: Adopt a silver?
I'm a P2/P1 mid main but I've been playing since S3 so I'm pretty familiar with every role and most champs. My schedule is a bit wonky, but you can add me and if we happen to be on at the same time we can play a game or two. I wouldn't mind watching a replay either. But also, don't worry, improving at League is indeed difficult! But for my first couple seasons of Ranked I was solidly Silver, climbed my way to like G4 and was super proud of it and super stuck, then had a breakthrough and climbed to P4 in like 2 months. Climbing is weird sometimes - just keep at it!
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KazKaz (OCE)
: Why is Irelia allowed to be broken?
I'm a high Plat Irelia main, and while I agree that Irelia is quite strong, she's not as busted as the Boards seem to think. I think the biggest thing that the Boards get wrong is Irelia's "mobility" - she's not mobile, she's sticky, i.e. mobile when going towards marked targets. Her only escape is to just walk. That's why the much-memed -5 MS actually matters - it doesn't keep her from getting onto priority targets, but it does make her more vulnerable to ganks and less able to escape fights that go south. There are many, many times where you're staring at a 3 or 4man ult and having to run away because most of the enemy team is 70%+ HP and people on your team have already gotten picked or chunked out. Basically, Irelia is very effective when she gets to full commit and get a ton of resets off of marks, but to do anything she has to go all the way in. She reminds me a bit of Katarina in that regard - as long as you play carefully around her she can't do much, but you're always aware that if you give her a window for even a second she can wipe your team. I'm not opposed to nerfing her, but I think all her problems can be addressed numerically. The kit is strong in that it places a lot of pressure on the enemy team to respect her and deny her the kinds of engages she wants, but that's not unique.
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D3m37r1 (NA)
: Irelia has counters?
That's just silly. Darius, Illaoi, Singed, and even sometimes Yorick have good lanes into her. The usual melee punishers. Also, in my experience, Fiora does well into her. But that's such a flashy and skill-based matchup that I'm way less sure it consistently goes that way.
: > [{quoted}](name=TsunamiWave22,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IWGEO6Ks,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-27T05:12:26.238+0000) > > In what way was it hard to see? Was the constant animation as he teleported hard to see/hear, was it the color scheme, do you have trouble seeing the symbol over you and your teammates heads, what is the problem? The teleporting to target animation is very difficult to notice. It's obvious when he is going to teleport, its where that is the issue.
Yes, sorry, I didn't clarify that. I meant the animation of his arriving at a destination.
: In what way was it hard to see? Was the constant animation as he teleported hard to see/hear, was it the color scheme, do you have trouble seeing the symbol over you and your teammates heads, what is the problem?
I honestly can't say what was difficult about it because I didn't see any part of it. It wasn't like I noticed and got to say "wow, I almost didn't because ______ was almost invisible" - I didn't successfully see it a single time. Two of them, granted, were in decently chaotic situations where I was fighting. But the one that made me decide to write this post was while I was literally sitting in a side lane autoing turret and WATCHING for TF and TP. I was literally consciously looking for it with virtually no distractions and I didn't see it. In fairness, part of this was because it was my first game against him (as I mention in the post) and I didn't know what to look for. But I feel like a skill's appearance being so subtle and/or unintuitive that you have to condition yourself to even see it has already missed the mark.
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: I think the idea here is to improve the **_overall _**player experience by offering positive incentives to behave well, rather than to reward already sportsmanlike players who is already behaving well. While it is nice to be recognized for good behaviors and being "honorable", for me, it's more important to look at this at the big picture - to improve the overall community behavior to create an enjoyable experience for everyone by providing incentives. In the eyes of players who are already friendly, this may be seen as our previous status has been taken away. But honestly, if this new honor system can help the community as a whole to become less toxic, I'm all for it.
I absolutely agree that improving overall community behavior is a great goal. But whereas Honor used to incentivize active, sportsmanlike behavior, it seems to me that the new Honor rank system primarily incentivizes not being a bannable troll. That's a great thing to incentivize, and I appreciate having fewer bannable trolls, but I don't see a reason why we can't also positively incentivize sportsmanlike behavior, such as through high Honor tiers being difficult to get and remain in (i.e. requiring Honors).
