: Gonna be yet another patch without a Xerath or Skarner skin. It's been nearly 4.5 years
: Anivia jungle
She has the lowest base health pool, no sustain, her clear before 6 is nonexistent, and she has absolutely zero dueling power. I've played things like Garen, brand, morgana, rumble, and old Morde jungle and had decent success. I don't have any problem with people trying weird or off meta stuff as long as it makes some modicum of sense. This doesn't. There's no reason to do this.
Irèlià (EUW)
: Mordekaiser is an unhealthy champion to the game and should be nerfed just like Irelia got nerfed
Darius shits on morde. Darius wants to have prolonged duels with people because of his passive and he wants to be up close and personal. Morde also wants to be up close and personal, but darius can out damage him easily, especially early on.
: Riven just feels like she can get 2 kills at lvl 3 and completely out scale everyone.
I'm not that great at top lane but I usually shit on riven 3/4 times I go against her. You can beat her with quite a number of champions.
Visroy (NA)
: i think its time league gets Voice chat
where have you been at...? there is voice chat in the game now, but only for your party
: I just notice jinx pick rate and winrate numbers, where is her nerf for real ?
: when did runes reset?
It's some kind of bug that ends up resetting some of your stuff and also introduces you to the stats page like you've never played before
She is slated to get buffed in the upcoming patch next week.
: Not really. It works off percent so it can't instantly refresh no matter how much attackspeed you have. So you can't reach urf garen status with it.
I'm not saying or suggesting that it could. I was simply telling the person about garen's changes. I was just saying that by his E applying on-hit effects it will still cause his E's CD to be reduced which will be an interesting loop to see.
: It's not a glitch, that's just how Garen's E works. Recasting it cancels it and refunds cooldown equal to the remaining duration. Which in URF is more than enough to instantly refresh it.
He's talking about his current experimental changes on the PBE right now, one of them being where garen's E has an AS scaling and also applies on-hit effects, which would make it work with spear of shojin as well
RedTornado1 (EUNE)
Whelp, this seems to have backfired horribly. Lmao.
tires (NA)
: Who’s the most underwhelming champ in tft?
graves, every time i try to make him work i get blasted
: Sona's waveclear is horrible
she isnt supposed to have it
: Thresh cannot execute minions with relic shield so that should tell you that he is a ranged champion. Pretty sure Ivern is only ranged while under the effects of whatever his brush ability is and Kayle is considered ranged as soon as she gets ranged (at least I'm 99% certain that's the case). Heck using the first example just try out and see if you get the execute with relic shield or not with any champions you aren't sure about whether they are considered ranged or not. That should clear any doubts you could have.
funnily enough ivern is possibly going to be fully ranged, currently on the pbe right now
MkMayo (NA)
: If they do it by the end of this year I'll be a happy man.
If I had to make a guess, it would be after the world's patch, which is 9.18 I think they said.
MkMayo (NA)
: Who is better to play in mid , zed-wukong- talon
Wu is also getting a gameplay update sometime soon so I would wait until that drops before investing in him
: How come Shyvana has no innate AS steroids?
: How in the world is Tryndamere not slated for a rework?
its funny because i straight dumpstered a trynd with malph the other day but also annihilated a riven with trynd in my ranked game too lmao
: Does anyone else feel the new Udyr skin trivializes his Ult skin?
I mean, SG udyr is like 5-6+ years old so it's not surprising it's outclassed by a newer skin. SG is at best a 1350 skin. There's nothing appealing about it, in my opinion. It really needs updated.
UnityOE (NA)
: Will Pantheon receive a price increase?
Cräfty (EUW)
: Riot! Show Ekko some love, goddamnit! He's been waiting for almost 3 years, now...
The only buff I feel Ekko really needs is to have his passive CD removed/lowered at later levels (like with ult rank or just at levels 6/11/16 or so) and maybe even removed for jungle monsters. I don't think that would break him, especially since later in the game you're generally not going to be getting that many passive procs off on champions unless you go with some sort of attack speed build and even then it's not a guarantee. Even if they halved the current CD for jungle monsters, I'd be happy with that. Other than that, I like him how he is.
