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: > [{quoted}](name=Boulderox,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rU1N6LnG,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-06T15:49:55.390+0000) > > I still don't know why the bar doesnt go red/blue to tell on the fly without you needing to scroll over. Because DanielZKlein didn't want people knowing. That is literally the reason. I am not making this up for some "Fuck DZK" narrative. He literally did not want to display double transformation gauges.
> [{quoted}](name=JPLangley,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rU1N6LnG,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-10-06T22:13:36.583+0000)Because DanielZKlein didn't want people knowing. > That is literally the reason. I am not making this up for some "Fuck DZK" narrative. He literally did not want to display double transformation gauges. Never forget the weird-ass targeting and lockout on Taliyah W when she released. Honestly with DZK gone it *should* be fine to change Kayn's bar to not be vague as fuck.
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
Favorite: {{champion:202}}, absolutely fits the style of the champion while also speeding up to be more intense during the 4th shot. Least Favorite: {{champion:81}}, just indescribably rigid and bad.
: (+Vote) Which one is your favorite meta ?
Both of these metas are bad, for different reasons. Ignoring items / runes /etc, 7.17 was _terrible_ in terms of bot and top champions while 8.15 has an incredibly obnoxious pool of jungle and midlane champs, with a few nasty tops as well. Including items and runes, 7.17 was Ardent Hell and 8.15 is the land of getting 100-0'd by half the roster.
: You post doesn't really say what kind of game play it is, is it a shooter? RTS? MOBA?
> [{quoted}](name=Cavesloth,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=o7axBd7Y,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2018-07-29T21:28:00.019+0000) > > You post doesn't really say what kind of game play it is, is it a shooter? RTS? MOBA? Looter shooter. I would say it's like Destiny but tbh it's closer to 3rd person shooter Diablo / PoE.
: You guys want something to help suck you in and forget about this garbage game? Try Warframe
This thread is sorta funny reading as a veteran Warframe player. Pretty much every "go play Warframe" thread is filled with either massively overdone praise that ignores all issues or idiotic criticisms even your average MR5 could dismiss in seconds. >No tutorial The tutorial is bad, yes. This only matters if you jump into games 100% blind and use absolutely zero outside resources, because 99% of questions a player's gonna have can be solved with a youtube vid or two + the wiki. The only topic that isn't covered as well by those resources is advanced modding and I know for a fact that several tutorials exist on Reddit. It's not an issue bad enough to affect your enjoyment of the game if you're proactive. >Fieldron samples Fieldron sample farming is a joke. I have 3500 samples at 1100 hours, and the only thing that needs them in any large capacity is clan research, which is hardly balanced around solo players (it's balanced around the max players you could have at that clan level, so a solo player is using costs balanced for 10 people). You would never need that many samples as a new player because the smart move is to join a clan with everything researched (of which there are hundreds). >Slots Dirt cheap. 20p for a frame slot and 12p for two weapon slots. Now, it is very much worth noting something here: spending $10 sometime in the first 50 hours or so will *drastically* improve your experience, especially if you rolled a 50% off coupon. It isn't needed but it does give you much more wiggle room in terms of potatoes / slots (and probably fashion with Classic Saturated colors) before you get a decent Rhino setup and are able to comfortably do vault runs to sell Corrupted Mods. --- Now, in terms of real issues with Warframe: * If you actually manage to hit endgame (1000+ hours if you're not ultra-tryharding 100% of the time), content droughts can be bad. Right now we haven't had a substantial content update since April and that was a pretty eh one, so really March / Feb. * DE's development process is a wild ride. Every major patch I can think of has released incredibly buggy and/or unbalanced and been fixed within two weeks. This is actually what separates DE from Riot, IMO: they fuck up just as much, but fix at least 90% of their fuckups relatively quickly and so the game does consistently get better every update.....if not immediately. * Early weapons are shit. I've heard so many players complain about how much better Destiny's gunplay is and how shit WF's is after they picked up the damn MK-1 Braton and thought that trash was representative of WF guns. Do yourself a favor and pick up Vectis / Lex / Hek ASAP. * Certain essential mods (Serration, etc.) are hard to get in early missions, although tbh if you just ask region chat I'm sure someone will give you their extras. * Plains is a bit of a noob trab. Less so now that bounties are pretty rewarding and Venus is coming up (with some shared progression) but really this is post-War Within content. * Focus farming is a pain in the ass * Vacuum is still a mod and not a universal passive
: Any good alternatives to League?
