: So hey Riot, you see that shiny symbol thing around champs that shows we got a mastery chest on?
That would be really helpful! I've done that a few times and it does frustrate me when I get an S repeatedly when I'm trying (usually poorly) to farm for a chest
Rioter Comments
kasfas (NA)
: I see your argument, and I have a counter argument. However I don't have the time or attention now to give it to you. I'll get back to you with my argument in about 3 hours. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/omoNXtnVt1g/maxresdefault.jpg Well, I've had a problem. I had a response almost completed for you, but my stupid phone just reset the webpage and now it got deleted. So unfortunately I'm going to need to give you a shorter version as I'm not going to spend another 40 minutes rewriting the whole response. ------- Just a heads up to those of you who don't get it. This isn't a formulated argument, just a series of points that should be true about the game. The full argument got deleted. -------- A: marksmen should lose 1v1s past one item on even footing with basically every class but enchanters, wardens, and some vanguards. Champs who don't are cancer and are left weak. B: assassins should have exclusive access to 1v2 a support and an adc and come out ahead (not necessarily a kill, possibly just some cool downs and a forced back). About 40% of 1v2 fights should go in favour of an assassin. C: Assasins should blow up in teamfights if ccd because of team focus, not adc autos. A cc from the support, some damage from the Mage, and a few autos from the adc should be enough to kill the assassin, but without assistance the assassin should be free to escape. D: Divers should be threatening in teamfight a with their damage, but also their cc, and shouldn't die as quickly as an assassin. They should have the damage to kill the adc, but also have the cc to prevent them from kiting effectively meaning the support needs to be on them 24/7 to beat them. E: Enchanters are too effective at helping self sufficient/ Hypercarry adcs. They need to have less of their power put into preventing the diver from doing something, and more into directly starting something. Proactivity should be rewarded significantly more than reactivity. F: If point E isn't applied, then adcs shouldn't be allowed to be self sufficient or have any items that promote self sufficiency. They should rely on being babied by their support and only function at top effectiveness when an enchanted is introduced as their support. So I don't necessarily disagree with you, but you do lack the context that these complaints come from, which is the current enchanter/ self sufficient hypercarry meta. Sorry I couldn't get you the full version (plus this isn't really an argument just a comparably ollection of points), but sometimes s\*** happens.
Honestly, I think ADC are fairly balanced. The issue is that assassins have a night mare of a time actually getting in and killing the adc without being crowd controlled to death. I think the new assassin runes should help with that in season 8. Especially blood moon hunt. Also, your complain in E is basically saying "you should play Syndra as a support". Enabling hyper carries is their JOB. To make it so assassins and mages can burst kill through their buffs just murders the entire position over non Meta champions.
: We want marksmen to be the go to class for taking down those burly front liners
: When the JG wants to take Rift Herald
Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! This makes me so happy! Thank you for that. It's starting to hurt I'm laughing so hard. I don't know why I like this so much.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sunibee,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=2iyB95ER,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-09-08T18:16:05.436+0000) > > Just wait till Team 3 "the Star Knights" > **Not Taric Main**: "Star Guardian, more Star Pimp Lord am I-" **Me**: "No, Taric is man who respects woman you fucking newb!"
Thank goodness someone else who actually plays him. I've started to practice a lot with him and I agree that he doesn't need that skin. I mean, if they really want it anyways, those boots on Armor of the Fifth age already do it.
Wuks (NA)
: Introducing: Boards Recap Beta
I think optimistism should factor in. Not the deciding factor but like the honor system, being helpful and constructive should be encouraged.
: This is why we should be able to report in champ select
I never thought of that being an issue. Well pros and cons, some people may report for particular champs is a con, but guys like that getting caught is a huge pro.
