Kadius (OCE)
: Hello all, I am Kadius, one of the admins from the /r/RengarMains discord and long time Knifecat one-trick/fanboy. I guess before I get into the crux of the issue (Rengar’s balance), I’ll start by discussing what Rengar means to me so you know that what I’m about to say comes from the heart. In season 5 I was still very new to League (about a seasons worth of experience) and had only hit level 30 in the pre-season. I hoped into ranked for the first time and dabbled with champions here, there and everywhere. One champ I played to level 5 when the mastery system first came out was Rengar. I believe my 4 big champs were Rengar, Thresh, Yasuo and Riven. To this day those 4 are still my highest mastery level 7s funnily enough. While I enjoyed Rengar, I wouldn’t say I was a “main” until the end of the season and maybe pre-season 6. The new masteries interested me greatly, and the OP Thundlerlord’s meta of Season 6 made me into a Rengar spammer through and through. The meta fit him very well since the burst it gave helped Rengar do his job. He quickly became my favourite champion and carried me out of bronze. Rengar to this day is the only champion where I learnt the paths, routes and strats Challengers used and genuinely tried to replicate their gameplay. It worked well! I was destroying low elo. I went from going 0/12 every game to 12/0 and saw great improvement in my micro choices. I guess for all extensive purposes, this meant I was a one-trick, since all my knowledge was on the one champion. For this reason, Rengar has always had a very special place in my heart, and I continue to endure him even in his current, disjointed form. So when I say new Rengar is really not the Rengar I once loved, please know it comes from thousands of hours of dedication to the champion and not inexperienced guessing. So, onto my ideals about Rengar. The current state of Rengar. Rengar currently is stronger, hands down. He oneshots easier, he has AoE burst (previously only single target with Tiamat and W for AoE), faster clears, more sustain, CC cleanse, longer duration ult, further leap range at level 1 and much more. I could go on, he’s a much more OP champ kit-wise than before. However, he is far, far less fun. Rengar used to be a very high-skillcapped champion. I know many ADC mains think that Rengar was braindead “leap onto carry smash face get kill” character, when that’s not true… that’s Zed. Rengar on the otherhand, was a tactical and thought out assassin with a high APM requirement and excellent game-sense. Rengar used to require the player to build 5 stacks before going on a hunt, and to have a general idea of where the ADC was through the fog of war. This was mainly due to the fact that Rengar only had a 12 second duration on his ult at the very most, which made his options for running around and finding people very limited compared to the current 20 second duration at level 16. He required a decent amount of mechanical skill too, and this is someone with over 250k mastery points on Riven so I can definitely comment on mechanical difficulty. Rengar used to have a small combo where you would leap to a target, and Q after. It sounds simple, but timing your Q to be frame perfect just after the leap ended to get an AA + Q on a target instead of just a Q is the difference between blowing a flash or getting a kill. It took me hours in custom games to get it to be almost frame-perfect and even then I still marvelled at Dekar and Ryan Choi over how they could get their Qs to be so smooth. Now however, spamming Q mid-jump has no consequence so to execute your Q after a leap you just leap on someone and spam your Q while in the air for easy burst. His “oneshot combo” in general was very hard to master too. Think about Zed, most Zeds I see press R and go COMPLETELY UNTARGETTABLE before pressing E to chunk an ADC down 1/3 of their HP and than an AA to drop them below half with duskblade. They then R away completely untouched and than their R pops, popping Tlords and deleting the ADC. That is “easy burst”. However old Rengar’s combo used to be very infamous in and amongst the Rengar community. The empowered Q, Youmuus, leap, E mid air, W + Tiamat as you landed almost ensured a kill, but that is 6 buttons that you have to execute within the span of half a second, not to mention it involves aiming a fucking skillshot MID AIR. It was definitely easy to mess up, and messing it up meant the ADC could easily flash out of your range and kite you to death with the movespeed from heal etc. However now Rengar’s oneshot combo is Right click. Not even joking, I have oneshot so many carries by just jumping on them with Rengar’s free ult crit and a lethality build. My point is the new Rengar is basically the same champion, just simplified. You had to time your leaps to kill your target, build your stacks beforehand and become a true hunter, planning out the kill. Now you just press R whenever and crit someone for 2.5k damage. Rengar is not less powerful, in fact he’s more so, he is just more simple, less fun and more one-dimentional. He lacks versatility, creativity and multidimensional gameplay. Not to mention his new W is completely