Honestly I don't think there really _is_ a great MOBA right now if you don't count League due to its current state. Smite and HotS have various issues, Battlerite's practically another genre entirely and I have nothing good to say about Dota. In a similar vein, I don't believe there's a single truly great MMO anymore. WoW used to be the obvious best, true, but regardless of how it's been handled quality-wise it's an insanely antiquated game now in terms of graphics and especially combat, in addition to being subscription-based. FTP WoW with fully revamped graphics and Tera / BDO level combat is basically my dream but it's never gonna happen. I ended up just switching from MOBAs entirely for the most part. Went to Warframe.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 29
With the Aatrox rework and the statements surrounding it, I'd like to ask two questions: 1) Where is the line drawn for what melee autoattackers are stat check champs that need changes? While most players would agree Trundle and Trynd are the main remaining offenders, with champs like Jax and Yi it gets fuzzy. 2) Are there other classes of champions (besides statcheck melees) in the game that are just fundamentally unhealthy? I know a lot of players feel this way about shield/heal supports and to a lesser extent assassins, but what's Riot's view?
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
Most of these changes seem pretty reasonable. The one I'm easily most concerned about is the introduction of Stormrazer + Hail of Blades. I'm gonna be blunt. The "first auto hits really hard" play pattern has been _insanely_ toxic in the past, pretty much without exception. I was hoping Duskblade would eventually be removed from the game for this reason, but I understand its place as a necessary evil to delay assassin burst until they have an item. I'm particularly worried about champs that can stack these with Lethality (obviously Duskblade, as you mentioned, but even Ghostblade would work). I'm thinking Draven and Jhin, primarily. Jhin normally has to wait until 3 or 4 items before he's nuking people with random one-off autos, and Draven.....well, he already does this from an early point, but I don't exactly view him as a pinnacle of League's game design.
: I recall a champion designer explained exactly this when they released Camille, when it comes to melee carries it's entirely intentional. The short version is melee kits with simple mechanics ala Tryndamere become hyper binary and nigh impossible to balance. Intentionally overloading a kit gives rioters more levers to pull and allows more avenues for success and failure, avoiding the hyper binary nature of older generation melee champions. Also you've got to be fair, not _every_ new release is overloaded and overcomplicated. Galio and Urgot are recent-ish reworks that are pretty simple. Xayah is _really_ plain if we don't count Rakan. Hell, even champions like Jhin who have literal paragraphs to explain their mechanics are actually really simple from a gameplay perspective.
The resets also aren't as insane as the trailer makes it look; the last two clips have her dashing several times per target because she kills them with the dash in addition to using her marks. In reality, she gets two(?) marks at max on a single target (didn't see the counter mark anyone), one of which requires an ult. That's somewhere between Kled and Yasuo, leaning towards Kled.
: That was a good change.
I agree. Unlike the last time they obliterated vision, which was the removal of the upgraded yellow trinket we had back in S4(?), Tracker's Knife was legitimately game-warping at a competitive level. Every single jungler took it by the end. I'd rather junglers _not_ be balanced around having a sightstone.
: and this is news to anyone how? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} i played old nidalee as nidalee has been my main since day one.. and day in was in season 3... and her rework was in season 4. lets do a quick comparison (also keeping in mind at {{champion:76}} was a laner until mid season 5) Nid's Q goes in a stright line FROM her... no weird ass freaky angles.. you keep trask of her and the spear cant come from anywhere but her as long as somthing is in front of you.. you're good zoe projectile can change trajectory she can cast it sideways to go around minions. {{champion:76}} spear is single target.. {{champion:142}} Q has a small aoe... {{champion:142}} has a hard cc.... and outside of {{champion:90}} ulti, the best hard cc in the game. nidalee has a heal... ok cool she can keep her life up if she has mana... which she wont have if she is throwing spears and missing them nidalee has pounce.. ACTUALLY she donest until lvl 6, seeing as we are talking pre-rework nidalee. so nidalee didnt have any easier time doding anything until then either at which time zoe also has her dodge skill. zoe has a RNG auto-win lane mechanic becuase of her W. nidalee W placed a visible trap that cut armor and magic resist by a %, which could be proced by minions (so u cant block off a turrent like {{champion:51}} traps can becuase they would proc on the minions), so unless then enemy choose to walk on it.. it didn't help.. in lane it was more used for spotting ganks. nidalee was rework becuase her hit was deemed "toxic" to face. becuase she never really used kitty form as there was no need.. so she sat back at max range and threw spears at you while building {{item:3040}} (her new kit is also INSANELY more fun, and has very clear counterplay) zoe is EVERYTHING bad about old nidalee on steroids.. its like they went and took old nidalee and were like.. "ok.. this was toxic... but how could we make it WORSE??"
