: WHat do I do to make my art better? I am very very new and you would get the same artwork from me that you would from someone who does no art at all and sucks at it. I love art and want to do it myself but dont know where to start or how to gradually improve. I downloaded Gimp and have been using that sense it is free.
For every artist, we start off scribbly (messy can actually be a cool style once you've refined it). It takes a very long time to get to an advanced level. By that, I mean many many years. Like any skill, any sort of improvement is great even if it's small. Have a sketch book and draw often or whenever you can, especially for things you like to draw. But also try new things to push yourself. I'd recommended having a grasp on traditional art (pencil/pen) before starting off with digital art.
: I do sculptures and stuff like that, so any tips for getting those kinda things out for people to see?
For sculptures, I'd recommend a good camera that can capture the detail of your work. Basically, you'd want to have a little makeshift photo studio (have enough light in the room that you can adjust!). You can share the photos on online galleries (social media). Conventions would be really cool too, like PAX and so on, though you'd have to plan how to bring your sculptures. Hope this helps!
Anchee (NA)
: Aren't you VegaColors? I loved your artwork for so long!
Yup! I have...too many names.
: I had an extraordinarily similar Bard concept known as "Johan Sebastian Bard" or "Maestro Bard," where his chimes were music sheets, his meeps were little musical notes, and he casted spells via a conductor's baton. His ult placed a 'Rest' symbol on the ground before launching and freezing (resting) everyone in the area of effect.... It is HIGHLY amusing to see another also had such ideas in mind for him. XD
Nice! The musical references would be lots of fun, especially with the notations and sounds.
NJALobo (NA)
: ***
Hey, stick figures can be great if I do say so myself!
: I would like to ask if ya had any tutorials or anything along the line or any techniques you would like to show us, So that us scrub lord artist can git gud as my wise friend likes to say.
I have a few tutorials on my Deviantart, though it isn't much right now! I hope to do more tutorials in the future. My twitch channel has highlights and past streams you could take a look at too: https://www.twitch.tv/ze_ocelot/profile
: Fan Artist Feature: Ze
Hey everyone, Ze here! This was a really fun interview. Hope you enjoy the art. I've been drawing League art for so long, it's always good to look back. If you have any questions or thoughts, let me know!
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: Hey what program did you use to draw these?
Vekkna (NA)
: **THOUGHTS** Swain: Awesome. Looks badass. Also looks like a cross between costumes for Loki and Mandarin. Leblanc: Huge improvement on the default, especially #2. The overall design and style remind me of some of the concept art for the Sylvari in GW2, which is a good thing. Though I would want to keep the legendary cleavage on the Ravenborn skin. I like cleavage, and I'm not sorry. Cait: I like your vision of her gun. The rest of the outfit just looks kind of butch and dowdy. Like Lucca from Chrono Trigger without any of the quirky charm. Sorry. Taric: I have no attachment to the champ at all, but I like both updates a lot. Panth: He looks a little more centurion and a little less like a scrappy gladiator. I don't know his lore, but your design looks much more "professional soldier" than the current design. The only thing I'd change is to make the helmet Mohawk/plume more prominent. Big improvement. Cho: This one's a miss for me. He looks too much like one of the stone creatures from Deepholme in WoW for my taste. The style overall looks more suited to Skarner. IMO, the disconnect is that it looks inorganic. HIs concept art is much more crustacean with the characteristic overlapping/jointed, rounded exoskeleton plates covered in chitinous spines, barbs, and spurs. Urgot: Ditto Cho except flesh instead of chitin. I envision him looking more like Azmodan than the spider-babies from Toy Story. Evelynn: This (along with Leblanc) is the best one! It's a reimagining of the character that totally works and is, conceptually, a massive step forward. I want it now! The only gripe is that Ev **is** the Stripperella of League, and that's lost here. With MF, they cleaned her up without compromising her identity as Miss Fanservice. Your Ev design is 1000x better than the original, but you need to keep the D-cups and hooker boots. Talon and Vlad: I like both of these but don't have strong feelings either way. I feel like Vlad needs to be bulkier, but maybe that's just because I only play him with the Bloodlord skin.
Thanks a ton for your thoughts! It really helps me out. It's difficult to pin down what direction to take for certain champs since it differs from person to person. I definitely see your point of view though. My sketches are really simple, as in they're only rough lineart and base colors, with no indication of texture, making it more difficult to distinguish the designs and looks (especially for Cho and Urgot, who I want to keep gruesome).
