: Test the Servers with Party IP!
so is the stress test the cause of the huge ping fluctuations? i go from 25 to 999 randomly.
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Zarxis (NA)
: I already used it on Garen and Darius, and I plan on continuing to do so. Will it be good on ADCs? Maybe. It could be a situational survivability+penetration item. Will it be good on AD assassins? Only if they're building as fighters instead of glass cannon, I think.
: will players incorporate the new black cleaver into their builds?
Havent gotten a chance to use it yet. but i think it'll be a great thing on pantheon. more than it already was
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: I have lots of anxiety and easily panic regularly. I have tremors and shake a lot until it goes away after the first few mins. I still manage to play well enough. When I use cannabis, all of that is gone. I'm able to keep track of the entire map, predict where the jungler is and cs better. It's like it un-clutters my mind so I can focus. I love it! I prefer it over pills and prescribed medicine.
same... and then theres the anger from others' stupid mistakes. but after a few hits.. matches are nirvana
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Rikkuh (NA)
: Katarina's ultimate
i havent played her very long but i do know that sometimes her ult doesnt happen as fast as it should. in certain times its cost me the match. also happens after zhonya's is finished phasing. i press r and she doesnt react for about 1.5 seconds
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K54 (NA)
: Fiora can be a hard champion to play because of how reliant she is on snowballing to be useful, since she doesn't offer any durability or CC and she can't farm safely from a distance. If you are trying to relearn melee top laners, I would probably recommend trying to learn Trundle, Nasus, or Maokai. They are all fairly tanky, don't rely on items to deal damage, are quite durable (so you can survive mistakes), and they offer good utility to their team (Pillar and resistance shread, Wither and Armor Pen, and CC and Damage Reduction repectively). Their innate sustain and durability make trading and fighting pretty simple, which would allow you to focus on watching the match, examining your opponent, and determining when and how to trade while you regain experience. -------------- As to your question, Riven can work quite well against Fiora with her interrupts, shield, and burst damage. The matchup if very snowbally since Fiora can kill Riven if she ults and Riven can kill Fiora if she stops it. In addition, Fiora doesn't have much in the way of survivability or CC, so Riven's shield and stun can help her win trades. Also, since Fiora is dependent on snowballing, you might want to use Ignite (or Exhaust against bursty champions) instead of Teleport to help you secure an early advantage. ------------- If you are having trouble with melee champions, perhaps starting with a ranged top laner such as Swain or Gnar could help you transition?
> [{quoted}](name=EndlessSorcerer,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=5xeJI9Pb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-02-11T04:38:55.202+0000) > If you are having trouble with melee champions, perhaps starting with a ranged top laner such as Swain or Gnar could help you transition? I would kinda like to add Cho Gath in there. he isnt exactly ranged, but once you got used to how he operates His passive E becomes a pretty deadly" keep away" tool plus hiss cc is really good. im no expert on this game but he seems to be a good starter melee to me
: Ask about Vladimir
i just recently got vlad. what would be a best way to build him combo health and ap or mostly ap or mostly health.?
: Is Talon worth maining?
well take in Talons passive.... get exhaust or in game items with a slowing effect.. blammo. unstoppable.. also it helps that hes w and e have slowing effects. and q has that small bleed. and yea.. im not a pro talon but thats how i think of him. good choice if you can get good scores with him.
: Are you Lagging?
i dont say it in all chat but i do say it in team chat. just so my team is aware that im not around in a team fight for the sake of feeding or giving them and easy penta that i didnt see coming.
: blocking zeds ult as pantheon
eh. i rather rely on his passive. and well however its more of a "got lucky" situation seeing how death mark is fast i guess it works... but i do find it bologna that Rek can be knocked airborne while burrowed....(unrelated im aware)
FeedFed (EUW)
: Question about saying 'gg'
well i often get an afk and the matches draw out for almost an hour. and i think of it as " you did good for only having a team of 4"
DWT12345 (NA)
: how are manaless champions even allowed to exist?
because that would just take away variety and cause the game to become boring.... ads spice to this gaming life we call league
chumbler (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rortik,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qLEHg1u1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-02-05T06:20:52.125+0000) > > Isn't the point of Cait to be, you know, a lane bully? Yes, and that wouldn't be changed. She would just need to invest more on her end to do it. In exchange, she actually still has a Q late game.