: Hey HateDaddy, To start off, I just wanted to say that we, Riot, do care when people choose to stop playing League. We might not be able to address everyone individually, but as gamers ourselves and players who love to play League, whenever someone, let alone a super engaged player chooses to leave, it gives us reason to take a step back and think about what we're doing, or not doing, that made you want to make that choice. I can empathize with a lot of what you wrote here, as I've been playing League since 2009, and joined Riot back in 2014 (god that seems like forever ago), and want to try to touch on at least some of what you've said. I want to make it clear the statement that you're replaceable and irrelevant isn't true. Full stop. We can't simply "replace" a player who has been a long time supporter of League, we can't replace those experiences, the highs, the lows, and everything in between that you experienced. To me that's one of the reasons I love League, because when I think back on the 8 1/2 years of playing, my own experience is my own personal story where I can remember times in the past before a meta, when Ashe mid tping to a ward after ulting from fountain was a thing. I can remember when Rock Solid made GP support a thing in the pro scene and it worked. I remember when Veigar evaporated people with DFG and when Yi could EASILY 1v5. I remember when TF had his destiny on his E, and would tp to a side lane bush and have his team follow him for a cheesy early game kill. Those are the memories and experiences that if I left couldn't be replaced. It's all a part of the journey, and the never ending path to mastery that keeps me coming back to League year after year. Have there been times I've wanted to quit? God damn right there has been. Hell, I have a baby now, and another on the way in February, and with my free time quickly fleeting, the first thing I still want to do when I get an hour to myself is load up a game of League and get my ass handed to me on the Rift (that or play a quick game of pubg if I don't have enough time). But enough about me, let's talk about what you wrote here, again I won't be able to touch on everything, but I'll try my best with the time I have. The feeling that this season has been one of the least fun seasons for you is a very interesting thing to callout, as despite what I've said about, it's something that I've felt **at times** but not the entire season as a whole. Usually when I feel like the game has lost all appeal, is after I've had a run of games where someone went full potato on me team, or raged out at us for several games in a row. Those are the times that I stop and ask if it's really worth it, but then when I find an hour of freetime...I still keep coming back. So there seems to be difference with what we classify as what makes League fun. For me, if my teammates are level headed rational people, League is still the best game ever, but for you it seems like it's more about the state of the game which takes the fun away, so let's dive into that a bit. Snowballing and game length are some very interesting things to point out as reasons for feeling the game isn't fun. Anecdotally, I feel like my games have had more variance in terms of quality of game play for the past year, and to me personally, it's led to a feeling of games feeling more snowbally at times. On the other hand though, I also feel like I've been in games with more epic "come from behind" victories due to good teamplay, catchup xp/gold which helps cushion snowballing, and over confident opponents. League was designed as a team game, and when people snowball the hell out of their lanes winning 1v1, 2v2, or with some help from the jungler, the game also gets determined by which team has the better comp. The infamous "don't worry we'll scale", is actually a thing that matters, and has led me to experience more games that maybe felt like they were decided at 10 minutes, but actually swung in my favor as we scaled. In regards to playing fighters specifically, we have a task on our plate to figure out how to best support melee champs in League holistically that we're aiming to get to early next year. Right now being relegated to split pushing, and buying the same items that your fellow marksman are purchasing usually makes one of the most valuable stats in the game (range) make you come second to anyone else that can build the same items. This often forces melee fighters to rely on splitpushing, which is a pretty shitty solution to a problem when you want to be in the middle of a team wrecking havoc whether it be with your blade or your fishing rod. Sorry that was a bit tangential, but you called out fighters and I wanted to touch on it a bit. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like a lot of what's leading you to feel fed up with League is how heavily you need to rely on teammates to do the right thing? If that's the case, it's going to be a bit trickier to solve the problem for you explicitly, as the design of LoL is based so heavily on coordination with teammates, whereas a game like DOTA is designed around each champion being capable of carrying their team more easily. I won't go super heavy into this discussion, since I'm not a designer and didn't create the original dota, dota 2, or League (I just work on the balance team), but we have intentionally gone the direction of having all the micro decisions you make in champ select, runes/masteries, in itemization, in lane phase, and macro level calls all feed into increasing your chance to win. I definitely don't think we've perfected it, and