: Okay Riot, you won: I won't play ARAM anymore.
The main problem I have is the ARAM accounts. I have to keep making smurfs after a few hundred games because the ARAM accounts exist a lot less in the lower levels. Once you get to a decent amount of games, 40-50 wins or so i start seeing tons of ARAM accounts. I've had days where there is Ziggs lux zilean varus janna etc and 2 good tanks 5 games in a row. You start seeing a lot less of certain champs that are less optimal, and people also dodging more often when they do get a 'bad' champ. Every game becomes a mix of the top op far ranged ap/ads, heals, and the good tanks. It's not even just the fact that certain champion combos are OP, but it starts to get boring and predictable to always have the same champs around especially in cases where it's obvious one team comp is far better than the other. The fact that ARAM accounts exist make the less optimal champions even worse and create situations where you can become totally unable to have an effect on the game at all. One example of 'bad ARAM champ' that comes up a lot by people I play ARAM with is Udyr. Without ARAM accounts, he can be good, even great. With a certain amount of ARAM accounts with lots of poke or ranged cc, he can become nearly useless, even with snowball.
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Minarde (NA)
: Including SR Rank in SR Normals matchmaking would be weird though. It'd introduce extra considerations (e.g. Do we use SR Solo/Duo? Or SR Flex? How much influence do they have? What about TT Flex?) while not necessarily reflecting the same gameplay skills (e.g. lack of premade constraints, different player mentalities). Trying to force SR Rank to reflect on ARAM skill would make even less sense, what with being separate game modes with different skillsets.
Well it shouldn't count for as much as the score you have in the mode you are currently playing in, but to say your rank has zero influence on how well you do in normals/ARAM is just false. To exclude that variable entirely is basically saying rank doesn't mean anything regarding skill. It's not like the game mode really changes the game mechanics that much, you still have the same champions and the same items for the most part, only that certain champions are more useful in certain modes. The way it is now a diamond or plat player can end up with an unranked player and completely ruin the game, which happens very often. If only rank had at least a little bit of influence on this it wouldn't happen nearly as often.
Rewt (NA)
: it does affect norms as much as anyone says it doesnt. I dont play ranked. only norms so i get a good view of this and for most of the season i see lik 1 or 2 plat players in my games, but mostly silver and golds. During Preseason and early season there are diamonds regularly. So yea. it does fuck with norms a bit.
I always had a feeling Ranked score had an influence on Normals and ARAM matchmaking, just because IMO it would be stupid to exclude that variable entirely when matching games, even if it is not as serious as Ranked. If that's true then a ranked reset could affect Normals and ARAM indirectly.
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: Support Mains Know Nothing.
Most criticism will come off as hostile/ passive aggressive even if you don't mean it that way, because majority of the time that is their intention, not to help you improve, but to insult you or blame the team's failure on someone other than themselves. You have to be extremely careful how you word it. It has nothing to do with people being sensitive or not being able to take criticism (for the most part). It's because most people who criticize are just doing it to be dicks and not to actually help you improve. Especially if you word it so that it makes it seem like you are much smarter than they are. I notice a lot of people giving constructive criticism, but 99% of the time they word it very poorly and it comes off as condescending. That, and when people act like the advice they're giving is the only correct way to play the game and there is no alternative, like when people act like there's only 1 build you should ever do on X champ. Another annoying thing is when you are very new at a champ, so people will act like you are a total noob to the entire game because you're not that great at a certain champ. Also when people are doing really badly and then suddenly they start giving advice, it's a passive aggressive way of blaming you.
Lumiose9 (NA)
: Kid, Kid, Kid. All you got?
It's just like the people who throw around the words 'snowflake' or always saying people are 'whining' or 'crying' just because they don't agree with them. I immediately lose respect for anyone who can't describe a situation without using these asinine, purposely antagonizing words. That and the context they use it in usually doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Some person will literally be trash talking all game to his team, but if you tell them to stop complaining and work as a team it's "quit whining" or "stfu kid" like if you want no one to take anything you say seriously, then keep using those words. At my college I heard some 19-20 year olds that play LoL using these words on a regular basis, (and although cringe is one of those words that people like to overuse) it was the true definition of cringe-worthy to see people actually using these expressions in real life, and on a regular basis too.
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: I forgot to report 2 very toxic people.
I really wish there was a way to report people after the game, by going into match history instead of having to do a support ticket. I very rarely report people, even if they are total assholes, unless their behavior is so bad that it lowered our team's performance, or caused someone to AFK, or purposely not helping a teammate. Usually when I run into these people, I often just want to quit after the game and not bother, or end up forgetting to report them cause I'm done playing for the day after that.
