Malzahar for Crown would be fine but I'd love to see SSG Viktor. It would just feel amazing.
: Dark Star Icon Team Finder
IGN: Zannor Status: Not Available Not Obtained
: Dark Star Icon Team Finder
IGN: Zannor Status: Not Available Not Obtained
Manevră (EUNE)
: 4 Years still no viktor skin
They just said they were planning on releasing a Viktor skin in the next 12 months. I sure hope it's a legendary or ultimate skin! Hopefully each of his augments physically changes him somehow so that he has visible upgrades! I don't think he needs a buff really but I wouldn't mind if they did!
: Can we PLEASE get a new joke for Zac: "I'm a grower... not a show-er." Would go great with his dynamic size. =P
I feel like this would fit his personality PERFECTLY!
deoje299 (NA)
: I still almost exclusively use the legacy client because whenever i try to use the new one, it crashes in champ select, says i dodged for not pick/banning when i did lock in, and crashes when attempting to load into the game. This happens almost every game and has not changed with the latest patch.
My legacy client is the reason I upgraded to the new beta client. My legacy client crashes when someone bans a champion. I get the slash through effect and client crash. Soooo grateful for the new beta client personally.
: I'd say that only about 5 percent of my blind pick games have troll picks or bad arguments or anything. I don't get why everyone is so upset.
I play with a 4 person group most of the time when I play and my wife and her sister only play ADC and support together. We always played blind pick, then team builder when it came out, now back to blind pick. I can't even think of a time when they didn't get to play ADC and Support in blind pick. My brother-in-law and I usually just let the other guy take whatever he wants of the other roles and we're all good. Almost no fights ever. I like blind pick since it works for us.
Morgrom (NA)
: Aren't we overdue for a new Viktor skin?
I'd love to see a new Viktor skin. I'd buy instantly. As a Viktor main since S3 i've been waiting on a new skin for a long time. Yes, I bought Creator Viktor when it came out and it is an amazing skin..but it would be nice to have some more choices. JOIN THE GLORIOUS EVOLUTION!!! P.S. We need a Viktor figurine on the Riot store
: Mysery Champ Day! (or skin otherwise)
I just got {{champion:76}}. Can't complain I guess.
: How to unlock your Mystery Champion
I got {{champion:76}}. Cool I guess.
Alajius (NA)
: Battlecast Poro Ward Skin
I was waiting on the Battlecast poro ward as well. I don't see any Poro wards in the shop anymore either.
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
I got Blood Moon Akali. Pretty cool since I just unlocked Akali hoping to get Crimson Akali. Blood Moon is still my 2nd favorite Akali skin though. Thanks Riot!
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
My roommate just got Dark Candy Fiddlesticks about three hours ago. I haven't received anything yet though. I haven't had any punishments from Riot that I'm aware of. If i did get one then it was when i wasn't playing for a while..but I doubt it.


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