Abandon (OCE)
: @RIOT You cannot balance the new Aatrox for Pro Play and Solo Queue at the same time.
I have no problem playing against Aatrox. Just counterpick him with fiora and it's gg.
Siachi (NA)
: I still say you guys should make a poro-based mini game, kind of like the Chao gardens in Sonic Adventure 2 (Friend had that game, and the Chao garden was pretty much the only reason I played). EDIT: And not like Legend of the Poro King (Which was awesome, by the way) where it had a Poro Theme; I mean a separate game entirely, where you can raise and train poros or something like that.
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Rew711 (NA)
: Still waiting for a udyr poro.
Don't forget {{champion:31}}

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