Jo0o (NA)
: Not to necessarily defend the ping spam, but a lot of the time "helping" isn't really possible. In a siege situation, if the ADC makes the unforced error of wandering into the front line and getting hit and deleted, help is impossible. Nothing in the game is going to save that squishy from his mistake, the siege situation is now likely lost, and it's hard to even fathom the thought process that would go into a squishy marksman moving to the front line in a 5v5 scenario. I don't participate in ping spam, but in situations like that, I can relate to the spammer.
The occasional '?' on a bad move doesn't bother me, it's the guys that are pinging so often to the point you can't even really pay attention to which pings are legitimate. I had someone in ARAM a few games ago that would ping '?' EVERY single time someone on our team got stunned. That's basically just trolling. That and people that will literally stand there doing nothing while they are pinging you.
AraMoOse (NA)
: I love the idea of the person who is disrespectful enough to do this, but respectful enough to stop because some random dude asked in a forum...
Well yeah, obviously those people are not going to change until they grow up, but maybe some people don't even realize how annoying it is. Just a rant anyways, it's one of the only things that make me angry in this game. Someone can curse me out all day I don't care at all, but when you can throw symbols and noises in my screen for the sole purpose of being annoying or distracting me, it affects your game on another level.
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HyperHelios (EUNE)
: How to play doomed games?
The people replying saying there are no doomed games / you're a quitter / etc, are either very new or just ignorant. There are definitely games where it's obvious you're going to lose, and you can tell by how your team is acting that they've pretty much given up as well. It's one thing to give up early, but there are 100% games that are unwinnable, either due to team comp or bad matchmaking.
: If you happen to chose a less powerful champ and bots having a lot of cc/lane pushing there's no way you can win.
Also there are certain champions that have essentially undodgable skills (common champs that are considered low skill cap usually), in the hands of a bot who can auto aim and auto dodge this can be a problem if your whole team is just feeding bots. he also had Wukong and Akali in his game, two of the dumbest bots. Galio isn't too smart either. You get a game like Ezrael Graves Morg and a couple tanks you will have more problems. He also had 1 human on his team, that makes a HUGE difference. If you're playing a support or champ with very low damage you won't be able to solo this as easily.
Odath (EUW)
: Bots in Co-OP Vs. AI
I get the same thing in ARAM sometimes. Also remember just because a player is replying back, doesn't mean they are not botting. There are programs where they can chat back while the bot is running as to distract you from the fact they are botting. I had an Ashe who would ult every time it was off cooldown, even if the enemy was full health, they would use E on the enemy many times after I told them it's for scouting not for damage, and they were CS'ing decently, but their abilities would miss 99% of the time and they would fire them when enemies weren't even around. They would run back to turret predictably every time the minions would respawn. I ask my team ' do you think Ashe is a bot?' ten minutes later "Ashe: Im not a bot" but it was extremely obvious they were. A few minutes later they dc, reconnect, and start playing way differently, this seems to happen a lot when I call out their botting. I tell Ashe "I don't care if you turned your bot off at the last minute, I'm still reporting you", no response.
: worst community ever. just google it
League of Legends, where the guy who calls someone butthurt gets more upvotes than the people having actual arguments, that about sums up the community. They have some fetish on annoying words, they throw in that word or snowflake at any opportunity, even if it doesn't make any sense in the context and just makes them look stupid to anyone outside of this community. Edit: Oh look the kids who love using the word butthurt and snowflake downvoted, I should call you butthurt too!.. Except I don't have the mentality of a 12 year old.
: Agreed, annoying - thankfully though there's now an option to mute pings as well as chat. There's 3 buttons on the tab scoreboard now, from left to right, it's mute pings, mute emotes, mute chat. Really great against those people that start spamming "?" everywhere when you screw up.
I actually just found out we could mute pings not too long ago, but you could still tell when they were pinging because whenever someone would get stunned or w/e they would be standing behind the turret doing nothing (which is usually when they started pinging) . The funny part is we were doing REALLY good before the ping spamming started, like we were 10-1 so far, then we start doing worse and worse as they ping spam more and more. They were pinging at moments that arguably weren't mistakes, but like any time a person gets stunned, even if the team is around, the two of them would ping spam and abandon their teammate. We were 10-1 and then Ahri starts talking about how bad Soraka and i are, when Soraka is the best person on the team arguably and saved our team a shitload of times, but when Soraka gets stunned it's "?" "?" 20 times and run away as fast as possible and let Soraka die. I'm used to the occasional '?' ping on a bad move and it doesn't bother me too much, although it's usually unnecessarily and only harmful to the team, but this was on a whole other level, like every 30 seconds at a minimum someone would be pinging, and every time they were pinging they were back behind the turret f***ing around while our team gets focused. They were the ones we should have been pinging for assistance. This whole game was just a clusterf***, 2 ping spammers and team abandoners turned an easy win into a half hour grind of nonstop pinging.