: Gaining Honor is Too Easy
Can the people downvoting me at least leave comments? I feel like this was a pretty reasonable, constructive post :/
Asamas (EUNE)
: Yeah but now more than 5% of the players will have hight honor. Plus that if you don't get a honor you will never be able to show of that you are lvl 3-5. Other players can't see your honor and you can't see their honor by going on their profile page. It's just gives rewards. It's not like always getting honors. But it will be imposible now to get honor ranks the old way becase now one player honors one player. Riot deffently won't make it so that you must totally rely on your team to get your free rewards. You cna be always sportsmanlike but if you are playing with selfish guys you will never get the rank up. This way everyone, who is not a total "put something bad here", can feel special. I think that this was one of the greatest thing Riot have ever done.
Well, I'm glad you like it :P What makes you say that only 5% of players will have high honor? I don't see why "relying on your team for free rewards" is a bad thing. The honor system, in my mind, is literally about making your team feel good and appreciating you. Players can't be "selfish" in the sense of honoring themselves, and I don't think there are many players who would deliberately Honor a less sportsmanlike player just to screw you over. And yes, it's nice that people who aren't trolls and flamers get recognition, I'd just like to see that recognition distinguished from those who consistently, positively contribute to the atmosphere of their games. Those are two separate categories of people imo, and Honor doesn't seem to distinguish between them as well as I'd like it to.
Kei143 (NA)
: You probably should wait and see how many neutral games it takes to gain a level first before making such comments.
My title may be throwing you off. It's not really that I think that the current rate of Honor rank increase is numerically too high; I have no idea how fast or slow it is. I just think the idea of an Honor system that offers essentially the same rewards to people who actually get honored and people who merely don't get chat restrictions isn't as good as it could be. As I mentioned in my post, there are tons of people who don't get those kinds of penalties but are absolutely not sportsmanlike.
: I dont remember reading anything saying that it would increase over time. just by getting honors.
http://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008474148 "If I get no Honors, do I still level up? You will, just a little more slowly than those who rack them up like crazy."
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: As someone below pointed out, you have ridiculously high cs for a jungler in both of those games. Making an impact through ganks and map pressure is really important, especially when your lanes need help. You might find games easier to carry if you involve yourself more and help your teammates proactively. That said, some games are truly unwinnable (though I have no idea if these fall in this category). But if you play a lot of games and play better than the average player of your rank, you'll win more than you lose. I'm in Plat 2, and I still get unwinnable games probably around 10% of the time. I'm usually pretty unsatisfied at the end of those games, but then I remind myself that if 10% of my games are unwinnable, I could still have a 90% winrate! I don't, of course, because I'm not good enough to, but that's exactly my point. If you play well enough to justify climbing in rank, you'll be able to have a meaningfully positive influence in the vast majority of games you play.
Also, I see you went 1/10/9 on Jax a couple games ago and still won! Just like some games are unwinnable, some games are borderline unloseable - I still get those too, every once in a while ;P
: Explain to me how this "isn't" elo hell
As someone below pointed out, you have ridiculously high cs for a jungler in both of those games. Making an impact through ganks and map pressure is really important, especially when your lanes need help. You might find games easier to carry if you involve yourself more and help your teammates proactively. That said, some games are truly unwinnable (though I have no idea if these fall in this category). But if you play a lot of games and play better than the average player of your rank, you'll win more than you lose. I'm in Plat 2, and I still get unwinnable games probably around 10% of the time. I'm usually pretty unsatisfied at the end of those games, but then I remind myself that if 10% of my games are unwinnable, I could still have a 90% winrate! I don't, of course, because I'm not good enough to, but that's exactly my point. If you play well enough to justify climbing in rank, you'll be able to have a meaningfully positive influence in the vast majority of games you play.
Ralanr (NA)
: What advantage does top lane have?
