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: is vladimir getting worked on anytime soon?
He just got reworked tf u mean
: How to Rank from Bronze - Challenger
Wow. some actual legit knowlege. #PREACH
: When ARURF rolls around, can there be an option in the store to filter out CDR and Mana items?
{{item:3142}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3100}} All of these are pretty usable without the CDR/Mana
: Theres still no counterplay to....
: Pro tip of the day
Tykenn (EUW)
: How do you counter katarina early-mid game?
Kat's dagger placement is her weakspot... she will no doubt try to jump to her dagger if you are near it, so play around it..If you can fake her out to jumping on her dagger try to CC her when she jumps to it. CC and mobility is a strong counterplay against kat, zed is a perfect counter to her. He can build maw and mercs, and R/W away from her ult while comboing her... But if you arent Zed..Just play around her dagger in a strategic manner, making her wish she hadn't jumped onto it. Save an knockups/escapes you have for when she ults :)
: Getting Honor Level 5 last season is being punished
I think all of these comments are useless, as this is common sense...but doesnt it make sense to grant us all the capsules that would have been included in all the levels/checkpoints up to where they placed us? That would make sense...but riot and logic never have seen eye to eye
: I can't even play league
Start > Control panel > Hardware & Sound > Device Manager > Display Adapters > right click your video card > Update Driver software > search automatically. If this doesnt work that means your video card is up to date software wise, but out of date hardware wise, and I'd suggest buying a new video card. IF your video card is up to date (high end/ ~4years old) then this may be a resolution issue..did you buy a new monitor?
: Your client just lost me a placement game.....
You glitched riots elohell system, so the system corrected itself, by terminating your connection to the server lolol {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Jikker (NA)
: My apartment currently has no heat and no hot water
@Jikker you should go to your car and sit in the heat, drive to the store, buy a space heater (since you have electricity) But your cars heater is a good bet right now
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: I played a whole game without HUD because riot doesn't do maintenance for their game anymore
Describe high end computer? because I never have these problems, and I play @ 16-17ms ping...Maybe its your "high end" graphics card.
: leveling smurf account
The assassin premade is pretty spot on tbh, so is sorcery except for the 2nd branch, but I think riot did a pretty good job on it over all, And actually It makes leveling new acct MUCH easier than before because now you atleast get a full rune page vs. none at all early levels. Also as for playing vs. Diamonds as a gold, this is also an advantage to you, LEARN from them, watch how they move, ward, rotate, etc. this is a huge advantage for you to get to match with diamonds and learn from them. Best of luck!
: Nothing Tilts Me More Versus Zoe
So they can take away {{item:3146}} but not redemption... smfh
MysterQ (NA)
: Hahaha, worst team.
As far as ranking on ladder goes it doesn't matter, being a soloque and playing a game against an LCS certified team that has team cohesion and fluidity is a HUGE disadvantage for the soloque player
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: Now that tyler1 is unbanned, what is Riots stance on "banther" as tyler puts it? try this, also. Tyler 1 made a commercial
: Now that tyler1 is unbanned, what is Riots stance on "banther" as tyler puts it?
I personally don't think "Competitive banter" is bannable or're playing a highly competitive game, the banter is what should come with it. Now if you go on saying "kys" or "%%%" etc then thats bannable. but "nice try noob" or "?" "not even close" is just competitive banter in my opinion..
: The ranking system is already dictated to keep you playing games and not actually ranking with your wins. It's a known and proven fact that if your MMR is high, the system will place you with lower MMR players to even out the matchmaking, this placing you against harder teammates yet remaining at the same level on the ladder. Search the boards, there's tons of evidence of "Silver 1 placed against Plat 5" etc etc. It's no conspiracy, it's sheer genius that they're able to pull the wool over your eyes and keep such a psychologically detrimental aspect of sporting in plain sight.
So, all the challenger and master tier players are lizard people who are placed there to place the illusion that there is a tier higher than diamond? I mean if we can't progress any farther because riot won't allow it, damn, this has me mad as hell, Idk how challengers are playing against challengers then, Figured it'd be a challenger teamed up with a bunch of plats
: The reason is punishment for being banned / toxic, etc. It's a simple thing to accomplish once implemented, literally a tag on your email/account whatever and you're receiving shit matchmaking.
So by that logic, everyone else in your team is going to lose because of you? Because your acct is flagged? I don't think riot wants to dictate the fate of 4 innocent players because 1 toxic players is "Flagged". Time to log off the forums and go back to watching your conspiracy videos
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: you ruin the game by queing with low levels. you dont know where im coming from because youve gotten good. its detrimental to play against rapists.
>Rapists Oh no you're lost, here you go little trigger proned person:
: oh look a level 40 who prob ques with low levels to raped low levels because hes an insecure little boy about playing people as good as him
Your counter-argument has 0 credibility and no meaning, quit leaving your games loser
: If players are leaving AFTER URF is removed, then why remove it at all?
Why play league if you're only interested in a single game mode that rotates, and is more so a "special event" game mode, it's rare that it comes around, so playing league solely for that game mode is pointless
: dont punish me for leaving.
Leaving in aram? oh thats just petty.
: Polaris (the gravity mage)
He'd make a pretty interesting support mage in bot lane
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: BE is awful
You're also unlocking a champ that is still relatively in the "newish" category
: Chests feel underwhelming
For real, I got a chest, Unlocked it, 1 champ shard (ryze) wooo....which now the champ shards feel useless since we cant combine 3..
: Zoe's bubble is disgusting
At level 1 zoe can hit you for 200+ AP
: Are my chat logs actually considered toxic? Seriously Riot?
I like how you say you mute to prevent toxicity, but obviously you didnt mute...If you actually did this wouldn't have happened
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: Why are heimer turrets not one auto kill?
Low CD, heimer can spam turrets all day. and they're damn near impossible to get to unless you have a high ranged champ. or you want to go into the danger zone and lose 1/5th of your hp for 1 turret that he can quickly replace because his CD for it is already up
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: New Rune setup
Starting to look the same for me...this new system has a lot of champions Op and broken, play styles have been disrupted, they're making all players obey a uniform playstyle and that sucks
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: Riot centralizing champ playstyles
Riot killed customizing with this new system..
GSK24 (NA)
: BE Store
I got a shard and a full champ in 1, but normally you just get 1 permanent
: What happens if Kayne jumps into Morgana, who jumps into Kalista, who is swallowed by Tahm Kench...
afmghost (NA)
: Can you make the new mastery system any harder to read, please?
It is straight choose your primary, its a straight list...then choose your secondary???
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Jinkirin (NA)
: Hitboxes - Evidence Included
wow lol, a great feature of you tube is you can pause a video and tap < and > to forward it frame by frame, go to 0:09 and tap > forward a couple times and you can SEE double arm insane hitbox....pls fix riot, this isnt a new issue, and its annoying!
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: Is this a mission or?
No, just for fun lol
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: Worst Skin in the Game?
{{champion:202}} High noon..
: For people doing the "Build X item and win" missions easy exploit
I built IE and randuins on zed when I laned a, Crit vs. yasuo worked really well actually?? lolggezcheesz
: Is zed/xayah/camille ult supposed to eat things like vi/naut ult?
The ult goes on CD for like 5 seconds if your target goes B before it hits, or if your target dies before it hits them.
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