> [{quoted}](name=chumbler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qLEHg1u1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-02-05T06:22:59.667+0000) > > Yes, and that wouldn't be changed. She would just need to invest more on her end to do it. In exchange, she actually still has a Q late game. ACTUALLY that would change a lot.. cause truthfully it comes to her items. Her current passive added in there with infinity edge, blood thirster and static shiv... thats decently op as is because her speed would be raised hence causing the basic damage plus that raised critical strike from headshot thanks to infinity edge. plusss you can still deal crits before headshot takes its effect
chumbler (NA)
: Remake Caitlyn's passive and fix a problem she has at the same time
meh.. her q does constant heavy damage with bonus armor piercing. and her crits are massive with the headshot. theres nothing wrong with your idea but it seems a bit too op. seeing how q does the most damage out of her abilities not counting ace in the hole.
: Katarina is designed as an assassin. Her specialty is high burst damage and her weakness is low HP. The extra HP from RoA can help, but she won't really be tanky. If you like mixing in or relying on Auto-Attacks, then I recommend working a {{item:3100}} Lichbane into your build. It adds AP and an on-hit burst for the follow-up AA which works well with Kat's Sinister Steel ability.
but if i get Rylai's thats 100 HP and 100 AP and i think what 50 ap and 200 HP from Haunting Guise. so add on RoA thats quite a lot of HP. and i was thinking about Lichbane but i dont usually aa its like every now and then or minions. my Shunpo usually does the most damage so i do burst like everyone else is mentioning but i want to sustain my lane without having to recall every 2 minutes. so when i got Nashors tooth i was only thinking about the attack speed and cdr so i can constantly burst and gain the missing HP back with cs
: Those items aren't BAD for Kat necessarily, it's more that when you're spending that kind of gold there are others that are far, far more useful for her. Zhonya's is a good item to build first because as soon as you have Seeker's Armguard it gives you some armor. This is especially useful if the enemy midlaner has abilities that do physical damage, as noted above, but it's also good just to reduce the damage you take from ranged basic attacks and minions. Rabadon's might be worth an all-out rush if the situation allows, but definitely not Gunblade. Once you have Sorceror's Shoes, Rabadon's, and Zhonya's, probably the next best projects are Abyssal Scepter, Void Staff, or Rylai's (sad that Deathfire Grasp is no more...) It may not be a bad idea to pick up Haunting Guise early on. You can build it easily out of amplifying tome + ruby crystal, both of which are helpful early and the magic penetration is great to have once you've built Zhonya's and/or Rabadon's. DON'T build Liandry's, though. Not worth. Sell Haunting Guise to make room for other items when you need to.
But wouldnt the active to Hextech be useful late game?
: How do I not be scared of Ranked?
I had the same problem. but as soon as a got into Bronze I i stopped going ranked because i was sick of being judged and blamed on for others mistakes. so now im playing normal to learn how to help people deal with their mistakes and straaighten the game out. I main jg and when you have a bot laner going gung ho and getting murdered by turrets at 3:00 mins i just want to learn to gank early. so advice is to just practice normal until you feel confident enough to go ranked. i havent gone duo before and waaas gonna ask my friend. but he thinks i need more practice as well.
: Not to tell you what to do, and honestly, if you're doing what you're comfortable with, you can make any combination of items work, but Katarina tends to benefit most from an AP heavy build. Tends to, doesn't mean it's the only way to build her. With the AS boost, Nashor's Tooth is an AP Item for Auto-Attack heavy champs, which, in general, Katarina really isn't. She's a burst Assassin who wants to Shunpo in, spill out the rest of her kit with few to no auto-attacks, and shunpo back out after securing the kill. She does well with: {{item:3157}} Zhonya's Hourglass {{item:3089}} Rabadon's Deathcap {{item:3001}} Abyssal Sceptre The HP from {{item:3027}} Rod of Ages can help late game (Also the late game AP), but it's build path is mostly unhelpful to the manaless katarina.