we have a long way to go until we can say that's 100% the case, but I'd be curious what sort of solutions you'd like to see to make League the game that you want to keep playing? Is it the ability to better coordinate with teammates? Is it the ability to more consistently carry a game when you rock the lane phase and go 6/0? Is it giving a different distribution of damage and durability to champs? Or retuning jungle mobs and epic encounters? I'm asking this to be pedantic, I'm genuinely curious in your thoughts as a diamond player and person who's played League for as long as you have. I never played Doom, so unfortunately I can't touch on your references, what I can say however is we've been talking internally about how we can make epic monsters (Rift Herald, Baron, Dragons), actually feel...epic. There won't be anything in for this pre-season as we're trying to keep the runeway (hue) for runes reforged as clean as possible for as stable a launch as we can get, but we're talking about them for next year. No concrete plans as of yet, but it's one thing I wanted to call out since you pointed out how they currently feel. In regards to teamfights I think this one becomes a bit more nuanced and subjective, as my perception of the live state currently is that coming back is arguably more possible now, that teamfights are actually longer, but I think I can concede the point about CC being higher especially in a time like right now when tanks are strong and viable. Creep block is another thing we've been talking about, not removing it, but making some adjustments so we can avoid as many of the "I was literally stuck in my creeps" situations as possible. I would go into the runes reforged stuff, but I'd prefer to leave that to the team (who's been pumping out a ton of content/articles on their progress), and I have to say that while I was personally skeptical of the system at first (like waaaay back), more and more recently I've been getting excited theory crafting how a particular keystone would synergize with a champion or playstyle I enjoy. When I'm testing internally it _feels_ more like early seasons, when theory crafting was another key way you could find your way to victory, and I'm super excited for the new system to go live, and see what problems it solves, and what we need to continue to work on (like some of the ones I touched on above). In regards to the rank system, this is one which I may actually be the most aligned with you, and it's been the topic of some hot debate last Friday in the office in one of our slack channels. There are some major pros to the way it works now, in regards to things like how you can feel a sense of progression as you play, but there's definitely some pitfalls when you run into people who seemingly just grinded their way to their mmr and don't actually have the skill to hold their own. I do honestly believe that we have one of the best matchmakers and ranked systems around, but definitely don't think it's perfect either, though sadly I don't have much context into that space I could give you. Just know that it's a thing we talk about a lot ourselves. To close this off. I want to first say that if you do choose to truly leave League, I hope you find another avenue that brings you the same highs that I've experienced in the past 8 1/2 years, whether that be in games, or in the real world (fuck it's scary out there). You're not just a spoke in a wheel, as for every person like you that writes a clearly passionate and informed post that you did, there's 10 others who leave silently. Yes, we can replace you with another player if we looked at our players as just 1s and 0s, but that's not how we look at you. You've been a part of this journey and have supported us, and it's on us to prove that League is a game you should feel confident in spending your time and getting rewarded for doing so. Whether that's ranked dominance, super fucking high moments, or riveting gameplay. I appreciate the time you took to write this, and I'm sorry if it felt like I was glossing over any of your statements. I'm not the best equipped to answer all of them. If you do have followup though please reply to this and I'll try to get back to you at some point over the next few days. I'm really sorry that this is likely riddled with typos and shitty grammar, it's early and I haven't had my coffee yet :P, also note that a lot of this is just my opinion, and not an official stance from Riot, but I wanted to reach out to you regardless. Thanks again man, and good luck over the rest of the season! Asyrite
Wow that was really cool of you. Thanks for writing that, for all us players. I'm knew to league compared to most of you but glad there's guys like you. :) As for minion block, I'm sure this is a bigger issue for high skill players. From my lowly elo mind, could you have minions cancel their attacks and step to the side while simultaneously having the champion move around, creating a 50/50 split? Not why I wrote this. Thanks again! I'm looking forward to a long time forward with league! Love the game and the community!
Razyelx (EUNE)
: The Most Favorite Champion of All Time [Voting Elimination] - Group L
I just love how optimistic Lux is :) "Yes I can support you and take half the kills!" :/ hahaha!
Super sorry to hear that! I'm not sure if the boards can do anything but I hope it gets sorted out.
: Rewards for old Honor are out
Thanks riot, while I only got the participation one, maybe this is the support main in me, but it made me stoked. Sad I couldn't get the others but maybe I can get up to honor 3-4 :) thanks again!
