: PBE is testing 2 version of Ahri, let's vote which one we prefer.
I going to leave a link to a post here because I think her Q movement speed should be kept but changes stated in the post should be worth considering. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/EwryfVNb-ahri-rework-suggestion-from-an-ahri-player-and-also-someone-who-loses-to-ahri-constantly?show=nested A lot of people are complaining that she is too "safe" with her Q movement speed but to me, even though its a new mechanic not in her original kit, should be kept because it has made it such a unique ability that let's Ahri stand out. So just to summarize the post linked about Q changes is that her Q would have a set distance from Ahri instead of fixed distance from cast point. "Q - Orb of Deception: Now moves at a fixed distance from Ahri. Instead of tossing the Orb to a specified location and then having it return to Ahri's location, the Orb will move based on what Ahri does. Run forward? Orb will reach further. Run backwards? Orb will flee with you. Flash? Ult? Ghost? You can extend the range of the Orb of Deception and use Essence Theft's missing health damage to pick off a low-health enemy. This might be a difficult concept to understand, but imagine how live Q works. You press Q and the orb will move to a fixed point, then return to you. This new change would cause the orb to move to a point that is a fixed distance from Ahri, instead of a fixed point on the ground. So if Ahri moves right or left, the point at which the orb begins its return will also move." Please take this into consideration. I know there's a lot of love hate war about her changes but I think this would be a good medium. {{champion:103}}
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: Ahri rework suggestion from an Ahri player and also someone who loses to Ahri constantly
If they keep the movement speed on her Q but with your iterations of distance from Ahri limits how far it travels, I would be totally down with this change. It makes sense to as an Ahri main I really love her Q movement speed but there are a lot of complaints from people talking about how "safe" she is. This change would make it so she has to risk some things to actually do dmg and play smarter. Not just mindless poking like people are saying she does. Since there has to be change I would go with this.
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: TSL LF Plat (V - III) Jungler and Mid Laner
IGN: Nöri Role: Mid Top 5 Champs: Ori, Ahri, Ryze, Yasuo, Karma Strengths: Fast Learner, Positive vibes, Seriously trying to improve at the game Weaknesses: Game knowledge Availability: Every night
: eSports Tournament team looking for DIAMOND 4+ Players
This is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm trying to improve as a player and take game more seriously and possibly go pro. I understand that I'm lower rank and probably won't be considered but I still wanted to apply. I have two more weeks of school left and I'll be able to meet at the times stated above after that. If you guys don't consider me now because of my rank, I'll be constantly playing to improve my rank. Role: Mid Rank: Plat II S6 Rank: Gold I Champ Pool: Oriana, Ryze, Ahri, Taliyah(practicing), Irelia, Yasuo, & Karma. I can play these others as well, but not to the standard I would like because I need more practice or I just don't commonly play them: Zed, Ziggs, Lux, Xerath, Zoe, Vel koz, Veigar, TF, Talon, annie, AS, Azir, Katarina & Kayle. Time Zone: Currently Pacific, but It'll be central in two weeks from now. I hope I'm at least taken a look at but I understand if I'm not considered.


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