: Just to be sure, what does the meaning of adjacent for the guardian buff mean?
one unit circle around unless otherwise specified (like with locket)
Cräfty (EUW)
: Hmmm... I would advise against {{champion:30}} tbh. His Q is pretty hard to land consistently so I wouldn't call him " **_easy_** ".
He's easy in the sense that is kit is extremely simple and easy to pick up but still can still be moderately effective. Learning how to hit Qs will come with practice but after playing him a bit and getting the timing down a bit it's not the worst thing in the world at all. Plus who doesn't love spamming Q and not worrying about having your ult get cancelled when you're dead?!
: Don't make him pay attention to it, just give him one like half the other champions in the game. :^) __________ FYI, mana isn't really a "wasted" stat on anyone that bars them from purchasing an item just because they don't have a mana bar. Think of yourself as having mana and not having mana issues, but buying that item with mana just because its passive and other stats are beneficial in the situation even if you won't really be using the mana. If you don't run out of mana, even if you have mana, you effectively 'waste' the mana stat on items. You buy an item with 350 mana? Every time you back with 350+ mana, you're basically wasting stats on the item. If its a good buy for the situation, just get it. The fact that it fits the situation likely outvalues the loss of gold spent on mana. There are plenty of cases like this in the past where a mana item ended up a common buy on manaless champions. ______________ For anyone except almost exclusively poke champs, mana is relatively worthless, whether you have a mana bar or not.
This isn't really true at all. The thing is, even if you don't use the mana, it's still there in case you do need to. It's not "wasted" because it gives you the option to use your spells more frequently than if you didn't have the mana item and that can make a difference, especially in laning phase. Buying mana on manaless champs isn't gold efficient and the gold is completely wasted because they will never get any benefit out of the mana portion of it. It's why champs like Kat and Rumble don't buy Luden's even though it has 20% CDR and a good amount of AP. The only thing I can remember in the past few years is people buying Lich Bane on old Akali and even then it wasn't really all that popular from what I saw. Like in your RoA example, buying a RoA on morde is literally pointless even if it is gold efficient without the mana/passive because all he will get out of it is Health and AP that will take 10 minutes to get to full charge. Do you know what else morde likes that gives Health and AP? Rylai's, Liandry's, and Morellonomicon. None of the stats go to waste on morde, are relatively cheap and give immediate impact. It would be no different than buying a car that has some things you like but a lot of things that are pointless and won't do anything for you but still buying the car anyway.
: What are easy mid champs to learn
{{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:30}}
Faceflex (NA)
: Brand an conquerer
no, stacks only last for two seconds for ranged and DoT abilities only give one stack every five seconds
: End of TT Eligibility
And that's literally exactly why they're doing that since you seem to be lacking comprehension skills. They're giving rewards that played it consistently throughout it's time and not for people like you who spam it during the end of the season solely for the rewards.
: SO MANY Katarina bugs with 9.14 I am actually in a state of shock.
They're getting fixed in a few hours. Katarina's E - Shunpo now properly counts towards triggering Electrocute and Phase Rush and is usable in Mordekaiser's R - Realm of Death
Cräfty (EUW)
: New Pantheon: Riot, why the damage immunity on his new E?
you do know this is literally his first day on the PBE and things can change, right? What is the sense in making a knee-jerk post like this when he hasn't even been out for a day yet nothing is set in stone
: > [{quoted}](name=Zane Zephyr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=r67wxHBr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-30T04:26:05.937+0000) > > yeah and the reason they can't is because of things like black cleaver > > that's not a qol change that's a huge buff lol tbh Wu can use a huge buff rn. And making Cleaver better on him might even turn him away from the "unhealthy" oneshot-oriented playstyle.
hes already getting a gameplay update
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: wukong qol change
yeah and the reason they can't is because of things like black cleaver that's not a qol change that's a huge buff
: Can we actually nerf ahri sometime soon..?
Glacial is the main issue. Take that away and she wouldn't feel as bad. I really hate GA right now.
: I'm fine with her early game as it is. The probem is she's designed with a bad early and hypercarry late but even her late game is pretty bad. Why pick kayle when any other hypercarry carries better then her late game atm? The problem isn't her early game its her late game. In my opinion that is.