unfair to vs. Really Riot? Heal for 100% of the damage taken in the last 3 seconds if you press W twice? That’s a bit unfair. Rengar Gameplay Fantasy Rengar should be an assassin, a ruthless predator. One of the COOLEST THINGS about Rengar previously was his ult. Like a TF ult, but instead of a global “reveal” it was a radius-based detection. Instead of a TP you got a leap. However it was on a shorter cooldown and he went invisible so it had it’s pros. It was a great ability, every time I’d use it I’d feel like a true hunter. Revealing nearby enemies to path through enemy lines and find a target. Now I feel like I have to play some lame minigame to be able to crit who I want. Rengar should be a tactful, high-skillcapped hunter assassin, not some clunky leap cat like he got turned into. My proposed changed Passive: Keep the leap (obviously). The bonetooth is great. The system of being able to kill 1 target over and over and get stronger was a very bad system, the new system for gathering stacks works much better. However, the bonuses it gives of just “bonus AD” is super lame, not exciting or unique, doesn’t offer new ways to play the game. Before, his bonetooth would change how you played after every bonus, now you just do the same stuff but you do it better, which is boring. I propose Riot brings back the old utility bonuses of his passive while keeping the unique kills stacking system of current Rengar. As for Ferocity, revert it to the same 5 stack system so he can return to premeditated hunting and not being able to spam damage in fights mindlessly. Q: Revert it. Old Q was one of the smoothest, coolest, fun and interesting abilities in game. The sound was satisfying, the ways it flowed and interacted with his kit made sense and it overall felt good. I do propose some changed to the empowered Q though. No attackspeed. Attackspeed woul help Rengar shred tanks and clear faster in theory, but most what it’s used for is allowing a full AD assassin to deal crazy DPS and shred people with autos. Instead I believe it should do a large bleed to the target on top of the increased up-front burst to help clear and shred tanks as it’s intended, but keep his identity as a burst assassin in tact. Could either be a large bleed or a small-medium bleed that also applied grievous wounds so ADCs can’t heal through his burst. However, I believe it should be a large bleed that heals you for 100% of the damage done over time since the heal from his W is going to be gone with my W proposal. W: A preparation style ability. Rengar crouches down for X amount of seconds, rooting himself in place and allowing him to use Unseen Predator to leap to a target. Empowered version grants CC immunity while crouched and damage reduction. The ability can be cancelled any time without leaping by inputting a move command. The problems with his W currently is the heal. Being able to heal back a large portion of damage your enemies deal has no place on an assassin, neither does in-combat healing and armour/mr like his old W. The CC immunity is actually fine, it stops Rengar from being a sitting duck when outside of a bush. What IS a problem is the ability to move while CC immune so you can RUN AWAY or THROUGH A TEAM that can’t catch/peel you. Being able to crouch down and wait for cooldowns is very predator like and helps you gain a second leap which makes Rengar more versatile. This leap should probably be shorter than his other leaps to make you able to flash away from Rengar. This ability will, obviously, reduce his burst so it needs to be added in elsewhere. This is where that large bleed I mentioned earlier comes in! E: Same good stuff, the bola. A core part of Rengar. However, an instant root from stealth due to his E is super unhealthy to play against. Instead I believe it should be gradual. Bolas take time to wrap around people in real life, why is it different for Rengar? Basic slow goes from 0% slow to the full 90% after 1 second, and remains at 90% for 1 second. Empowered E goes from 90% slow to a root over 1 second, and stays as a root for 1 second. This means people can flash under tower and force Rengar to chase out of position to follow-up on the snare, creating counter play opportunities for those that are clever but allowing Rengar to still do his job. A win-win situation for both sides of the spectrum. R: Thrill of the Hunt. Rengar enters a hyper-sense state that reveals nearby enemies but does not go invisible. Instead he is able to have a free leap and gains a tremendous amount of movement speed when moving towards enemies. Perhaps also make him CC immune during the leap since you can see where he’s coming. This is an extreme change but my point is simple. Rengar mains do not care about going invis, in fact camouflage is useless. Invisibility had it’s uses, but I have never used camouflage effectively once. I would rather have no camouflage and a reveal than some shitty version of invisibility and a lack of clarity/hunting. I think the old ult was perfect but I pro
Holy comment that took a while to get to the bottom. Lots of good pointS
: I go Kat support. It's called a kill support, it let's your adc farm by denying the enemy team's.