It _is_ fair to say that old Nid was considerably safer than Zoe. At at the very least, it took less skill to play safe as old Nid than it does with Zoe. Both get escape tools at Lvl6 (Zoe ult back + E, Nid pounce) but Nid's is easier to use and probably more effective. Nid also got sustain, and while it was taxing on your mana Zoe's got jack in that regard. Plus Zoe has to be within 800 range to use her Q, if only briefly. But outside of safety you're right. The old nukespear and Zoe Q do comparable damage (spear had ~150 higher base damage, Zoe Q has +2.5% higher scaling) but once you throw in Zoe E she surpasses the spear easily. Cooldown on both Qs is similar as well. Old Nid also had no waveclear, whereas Zoe has solidly mid-tier waveclear. Don't even start me on her W. I'm honestly baffled this champion made it past concepting. At this rate they're gonna announce a champion with 85% death timer reduction, old Rek ult and a 2.0 AP suicide move.
Barkley (NA)
: Holy hell... I thought Gold was toxic...
Guess you didn't know about smurf matchmaking. You're not playing against actual new players, most of the time. You're playing against smurfs, which would imply a large number of perma'd players. Actual new players and smurfs basically have their own queues, something the game determines within your first two or three games. So no, this isn't what total noobs have to go through.....although that isn't amazing either.
saltran (EUW)
: Dear Boards, which ADC dou you want to be meta?
{{champion:22}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:115}} is the dream meta.
: Yeah, I play mages and the runes are fine. The only thing I dislike with them is the lack of variety, but Riot has mentioned something about possibly adding more keystones in the future?
Riot's already working on a 4th keystone in Resolve for juggernauts and other tanky bruisers. We'll probably end up with 4 keystones in every tree (plus 12 minor runes) by S9 like what happened in Preseason 6 with the last rune system.
: Why was sorcery runes nerfed when mages already have the worst runes?
Mages have the worst runes? I want whatever drugs you're on. I haven't felt this strong on midlane mages in two years. The only two non-mage champs in the top 10 mid winrates are Katerina (getting nerfed) and Jayce (getting nerfed and his items are getting nerfed). Sorcery has the best secondary runes in the game, Comet is serviceable (despite what Boards would like you to think) and never mind that people haven't really caught on to the BS that is Unsealed Spellbook 40% summoner CDR. Seriously, I might actually leave my exile in jungle and come back to my old mains this season. And don't bullshit me that "oh ADCs ruined it". The best user of Sorcery is Xerath, whose entire job is make ADCs regret life. Poke mages and AD casters are what got Sorc nerfed.
: they were effectively an IP sink before too though. you'd buy random champ shards and disenchant until you had enough to unlock the mastery. so its a change that's really just in peoples heads
Just in peoples' heads or not, it feels fucking _awful_. TBH I always hated the idea of Mastery 6 and 7 costing BE at all and this just made it worse.
DeusVult (NA)
: Juggernauts are not "problem children" They are low elo pusbstomping champs. Because any time that they have a decent power budget, they crush anyone who doesnt know how to kite them, but instead runs into them over and over again. Yet, no matter how strong a juggernaut is, they fall short in high elo play (well at least "higher" its hard to take a juggernaut into even platinum and do well.) because people just poke them down, and avoid them when they are strong.
>Juggernauts are not "problem children" They are low elo pusbstomping champs. Juggernauts are problem children _because_ they stomp low ELO while sucking in high ELO.
Th3Huf0n (EUNE)
: Is Jhin going to get any compensation for new runes?
Jhin's winrate tanked because people are still taking Fleet Footwork. His builds with Meteor / Precision have a nearly 52% winrate and Aery / Precision is almost at 55%. He's fine.
: All I am going to say is Fleet is most definitely not a terrible rune. I don't play Jhin, but it's a very safe ADC rune for who I play.
It's terrible when compared to old Warlord's, which scaled far better with bonus AD and would also scale with crits (so naturally it was great on Jhin). Also, Precision gives AS passively while Jhin wants AD.
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: he did say he has a 33% win rate also it took me about 7 games to go from 30 to 31 with two daily xp rewards.
Took me 10 games with an 80% winrate and 2 first wins. Got 2 450s and a 3150 for a total of around 800 essence. Fuck that.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Yeah, I am now silver III and I notice silver I and silver II players play much better than gold V players.