Her ultimate can save a teamfight or turn it around while you still pump out massive damage
: Yes, they literally do. It's cool if you're not familiar with the system, but there's no reason for you to spread your ignorance online. It's ironic that you're on these forums screaming about how toxic you aren't. I can tell from your posts you're toxic. The reason you've never encountered that kind of person is because you ARE that person. You aren't exactly my target audience.
So you're obviously trolling at this point, LMAO. I'm a checkpoint away from being honor 5, but yeah, totally toxic. Even if you're being serious, all you've literally done is stick your fingers in your ears and shouted because you know I'm right and have no argument. What's ironic is that that you're calling me toxic even though you're the one on here complaining about getting reported and punished and getting mad that it's your own fault and you can't accept the fact that you aren't a victim and I'm gonna be honor level 5 for the second season in a row. But go on. Since you're grasping at straws and have nothing of importance to say, I'm done responding to you. I've seen enough of this circus to last me a lifetime.
: Why does Riot always take the bully's side?
Wanna see what happens when you aren't toxic when you have a premade on your team? https://gyazo.com/513fd1a494c0f331e8495efbda5d6730
: Damn, that's a little unfair.
: Multiple reports triggers the automated punishment system. You get silenced automatically if you reach a certain number of votes. It doesn't matter what you said. And people are queueing as groups and taking advantage of this by harassing people in-game and then reporting them afterwards to get them silenced.
No they literally do not. You need to get over yourself and face the facts that you are an obviously toxic person who wants to play the victim. And as I've said before, you have no reason to give them the action you claim that they want and giving them a reason to report you. I've been the odd man playing with a 4-person premade I don't know how many times and not a SINGLE time have I ever been reported or punished. Then again, I'm not a toxic person and I don't flame or troll in my games. If you don't say anything and just play the match, then you can't get reported and punished. Period. Grow up.
: Chat Restriction
"My entire team was bullying me" Mute them. Problem solved.
: Why does Riot always take the bully's side?
Multiple reports don't do anything. All it takes is one report for a game to get flagged and for riot to look at it. And "defending" yourself does nothing. It adds nothing to the game and usually "defending" yourself means you're likely being just as toxic as they are. What are you "defending" against? A group of people that you'll 99% never see or play with again? Who gives a crap what they think or say? If it bothers you that much what other people say of you, then mute them and play the game, or don't play at all if that's too much to ask. You are 100% responsible for you own behavior and actions.
: SoS Pyke
Or they can just make it so the same item can't be stacked.
sucka ma (NA)
: Yi/Taric Boosting strategy in Plat elo.
: New Champ
people still think these are funny?
: so considering all these bugs, will everyones LP get rolled back to pre patch?
If you know there's bugs going on/happening, then why play ranked?
: Karma Jungle: Good or Bad?
Thing is, the only thing she has is her Q, once she uses that then the only thing she has to clear is autoattacks and since she doesn't build AD it's going to be super long clearing camps, especially in the early game. Also using your Mantra on your W to heal means you can't use it on the camps to clear, further slowing down her clear. Overall I just don't really think it's a good idea to do it. If you don't snowball early, you're going to be pretty much nothing but a shieldbot.
Mártir (EUW)
: Premades of 5 in TFT... So I can get 4 Smurfs, and ensure myself 4th Position at least? :-D
: What if Urgot W cost 1 mana when maxed out instead of 0 for stacking tear?
: [Question]: Stormrazors & Kai'Sa
its so she can evolve her q and e with that and a rageblade with boots. both items put her at almost 100 ad (will be dependent on level) so she will powerspike early on
: ive mained rengar for 2 or 3 seasons now and i have never once avoided cc by leaping unless if im leaping away from it. no clue as to what cc you mean
like playing lux, seeing rengar coming, throwing your q out and hitting him mid ult dash but still dying to him anyway
: Honestly it’s not even his range and burst that is an issue. His true damage is a problem but that is just because too many champions have it right now. The real issue is he has no real cooldowns.
he has to hit you with 3 spells or you have to stay in his ult for that to happen if he is able to stack his passive on you that means (for laning at least) you can't dodge or he's just good at hitting them
Barso55 (NA)
: Velkoz is all skillshots with no mobility but his range and burst are way too much
you play a melee mid lane vs range and you expect that lane to go well if you take away his burst and range then what does he have nothing
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