You can start by thinking about the map as a whole. You have five players, so it's pretty clear that you're gonna have 2 in one lane and 1 in the others (with one jungling). Mid lane is the shortest, so it makes sense to have a fragile class there, like mages or AD carries. They're always close to their turret, relatively speaking, so they can more quickly escape all-ins and ganks. Mid lane is also in the middle of the map, so that's one reason mages predominate there rather than AD carries; mages (in general) have better waveclear to enable roaming, and more threatening ganks when they do roam. They also have better access to blue buff on blue side, etc. It makes sense to put the other fragile class (the one not in mid) in a lane with someone else who can protect them. So top laners, as you correctly observed, are the people who can best fend for themselves. This is usually tanks and bruisers, who are beefy enough to survive ganks and all-ins in a long lane (unlike mid) without help (unlike bot). This is obviously a super simplified explanation of the current meta lane roles, but it at least gives some idea why you don't have everyone going everywhere :P tl;dr there's not really an "advantage" to top lane, but there's a ton of minions (aka money), so you gotta have someone up there. whoever it is needs to be able to operate well in both 1v1 and 1v2 scenarios, but doesn't have to worry too much about early game power spikes.
: What if Ruby Sightstone increased the range on your ability to drop wards?
This is partially a case of Riot always having to keep high-level play in mind when balancing. Remember that in LCS play, and I'd imagine in Master and high Diamond solo queue, vision isn't just for preventing picks, it's for controlling the game. You'll often hear casters and streamers refer to "vision lines"; it's like trench warfare, with each side using victories or outrotations to push up their vision slightly. Warding isn't supposed to be safe and unpunishable, it's supposed to require buildup and planning. Obviously a lot of this is lost at lower levels of play, but if warding becomes too risk-free, it'd kind of nullify a lot of the current strategy in pro play.
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: How exactly does Irelia's passive work?
Good question! I'm not actually sure and I don't know where you'd find info like this, but intuitively I'd guess that all Tenacity is applied when the CC connects and the duration is locked in at that point. So in your scenario, she wouldn't get the bonus. Like I said, though, I'm not positive.
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: How do I get an S on kayle jungle
git gud I guess? jk for some reason your link isn't happy with my browser, so I can't actually see the game stats, but most junglers that I've seen be frustrated about S's are due to farm. In a long game, an S requires a nearly unrealistic amount of CS from junglers, so if I had to take a I blind guess that'd be it.
: Dear Jungle
But killing the top laner is really valuable and can often lead to First Blood Turret, whether they're a tank or not. Sure, tanks die slower, but top lane is long and if you or the laner have CC, a gank isn't that hard to pull off. Obviously Jungling is super opportunistic in nature, and some games a lane may never be in a good position to gank, but I don't think you should rule out a tank lane as a potential gank spot just because it can take a few extra seconds to execute.
(To see the instance of MR KIMCHI SENPAI's #protips on Jayce that likely prompted this post, you can check out the "How Do You Guys Deal with Jayce" post in Gameplay.) Also, while I agree that many commentators don't have the best game knowledge, they're casters that are hired to make the game exciting with play-by-plays. Several of them (particularly Jatt, what a hero), plus everyone on the analyst desk, have pretty impressive game knowledge and can discuss the game really meaningfully. Plus when you say "English" you include EU, and I don't think you mean to be saying that Krepo doesn't understand the game. Don't assume that you know all the hidden secrets of this game and nobody else does, because the 90% of the community that contains both of us pretty much doesn't understand crap about this game.
: Preferably another ranged champ or melee with lots of ranged capabilities({{champion:41}} If you're a melee with bad options just play the passive farm game and rush{{item:3512}} {{item:3075}} one of these. Zz'rot will stall him out giving you breathing room with the regen and some ms to weave in and out. Some people have complained that thornmail is trash now but its ratio flat damage is extremely potent early/mid game before anyone has MR this often will change the enemy in trying to avoid contact as they would rather not hurt them-self while poking. In the case of jayce his w just hurts himself more than you'd take damage. These aren't counters but effective methods I've used to deal with {{champion:126}}
That's the second time Gangplank has been mentioned; is the lane really that tolerable? It seems like Gangplank would be insanely squishy and not able to return damage properly when Jayce takes a Hammer Stance trade. Also yeah, Zzrot seems like it might be helpful if you're playing someone who can rush it.