I was thinking about getting RoA cause the two main AP champs ive ever played are usually tanky. Morgana and i think i got it with Amumu
: Katarina doesnt benefit from the AS or from the passive. So she really only gets the 20% cdr and 60 AP. It is not very gold efficient at all. (You'd be better off getting a Morello's than it and she doesn't even need the Mana regen) {{item:3089}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3026}} would be my ideal build on her. You have the Armor and M.resist on GA, Zhonya's, and Abyssal + they all give additional things you want (Zhonya's active + 120 AP, Abyssal AP + Reducing enemy MR, GA gives a revive that could let your CD's come up for you to either get more kills or escape.) Against an AP midlaner I would go Abyssal > Rabadons > Voidstaff > Zhonya Against an AD midlaner I would go Zhonya > Rabadons > Voidstaff > Abyssal I can see the attraction of Hextech Gunblade though, I might pick that up over the Abyssal some games (if they aren't building any M.Resist for example)
ahh, see ive never thought of that. cause i never usually get GA or Zhonya's cause i pick up Rylai's and Liandry's Torment however i get the others. or switch stuff around for Hextech
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Tsunday (NA)
: They didn't have a poppy. Also it's not Varus's job to focus Blitz, he's an immobile ADC his job is to sit at the backline and AA whatever gets in range. That more than likely would have been Garen or Leona. It's the bruiser's job (in your case probably Nasus, maybe Voli or you depending on how you two built) to kill their backline carries.
tristana my bad those two confuse me. but um yea nasus for whatever reason was building AD. voli was i think doing good. i was having problems thats for sure. and varus was rushing ahead though. and he only replied in the chat towards the end when i said to focus blitz. but still his poke coulda lowered blitz's health instead of putting everything he had on garen, who was probably regenerating everything he was losing in a few seconds. trist was at the back like usual as was leona. i just.... idk what drives people but in my mind i just wanted to get rid of blitz so that we we could take out the "squishier" enemies and then worry about garen.
: Share a tip about your favorite champion everyone should know
Probably obvious but with {{champion:421}} try to let your fury build before you use bite because it is stronger when the meter is full
Tsunday (NA)
: Leona, **Tristana**, Garen, Blitzcrank, Nunu GG Tristana tank OP. Tristana is a marksmen, Nunu and Blitz are pretty much bruisers and not tanks. Garen and Leo were their only true tanks. I would have focused Tristana, Nunu, or Blitz just by looking at their champions (in fact I found the game on Lolking so it *only* shows me their champions not builds/scores so I **am** in fact looking blindly at 5 champions and telling you Garen is still not the guy you focus). But in the end they had a better comp than you anyway. Leo and Blitz could make picks and Leona could ult lock you into Nunu's ult. They were a lot more teamfight oriented than you guys and Nasus can't really farm in Aram.
i *know* garen wasnt supposed to be focused and thats what i kept telling everyone during the game. we needed to get rid of blitz to get to everyone else. nunu ulted every time he got the chance. leona too. blitz usually yanked me into range of the turret. and poppy last hit me. i think varus was on our team but he really didnt do anything. but he was the one focusing garen.... every time... when i told him to stop and focus blitz because blitz's electric thing (idk and idc what its called) was cc the hell out of us he told me no. then i told him to look at blitz build he said that theres no way to do that. and we lost because varus didnt know that tab shows builds. in fact neither did my friend. they did focus me though. cause i shut down whoever was carrying but it was a stem roller and we didnt have a chance
: I thought you didn't need to press tab to know not to focus garen. Might as well focus alistar while he's on ult. Anyway, my point is... some people just lack common sense and there's no helping them.
forgot to add the that whole enemy team was made of tanks
Tsunday (NA)
: Actually that wasn't really your point as it came across. > I thought you didn't need to press tab to know not to focus garen. Might as well focus alistar while he's on ult. Garen is a tank, if you're looking at 5 champions you **don't need to know what Garen is building to know he is not your #1 priority**. Them focusing Garen had nothing to do with them 'not knowing' that Blitz was full AP because if they chose to focus a Garen in a team of 5 they would have still been focusing a Garen over a Vayne or a Karma or an Annie. Blitz **isn't a tank** he **doesn't build tank** he builds mana bruiser at best. Garen on the other hand is your **coverboy** for a tank. > so i told them to look at their builds and someone said that you cant. that is another issue, but it's still besides the point. I definitely wasn't agreeing with you. Your team's problem had nothing to do with not pressing tab because if you need to press tab to know not to focus Garen you've pretty much already lost. Also instead of saying 'Garen is a waste of health and mana' (implying Garen isn't doing anything) saying 'Don't focus Garen he is full tank' or 'Don't focus Garen he hasn't built any damage' is normally better. If you tell someone they're wasting mana/hp they aren't going to listen because they'll still believe Garen is strong so it's not a waste.
im a derp. i forgot to add the most important detail of the match.. the whole enemy team was made of tanks
Tsunday (NA)
: If there were 5 champions and your team was focusing Garen there was a problem to begin with. Garen couldn't have been the carry on their team. No mages, no bruisers, no marksmen, no assassins. Garen is pretty much as tanky as you get normally. Looking at 5 champions I would almost never point to Garen as 'the one to focus' before looking at what they were building. I'd only focus him if I knew he was building full AD or something.
thats exactly my point whilst the champsthat are stronger on my team are all focusing garen im there like "guys... get blitz hes squishy... garens a waste of health and mana" and not a soul listened to me. so i told them to look at their builds and someone said that you cant..
