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Zeddiken (NA)
: Does the golden rule apply to RIOT Games employees?
Thanks for not raging on me much appreciated. I agree that it is probably from a few bad apples that are just stuck in their horny ways or something. It still sucks that it happens though. For someone to be put through it for three years? yikes! I imagine since the light of the article there has been a pretty hard crackdown on workplace harassment, but riot is a secret HQ so who can really be sure. Nice replies though appreciate the info!
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: opinion on patch 8.13 singed nerf
It's not that Singed is OP, it's that people don't stop chasing him lmao
: Kalista should receive a new skin
Kalista needs a badass skin to make up for the lack of attention she has received. I'm thinking she NEEDS to have a cool skin and all but the effect should be awesome. I like the idea of having her oathsworn having the ability to see who she was in life (like in her story [] ) this should also change her icon to the live version of Kalista for Kalista and her oathsworn (I like the idea of Kalista being able to swap the skins and her own icon (the icon appears on the map for the player that is playing her)). Obviously the undead version of her should be a badass spectral like her original skin but SpOOOoooOOOOooOOOKiEr!
Stupafly (NA)
: graves ulti can be used in a team fight and is instant damage. caitlyns ult is HIGHLY telegraphed and is blockable. you keep comparing the ults but they are VERY different.
I see what your saying but after the first hit it only does 80% of the dmg done. Hopefully the cdr they give it in 8.8 will help though.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Look at my recent posts,i made one suggesting Graves gets an option to choose,similar how Kayn does,between buckshot,the current Graves,and slugs,which would work like Regular autos but hit harder,he would still have only 2 shots,3 if you use E inbetween,but they would do lets say 130,140,160% damage,so it would balance out,giving him more or less the same damage output as lets say Lucian whos passive double auto gives him 60 or maybe even 70% damage on his double auto
that would be nice. Really anything to make him a more viable adc. It doesn't feel as balanced. Take Caitlyn for example, her ult is targeted opposed to graves being a skill shot. Caitlyn's scaling is: 250 / 475 / 700 (+ 200% bonus AD) and Graves has: 250 / 400 / 550 (+ 150% bonus AD). For a skill shot I would think he would at least have the same scaling maybe better granted his can hit multiple enemies but as soon as it does it only does 80% of the dmg.. It just seems like they brushed him into the jungle and took away the role they made him for originally: adc. I like this idea though, he needs to be able to lane more effectively without getting poked to death.
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Maldini30 (EUW)
: I must admit, I don't get your point here. Do you want more black characters, or do you want fewer sexy female characters, or anything else?
More diversity is really what I want. Women do not have to be sexy and men do not have to be big muscular badasses or have the obvious cool champs. Like ivern. He is a tree man are you kidding?! that is awesome! Add more women like Rek'Sai. Get weird and innovate like they were doing. Just want them to innovate across the board and diversify their efforts more. The diversity in the roster is just getting monotone to me I suppose. I want an interesting champion not a human in a suit that shows you her teets.
Zemasu (EUW)
: Well, so go play Overwatch. They seems to be white-racist, they release only black champions. Ana -> Egyptian black Sombra -> Mexico black Orisa -> was built by a black kid Doomfist -> black Moira -> pale with BLACK MAGICS
lmao I'm with Grim what is a "Mexico Black"? lol
Zemasu (EUW)
: {{champion:43}} -> Light Black {{champion:63}} -> Scorched Black {{champion:75}} -> Black Dog {{champion:19}} -> Black Wolf {{champion:45}} -> Black Evil Squirrel
I sense your trolldom so last reply. So women having to be sexualiized hard in every way is fine though? Also {{champion:236}} release skin was a white lucian are you joking. The Karma update for her to be whiter? Just seems like a tilt on the scales not in favor of minorities. I understand you want to defend the game. It is awesome, but just because you like something doesn't mean it is inclusive to everyone, and it should be.
: Play something else then
plan on it! just {{summoner:3}}
: While I dont feel every point you made was on point I do agree with the boring statement. Her look is super generic and I was hoping for something more fitting of the void. Getting tired of seeing pretty boys and girls in overly harsh environments.
YES. LIKE {{champion:421}}
Zemasu (EUW)
: {{champion:63}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:43}}
Onecimus (NA)
: By a rough count, they also have at least 17 purple characters, 12 blue characters, 11 that aren't even humanoid, 2 trees, and a boulder. What's your point there at the end? Also, as far as "black" characters are concerned, you forgot about {{champion:420}} and {{champion:56}}
{{champion:420}} she is an islander. She is a person of color I suppose maybe Filipino. (actually you're right they don't have enough islanders either, minorities have to be minorities i suppose?) I'm more concerned about black people STILL being the minority even in fantasy worlds and women being sex symbols.. However now that you mention it They are all men and cool looking but when it comes to women you gotta have those breasts and arse? Honestly when Rek'Sai came out I was pumped. Woman, Void, Monster, VO is screams and screeches!? AMAZING.
: Still not sexy as {{champion:421}}
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