Hige (NA)
: Talon jumping wall ability
You also gotta think about champ design, not just what would or wouldn't be broken. Talon's E is supposed to give him unexpected paths through the jungle or between lanes, allowing him to escape and dodge wards effectively. Letting him cast E on a wall to run faster wouldn't really fit that same design - it's not really "unexpected" in any way, it's just fast. This would give him the ability to return to lane quickly and chase champs down a straight lane easily, neither of which are things he's supposed to be particularly good at. Cool idea though!
: Pantheon can beat him in lane Kayle does well Renekton also Riven can do Jarvan can 100-0 after 6
The only one of those lanes that I've played is Kayle, and it's been horrendous for the Kayle every time. I don't really understand how she could win/survive that lane. The others I kinda believe except for maybe Jarvan, but they're all pretty cheesy and wouldn't provide as much benefit to your team as even a losing Kennen or Poppy. Riven is the least cheesy of all of them, but also seems like the least successful counter.
: well yasou dash to dodge the poke from jayce in range form. yasou has shield and windwall and he can use his Q to knock up jayce where jayce cant use his knock back to stop yasou from ulting him is why im asking i dont play either champ sooo just curiosity of the match up and i think in extended fights yasou would be able to out damage and trade jayce
By "poke" I really just meant autos here and there more than the QE combo, which is really hard to land in a wave anyway. And yes, if Yasuo knocks up and ults Jayce at full health, he could conceivably win the following fight, but Jayce should never let that happen. Yasuo's ult combo is gated behind getting successful Q's, and Jayce should force trades with Hammer Stance that put Yasuo below 60% health any time he tries to be active in a minion wave. If a poked Yasuo tries to engage, Jayce will just unload all 6 of his skills and execute him. And yeah, I agree that later in the game after Yasuo has built a substantial amount of health, he could win an extended fight against Jayce. His sustained dps is way better.
: repeated bursts of damage. Force him to disengage and sustain, rinse repeat
What exactly do you mean by that? Because "repeated bursts of damage" is exactly what Jayce does better than any other top laner.
: i feel like u guys are just taking the jayce u see at worlds and applying it to ur elo lol people misplay all the time look for those moments anmd make them pay a jayce who falls behind is easily the most useless champ in the game
-Jayce comes back from behind easily -Bad players isn't an answer to a champion
: Okay... so many noobs here. Let me help you out. Jayce doesn't have a counter pick. So all this talk about pick this champion or that champion is all trash talk. But he does have weak points. 1. He needs to transform. You can fight him when he has it on cooldown. 2. He doesn't have an ultimate. In other words, he doesn't have a power spike like other champions at level 6. Fight him at 6. 3. He builds tear. So he's weak when he builds it as it doesn't give him burst. It gives him sustained harass and late game scaling. 4. Now, a bunch of you kids cry "Jayce these days don't build tear." Faker builds it. I build it. Everyone who knows how to play this game properly builds it. If Jayce doesn't build tear, then it's just the opposite. Trade with him 2 times or more frequently. He'll be out of mana. You can do this by building tanky. 5. You can dodge Jayce Q hammer with flash or big dashes. 6. He has no dash other than Q that he can only use on an enemy. 7. Let me add one more tip: before he E you away, if you place yourself behind him, VOILA SUDDENLY HE'S IN A BAD SPOT. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I just listed 7 of his weaknesses. Go nuts. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
The Transform cooldown sounds nice, but the cooldown is 6 seconds and reduces as the game goes on. This isn't a 20-second Swain window - you literally can't trade and disengage during the length of form swap cooldown. Also, neither of his forms are even that weak, so it's not much of a "window" anyways. He doesn't have an ultimate, but he has 6 basic skills. He can usually win trades, even if they involve you ulting. Flashing isn't a counter to a 4-second cooldown, and I don't know of a single top-lane champ with an ability that has both the range and speed to get them out of the q damage radius. Point 6 isn't really a weakness fam. If you're trying to suggest that he can't run away, he absolutely can - Hammer E disengages, Form Shift speeds him up, and even acceleration gate can help him get away. And as already mentioned, your Tear comment is both incredibly arrogant and incredibly incorrect.