While I'd recommend someone slightly more support like lux or morgana, who can pretend their helping, you do you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Yrzen,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EYjr9xMG,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-07-20T08:55:17.944+0000) > > It's recommended for supports to give up kills for their team mates because they can generally better make use of it; the support role, by definition, is one that can function with comparatively less gold. When you play a carry Support, you're expected to make up for your lack of utility with damage, but that damage too is also meant to give your adc an edge; not necessarily yourself. > > If it's a 2v2 and your partner isn't instantly within range, I recommend bursting an enemy instantly if you can rather than bursting them down most of the way because waiting for an ally to come and claim the kill leaves a window of time for them to flash away, dash away, or get peeled by their ally. If you've surrounded them, then you can offer them up to your ally, but even while you do so, you should put yourself in a position to take them out in the event that they escape your ally or start winning a duel against them. > > It is always better to secure the kill than to risk trading a kill or wasting your abilities. Though your teammates might have assessed the situation differently, all that matters for your decision is what your judgement is; not theirs. Personally I think it's "recommended" only because of the meta mentality that puts everyone in a fixed role. But that's the only thing I slightly disagree with you here. When I play Annie support, I try to give the adc or other lanes the kills. Often I would burst, and walk alongside the enemy champ just in case they get away. I agree to try to give the kill opportunity to other lanes if we play damage support, but we shouldn't be limiting the support's kill potential and contribution either.
Yes and no. I main support like a lot of people here. If you catch a flashless opponent with a close adc, you should take as much of a risk as possible to hand it over. I play lux a lot and there are times I hold a spell that I know they can't dodge until tower starts to get too close. But that being said, sometimes roles reverse with carry supports. Your adc tilts, your teamfighting and ahead. You should be allowed to kill freely.
Kloqdq (NA)
: What annoys me is two things. First is the support ALWAYS getting the kill. After about 5 kills I am kind of sick of it. Second is when I die due to the support not wanting to take the kill. I hate adc.
If a support is taking 5 kills from someone who does more damage, adc might not be a good role for you. You have some crappy auto filled supports.
: Probably not worth when you have these bad boys ;). That said, you can use them, sell your boots, and then buy them again in 180s.
That's awesome 😎 . Waiting for Ghost, hunt, mobi boots, Ghostblade Warwick to jump halfway across the map
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Tialilia (EUW)
: Tbh, I don't understand the point of this dicussion. People ship that they want to. Canon interaction are great, but not really needed. We have 3 canon shipping between champions (Ashe/Tryndamere, politicial marriage, Xayah/Rakan and Gankplank/Illaoi, past lovers) and some more hinted ones. And you know, most of us have that one crack ship, that absolutly makes no sense, but we ship it anyway. Or that one ship, that never gets any attention, but actually has potential? People enjoy their ships regardless if they knew the right terms or the lack of canon interaction. But seriously, that is the point of this discussion?
As an outlet to speak about why we think a certain way. It's not fun having a thought you really like and no one gets to hear it. This post was to spark conversation more than anything else
hi ace50 (NA)
: >Flashes >Righteous glory >Knock up and slow in his kit >Huge amount of health and shielding with locket If he really wants to get somewhere, he will.
I guess, but I figure any squishy in front of their tank by enough to have any of those let him gap close that much deserve to get one shot.
Penns (EUW)
: Dont those Cho stats look a lot like pre-hotfix Singed Rito?
