: Yeah the ability to one shot someone has been widened out to other champions. But that's the work of Runes, item changes, overall non stop buffing to underperforming champions instead of nerfing what is strong. Instead of buffing items, or ability damage that are underperforming, they should just nerf damage and buff some resistances to squishies. Like hell, I see people complain about tanks but when ever I pick to play a tank I can't tank anything (3 - 5 Auto's from ADC + 2 abilities from 2 champions and i'm already at 30% health). In this one game I was playing Poppy, and I had 4000k health, 300 MR, 230 Armor and I got melted by an azir in a matter of seconds. All those bonus resistances feel useless and I just essentially feel like a squishy but with extra health. But that's the work of the current powercreep damage.
Yeah, I definitely poorly worded what I was trying to communicate in my post. It's kind of hard to think when you're just dealing with so much frustration.
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: really, im not feeling the shaco nerfs. people are building and playing new shaco all wrong. he seems strong to me. there is also one very important thing people are missing. his passive scales with CDR. the more CDR you have, the more you backstab. This means that you can backstab peopne once every 1.6 seconds with backstab instead of once every 3 seconds. thats a huge deal. IE also synergizes with his passive, increasing his backstab damage even further. {{item:3158}} {{item:1400}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3071}} try it. stop buying hydra. i know it hurts, but these items scale so much harder with new shaco. hydra is wasted item slot on him now.
That's how I've been playing him actually. Also, I very rarely am able to get more than 1-2 backstabs off before getting exploded. I'm not sure how you think he's strong right now since every Shaco main that I've even seen on forums or friends of mine are agreeing that he's really awful right now. Also, with that build, you won't be in a fight much longer than 3 seconds to even get that extra backstab.
: It is a failed rework, nuff said.
It's good knowing that I'm not alone on this. I was kind of scared this would just fly under the radar since he doesn't really see pro play.
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