: I'd advise Swain.
That also seems really bad T.T He can force an engage whenever your ult is down and any time pre6, rush Maw to mitigate your damage, and just generally rek you. I was a Swain main S4-S5 with a 70+% winrate, and I really don't understand why that would be a good lane.
: does darius do well against him i could imagine just picking a champ thjaty like to siot back and farm and just outscale
I've only played Jayce vs. Darius once and never Darius vs. Jayce, but in my very limited experience it's seemed like Jayce eventually outdamages Darius as long as he plays the early lane carefully and avoids getting hooked into bad trades. Darius definitely doesn't outscale though, so the lategame is still a massive issue :/
: thoughts on {{champion:157}} vs {{champion:126}} or maybe {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}}
I haven't seen Yasuo vs Jayce that I can remember, but in my head it feels like Hammer Stance Jayce would just wreck Yasuo in trades, and he could use the Ranged Stance to harass him in lane. I doubt it'd work very well unless you build Yasuo tanky and get him 2-3 items and a Phantom Dancer to where he could survive Jayce's burst and then out-dps him afterwards. Ekko I have literally no idea, and I haven't seen top Fizz in a while so idk how that'd go but it doesn't sound like it'd be great (Maw rush + Jayce has way burstier trades and can immediately disengage with his Hammer E).
: why not try a ap vs him? like maybe lissandra or something or like a kennen?
The blanket answer is that Jayce LOVES rushing Maw, he's not even sad about it. That pretty much negates kill pressure, at least in a 1v1 scenario barring a large misplay, and furthermore Jayce can just outdamage and outtrade most AP laners who aren't able to keep their distance. He can be in ranged form, use acceleration gate and switch forms for double speed-up, and then q to close the gap, and none of the cooldowns involved in that are very high so he pretty much can just rinse and repeat for all of laning phase.
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: How do i deal with darius?...
Yeah so I would say that nearly every mainstream top champion can play against Darius (off the top of my head, Gnar, Irelia, Maokai, I've done Nautilus). I guess I'll just list a couple generic tips, but it really depends on the matchup, so if you want specific advice you should say what champs you play. -Pay attention to Q's. Darius gets sustain only if you let him land Q's, and he pretty much has to telegraph it by walking up to you in lane - walk away. If he tried to Q you during a trade, it may even be worth it to stay close to him to deny the heal. It's a big deal. -Remember his E. This is honestly the biggest reason I see people die in silly ways to Darius - they're so conscious of his E when they just want to cs, but when they actually do want to trade, they blow all their cooldowns and then walk away, forgetting that Darius can eeeeeasily E you back in and get another several autos off. Depending on your champ, you either have to not trade (tanks) or not blow everything before walking away so that you have something for the second round of the trade. -Don't be afraid to miss cs. This is honestly something I see people do wrong against bullies in every lane. If it's gonna cost you an EWQ to the face to last-hit a minion, just let that 20g go. Darius falls off in teamfights because of how easily kited he is - don't try to stay even, because he's a bully. If you don't let him bully you and try to go head to head, you'll just die and then he'll really be problematic.
: Swain
He's definitely playable, just not meta. Honestly the a big reason (imo) is that his sustain-tank, damage over time identity overlaps a lot with Vladimir, who doesn't run out of mana and isn't reliant on an ult with a now-sizable cooldown. He's definitely still fine to play in both mid and top, but he lacks burst compared to a lot of mids and isn't as tanky as a lot of tops, so make sure your comp is right for him.
coIesy (EUW)
: team comps are a non factor in low elo if you're good you climb, if you're not you don't
I sorta see where you're coming from. A lot of being good is champion familiarity, ability to cs, and knowledge of what trades and fights to take. I totally believe that in lower elos, everyone's play is so imperfect on those fundamentals that any benefit gained through comp can be easily lost to failures in execution or gaps in individual skill. At higher elos, people are solid on their fundamentals, so there's less variation there and other ways of gaining leads (like fuctional comps) become really relevant. However, I do think that a part of being "good" at all skill levels is that you understand what your team needs and you bring it to the table as best you can, and that it's always a benefit regardless of your elo.