Honestly chogath has been trash for so long, he might use a minor nerf but probably not hotfix worthy. He's really not that hard to stop with decent crowd control and he only one shots when games go long enough to get 20 stacks, at which point he deserves to one shot as a late game king. Think Nasus. Broken in low Elo, unplayable in high. In other words, don't let the game go 40 minutes and beat that beat him down early and let your adc murder them from behind your tanks during team fights.
Okami (EUW)
: {{champion:84}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}}{{champion:13}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:82}}{{champion:13}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:80}}{{champion:13}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:62}}{{champion:13}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:10}} these are the champs that need either a VGU, VU, or GU. i might have missed one or 2 but this is just my opinion i guess.
I'd be fine with a VU for Chogath. He could use a new look. You forgot Skarner
: Going to second that Cho suggestion, his entire concept of "builds full tank, has 8 million HP, and one shots you with true damage" is pretty toxic to play against
Ya but he needs 25 stacks to do that, which means he's killed you 15+ times. He's a late game bully. Shut him down early and win before 40 minutes and you should be fine.
: {{champion:39}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:31}}
Please don't update chogath I love him. I'm hopping all the new work he's had done makes him better. Others I'm neutral about but strongly agree with Mordekaiser and Pantheon. Pantheon feels like a dude with a spear and not the aspect of War, while mordekaiser was a good attemp at a failed concept.
Nylisa (EUW)
: no problem man ,thanks for the fun post.its nice to have discussions like this.
Ya and I wish I could make an entire post on only the strongest. This post is designed to let people share theories on relationships more than the 1 or 2 that actually exist. I really hope riot explores the love life of some of these characters officially in story posts and not in side forum comments. Thanks for contributing to the discussion by the way :)
Nylisa (EUW)
: as i stated in my original post it was never a thing: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/LeBlanc Under the image of her stat just above the page select , History > League judgement there is no hint of any romantic indication between them as far as i see it unless its a fanfiction thing.
Might pull it then. If there is no personality or other relation, might have to yank it. Open that up to the community first.
Quindec (NA)
: you just pissed off a lot of {{champion:44}} + {{champion:81}} shippers, also ashe and trynda are diplomatically married also these ships are a thing {{champion:420}} + {{champion:201}} {{champion:141}} + {{champion:238}}
Jayne and Zed seem more student master, and Kaynes crush more as such. Might still add it though. Hesitating before adding something that could be a passing phase. I just never could understand how a guy who raids ancient temples and destroys some in the process ships with a guy who is the avatar for the God of Beauty. Now Ezreal is a nice looking dude but I feel the conflict of interests would divide them like politicians. Though I am curious, is there some evidence I don't know about? I might change it if I can get even a suddle reference.
Limrick (NA)
: Ekko has a line towards Jinx where he says he used to have a crush on her before she went crazy. That and they're both (presumably) children who grew up in Zaun. That's really it.
Hmmm... I think I might need to make a break up section for them and Gangplank and Illaoi
Arakadia (NA)
: I hate Lulu X Veigar. Lulu X Varus is far superior to be quite honest.
Huh. I never heard that one. You've got me curious.
Epicurus (OCE)
: I believe the evidence lies in Swain and Leblanc's League Judgements. It definitely isn't popular with the fanbase, but is does exist in the old lore. Also {{champion:420}} + {{champion:41}} is 100% canon.
I would but they broke up. Not sure if it counts any more? Definitely a big question mark.
KoKoboto (NA)
: I hate shippers.
I enjoy it as a casual pass time. So long as it's kept fun and everyone realizes it's 99% speculation.
Epicurus (OCE)
: That is sweet. Inaccurate and not lore viable, but still sweet.
Agreed. Really cute and that can be a total personal ship you keep that might happen one day, who knows?
: Do relationships in skin AU's count?
As possible evidence: Yes.
: Is {{champion:157}} + {{champion:92}} canon?
No but I've heard a lot of speculation. The issue is either of them are looking for a relationship. Otherwise taliya and Yasuo might have been a thing.
