: I can tell your life is a depressing mess. Get a therapist, and meds.
That isn't very nice is it? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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: > ZIVHOFMIER: %%% > ZIVHOFMIER: %%% > ZIVHOFMIER: kha such a pussy ass %%%%% hides in invisibility liek a lil bich > ZIVHOFMIER: bich ass %%%%% Other insults and blame-placing aside, this is hate speech, and Riot has a zero tolerance policy for hate speech. This behavior absolutely deserves a punishment. >So Riot, let me ask you one question, why did I get a suspension, and not him? If you reported him and his behavior was toxic, then he will get a punishment and/or progress towards one as appropriate to his current standing with the system. His behavior does not give you a free pass to be toxic back, let alone to use hate speech.
I was pretty clearly sarcastic
: 14 day suspension
Game 1 ZIVHOFMIER: i disagree with her off meta pick and summs but she's no troll ZIVHOFMIER: funny to hear such words from a teemo main ZIVHOFMIER: i see u moron ZIVHOFMIER: wtf r u doing' ZIVHOFMIER: thanks alot ZIVHOFMIER: fucking idiot ZIVHOFMIER: such cancer ZIVHOFMIER: go fuck your mother ZIVHOFMIER: stfu ZIVHOFMIER: lil bitch ZIVHOFMIER: garbage ZIVHOFMIER: ww ZIVHOFMIER: can ulkt ZIVHOFMIER: way too lae ZIVHOFMIER: so cancer ZIVHOFMIER: teemo and fizz same team ZIVHOFMIER: why ZIVHOFMIER: kayn the lil btch ragequit ZIVHOFMIER: u baited me to cahse him ZIVHOFMIER: and then ustopped ZIVHOFMIER: nice trap ZIVHOFMIER: no shit ZIVHOFMIER: taaric and kayn are bad at playing the game ZIVHOFMIER: kayn jerk ZIVHOFMIER: nice english ZIVHOFMIER: 0/8* ZIVHOFMIER: shroom ZIVHOFMIER: walk on it ZIVHOFMIER: so i don't ZIVHOFMIER: god the ww rework is cancer ZIVHOFMIER: congrats u almost kys ZIVHOFMIER: no ZIVHOFMIER: fizz and teemo and ww are ZIVHOFMIER: nott like i', the only person to think so ZIVHOFMIER: wtf ZIVHOFMIER: who voted no Game 2 ZIVHOFMIER: uhh ZIVHOFMIER: i'mma solo raptors ZIVHOFMIER: go to lane ZIVHOFMIER: he was oom ZIVHOFMIER: wtf do u want ZIVHOFMIER: he flashed ZIVHOFMIER: i had no choice ZIVHOFMIER: kha would'be came around ZIVHOFMIER: he ulted me ZIVHOFMIER: i had to try ZIVHOFMIER: and if kha didn't have flash i would've killedc him ZIVHOFMIER: yes i am ZIVHOFMIER: lmao yas ZIVHOFMIER: %%% ZIVHOFMIER: %%% ZIVHOFMIER: ur over ganking ZIVHOFMIER: LOL ZIVHOFMIER: kha such a pussy ass %%%%% hides in invisibility liek a lil bich ZIVHOFMIER: ez ZIVHOFMIER: bich ass %%%%% ZIVHOFMIER: lol ok ZIVHOFMIER: it's just bruam and varus ZIVHOFMIER: 2/5 ppl ZIVHOFMIER: not alot ZIVHOFMIER: less than most ZIVHOFMIER: WFT ZIVHOFMIER: ???? ZIVHOFMIER: i'm an assasin ZIVHOFMIER: that's my job ZIVHOFMIER: kills ZIVHOFMIER: ??? ZIVHOFMIER: yeah and what do fed assasins do? ZIVHOFMIER: one shot ZIVHOFMIER: i am ZIVHOFMIER: wrf ZIVHOFMIER: no ZIVHOFMIER: red kayn is ZIVHOFMIER: blue kayn is assasin ZIVHOFMIER: me? ZIVHOFMIER: u went split poushing