: Cant Log In To Chat Service
Having the same problem, there is a thread higher up that has a guy having the problem as well as not being able to log into the client at all which I posted my info on, but yeah it just says "logging onto chat service" at the bottom of the client, everything else works, and I can chat in-game. Though I can't chat out of game and I can't see my friends list. I have been able to temporarily fix it by re-logging my client like 4-5 times but once I play a game and come back to the client it goes back to the same problem. Though it shouldn't make a difference, I am playing on the mac client, and both on my laptop and desktop are both having the same issue with chat service. It doesn't stop me from playing the game, its still really annoying and I feel like it should be a relatively easy fix. RIOT please help!
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: Problems Logging in and Connecting to chat service?
Having the same problem, running on the mac client as well ever since patch 5.1 I have to re-log my client like 3 times to get the chat service to connect. When it doesn't, everything else works fine, and I can chat in game, I just can't see my friends list at all and I can't chat with anyone on the client out of game. Though it doesn't prevent me from playing the game, it is still super annoying and I feel like it is probably somewhat of an easy fix. RIOT please help!


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