Nylisa (EUW)
: a similar post was made a while ago and one of the board moderators stated, that since half of them are not officially part of the lore the topic should have been in fan fiction/role playing section.if anyone suggest anything here be sure to do a search and make sure its not a fanfiction thing. as im sure many of the ones you mentioned are just fan's speculations and nothing official is confirmed about it . Oriana,swain,jarvan ,ezreal. they were all speculations people had from reading their lore and events surrounding their connection. even tho {{champion:81}} and {{champion:99}} had no connection before fanfiction put them together it was later hinted but dismissed of course. there was no indication that {{champion:59}} had any romantic interest in {{champion:102}} or other way around. {{champion:7}} and {{champion:50}} only showed up at a party together as part of a plan and the conversation they had before the party had no romantic hint in it at all (trust me i read that part 6 times in row cause how confusing the conversation sounded to me) and im not even sure where {{champion:61}} x {{champion:53}} came from but the only connection i see between them is "they are both robots". link to the said topic : https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/75EpeEiF-relationship-in-league
Yup. Well didn't know that and doesn't let me retap posts to different forums after posting. Next time. Orianna x blitzcrank comes from their similarities in a charitable personality, both have life experience in Zaun. They share a deep life connection of having artificial bodies and gaining independence from their father figure. Both are gentle natured and seek others of their kind. In other words, Totally fan made but with enough logical backing to make this list. Eh ya swain x Leblanc seems shaky to me as well. But the fact is there is enough that perhaps in their personal lives they get along. It's weak, but it exists. Same with shyvanna x jar van. Ez and Lux is one for the same reason as Blitz and Ori. Similar personalities but enough difference to not seem fake. Their life styles match and honestly people post ez and Taric enough I wanted to put one slightly more believable (causes an ancient temple raider is probably not getting along with an avatar of the God of Beauty). The requirement is not 100% concrete evidence (otherwise only Xayah and Rakkan would be on this list). But enough to make a fair argument. (Like enough that a chaotic evil (Jinx) is not falling for Garen. Thank you again for pointing that out and if I ever make another posts I'll try and put it in there. Thanks again
Epicurus (OCE)
: Some more for you... {{champion:7}} + {{champion:50}} is an old one, teased in the old lore. {{champion:133}} + {{champion:59}} is a strong competitor to {{champion:102}} + {{champion:59}}. Speaking of Quinn, {{champion:133}} + {{champion:91}} seems to have a following. For some reason. {{champion:89}} + {{champion:131}} have a complicated relationship. {{champion:164}} + {{champion:6}} is ascending to the spotlight, but it's really just a joke. {{champion:4}} + {{champion:104}} is considered to be canon by some, based on the events of Burning Tides.
i'll deffinitly add Swain and LeBlanc becasuse I've heard of it but didn't know if it had any support.
Amxen (NA)
: Jhin would most likely find Jinx to be highly annoying. He's a very laid back person, meticulously planning every single move he makes. Jinx, on the other hand, blows shit up first and never asks questions. Jhin likes to make art of those he kills, while there most likely isn't anything left of those that Jinx kills, except for the occasional body part quite some distance away from where they got blown up. Also, Jhin considers everyone to be a canvas for him. If the opportunity presents itself, then he would most likely kill Jinx, either because she annoyed him or because he simply wanted to. And we all know what happens to those who see Khada Jhin in his finery.... Also I'm not sure about the whole age thing? Jinx seems more in her late teens-early 20s while Jhin has the sophistication and mindset of someone in their late 30s-early 40s. If he were to be in a relationship with someone, I would think he'd go for someone closer to his age, as he doesn't seem like one to go for younger individuals. {{champion:202}} _"I've never been one for romance or comedies. I make use of mild flirtation only to lure some poor girl to her death. I have love only for my art, and my eyes have never seen beauty in anything other than the corpse of someone twisted into the shape of a lotus blossom. Romance is boring and predictable, and I have no interest in such a thing. My lifestyle also would not permit a relationship. I simply can not risk them getting me captured, and I'm certainly not lugging them with me all over Runeterra. Oh, and I am not a 'serial killer', my dear. I am an artist. My work simply warps the way people see me in the world. Perhaps one day, you will know just how beautiful you can be."_
Oh okay. I didn't add it because i was worried about that. Thanks :)
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fancreations/99GpTGl1-ekko-and-jinx http://orig01.deviantart.net/e871/f/2015/133/4/f/ekko_and_jinx_by_nobodyblues-d8ta0ok.png http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4038648 http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=829036 http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=829119?
oh okay. Hmm... whats the story behind it?