bot ZIVHOFMIER: then got cuaght ZIVHOFMIER: ??? ZIVHOFMIER: KOG'MAW STOP COMPLAIN9ING ABOUT ME ZIVHOFMIER: AND NOT SEEING URSELF ZIVHOFMIER: THE YARE BOTH TANKS ZIVHOFMIER: WHAT DO U WANT ZIVHOFMIER: NO UR NOT ZIVHOFMIER: U CHOSE ZIVHOFMIER: O BE TEHRE ZIVHOFMIER: TO GO THERE ZIVHOFMIER: IN THE MAP ZIVHOFMIER: IF I WENT IN ZIVHOFMIER: NOTHING ZIVHOFMIER: WOUDL HAVE CHANGED ZIVHOFMIER: I COUDLN'T HAVE KILLED THEM ZIVHOFMIER: START SEEING URSELF ZIVHOFMIER: I'M NOT UR BABYSITTER ZIVHOFMIER: kayn* kha'zix* ZIVHOFMIER: i can kill u ez in 1v1 ZIVHOFMIER: if u don't ult at least ZIVHOFMIER: cus u r ZIVHOFMIER: ur right about one thing ZIVHOFMIER: though ZIVHOFMIER: this yas is garbage ZIVHOFMIER: idgaf ur teemo ZIVHOFMIER: ? ZIVHOFMIER: what? ZIVHOFMIER: blame it all on me ZIVHOFMIER: blame it on the 22 kills kayn ZIVHOFMIER: and? ZIVHOFMIER: ur saying it liek it's a bad thing ZIVHOFMIER: "no reason" ZIVHOFMIER: mb ZIVHOFMIER: i think if we group up mid we can push and win ZIVHOFMIER: kog ZIVHOFMIER: stop gettin caught ZIVHOFMIER: that stun ZIVHOFMIER: NO YOU 2 STOP ZIVHOFMIER: YOU 2 STOP ZIVHOFMIER: FLAMING ME ZIVHOFMIER: WHEN U 2 ZIVHOFMIER: ARE ZIVHOFMIER: DESERVED ZIVHOFMIER: OF BEING FLAMED ZIVHOFMIER: TTO SHIT ZIVHOFMIER: KOG DO U KNOW HOW MANY TIMES U GOT CUAHGT OUT BOT ZIVHOFMIER: YAS COMPARE UR SCORE TO MINE ZIVHOFMIER: U TOO KOG ZIVHOFMIER: UR AN ADC ZIVHOFMIER: NOT A SUOP ZIVHOFMIER: START ZIVHOFMIER: ACTING LIEK ONE ZIVHOFMIER: U RUN INTO THEIR SIDE OF THE MAP ZIVHOFMIER: ALONE ZIVHOFMIER: WITHOUT VISION ZIVHOFMIER: AND THEN SAY ZIVHOFMIER: "WHY KAYN' ZIVHOFMIER: U RUN BLINDLY ZIVHOFMIER: IN THIS SIDE OF THE MAP ZIVHOFMIER: LIKE A CHICKEN WITHOUT A HEAD ZIVHOFMIER: SHE CAN'T ZIVHOFMIER: HOW ZIVHOFMIER: SHE'S A SUP ZIVHOFMIER: if kkog was doign shit he coudl have ZIVHOFMIER: irelia is such a stu[pid champ ZIVHOFMIER: go ZIVHOFMIER: god irelia is such an annoying champ ZIVHOFMIER: ok i'm muting you you're so fucking annoying
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: Client Beta Update #2: Replacing the Legacy Client
Hate the new client, too flashy, but whatever {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Skin Batches!
Wow, Underworld Azir looks amazing, Void Gnar made me go "WOW" irl and Great Sea Rek'sai is pretty cool too, the other skins are cool but not nearly as cool as the first ones I mentioned imo, if Rito makes Underworld Azir and Void Gnar though they can take my money
: (RESOLVED) [Aug 23] Patching Errors... for a patch we haven't released yet?
OH MU GOD GUYS I WAS LITERALLY CRYING, your game means so much to me and I really have no other game to play, so when I saw this happening I went like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} I better go {{summoner:1}} my mind now and sleep..." But seriosuly when I saw this post a I got so thankfull... Hope you fix it soon {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}


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