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ßoy (NA)
: Can we ban new champions from being played in ranked untill a few days after their release?
I'd also like to point out that it's not just for the benefit of teams with would-be feeders. Many champions have been overtuned on release, and while I'm not going to comment on Kled yet, I don't think anyone (including Riot) will disagree that Juggernaut Skarner was absolutely ridiculous. Furthermore, while people playing a new champion hours after his release may be unfamiliar with his kit, strengths, and weaknesses, the team that has to play against him is ten times moreso even if they watched the champion spotlight. Overall, I feel like it creates an unhealthy disruption in what should be a pretty stable ranked ladder, allowing people to abuse ignorance and/or imbalance to climb really quickly even without skill to merit it.
: Shouldnt get que time or lose lp for dodging in ranked (read)
Don't confuse there always being a punishment for dodging as Riot saying "You should never dodge." Like the other commenter said, it's just a question of opportunity cost; if there was literally no penalty for dodging, you'd get adcs dodging until someone plays a particular support or people dodging for any non-meta pick. There are games worth dodging, and if you're in one, just take the penalty and know that you and the whole community is better off this way. It kinda sucks, but I don't see a fix for it.
: So what exactly does one do when the entire team is feeding to "carry" them?
First off, some games are unwinnable. Not anywhere near all the games you (or I) lose are, but some are, so don't beat yourself up for losing a game that was a lost cause. That said, I've won many games with a 2/13 bot lane or the equivalent, and I guess there are a couple things you should be aware of? First, it depends a lot on what champion you're playing. I prefer playing mid lane burst mages because of their carrying potential; top lane bruisers or champions named Vladimir can do the same thing. Other people may have tips of their own, but as far as I'm aware, if you're support/immobile adc/pure tank top or jungle, you are pretty much unable to solo carry. You should always try and focus the most fed damage-dealer on the enemy team, and during laning phase you should try and have as much of a global impact as you can. Roam or use Teleport aggressively, because even if you snowball your own lane, it's equally important to try and slow down the lanes that are feeding so that the enemy team doesn't snowball as well. Look for picks and capitalize on mistakes, because lots of people are really really bad at this game, including me. That said, do not be stupid. Don't engage on the guy you see walking through their jungle without vision to know where their team is because you want a pick or dumb crap like that; that just puts you at risk of falling further behind. Honestly, the most important thing is to stay focused, don't tilt, and chat often! Call out your team for minor good plays or picks that they make, and don't flame them for mistakes. It sounds dumb, but I swear it's been a huge part of my ongoing climb to Plat; you need to keep you and your team off tilt. Even saying dumb stuff like "we can still win this" after a decent trade is helpful. And, like I said, you're still gonna lose a lot of games, because we all suck at League of Legends. But hopefully you can lose a few fewer :P
: Tank Jungle Veigar
Hey there! I'm actually a Veigar main-ish person in G2 (omw to Plat), and I've had a lot of success building him tanky, particularly into assassin matchups. RoA, Abyssal, and Rylais are incredibly efficient (in my opinion) because, like you said, the AP-stacking can pretty much take care of itself. When you grab Void Staff and Rab Cap you're still breaking 1000 AP easily, and it's pretty great. I've never played jungle Veigar, and now I'm gonna have to try it in normals. But like you said, I think going straight tank won't be that effective. He doesn't really bring any CC to the table that would encourage him to be on the frontlines - his E has sufficient range to take full advantage of it from his normal spot in the backlines if you position well - and his damage won't be a threat to tanks and he'll be easy to peel off the carries if you try walking at them like a tank. Also, his cleartime would be legit terrible, and as Jungle Nasus taught me in Season 3, stacking q's in the jungle isn't actually as strong as it sounds and you end up consistently getting way fewer stacks than you would in a lane. Overall I think he's better as a kiting damage-tank hybrid mage who gets to farm up in a lane. But hey, I'm still gonna try it, and Gold 2 isn't actually that high so I could be completely wrong. You should totally keep experimenting with "weird" builds though, because if you're the first one to discover the next AP Tryndamere you get a free ride to Diamond! Yay!