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: Does matchmaking feel one sided?
LoL @ at the people saying it's not matchmaking. Okay, yes this game is extremely snowbally, but that's not the only reason people can go 30/1/20 in a game. The skill gap accepted is FAR too wide, you can get anywhere from unranked to diamonds or plats in your game, now what do you think is going to happen if you place an unranked vs a diamond or plat? That person is going to be super fed, and everyone's going to think the unranked is intentionally feeding. The skill gap of ranks accepted is far too wide, the game will always be like this if they don't fix it. No game can be balanced with unranked vs plats or diamonds. Far too many game are won or lost entirely based on matchmaking's fuckups, whether you will get a bunch of unranked vs golds and plats or get the unranked on the other team, almost every game you can see decided in champ select if you can see what ranks they are. The person who stands out as someone shouldn't have been matched in this game, always gets super fed.
YambrinZ (NA)
: No. The problem is that people tend to "forget" the times when the matchmaking helped them. They just assume it was their challenger skills that won them the game and had nothing to do with the matchmaking.
That would imply matchmaking is not working 100% correctly, if it helped them at one point and hurt them at others.
: > I've seen someone chat banned for mentioning someone's KDA once , and the KDA wasn't even bad, so it's in no way a perfect system. Probably because bringing up someone's KDA in game is pointless. It's noise at best, it's tilt-bait at worse. Nobody in the history of this game has ever improved their play from being berated about it.
Well like I said the KDA wasn't even bad, so the chat ban was completely unwarranted. I've never gotten a chat ban personally but most of them seem like a fluke picking up random clues to ban people that don't necessarily mean they were doing anything bad
Jlo05 (NA)
: Bard has shit dmg mate. what are you on about?
LOL "Bard has plenty of damage, one of the highest for support" he has Q and peeps, even with that he barely does any damage unless you do something like build straight AP which you're screwing your team
: >You sir, might be an exception, but a majority of people don't reform like that. Riot's stats say otherwise. Most people who get even a chat restrict don't go on to get a second one.
I've never had a ban of any kind but that seems clearly because a lot of chat bans are placed too easily, so it's not as much of a matter of reforming as it is learning how to avoid the chat bans or the reason they get it in the first place was just a fluke. I've seen someone chat banned for mentioning someone's KDA once , and the KDA wasn't even bad, so it's in no way a perfect system.
: Jungle Bots
I had a game a couple games ago with 3 jg botters. so it was basically 2v5 the whole game. The other guy refused to believe they were bots and instead kept flaming me all game for 'following' him, as in staying together because our team is bots. We still won but barely because of the 3 bots an the other guy refusing to work as a team.
: "Missing pings"
Almost every time someone ping spams it significantly affects my game, even if I'm not the one they're targeting their ping abuse on. So it's annoying on the forums people act like ping spamming is not a big deal. I mean it's not that different then if some player just showed up and started yelling shit, covering the screen with his hands, and banging pans in my face while I'm trying to play. Many people also use ping spams to try to blame their deaths or bad plays on you, like "If I just ping him '?' 20 times everyone will see it's his fault I died, not my own" It's distracting as hell, it means whoever is ping spamming is trying to say you're a bad player, and it is adding more clutter to the screen that makes playing just more difficult overall. When you know you have a ping spammer too there's always that feeling if I'm slightly out of position this kid's going to freak out and start slamming his keyboard again. It's definitely demotivating as well because who wants to try to win with this f*** on your team? This is one of the worst trends I've seen in a game to ever exist, but I don't see it going away anytime soon.
Cowseed (NA)
: You're numbers are a bit high. The average is like around 40. Also programmers don't have to be able to type _that_ fast. Like 60 or so wpm would probably suffice because. Typing over 100 isn't too common is what I'd think.
Maybe if you're including people that barely use computers 40 is average. People that use computers on a regular basis whether it's for work or whatever should be at least at 50 or 60 optimally. No it's not really necessary to go above 100 WPM for programmers but it makes it a lot easier for making quick changes not just for typing new code, 140+ is not uncommon among programmers. I would think the average person playing this game would have pretty fast typing skills, probably higher than the average computer user because of how fast of reactions the skills and item hotkeys are needed to be used. WPM is also a lot higher when you're just typing quick phrases that don't involve much thought. "go die to buy items" for example took me less than a second to type, there's no way in hell it should be taking anyone longer than 2-3 seconds.