: I'm sorry man. I see what you're trying to do, and I respect that, but I just can't live in a world where Caitlyn doesn't have big ol' titties. I can't do it. There are things that are good, and natural, and right, and then there's Cait without cleavage, and I know where I stand.
Sorry T_T. I know there are many who like the cleavage, and then others who prefer more clothing. It tough finding that middle ground.
kJs (OCE)
: As amazing as all of these look, I think they all look very similar in their clothing and theme. They have all the same sleek thin leafed shape in their clothing designs or physical bodies bodies (Cho'Gath/Urgot). It looks much more like a line-up of same themed skins that a series of separate characters with separate personalities and backgrounds. Cho'Gath's VU idea would work really well if it was more jutted out like the live model - spikey - and didn't have a sleek sharp look with the plates. The surface of the plates shouldn't be smooth is what I'm trying to express. Cho'Gath represents terror, there is nothing smooth about him, his character is terrifying, so his physical self (I feel) should reflect that terror. UrgotVU just wouldn't work. He's too sleek and smooth. His lore is that he was a butcher in war, ruthless and probably sociopathic. From Noxus. He is reanimated as a zombie weapon, similar to Sion, and the techmaturgists who worked on him are from Zaun. They won't care if he looks crap or ugly. He is a living weapon and he must be effective at murdering people, nothing else. He had a revolting, murderous personality in life and in death he should be just as much. These are just my take on the characters in relation to your VU.
Thanks so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it. It's difficult to tell textures apart since my sketches are only rough lines and base colors. If I did shading and rendering, the designs would differ more in feel and look. My sketch for Urgot doesn't do justice to his revolting/rotting look. I actually want to keep those parts of him intact, especially because of his lore, but my sketch is too simple to show the ugly side, lacking in textures. I didn't intend to make him look sleek and smooth, just an exploration on how the armor is shaped and used. Thanks again.
kJs (OCE)
: That's the point of Urgot. He's a revolting, murderous butcher. That is Urgot's identity, not some sleek modernized robot.
I definitely see both sides of it. I didn't mean for my sketch to make Urgot look sleek/modernized, just a general change in armor layout/flow. He would still have revolting flesh and armor that isn't super shiny/clean-cut.
Gixia (NA)
: Not really a fan of the Urgot one to be honest. I feel like it looks too high-tech. Too much Zaun, not enough Noxus. That said, the rest of those are all amazing and I would be very happy with any one of them. I especially like the LeBlanc, particularly the left one. It's amazing how much classier and more threatening she looks when she's wearing something resembling actual clothing. The Evelynn is very nice too. I like what you did with her hair. It looks really ethereal, which helps to sell her shadow isles origins. The Cho'Gath I... actually don't know how I feel about it? He looks badass and cool, but for some reason I also feel like he reminds me too much of Baron or a minion. He looks less like a playable champ and more like an objective boss fight. But maybe that's the point? 6 stack Cho SHOULD feel that way. I don't know, I feel kinda mixed on that as a design for Cho but it looks amazing either way.
Thanks a lot for the feedback! I agree, I could have added more details on the skin parts so it isn't as sleek/high-tech. He was reanimated by a Zaunite, but the tech could be more...messy to give a more corrosive feeling. Full shading and rendering would have helped a lot, it's really difficult to tell textures apart from simple sketches and base colors. Cho'Gath is tricky, since his look is more along the lines of Rek'Sai...or very creature/monster-like? Tough to pin down. I really wanted to try to try out some other designs for Cho. Thanks again!
: Really awesome stuff Ze Ocelot! I wasn't surprised when I realised you are Vegacolors - been a long time fan of your work. I really like the way you looked at updating/clarifying the shapes and design while respecting the original visuals of the champions. I particularly like Vladimir and Pantheon.
Thanks, Kindle! Super glad you like the designs :)
terkmc (NA)
: Urgot looks too Mecha for my taste. Hes supposed to be this revolting bag of flesh not some high-tech cyborg (thats battle cast anyway)
Very true, my rough sketch doesn't do too much to show the sewn parts of flesh and skin, which I do want to stay intact. Shading/rendering it fully would have helped a lot to get the more grotesque textures across.