Raoul (EUW)
: Why even play Assassin in this game? Seriously...
I think part of it is that they are only great at the highest skill. You have to be able to dodge cc like Zed and be able to move and dodge like... well, an assassin. I think the best ones for play are Zed and Katarina because they can move large blink distances to dodge. Talons good but timing is critical. Huhi showed how assassins can be supper viable in the right situations. Do assassins need a bit of love? Ya, but their Field isn't unplayable. But it takes some exhausting work to get into.
: What is your favorite skin and why?
elin990 (EUW)
: How is 2 vs 1 at top lane fair? I'm really annoyed..
Sorry to hear that! Ya if the enemy is doing that it's probably safer to stay under tower, even if it's not initially as fun. You'll eventually out level them by a decent amount and you+jungle will have way more gold. About 20-25 minutes you'll smash the enemy team so hard you can enjoy the easy kills. There's a reason it's not Meta to send two top, but it's going to take practice to survive against it. Good luck and hope you don't deal with it too much
: you can build 3 armor items and its still the marksman that deals the most damage to you
I mean, yes and no.... that's kind of why they have a support and are so important. They are the late game damage. Mage<Tank<ADC<Mage Not true as a law but a vast sweeping generalization. Mages insta burst or cc adc, deleting them. Tanks survive the burst and proceed to murder mage. Adc hides behind and pokes tank to death late game cause mages bounce off.
: There's still too many OP stuff to ban
Having a large number of bans shows true balance getting closer. But there are things we all hate and I believe the nightmare champions that aren't broken but still haunt our dreams are getting harder to ban out.
: So I made a spreadsheet of features in champions' kits the other day...
Yes, but then you get illaoi. She has none of that. Pro viable? No. But for 99% of the player base she's great. I do wish items were r something existed where these champions can just comfortably fit in. Thanks for the analysis! This is a very well done artical with real thought. Upvote! (Also trnacity works against slows which in my experience is the most common soft-cc. It's basically designed for a higher probability of a successful initiation or disengage, after the hard cc.)
: OK RIOT we need to see him
I loved this comic, and really hope your right with this being possibly part of the next one.
MenoOG (NA)
: Star Guardian Syndra fan art
: Shout out to Riot Porocles
I love so many of the riot people who stick around with us board people. Thank you Porocles!!!
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MULMbqQ9LJ8
Ezy15 (NA)
: Flemeth, The Spectre of the Crossroads (Champion concept v1.5)
Hmmm... main critique may seem silly but is important from a riot perspective. Being blunt, if a drawing has less then Leblanc or MF on, probably past the limits of appropriate for gaming purposes designed to appeal to a mass audience. Putting aside my own thoughts on the subject, you stand a better shot of winning with a broad appeal picture then the current. Really this probably seems triffle, but there it is, trying to remove as much of my bias as I can.
Reav3 (NA)
: Talondor was the composer. This is the first Champion he has worked on :)
Wow that's amazing! Hope to hear from him again. Tell him he did an awesome job from us here in the boards community.
Necrozard (EUW)
: Special secret information about the new Champion Ornn
TSS Flex (NA)
: I'm actually reformed
Thank you. Glad to hear you doing better and being constructive. That really helps others hopefully do the same. Thanks again!
: > [{quoted}](name=ZaneShadow,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=V0iWEALI,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-05T11:46:36.535+0000) > > Nice Riots a company not an all knowing super computer. They make mistakes. They are over all good and I hope that this helps them start work on better ways to detect trolls. :) hi there mr.shill
I feel like I should get that reference but don't. Google pops up a face cream of some sort.
ItsJoJo (NA)
: it still boggles my mind that this stuff actually appeals to people. you disgust me.
> [{quoted}](name=ItsJoJo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mNA2xprJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-05T01:45:39.572+0000) > > it still boggles my mind that this stuff actually appeals to people. you disgust me. Anime isn't bad, just a large chunk of it is. Diamonds exist.
: Click on and/or hover this thread's title if you like anime
Rude, and I stopped watching it 4 years ago.
: [Champion Concept] Avonna, the Redeemed Pariah
I am thoroughly impressed. This is an amazingly well done champion and really blows me away.