Cowseed (NA)
: Isn't that the average for people who can't touch type?
The average is like 40-60 for people who use computers at all, but if you're playing online games that require this much speed then 30 WPM is incredibly slow. Programmers are somewhere around 100-200 WPM sometimes more
Poske (EUNE)
: and stay afk for 10 seconds meanwhile
It takes you 10 seconds to type 5 words? thats 30 WPM, pretty terrible
TS Media (NA)
: Player Talking About Deceased Parents
I'm not condoning the troll's actions, but putting out personal information like that in this game is just asking for it. I've also actually seen people joking about saying their own parents are dead, when they're most likely not, so it could have been one of those situations where it looks like the person who talked about their parents was just messing around, it happens often. The situation where I see people joking about their own parents are things like: one person will say "your mom" or something similar, and the person will reply "my parents are dead" and no one really takes them seriously if they say something like that and for good reason, a person who has online experience in this game would never reveal that if it was true.
: If I report someone for toxicity, I don't ever want them on my team again
I feel the same way but I only report people very rarely like 1 in 50-60 games when they are truly ruining the game. It shouldn't affect queue times drastically if players can have a list of say 5-10 people who are 'blocked' and will never appear in your games.
Lélouch (NA)
: Banned for misinterpretation of "kys"
Well I understand your intentions, but it was kind of your fault for phrasing it as "kys". I've told people in ARAM they need to go buy but I would never think to phrase it as KYS. if this is a phrase you use on a regular basis (only reason I could think of someone actually deciding to use that phrase in this situation) then I would consider stopping it. Reminds me of a Sona one time though that thought they were carrying because they hadn't died yet , but they were actually holding back the team severely and we had to keep telling them to turret dive so they can go buy and we ended up losing even though we were winning by far in the beginning. Only reason they didn't die was because they were playing way too defensively, barely had a scratch on them all game but also always had full mana..
It's just like the annoying fad of using the most inflammatory words as possible , constant overuse of 'whining', 'crying', 'salty', 'butthurt' to situations it doesn't even apply to etc, generation that enjoys pissing people off for no reason other than because they can.
: I didn't say you said that, I'm saying we don't need to bring it up. Stop trolling me dude.
You reply with something that has literally nothing to do with what I said, and I'm trolling?
: No I read it, but you're bringing a new thing up. Riot already established being drunk isn't reportable, as seen in the case of Meteos on New Years.
Still didn't read it, I never said it should be reportable. I'm done
: Drunk? I said high.
Read it again, I talked about both. Clearly you didn't even read it just because I didn't reply exactly how you expected.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Big Piece,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=aeHAHj7J,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-05T01:44:52.197+0000) > > Thats a very typical chatbox in any online competitive game. I will never understand why people think this behavior is exclusive to League. Yes, but on a level this common where it happens nearly every game? That seems very exclusive to League. Does it happen in Overwatch? Yes. but it's very rare, because there's a monetary incentive to not be a jerk to every single person in the community, namely, $40 for standard, or $60, and no one wants to waste $60 just to be a jerk to others. Does it happen in Dota? Yes, but from my experience, it's pretty rare, except for ranked, which, I never played ranked in there because I knew that it would be exactly like playing League in Normals or ARAM. Does it happen in Smite? I haven't seen it in Smite tbh, I only see bots pretty much. It has never happened in Heroes from my experience, and I know for sure that I've spent at minimum, at least 300 hours on there because my friend and I would play it every single day during the summer. So, yes, what you said was true: This kind of chatbox is common in pretty much any online competitive game, but it's not typical like on the level of League typical, where it's very common to see this kind of chatbox in the game.
People are full of shit when they say this happens in every game and "it's not just LoL". I play tons of other competitive games, have for years. The furthest it goes in other games is usually 'stupid f***ing noob' or '%%%got virgin' etc and it stops there, occasionally racism or flaming all game, but it's rare. In LoL it's actually common to go many games in a row with people flaming the entire game. The flaming is actually rarely directed at me, but it's still just as annoying because it drags down the entire team usually. It's even worse when the guy who is flaming is also ping spamming the entire game, pretty much guaranteed loss, no one can play at 100% with all that bullshit and ping spamming going on. This does not happen consistently in other games, key word consistently. It may happen now and then, but not nearly at the rate I see it here, no way in hell. In fact if you view the forums a bit you will see this kind of behavior subtly or not so subtly all over the forums. Just imagine how ridiculous those people get in the game if they're acting this way in the forums?
