preferred roles/positions.
: Is it safe to update to windows 10?
: im about to go shopping, want recommendations
Dasdi96 (NA)
: "Don't let tahm kench auto you 3 times."
He's right, do whatever it takes to not get hit by Kench. Kench is ruthless and will eat you.
: What a bronze hears when talking about balance with someone else
: Did Riot's plan to remove Solo Queue get implemented?
They are creating a new ranked queue that will replace the current solo/duo ranked. It's called Dynamic Group. It will allow players to play ranked with multiple players in a group.( for example, 3 friends can play ranked together) Source: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/2016-season-update/ranked-improvements.html
wetPP (NA)
: WTF RITO, two loses and I get demoted
Highly recommend not playing ranked the first week preseason starts...
: is this bait EDIT: in case you weren't aware season rewards haven't been completely handed out yet. The new borders are in, so that's what you're seeing. Your new ranked border, achieved THIS season, will be out at some point later tonight / tomorrow.
> > in case you weren't aware season rewards haven't been completely handed out yet. The new borders are in, so that's what you're seeing. Your new ranked border, achieved THIS season, will be out at some point later tonight / tomorrow. We have no idea exactly when the 2015 rewards will be distributed. "Later tonight / tomorrow" is not an accurate statement. A Riot member, however, stated that everyone will get their rewards by November 18th. The reward will be handed out in waves. So, people will get their rewards sooner than others. **"We are in the still process of gathering all of the information before distribution starts. They should be completely finished by November 18th, 23:59 PST."** -(was posted an hour ago)
: "The New CS Experience"
The new creep score experience? Man, they're really working hard on these preseason changes.
: Can we please nerf tahm kench already
: Get rid of Blind Pick Normals
There are currently 5 Game Types for Summoner's Rift. If Riot removes the current Team Builder and replace the Normal Draft Pick with the 2016 Team Builder, there will be only 4 Game Types. This will improve the queue times. ~~Normal: Team Builder~~(2015) Normal: Blind Pick Normal: Team Builder Draft (2016) Ranked Solo/Duo: Team Builder Draft (2016) Ranked Teams: Team Builder Draft (2016)
: I give up on trying for gold.
Shia Labeouf once said, "You should get to the point where anyone else would quit and you're not going to stop there. So just do it!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-sfG8BV8wU
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