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: People who AFK on purpose are just like Speedwagon...
Then they go steal your kills when they FINALLY leave base
: Bot lane trying to control minion waves
: When you want to kill Poppy but her ult isn't on cooldwon
The rest of your team:
: I just got a 15 day ban from playing Maokai support!!! Riot I didn't even take smite! .. .. ...
: Honestly? The state of some champions in this game right now is disgusting
"we haven't seen Lee Sin in lcs so we're giving him some buffs" "we dont balance around LCS" {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Limited-time icons from Ocean Week
Finally! Ive been waiting for these for too long!
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DJ Lucio (NA)
: You can never make a post about Ahri's broken gameplay
Her damage is fine. She should burst people down. The thing i hate is how safely she does it, with her ult and q ms its almost impossible to punish her unless your someone like Veigar with a ton of stun.
Forfang v2 (EUNE)
: Can we talk about Ahri??
I hate laning against ahri. People complain about Zac and Hecarim but she has a higher winrate than the two of them, and for a good reason.
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: Getting ulted by Kennen like:
Sitting there in your grayscreen like:
: Road to Pre-Season: Gameplay Systems Update
I guess we will finally be seeing more than just TLD being used with this update?
PwnKat (NA)
: Champ Mains Reaction
{{champion:12}} Moo
Rishal21 (NA)
: If Mordekaiser was mixed with another champion, what would be some cool ability names?
{{champion:82}} + {{champion:30}} The Sound of ~~Silence~~ Metal
: {{champion:18}}: You just say that because dragons are as much lizards as you are. You want to jump on them, don't you?
{{champion:58}} Do not question my motives!
: Having trouble climbing? Here is some wisdom from Bob Ross
: {{champion:18}}: Report Shyvana and Sol for sexual harassment!
{{champion:58}} : Honor Shyv and Sol teamwork and stuff yayaya
: Fizz ganks in a nut shell.
He just wanted to say hi... geez now he is sad
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: So Apparently, I Am Stuck In A Ship Triangle
: You wake up in the room of your main... (male or female)
I promised Braum I would help with his farm if he Supported me. I kept my word, and I walked into the barnhouse... and next thing I know I woke up and saw Ali scolding at me for barging into his girlfriends house.
: It doesn't count as a ship if it is canon, just like how Ashe/Trynd is not a ship.
: For MF I will be anything I need to be.
: You are now on a date with your highest female Mastery Champion
{{champion:51}} We went out to the mall and movies, and we had a blast. You could tell Cait was having a great time, but I was kind of spooked by {{champion:254}} very "stealthily" followed us around. Afterwards I walked her home, and that's when it happened. She wanted me to come inside and see something >:). So I went in, and she brought out some... some... fuzzy handcuffs... and Vi. I backed up slowly, and ran for my life. After running through what I would say was the best and worst night of my life, I'm now a wanted man in Piltover and sure as heck aint going to call her back.
Aír (NA)
: You have no idea just how much this triggered me. This has more suggestive content than club chat where both Odarth and I are present.
Sorry man's+Liberation+Army+Navy+(PLAN+or+PLA+Navy)+Z-15+WZ-10+Z8+Z-9+ka-27282931+aew+vtolstol+j-18+STOVL+is+an+acronym+for+short+take+off+and+vertical+landing+(2).jpg Your already being shipped
: No, they did not forget the h
: So Airman Compsci Sexually Identifies As An Attack Helicoptor...
: Edit: BTW amazing gif train dude.
: sona x kog? send him into the last lvl of hell.
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: No booty is as great as the Galatic Booty
: I have found Diana's true soul mate.
Not... Leona?!?!?!?
: > [{quoted}](name=Zackeryss,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=t7AorJQV,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-07-05T14:29:54.940+0000) > > He's gonna go blind if he keeps staring at those suns.
He has sunglasses, he will be fine according to op
: "My larger tool" "Left with this small thing"
: I'm staring at her sun's if you catch my drift.
Chaos689 (NA)
: Exactly what CAN we face? - a helpful guide for the casual user
I picked number 4 Well... Because... {{champion:202}}
: I tried asking nicely Metal...
My good sir you seem ill equipped to finish the job. Notice the difference in weapons you must use to take down the Metal Man Now please step aside and let a professional handle this.
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: TFW Someone is Being a Salty Bitch while Playing One of Your Main A cow with salt is one step away from the fryer
: well you know what deal with it.
Sona with glasses? That's it...
: idk, i can actually get rather salty. contrary to popular belief, supports can get salty too.
Unless you look like this guy no, not salty enough
: I find my theme song somewhat offensive, yet hilarious.
here have this one
: heh, was hoping more but ill take it :P
You cant have that one. Riven is on the front, and that instantly means your not salty enough for that song.
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: A Shipping Post
Baited so hard...
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