: I like the pantheon concept in particular, but it also looks a little bit too much like Azir's sand soldiers.
Oh gosh, YOU'RE RIGHT! Thanks a ton for mentioning that. When I drew the design, it looked really familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it (wanted to incorporate the Solari design/theme into the helmet).
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: Love the Azir skins, especially how they run from serious to playful; varying it up from the champ's default theme can go a long way for a skin. :D On the opposite end of that, I'd just...I'd just buy Great Sea Rek'Sai. Seriously. That's really good. ♥ (I like the Bard skins! I feel like the musician one needs a bit more focus on it's theme though; is he classical, jazz? Why put it all into one theme, why not have multiple musically-themed skins? :D) Good stuff!
Thanks! I'm still deciding if I want a more universal or jazzy direction for Bard, but I leaning towards the latter. When I add in the colors, the look will be more in tune with the theme. (I'll see myself out....)
: Amazing skin ideas! If you're open to suggestions, I'd like to some concept art for Infernal Azir, Spectral Udyr (using multiple iconic ghosts / personas that may pertain to spirits), Elderwood Elf Gnar, Candy Cane Thresh, Spiritborne Rengar, Squeaky Clean Twitch, Toy Heimerdingus, Definitely Not Santa Claus Bard (+1 if you get the reference), Festive Nautilus I know it's a lot of work for these, but it'd be cool if you could just pick up off of these. Anyway, my favorite is underworld azir.
Thanks for the suggestions! It's so tough to settle on just two concepts for the sketches, because of how many other skin ideas I could do too. Have to have a limit though, sorry :( . (Santa Bard was sooo tempting when I was sketching ideas out, because seeing both him and Santa Gragas roam around the map team would be quite jolly...you know, a whole team of santa champs would be even better...)
: Wow, all of these are fantastic ideas! The only one I'm not really buying is Blue Flame Kalista. While I think it's cooler than the Classic skin, I think it bears a little too much similarity. Love 'em though, especially Guardian of the Sands Rek'Sai and Toy Ruler Azir. BUT THEY'RE ALL AWESOME! We need skins like this. I hope Riot would think about doing these, especially since many of them roll with already-established themes.
I definitely see Blue Flame as a more simple skin idea, mostly focused on the blue fire particles. However, I do agree that even though the garments and armor are different from her default, I could have tweaked the silhouette a bit more to make it stand out more. Thanks for your thoughts!
: Actually I'm a concept artist on the skins team! But only for a few months, while I've been a player, fan and forum user for five years.
Ah! A fellow concept artist! (Thanks for your comments, glad you're a fan!) And congrats too, hope it's been a blast creating skin concepts. Hopefully one day I'll be able to step into the industry. For now, back to drawing!
: Love that Toy Azir but for bard, could you go a lil' more https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/80/be/fe/80befe320f226515dd49cd8df5a7bb36.jpg direction?
Oh man, this is tempting. When I fix up the sketch and add in colors, the look should be more noticeable.
: These are all so on point! I love the Great Sea Rek'Sai and the Toy Ruler Azir! That Sweet Tooth Bard is super cute as well, I love his tiny pumpkin face and the spooky ghost meeps. I have to say I'm a huge fan of your concepts, you really went all the way with fully realizing each one. Great work! :D
Thanks! Ton of fun creating these. Hope to update whenever possible!
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: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
A lot of others have already touched on the main points, but I'll sum up my own thoughts, including a quick sketch that could have gone through a few more iterations. Apart from the "fabulous and outrageous identity" that takes the forefront currently, I've always viewed him as noble, smooth, reserved, and just a bit indulgent. He shows the utmost respect for the finer things and is more than okay with discussing these things with others. He's open. His slight obsession with gems is another characteristic that I love; to him, he looks beyond than just a gem's appearance but also its resonance with emotion, strength, and other qualities. Like an art form. His appearance integrates gems/crystals into the armor. Not just armor with gems tacked on, nor a suit made purely made out of gems, but a finely crafted, cohesive combination. Again, like a piece of art. Anyway, in some way, I'd describe him as soft, but not weak. He isn't aggressive, but he'll do his best to support those he protects. Nor is he overly jolly, but he's down to earth. Motherly. Touches of femininity. Love this discussion btw :)

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