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: > [{quoted}](name=Bello Bagheera,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7ELGM21Q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-10T17:57:35.930+0000) > > Funny I made mine as small as I can. for a jungler, it's nice to have it big so that you don't have to move your eyes as much it's not going to suddenly make you a good jungler if you're not but it's more convenient
I main jungle, it's as tiny as it can get. As a jungler, I literally stroke it and pop into lanes.
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: It's Begun. Shaco sitting at a 54% wr and a high playrate?
SHACO DOESN"T NEED A NERF! HE IS **BALANCED**!!! - Shaco main 2018 - I am one tho :D
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: Riot considered nerfing Shaco because he is "too much of a pubstomp champion" but.....
They haven't sold enough WW skins. He needs to be OP for a few more patches. Gotta hit those quotas.
: Which champions do you hate playing against in lane or just in general ?
{{champion:63}} He does waaaay too much and extremely Unfair! Support my ass. Melts fuckin teams and comes out as top dmg.
: Kai'Sa makes the Void seem boring
but the skin tight suit though!
Cocho (NA)
: I've lost my diamond promos 4 times lol Your proposition doesn't work because the higher you go, the less people there is, and even less that are in promos. Queues would take forever and longer since you cant get autofilled. What I hate the most is that i can be at 97 LP, win a game. Now im at 100 LP. If I lose the next game, I'm at 80 LP. win. lose, win, lose. Now i've lost promos, and after going 3-3 I've gone from 97 LP to 80 LP. (assuming equal LP loss and gains)
Even hearing this boils my blood. To work SO HARD for 3LP and then lose 20 LP
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: You don't have to take offense to know something is offensive. Sensitivity doesn't come into it. We Snowflakes just see no reason to tolerate pointless disrespect like "GG EZ" because it lessens the competitive experience for everybody.
"We Snowflakes just see no reason to tolerate pointless disrespect" You proved my point.
Akrid415 (NA)
: Am I bad all of a sudden?
**Puts hand on shoulder** : You are not bad All of a SUDDEN. You were always bad kiddo <3 On a serious note, This season is punishing. There are no more "fun" champions. You have to play champs that contribute to the game. CC heavy champs. Zed, Yi, irelia just don't work anymore. This is coming from a Noc main. Look at my past history, I've been climbing with every champ that is not my main. Gotta adapt buddy.
Kukiel (NA)
: How to lane against Teemo as melee champion?
Play {{champion:75}}, Build Tabis. GG Teemo is a garbage champion that has no team presence and his push is horrid. Expect to lose your lane. However, ask jungler to gank him twice because teemo has NOTHING. GG.
: GG ez at the end of a 55 minute game feels like shit.
The reason many of you sit in Low Elos is because you are oversensitive. Another reason why our generation is called: Snowflake Generation. Before you start attacking me, hear me out. In higher elo, everyone is mean. Everyone loses their shit, but this is what stress in a competitive atmosphere. The real world is no different. If everytime you cried because you had a busy week and your boss was upset with your performance, then you wouldn't do well at your work. Stress is expected and people get stressed. "**GG EZ**" is just a combination of letters that YOU gave meaning to. You gave it value and you chose to feel because of it. Ignore it and move on. Life doesn't backtrack, it keeps moving forward. So should you. Good Luck everyone on your climb.
: Please allow me to mute myself or unbind my enter key, I am emotional and act toxic
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: My rank main the last few seasons, just not this one.