: The triangle of {{champion:17}} + {{champion:18}} + {{champion:68}}
huh, I'll put that in.
Escheton (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ZaneShadow,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=09TQxnHF,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-17T00:11:48.627+0000) > > I'm holding off on {{champion:28}} +{{champion:4}} since evelyns rework is coming up > > huh, {{champion:222}} +{{champion:245}} is a new one to me. How does that one work? I might add it. > > Zac and Riven? Also new. Explain please. He just rewinds every time she shoots him and tries something else or dodges.
is that a relationship? hahahaha! that is pretty great though. I wonder if {{champion:202}} +{{champion:222}} is more likely? People pointed out a bit of a harly/joker type going on, with a little less cruelty (Jhin is a serial killer, but he does value beauty). the question would be if they appreciate each others way of expressing themselves.
: {{champion:18}} actually friendzoned {{champion:17}}, and Teemo has never shown love towards her. {{champion:18}} + {{champion:68}} is more possible.
oh okay. But is that since the re-cannonization? I did debate heavily between the two though.
: Ship is a slang term for relationship. It's commonly used as a verb now. {{champion:154}} + {{champion:92}} {{champion:28}} + {{champion:4}} {{champion:222}} + {{champion:245}}
I'm holding off on {{champion:28}} +{{champion:4}} since evelyns rework is coming up huh, {{champion:222}} +{{champion:245}} is a new one to me. How does that one work? I might add it. Zac and Riven? Also new. Explain please.
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: AP Supports
While that's just dumb of the support, oh ya, when an adc is giving me crap, I totally do.
: what i dont get is why you cant lower the timer by collecting the energy. Say you unlock blue by accident, you then have to wait 5 minutes for red form, no matter what. (as far as im aware) collecting energy should subtract time from that
That's actually a decently fair idea, though it shouldn't be very effective. That way it still encourages the player to focus on the normal pick and choose style he currently favors.
: Because you are a Yordle (or Annie) and his tool is too big for you.
Umm... a little dark when you read into that wouldn't you say?
: My Vision of the Runaterra Map [ Some Concepts ]
One critique, which is more a stupid preference thing, is the boarders around Noxus and Demacia. These (before reboot) were the largest countries. Honestly their location is fine, is just draw the boarders so the touch (hence their arch rivalry). Might help the viewer also understand the countries location a bit better. So I can't possibly express how amazing this is enough. Great job and as I cycled through all the lore I knew it jives pretty well.
: I agree. In an ideal situation, Assassins would take an extended burst to kill an ADC, and an ADC wouldn't be guaranteed to hit the Assassin with all of their damage. However, I don't see how Riot would ever achieve balance like this because of the way auto-attacks work. If you look at a game like Smite, Assassins can be balanced really well because there's no such thing as "targeted damage". Everything can miss, and Assassins are just really good at dodging stuff. Maybe if ADCs were changed to constantly ramp up in damage as they keep auto-attacking, turning them into true DPS champions, then there would be a chance for true balance between Assassins and Marksmen.
I really do think they are ballanced, but in Macro mechanics rather than micro mechanics. Its about vision on one another and who can get the jump on the other. In a straight up fight, adc will delete an assassin with a few quick shots. if an assassin flashes/jumps/ or otherwise gap closes safely, they delete adc. Thats kinda the design too. adc are built to team fight. Assassins are designed to flank and burst like a mage except with 0 range (hence they do so blasted much). As a support main, I hate watching assassins suddenly pop in lane and killing my adc early. But largely becasue we wind up in a lane 3 vs 2. They've usually been shoving lane heavily to enable those roams and get a kill off of our either bad or agressive possitioning. While the tactics are somewhat difficult, both adc and assassins need to know their weaknesses. Assassin dont fight a fair fight, cause they die. Adc dont solo anyone casue they get deleted by everyone (even some supports early on).