: When you invade the enemy jungle and fight for the raptor camp
Awesome. I'm mainly curious to see if your memes board will beat General Discussions. Your funnier than they are BTW.
: First time i've ever laughed at something in "memes and games". THAT is funny.<3
Join with Laughing fish https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/memes/VmFwETF5-memes-games-declares-war-on-general-discussion Or join Concept and Creation. That's were I like hanging out usually.
: my wife's son just told me that i need to stop wasting time on a stupid video game board
Probably, but as long as it's not excessive (like longer than an actual league game) your totally fine. I love boards and it's fun to share ideas with people.
Frozen Malet= auto attacks Rylize= Abilities.
: Holy **** where are we
Probably belongs in memes. Nice post.
: I highly doubt that you will be victorious in this war. GD has the numbers and the love of the people. You guys have memes and more memes. It's not even a fair fight. GD will win in the end.
Concept and creation guy here. Memes and Games are funnier. :). Your awesome, but they make me laugh.
Xonra (NA)
: I'm sorry if you are that bothered by what I said, but it wasn't a "personal attack", it's just a blunt statement of how I feel. Being apathetic is a thing that some people are, not an insult. You can also be around a community and miss 90% of what is going on with it by only staying on certain areas or away from certain areas. Most people that play LoL have no idea about ranked for example, as the ranked players are such a small percentage of the larger whole playerbase. The same can go for being on the boards, or playing the game, etc. Just because you've been around for years doesn't mean you've kept you eye on everything. What I did was make more of a sweeping assumption, not a personal attack.
I literally have a textbook (I study psychology as a minor) that lists that as a form of personal attack. While I do side with the other guy, I do see you have a lot of valid points. Riot is not perfect and they are a company first and foremost and we as players get the brunt of it sometimes. But dont forget they sacrifice income at times. Runes Reforged a prime example, as this choice will cost them huge in revenue. Increased champion rotations, New quests that offer free materials (difficult as they may be). So yes they are a company that treats us as valuable customers, for better and worse.
Elikain (EUNE)
: ***
While yes I agree, your literally pulling the same stunt except at him rather than riot. Use counter criticism, like say positive points that differ from them, rather than layer negative on negative. No one ever changes because they lost an angry shouting contest. People change all the time with positive surroundings/environment.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rainfall,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=V0iWEALI,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-04T23:11:30.633+0000) > > and a random person will come saying that riot is the best company and that every single report is reviewd by a professional riot emploee. no. riot only wants the absolute best for it's customers, and anybody who says otherwise is a filthy troll and slanderer. buy riot points btw. BUY RIOT POINTS.
Nice Riots a company not an all knowing super computer. They make mistakes. They are over all good and I hope that this helps them start work on better ways to detect trolls. :)
: Expanding the Weekly Free Champion Rotation
Thank you guys:). I've been supper happy how these last few months you've done a lot of free work for us players. I'm excited for runes and glad to get to test out more champions.
Exifile (OCE)
: Pls Riot Make this
This and the janitor Yorick from the academy strip.
Eponine9 (NA)
: As a support main myself, the right panel can also be "Ally ADC" instead of "Enemy ADC and Support" sometimes.
Eh. When they start mouthing off so early as before the game starts I pull out a morgana or Lux support to shut them up/show them how much a support can carry their sorry butt. I've gotten many multi kills and solo kills on adc because of sheer inability of my adc to process any more than surface level info. I'm sure at higher Elo they do understand this stuff but it can be numbing to watch people walk away after getting knocked down to half health by two people I've knocked into flashing red health bar range and have vision from bot lane into mid.
: No, supports mains are all nice and friendly and want to crush and destroy the enemy bot lane just as much as the most toxic spew sludging troll out there. So it's like "Let's have a good game guys! <3" proceeds to literally drive the enemy bot lane insane with their play.
Yup. Very little feels better than knowing your opponent knows you've beaten them. You can feel the helplessness and as a support it's a sweet wine of victory.
: That's what 75% of the tweaks and buffs were in this last patch, they picked a grab bag of champs they want to see and buffed them randomly right on the Worlds prelims patch.