: If it keeps happening, they'll be matched with people who, after every effect is taken into consideration, provide an equal contribution to a team's chance at victory,
That's after at least 30 or 40 games are ruined first
: Can people be reported for claiming to be high in game?
Not unless they are playing really badly like just feeding over and over. There are many things that affect state of mind: diet, sleep, mood. Lack of sleep can mess up your motor skills and reflexes far more than getting high can. I personally wouldn't play drunk, but as long as they're not drinking too much it shouldn't drastically affect their performance.
Terozu (NA)
: Why do people get so mad at ggez?
It doesn't make me angry, but it often highlights the ignorance of the person saying it. Two examples come to mind: 1. People saying ggez when it was actually a really close match, I can only hope they're joking. Close matches are somewhat rare so it's pretty odd when I see someone doing that. 2. People saying ggez during games where you had people int feeding or bots on your team. I had one game with 3 bots on my team and the other team had only one bot and they barely won. Each bot had 24+ deaths yet me and the other human almost won. Of course ""ggez" at the end. Good job I guess you barely won against bots.
Spooder (EUW)
: Humiliated in my first ever ranked game
The matchmaking is terrible early on. When you do ranked at 30 the balancing is really bad for a long time. You can get anywhere from unranked to gold, and sometimes plats in your games. The games become far more luck-based than if the teams were actually balanced, whoever gets the golds or plats on their team wins since everyone else is bronze,silver, or unranked they lose. This is why some people refer to it as elo hell the place where matchmaking is at its worst. This happens even if you're not new to ranked for anyone who makes a new account the games are random whoever gets the more golds/plats or smurfs wins.
: I just played an Aram game where I was the ONLY player.
They're worse than new players they don't even use skills sometimes they'll just dive. The later at night I play the more bots I see.
: Don't spam posts
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/NA/Rebel%20986 Jesus look at those useless posts, now that's true spamming Half your posts telling people they're toxic or whining and contain no actual content LOL you know when you're constantly acting like that and saying people are whining, YOU are the one whining right?
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Sciela (NA)
: Why do I do better playing trolly champions?
I wanted to go Rammus top and someone took it anyways after the game started, so I ended up going Rammus mid just to avoid the flaming, against Diana which I knew was going to be terrible. I went MR and tank items, somehow I outzoned her and beat her in cs by playing really safe and farming. The Diana was pretty bad but it didn't help that she seemed confused on how to play against Rammus. We still lost but I did pretty good mid for having that weird matchup. I think Diana did worse because she wasn't expecting to fight a Rammus mid. She could barely do any damage to me, I was actually doing more damage than her while having more tankability and more cs. On another note, I never really saw Sion in most games until I started playing lots of ARAM. I used to hate playing against him because he always seemed to get a kill on his death ability. Once I started playing ARAM a lot and seeing him, he's no challenge anymore most of the time because it's really predictable. If you play a weird champ that people don't see much or they think is weak, you can catch them off guard. Now that I think of it, Sion's rebirth is a little too subtle, unless you're watching him closely as he dies you might not even be able to notice that he's in his death state or w/e. That's part of the reason he was so challenging I guess, now I watch extremely closely every time he dies and I'm never surprised by it.
: Wait these quest rewards are terrible
The icons are getting out of hand too, I like some of them but I feel like 90% of them people would never use. I like their idea of giving us something for free but it feels like something that should be free anyways.
: Which may be true, but ultimately my point is that winning 1v9 versus int bots does not make you pro player material.
No one said or implied that it was clearly a joke, just that it's not something a noob could do especially with some of the more difficult bots. Not sure what your point is really.
: I am stupid, thought it was a low lvl game not a higher lvl AI one. but yeah, 3 smites on the team seems odd to say the least, and shyv with barrier/heal is odd too.
I have seen a jg bot though in PVP though a long time ago that does the exact same thing. I've been seeing a lot of jg bots lately so I wouldn't be surprised at all if they are in SR.
: I'd still bet on a gold player to be superior to an intermediate bot, regardless of which one. Incidentally, in at least one of the aforementioned lone outnumbered challenger matches was a fiora vs all, who is notably not ranged.
There's a lot of other factors when playing with a person though. The range is usually necessary vs lots of bots because it's the only way to take advantage of their bad engages. If you get certain bot matchups then it doesn't matter what champion you pick, but certain ones are far beyond the difficulty of the other bots. A person can make a lot of other dumb mistakes bots don't make especially when they're fighting someone who they believe is a lot better than they are. Whenever I watch one of these 1v5s on YouTube the 5 people are usually making dumb mistakes, playing way too safe, and seem intimidated which greatly affects their performance.
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