Ruptzyyy (NA)
: Adrenaline Threat Recruitment Post- (Competitive Team-Serious players only)
IGN: ZanTwilight Age: 18 Role: Top / Mid Voice comms (which program you use): Skype, Mumble, Teamspeak, willing to download whatever 3 best champions: Swain, Nautilus, Poppy / Swain, Lux, Veigar Strengths: Been playing for a long time, so I have a good understanding of macro and am at least proficient with most meta champs. Good at analyzing games, can give and take criticism. Weaknesses: Can sometimes tunnel (generally better when in a voicechat), trouble playing from behind Reasons why you want to join a 5v5 team: I love game analysis and strategy/shotcalling, which isn't very useful when 4/5 of your team is ignoring you. I feel like growth is much more steady when in a 5's team, and games are much cleaner due to better trust and communication.
: LF Starting mid laner G5-P1 for low elo organized play
IGN: ZanTwilight RANK: G5 TOP 5 CHAMPS: Swain, Lux, Veigar, Kassadin, Vel'Koz (pretty flexible, proficient with most mids) PROS: Pretty large champ pool, good understanding of macro play, good at providing and receiving criticism CONS: Lower rank than some other applicants (P4 last season if that means anything :/ ), still learning some of the big meta picks like Azir and Vlad
: LFM, need a top laner for ranked 5's team
I generally like playing tanks like Ekko, Gnar, and Nautilus, but I've been playing for a long time and am at least proficient with most mainstream tops. I'm not very aggressive 1v1 (largely because I play tanks), but I really like setting up ganks and using tp to gank bot. I don't have experience shotcalling on a 5's team, but I have a decent understanding of macro and feel like I'd be pretty good at it. I usually play 2-3 games a day (minimum) and over summer I'm pretty much free any time until 11:00 pm CST. I just graduated from high school so I have literally no idea what my schedule will be once school starts. Just demoted to G5 :/
: LF Plat 5+ For Ranked Team
Current Solo Que Rank: P5 Highest Solo Que Rank: P4 Main Role: Top Main Champions In That Role: {{champion:150}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:50}}, currently saving to buy {{champion:122}} Do You Main Urgot or Teemo (SERIOUS QUESTION): Nope. Play Style: A lot of my champs have powerful teamfights, so I tend to focus most on that. In lane I love ganks, but I don't generally go that aggressive 1v1, partially because I don't own a lot of duelists yet. Weaknesses: Champ pool, for sure. I can also sometimes tunnel a little bit, but in a team of 5 with voicechat it's a LOT better than in solo queue. Age (DO NOT LIE): 17 (18 this month hey-o) Time Zone: Central
: Creating A Serious 5`s Team Plat/Diamond LF Players
Time Zone: Central Rank: Plat 5 Role: Jungle Champ Pool: {{champion:32}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:64}} Strengths/Weaknesses: My biggest weakness by far is my champ pool. While I can obviously play more than just the listed 5, I am missing several of the huge ones (Vi, Rek'Sai, Ekko). I also don't have as much experience with jungle as I do in solo lanes. That said, I learn very quickly, and can purchase those meta picks as we go. I've had experience in ranked teams before, and I'm generally good at strategic shot-calling as well. I'm probably not gonna carry any games initially, but the biggest spikes in my skill level have been when I got to play with people better than me (climbed from Silver to Plat in less than a month after joining a team with Plats in Season 3), so I expect to grow a lot as part of the team. Your OP.GG: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=ZanTwilight
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