: You can still get them from your email (_don't give us bullshit like uninstalling your email account_), and even if it isn't there, you can request them from Riot Support.
It doesn't matter anymore dude. I'm not going to explain it to you.
: it's a game dawg no matter what it's a game if you can't have fun while losing then what the fuck are you playing it for? because most people are in the 40% (If bad) to 60% (if good) winrate range which means most people lose 60% to 40% of them time for every game on average you win, you will lose one, on average, when things are working right at least. why the fuck would you play a game that you only enjoy half the time
Exactly! It's a game! So why in the hell do we get banned for calling other people idiots and telling them they suck? Even if you go all out and say really horrible sht, people shouldn't get banned. There is a "mute" button for a reason. It is a game.
: Chat logs please
I uninstalled it. I honestly don't want to install it again to pull the chat log. But the things I said were something among the lines: "Wtf?" "Dude you guys are so bad." "Please stop feeding." "Go play pokemon go." "Please stfu, it's not my fault you're bad." "Don't blame jg either." "I wouldn't expect an idiot to understand." That's really the worst of it.
: Complaining about kids while throwing a tantrum over a game >.>
I play ranked and I'm trying hard to rank up. Yes, it is a game. But it is frustrating when you're trying to reach a goal and you know you can't because you can't carry 1 v 5, or 2 v 5. Tell me you don't get frustrated.
: Based on your post, I bet you are WAY more toxic in your games than you're revealing here.
I really don't say more that what I quoted. I promise. Otherwise, I wouldn't have written the post to criticize RIOT. I think it is absurd.
: > [{quoted}](name=ZaImoxis II,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=or774PdO,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-26T11:49:08.790+0000) > > I'm done playing with a community full of retards with the same level of intellect as the managers of the game. > > Can't wait to see how quick some castrated snowflake will report this post. I feel like this community is mostly made up of 12 year-old liberal Hillary supporting snowflakes in need of safes paces that REPORT over any little "micro aggression". I found out why he got banned.
Hahaha. I'm actually not like that during a game. Nonetheless, again I ask, is calling someone intentionally feeling an "idiot" or a "retard" that bad?
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: From now on when I have a ban
I destroy Yas with the following: Wukong, Ziggs, Annie, Teemo, Morgana, Brand, and Lux. Try them out, especially Wukong. Always auto first and wait for his shield before you jump on him (E), then W, then Q, then R -- and finish off with ignite. Make sure you build armor and health early game before building AD.
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