: Focus on farming with autos and rarely trade with the enemy laner pre-6, shove lane with E W and roam and/or ask for ganks post-6.
: E before you q
: What do you need to know?
litle tips like item to take sould i play mid or other lane, thoes kind of stuff
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: get this {{item:3102}} everygame.
: press R on someone and they'll die
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squido (NA)
: malz
: at the moment katarina. but my best is vel koz. very underrated and or overlooked, but potent none the less cuz 4 damage abilities.
i dont have any of deas champion but tks for the idea
: [Lolalytics says Katarina, Malzahar, or Twisted Fate](https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/tierlist/). If you want something totally silly, try Master Yi. The scaling of an Assassin if you build him AD or Crit right away, and the tools to hard counter a lot of Mid matchups (Alpha Strike and Meditate op)
Raeyxx (NA)
: I don't know if I would necessarily say anyone is the "best" when it comes to any lane. It all comes down to playstyle in the end. :) That being said, I tend to favor Lux currently. The new runes have been working well with her. Luck~! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Ahris (NA)
: Vel, azir, malza, twisted, zed,kata ,fizz, etc.
: Depends on the champion, your matchup, your team, and your playstyle. I personally suggest Ahri. She's rarely _bad_ into any matchups (except for Talon and Zed), and she's rarely disfavored by the meta. She has mobility, hard CC, and burst, and _isn't_ an assassin. She's a fairly safe pick. Just be careful, because Talon _will_ shit on you most of the time.
yeah i have ahri but im orible at her
Kai Guy (NA)
: Who ever you personally can consistently win the highest % of games playing. Whats your playstyle and what are you typically successful with? Id be happy to give you some further recommendations for that. Personally I find that {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} make for pretty worthwhile champions to learn as their range allows them to farm in bad matchups and position at lower risk, as well as the fact that in a majority of elo's many players will struggle with dodging well aimed skill shots with out usage of ability's or SS. The very clear down side, if your not able to aim and land skill shots you will struggle with them, if you position poorly your range Is utterly useless as your gonna die.
dont have neighter zigs or xerath, but tks for the idea, actualy i do have xerath i will play him more often
: Right now based on the current meta, if you're looking for any* champion recommendation I would say {{champion:90}} or {{champion:26}} . Not only because they have significantly higher win rates than most champions, but because they are extremely easy to pick up and be decent on and are ALWAYS* above 50% win and can play under any circumstance (e.g. from ahead, from behind, regardless..)
ssfxd (NA)
: If you like getting sudden bursts of power at level 6 and bursty damage you might like {{champion:131}}
: {{champion:238}} He's a very forgiving champ with 2 escapes, no mana to manage and great damage dealt. Downfall is he takes some skill to use effectively. Many a Zeds have stood in Equinox expecting to leave safely.
tanks i will try him i actualy have project zed, so its cool{{champion:238}}
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