: I’ve titled this the: “My botlane always feeds illusion.”
Try having a bot lane that dies 10 times before 10min virtually every other game. They're impossible to gank, because as soon as they get back to their lane they shove to the tower again, and once again die. Or a adc who starts a fight while his support is in the base every single time, vice versa. Or a bot lane that in 2019 doesn't understand how hooks work and refuse to stand behind their minions. I've been a jungler main almost my entire league life, and well over 50% of my losses are botlanes that are complete dumpster fires. How many games did my bot lane actually carry? Less than 20%. Nobody but a jungler can truly say which lanes are having bad games, and which are trash players. It's our job to see everything, and we do. Adcs are the most ignoramus tunnel visioned egomaniacal non-Riven players in the game, and they can't see fucking 5 feet in front of them. And unfortunately, support players, trying to please instead of doing their job properly, follow the lead of these idiots. If it's 7min and your bot lane is 0/11, they need to gtfo ranked.
Snowic (NA)
: [Gameplay] Blue Buff keeps resetting
Can confirm this is still happening. Such bs. My blue was unkillable for the first 10min of the game, and even then it took the enemy team 3 people to kill it fast enough before it reset.
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: What Makes Yasuo/Riven Mains So Toxic?
It's not a rumor it's a well established fact. Riven mains are the absolute worst people in the entire game bar none. Riven is one of my permabans, not because I don't want to play one, but because I never want one on my team. People who play Riven are only in it for themselves and nothing else. They would rather leave a game that is being won if it means they're not the ones carrying the team. They blame virtually everyone but themselves for their own mistakes. They refuse to adapt or listen because they firmly believe they can "skill" their way out of any situation no matter how impossible. I once read a statistic that someone was able to make on reddit and it showed that over 5% of all ragequits the entire freaking game are Riven. This is a game with over 100 different champs, and over 90 million players. That is a LUDICROUSLY high stat for a single champ to have. If nothing else, do what I do. I take immense comfort in knowing that a Riven player's own stupidity and ego is the brick wall they will never be able to break down in order to succeed and progress in this game. And when you see one doing what a stereotypical Riven does, just say #Riven.
: Zed is broken af
The big problem is Thunderlord's, and it will be for the forseeable future. Zed's damage funny enough used to be at least somewhat manageable, but now with TL all he needs to do is land a double shuriken and 50% of your health is gone.
: Reports: How do they work?
The entire NA community on its own is becoming increasingly, and I hate to use the word but there's no other way to put it, babied. I am routinely in a game, where simply telling someone they made a bad move, no hate no negative intent, just saying "hey, don't try and do that again" and next thing you know "please report X for being toxic af". I've been reported for verbal abuse/harassment, in games where I've literally said NOTHING to a person, and that's because these people tend to report their entire team if just one person is being a dick. The word "toxic" is gradually corroding the standard of good behavior, where something as simple as asking for someone to group and they'll report you for being toxic. I hate what League is becoming without the Tribunal, it BADLY needs to be put back in place asap because of that Human aspect. I have seen more trolls than ever before lately, and while I admit I get angry a couple times a week, I've played this game long enough to easily tell when someone is, as Rito puts it, "having a bad game" or straight up trolling. There is a magic card who's flavor text personifies the difference between those who are just being outplayed, and those who legitimately do not care that they are ruining the game. **"Those who do not learn from their deaths, are destined to repeat them."** If you've died twice to a gank because you overextended and did not ward, and proceed to die several more times in this exact scenario, I consider you a troll. Why? Because you are not using basic common sense, logic, nor are making any effort at all to improve. I understand that good behavior is a must, but I also feel like Rito expects too much from their players. We're human. I violently dislike that getting angry at someone who is _deliberately_ ruining your game experience is an offense on itself and can be punished. This is why I feel the tribunal needs to return. If a legit troll is reporting people for getting angry at _him_, and they get punished before he does because "toxic" is now a instant red flag, what does that say about the system? If a person is on a tribunal, and they see a game where someone was letting their mouths fly, you can look at the entire chat log, the score and builds, and go, "wait a minute.. This person is being reported for verbal abuse, but someone on their team is 0/30/0 with 6 boots" and see that person was a victim, not an instigator. Sometimes I feel like I'm just throwing rocks into a void when I report people. I report at least one person almost every single day I play League of Legends. Is this really "excessive" reporting, or does Rito simply refuse to see the bigger picture and understand **_just how bad the community really is_**. Because sometimes I strongly feel that you guys really have no effing idea how bad it can be. This is why I think League needs to take a lesson from Heroes of the Storm and **remove** all chat. That forces reports to be centered around those who most suffered from an incident, and the ones causing it. This also effectively kills the endless sea of gloating, harassing, and threatening from team to the other team on the spot. It also eliminates troll sympathizer/fellow trolls from causing havoc with one another. "Hey report my team because I'm intentionally feeding and they're yelling at me." "Sure thing!" Says someone on the other team who does the exact same thing. Wow this turned out to be a lot of writing. I guess I'll end with a brief closing statement. Take all reports regarding junglers with a grain of salt. You have no fu*king idea what we have to put up with every single game we play.
: [Theory] Tahm Kench, the River Darkin
My theory was the Darkin are Runeterra's equivalent of The Four Horsement, but with the introduction of Kindred that idea got derailed lol Anyway, Aatrox = War Tahm Kench = Famine
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Ferg00 (EUW)
: Tahm Devourer Bug (Gameplay)
This happens at least once a game for me
ABcmaSter (EUW)
: He is friends with aatrox for some odd interesting reason though.
I think that's because both he and Aatrox, for lack of a better word, predate civilization. They are both embodiment beings for things that will always exist, War and Hunger/Flaws respectively. So I think they can appreciate someone who's been around as long as they have themselves.
: Champion Update: Miss Fortune struts to PBE
PLEASE change her face ingame so she doesn't look like she's 50 years old...
Ninpire (NA)
: honestly i like all of certainlyt's champions and dont have problems fighting them at all but this piece of balls came out and i didnt even notice how bs she was until i tried to stun her as udyr
I was a max bear, Tri, distortion boots ghosting movement mastery and quints Dyr and she fucking escaped me unharmed from her passive. I had over 650 movement speed total and didn't reach her once.
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