: What about them? I don't understand the question, lol
like is it better to get damage to burst them down faster or get armor to out last them?
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: totally depends. Are you safe? Just build damage if so. Do they have assassins that can reliably reach you? Build a defensive but dangerous adc.
what about characters that are meele range squishes like fizz, because champions with multiple damaging abilties can be troublesome
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: whom to attack when 5v5s attack is going on?
Usally try to focus the biggest damage dealer, which is usally the ADC or Jg
: doran's shield should not be regenning in combat.
I could only see this happening if they made it stronger if only out of combat, even then idk
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SadKill (NA)
: A soraka matchup. As long as the Kled is decent that lane should be easy, especially with a Vi. Besides that, Kled is a feast or famine champ. In a lot of his common matchups, once you get a lead you can REALLY get a lead and abuse it even in some of his worse matchups (like against Fiora). But when he gets behind and against enemies that know how to go in on him when he's off Skarl he can really get behind and struggle. While he's certainly not that OP he is a good pick right now. (and really, Kled's not OP, Skarl is)
I think this wasn't saying he's OP, he's just posting his montoge of those other videos like "Galio is OP" and such where in those videos it'd show good plays and such.
Áery (NA)
: Ward up, or stand guard, If you see them coming go to the opposite side of the map and start there.
like if you start red, go to blue and vice versa, or go to enemy's red/blue?
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: He heals with autoattacks(that includes Q) also because you are low level people don't know how to kite and you can't really stop him unless your team knows how to kite and people don't know that until you reach a good rank,so your only hope is to either set him behind early
how are you supposed to kite with that really good slow of his? just get {{item:3111}} ?
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: Troll´s in champ selektion
can't you report them for negative attitude and greifing?
: You get 120 ap from both, but you only get one application of the passive +35%. So you're getting 240 ap + 35% ap if you use 2 raba, instead of 240 + 35% + 35% (not +70%, it would apply twice)
so Im assuming it would be better to just get a different item then
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: You cant stack rabbadons, most item effects cant be duplicated by purchasing the same item. Sometimes different items with the same effects cant have the effect stacked{{item:3143}} {{item:3075}} . You have to read wether something is a passive or a _unique_ passive.
so is it essentially an empty slot? or just one with the ability power without the unique passive?
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Kevin711 (NA)
: just tp and heal if no zonhya its not aram. and then tele back. There's much more op champs in urf (jax, yi)
I'd have to disagree on jax, but maybe thats because I went against a team that was all AP champs when I played him :/
Nahui (NA)
: Dodge.
: merc treads , cleanse, qss
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Dasdi96 (NA)
: Guess I am no longer allowed to pick a melee fighter or tank.
{{champion:17}} {{champion:24}} Destroy her, just like any adc, along with any other champs that have blind or dodge auto attacks
: Does your reroll get used up if someone dodges?
only if you weren't the one dodging Im sure
Vigopl (NA)
: How to fix Yi.
yes, lets make a champion useless, hes so squishy, he needs some sort of survivability late game
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WinBoat (NA)
: Are you new to League? Riven is very easy to play against unless it's like a high rated Riven main, but even at those elos, high rated Riven's require assistance. Just play Garen into Riven. Might be easy for you.
she kept cc-ing me as fizz really whether it was the stun or the knockup, I'm lvl 30 as well, but I couldn't fight her or even farm safely
WinBoat (NA)
: {{champion:86}} and {{champion:122}} beat Riven with ease. Honestly, I think most top laners beat Riven lol...... As for Yasuo. {{champion:23}} wrecks him {{champion:24}} if you want to be annoying... {{champion:74}}
I couldn't really fight riven, let alone poke her as fizz top
: {{champion:57}} however garen is good vs riven... and i think garen would be ok vs yasou
Oh I must have been thinking of urgot when I said garen, I couldn't safely poke without him ramming me and slowing me till he excutes me
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Chermorg (NA)
: Do you happen to have that whole tip? I can't find it in some google searching that led me to pastes of raw game data containing what people claim to be full lists of tips, some as recently as this past week. If you can show us the whole tip we can hopefully provide context.
"Comptetetive bsing is fine, Hate speech is not" I think that was it or at least close to it
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