With the exception of Xerath, Akali, and zigs, the rest didn't over buff any champions. It balanced a lot of champions in ways us average players don't feel. Lux went from like a 49.4 winrate to 50.5. There were tons of nerfs to champions that are often complained about.
: Too bad her lore, character design, concept, and character traits are shallow and wallowing in deep-seated sex appeal and nothing more. Because her kit is really freaking fun whichever map you play on. ##EDIT: Well, people either misunderstood what I said or hate me, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Let's go in-depth so I can either show that I care or look like a total jerkwad. Miss Fortune is by far one of the champions who suffers from a lack of depth. And by that, I don't mean 'oh, she's a horrible character.' I understand that sex appeal is Miss Fortune's weapon, and that in itself lends itself into the makings of a badass character. However, this huge potential that MF has to be an amazing and rich part of Bilgewater's roster is unfulfilled because you never see her other side. Ahri is a good example of a fulfilled depth character with a very similar front as MF. She is seductive, charming, and alluring, but she hides a deadly side to her. She hints at it by saying things like "play time is over" and "they're mine now" in her in-game quotes. In the recent story released with the Vastaya lore update we see the struggle between demonic hunger and human desire. She regrets having killed a man she sincerely loved, and we see the leaf turned over as Ahri becomes this vulnerable, relatable, scared girl under all the acts. Similarly, MF has a deadly side, too. She is every bit as ruthless, cold-hearted, and merciless as the infamous Gangplank, but she works behind a clever ruse. She should be the person who, once she has acquired what she needed, she shows her true face and laughs in the face of Gangplank's ruin. She should tear down the tyrant of Bilgewater and take his place, and maybe even end up even more terrifying. Miss Fortune should be the unknown dread of Bilgewater who evaded Gangplank's watchful eyes and ears, just to take his throne and become the queen of Bilgewater. Instead, we got an anti-climactic settling down of Sarah Fortune, she kinda gives up after her revenge, and her ambition wanes into nothingness as she becomes a stale, lifeless character with no purpose. In short, MF is a one-sided coin. Yes, we know she's a back-stabbing, double-crossing, no-good bounty hunter, but we never see her being fierce, determined, or even vulnerable. And if nobody cares about her lore or character, I guess I'm just rattling off to a wall of disapproving eyes. Every character deserves a proper story and representation. Every character deserves the chance to be a good character. My piece is said. Disagree if you wish, to each their own. But don't tell me that I don't like MF because she's who she is. I don't like MF because she's not who she could be.
hmmm... yes but I do differ. She is cruel but no where near gangplank. I dont see her drawing carvings onto a living mans bones. She can be merciless but not blatantly evil. And I feel that they portray that well in the Harrowing story as well as the Bilgewater extended stroy. Cruel, protective of her power, and forceful. Its just not extreme like many characters. Its a more middle ground, something you might find someone in real life with verses the usual dramatized extremist cases that make up many of the characters we love. upvote for a thought out answer. Seriously wish more people delved into their thoughts vs just throwing out a wimsical idea they care less about. But if they do they should have a meme and/or punch line :)
: Riot must be a wonderful place to work for.
iZac (NA)
: You mean something like [this](http://i.imgur.com/zRwMcLa.mp4)? [Link](http://i.imgur.com/zRwMcLa.mp4)
Greax (NA)
: Death is a CC that scales with level and time in game and sends the target Champion back to fountain. Truly the ultimate CC!
That's why Annie support actually exists
: > buffs lux shield > adc main > support lux ptsd ;-;
Muhahahahaha!!!! Be afraid, be very afraid!!! Though she only has 44% win rate as support, so this is sort of helpful, considering how hard her skill shot shield is to land both times.
: well {{champion:115}} was DEFINITELY needed (although myself i would have kept the ~~current~~ old cool-down and just refunded half it it hit an enemy champion) {{champion:99}} .. im not sure really needed the Q change... but she DID need the W change
I don't know, zigs was deffinitly already strong in solo que. I feel like he might get broken now. Lux change is perfect, as it doesn't buff her strong mid laning phase but allows her to be relevant in a team fight.
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