I feel you. I can't play him. Jungle clear - garbage Dmg - laughable 1 shot potential - doesn't exist Tank - can't Assassin - is not Bruiser - nope Duelist - a support beats him
: Across the years from 55% win rate on master tier to 46% win rate on low plat. [Soraka main sadness]
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Elohaven (NA)
: Riot's balance team at it's finest
"There is no way they are going to make turrets even worse!" Riot: "Hold my beer, brah" {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
: Hahahaha I'm only mid Gold but I've played my fair share and god is this easily the worst champion in the game, worse than Aatrox. His passive is especially useless, even if it had crit synergy it would be slightly redeemable but no one goes crit anyway. He's a terrible fighter, a terrible bruiser and a terrible tank. As an assassin all he does is trade one for one in teamfights because he has to blow everything to get a kill then he's left dead in the water with no escape. I think it's hilarious that this isn't talked about, and he's not even slated for a rework as far as I can tell.
Nope, he is not. 4rth ryze work, irelia, then another aatrox rework. I don't believe Noc will be touched anytime soon. He cannot even 1 shot anything anymore with this meta. It was hard last season and it is near impossible this season in higher elos. With FREE hourglass, you cannot even dive turrets. I am literally left to play ANY other jungler, because EVERY jungler is better than noc.
: He needs a complete rework the wall mechanic, although nice, would be a bandaid solution and Noc would still be a terrible champion with a kooky terrain interaction. Kayn has the exact same mechanic and doesn't need to hit any skillshot to access it. Noc is just forgotten garbage.
Absolutely agree. **Forgotten Garbage** is a perfect description of his state. He is not on the update list: 4rth ryze rework, Irelia, and another AAtrox rework upcoming. While Noc has been around forever.
: How is letting nocturne go through walls with his Q "High Risk"
Because his Q adds additional damage to the target he was able to mark. With high CD on his Q, he has to chose between using it as an escape or fight tool. Misusing it = lack in dmg/kill potential. There are many champions who have built in free flashes/jumps who are capable of doing Noc's job better. His passive alone limits him to jungle and unable to freeze the lane because his passive is an AOE.
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: Why are players punished for winning games?
: You know what is disappointing right now? Nocturne
**My Nocturne seems to be doing just fine ** Diamond Nocturne <3 {{item:1400}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3026}} You dominate most of the junglers 1 v 1 @ lvl 3. Use that as your advantage. Get ahead early. Camp bot lane lvl 6, gg. Is he weaker than most other junglers? Yes Is his clear one of the worst? Probably Is his passive an absolute garbage? Yes, even Morgana's is better. Does his ult scare players into running away like headless chickens? You bet! EASY GAME!
: Why should I ever want to be above Bronze?
**I do not even know how you get placed Bronze.**
: Can someone give me tips on how to lane and farm against Azir
Literally pick anybody. GG Azir is garbage.
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: Loving This Adc Meta Riot!
Literally easiest meta for my {{champion:56}} Easiest climb to Diamond!
: Also make his e not work on minions. I think that and mana cost adjustments is all he needs, maybe some slightly early ultimate range
OMG, YES. If my E would stop fearing the cannon minion, that would be legendary.
: You can use his Q to get away but walking through walls seems a bit too much and not like his kit/style. Passive definitely needs more healing as does Hecarim's W, Gragas' passive, Fiddle's E against monsters, etc. Just buy more ap oriented items like rod of ages, seraph's embrace, maramune, etc.
Fyi, you never buy AP items on Noc nor any Mana items on Noc if you ever want to win games. Appreciate the response! <3
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: October is quite early for the season to end I thought it was expected to end november 8
shhh. This way they'll rush through it. Imagine how happy they'll be if there is one more month on the clock :D
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koshkyra (NA)
: Just an fyi junglers
Well aware of that. I do it on purpose :D My lanes won't carry the games, I will. This is how I hit Diamond as a jungler. I hug top side of wraith camp so I could loaf their exp ;)
: Twitch has been terrorizing solo queue all season and has an amazing winrate in pros
: Evelynn Teaser from League of Legends - Philippines Facebook
A new addition to the Ranked Ban list :3 Don't want to deal with "just buy a pink ward" vs her non-counterable unlimited stealth.
: Old Galio was the best. Definitely a forbidden pick but too good to play. The new one is cool too. I love them both.
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