: It's really sad being 1-shot by an ADC as an Assassin.
I feel like assassins and Adc fights largely involve who hits the other first, since I often watch adc get deleted in .5 seconds and assassins murdered if they get caught out in the open. Reality its a battle of vision, stealth, and Macro skill, less a battle of micro mechanics.
FireToa (NA)
: Kayn/Rhaast Name in Chat
someone needs to message me as anivia in egg from now. I feel cheated never seeing this before
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 14
Hey Meddler, So I'm late to the discussion again, so that probably means I don't get answered, but here we go. So I wanted to ask why Lux's Q over her E? While this increases her team fight damage/utility a bit, I was dreaming of a shield buff. Is this to limit her as a support and focus her mid? As a puppet main that loves Lux it makes me sad but if that's the direction I'd like to know.
camick (OCE)
: Funnily enough, as a adc player I can play all roles..... even sup...
Good, your more the exception then the rule. More adc need to be like you. Thank you :)
: Patch notes 7.14 - what they really mean :3
sorry about idiots being trash to you. Love the post. still dreaming of Cait at least plasing one less trap.
: An open letter to Riot Meddler
Thank you for writing this. I feel bad the boards are so toxic. I wish I could get feed back from them but the boards have seriously reduced hay chance with so much negativity. Thank you Riot, and I truely do think your doing a good job.
: Rabadon's Deathcap is non-existent because of its price/game lengths
If your playing utility yes. Burst however, that cap is critical.
Keyrtyn (NA)
: too many champs cost 6300 IP, please lower some of them to other bracket.
they already shift the oldest 6300 down to 4800 every time a new release happens
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 11
Hey Meddler, Would you be looking to buff Lux's shield or damage to help her in team fights Would a buff to her shield work for teamfighting?
: i play a lot of chogath and he was my first mastery 7 but i like to take him as a support with this build :{{item:3401}} {{item:1409}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3009}} and then flex between{{item:3742}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3800}} now before this is seen as a troll build hear me out. i go smite/flash with stoneborn mastery botlane and rush a {{item:3097}} and a{{item:3711}} this gives me the basis for being a support next i finish my{{item:3401}} for the percent health shield and then go for a {{item:3190}} before finishing my {{item:1409}} for the bonus percent health before going towards {{item:3193}} and randomly will get boots with a preference for {{item:3009}} and the last item is flexible depending on the enemy team having {{item:3742}} for an ad comp, {{item:3065}} for an ap comp and {{item:3800}} for if im ahead and can just dive in and delete a carry. having smite and chogath ult allows me to get my team early drags once i hit 6 and from all the percent bonus health my shields and my ult do a lot. plus i still have wards for the jungle item though i can swap it for the chilling smite to further apply more slows to proc stoneborn which gives my carry and team some insane healing since i have such a high amount of hp
Huh, while it would make me nervous to see this, I get the build. I've liked the idea of chogath support but never really cared to try it. I've seen pros do similar things, though without the smite mixed in, rather just building eye of Equinox for warding, though cinderhulk is busted on chogath so I get where your coming from.
: ;) excited for 7.14
: This makes me happy. Thank you guys for increasing champ diversity in pro meta. I hope the pros take advantage of it. (Though they can be a bit slow to change tested methods I've learned). Anyways, thank you and I'm excited to see all these small tweeks, with some hopefully helping some pocket picks us Normies play. Oh and I'd love to see 15+ changes, just because I love watching champs get closer to maybe earning a world champion skin.
Oh and I would weap tears of joy if you buffed Lux's shield. I've loved playing her a long time but her unviable shield makes it so support lux only pretends she's anything but an extra mage. Please, all I really want is a small buff, just for the early game at least to help act as a support then shift into a burst late game. I'm begging here. Please give her shield an early game buff/viable in teamfight otherwise.
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