: .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Whut?
people dont press tab enough. theyre like clueless to why the enemy is strong and say what enemy to single out by instinct but looking at their builds really explains which champs to target first and not friggin tanks
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Ezcru (NA)
: I can't stop myself from raging at teammates
The cold hard truth is that some people are bad and they may be noobs. so how about you help them instead of saying that they are bad. instead tell them a way to improve their gameplay. i was that idiot adc at one time and sometimes still am until my support actually told me how to do a certain thing and literally helped me. Sometimes they're not informed on certain ways to do things. oh and pinging the shit outta an enemy wont help either cause i didn't know what pings did until i was level 25. But i catch your drift.
Arie (NA)
: My duo queue partner can beat up your duo queue partner!
Nerdchop (NA)
: ARAM Nightmare
pray they are all bad
: Riot wants diversity in the Jungle, but...
wellll. theres always lane taxing. or holding lanes after an ally dies. not talking crap and i agree and hate when laners question my build while in the jg. but what some dont understand is we dont get as much gold. and their complaining doesnt help. my honest opinion is play whoever you want and tell the whiney bitching laners to learn to play their lanes early game because jg is dificult enough early game starting with what 78-80 ad.. now fiddle only has the upper hand in most cases cause of drain
: What is Gnar's weakness?
from my experience as gnar. if theres one thing that screws me over the most it is slows and stuns. now im not a pro gnar and i only play him when available but evertime i get stunned im pretty much screwed. and another thing ive noticed is that people tend to get thornmail. screws me over every time. hopes this somewhat helps lol
: The Nasus Conundrum
my advice... Play defensively, stack q to about 80. idk how you build him but i usally start with {{item:3074}} and {{item:3065}} and depending on how the enemy top laner is. then build more health and damage. but in all honesty i play ad and no AP. i know thatwhen i have enough damage i can take on 2 easily and if one gets away jgr gets him later on. also communication helps and thats early game
: Can't Login
yes. and theyre going to maybe delete this cause i reported the same thing
Jgrhymes (NA)
: Nightblue has a bronze to diamond video collection on youtube that helped me quite a bit. It's a bit out of date in terms of meta champs and doesn't include Rek but you'll learn a lot about pathing, when to look for ganks and when not to and how to carry in general from the jungle. He makes it look super easy obviously so try not to just watch and copy, rather, try to look at why he's going to the lanes and why he's invading and where he's placing wards etc.... There are quite a few games where all of his lanes are getting stomped and he still carries. I learned a lot from those in particular. Btw, this isn't a plug for him but just a helpful tip because I really did learn a lot from watching him play at different levels.
alright ill check them out. cause i do decent in normal and sometimes i carry but when i go and try ranked i get blasted and my team shuns me. its a little downing but yea. i based most of my builds off of TheAngryHoneyBadger and try to mix them up so ill check it out thanks.
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nerak23 (NA)
: > A unique icon would be nice. Exclusivity is a powerful incentive if used correctly. To be honest I was rather hoping for an Icon myself :) With as many skins that were sent out, I wonder how exclusive an icon would be ? Would you suggest that there could be grades of the icon ? I'm not sure how to put a spin on that. It is worth thinking about icons that have a level of some sort and can be earned or demoted. It would take a lot of work and research though...Any ideals to further this anyone ? I am particularly interested in anyone who has had disciplinary actions taken against them and what it would take to encourage them to try harder :)
havent had any bad cat warnings but it would be awesome if a summoner was to get a unique icon based on what faction or class his/her main champ is in. or like a special icon for what mode is played the most. like i play aram more than anything. but what would an aram icon look like lol
: What's the most embarrassing ability to die to?
{{champion:16}} e... would suck lol
nerak23 (NA)
: I'm Curious; Anyone...Rewards for Good Behavior Your Opinion ?
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: redeeming rp processing
yea its happening to me and its really annoying. i got one card through but the second one isn't working. {{item:3070}}
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