Once you get to G5 it's incredibly hard to drop down. So if someone got some super lucky streak or their main was hidden OP for a patch they could get there while not actually being that good. A friend of mine had this happen in S6 when he had an insane win streak on Fizz for a few days, and then he was hardstuck. Also there's probably some people like me who could probably climb to Gold but barely play ranked. I get placed around S5 every year for some idiotic reason and easily get way back to S3 or S2 every single year.
: Please... this thing: When?
Seriously how has this ugly thing survived all of the past visual updates? It should have been fixed with New SR.
: They actually are a reference to a specific Chinese story. These two comments go more into detail about why it's likely those 3 specific champs (and importantly not Shen) were chosen: [1](, [2](
As pointed out in that thread, why not give Shen the Cosmic skin and let Yi still have this one? Although tbh I'm more salty that one of these skins is wasted potential incarnate than I am about Shen. He'll get something....eventually.....I hope.
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: I'd rather have levels above 7, but make them very hard to get. Like requiring 50k mastery, 100, 250, etc. It would really let a player show off their experience with a champ VS level 7 atm where a lot of people have several.
I'd at least limit the quests and/or Mastery 8 to either 75k or 100k mastery. You don't get those kinds of numbers without rather dedicated play.
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: You forget how toxic and childish this community is young grasshopper.
"Mastery shaming is going to be a big issue" "Borders shouldn't show division because rank shaming will get worse" Never change, boards. Also the only reason Overwatch isn't more toxic than League is because it's $60, so permas tend to stick. Regardless of Overwatch though, I've never run into level shaming in Dota 2, which is _vastly_ more toxic than League from my experience and is also a free to play MOBA. Chances are, if someone yells at you for levels after this change they were going to yell at you regardless.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 8
I think the removal of DoTs affecting Kayn's passive is actually going to hurt his jungle more than you think. I've been running Kayn exclusively jungle and have been getting transforms at around 8 to 11 minutes in pretty consistently due to DFT. Before I picked up DFT, it was considerably later. Now granted, I'm much better at Kayn than I was then, but I'd still say that DFT shaves off a solid 2 or 3 minutes of waiting. Keep in mind he's hovering at a nearly perfect winrate of just below 50%. Then again I have a 70% winrate on Kayn (discounting my first four games learning him, which were losses), so maybe I'm off.
Meddler (NA)
: At present it's: IE TF Abyssal Mask Rabadon's Black Cleaver Sunfire Redemption Locket Talking about potentially swapping one of Redemption/Locket for a different (non active in part) item though.
Could one of the supp items be swapped for something that benefits both mage supports and traditional midlane mages? Maybe Liandry's, as that's an item popular with mages that don't buy Deathcap (and they're the ones really getting screwed over by this selection). Also, some on-hit champs probably need an item. Stuff like Shyv or Warwick (ok WW sometimes goes Triforce but you get the idea) don't buy any of these items. Instead of adding a new upgrade entirely, why not swap the highly situational Sunfire for the vastly more popular Dead Man's Plate?
: This is an issue over the quantity since a champ's release, not quality. And even so, some people happen to like skins that others don't. Doesn't mean they're not good. ~~Unless it's Subterranean Nautilus~~
>~~Unless it's Subterranean Nautilus~~ My duo partner is a Naut main with 125k mastery and exclusively uses that skin. After [this video]( it pretty much became the meme skin.
Spyglass (NA)
: Berzerker's requires too much uptime before it does anything at all, IMO. I don't think most ADCs will be able to afford taking it.
It'll be really good in tank metas where teamfights often last 10 to 15 seconds (or even longer) and on ADCs who just _really_ want that attack speed (Kog, Kalista).
: I think Zenthon127 was making the point that the two abilities working as intended here, i.e. Urgot R's chains being a projectile and Braum/Yasuo blocking projectiles, doesn't feel like a good interaction, as the projectile nature of the chains is, in every other case, purely cosmetic. It's the same kind of screwy situation as Yasuo previously being able to block Soraka's Q self-healing, just because the effect was being carried by a cosmetic projectile from the target to her. To a larger extent, this I think represents one of the more long-term costs of projectile blocking as a mechanic, because it means any tech you implement, including purely cosmetic effects, automatically has a gameplay component attached to it when it's in projectile form. Suddenly you have to start asking yourself what that projectile represents, and how it has to interact with projectile blocking if that so happens. In this case, this means projectile blocker champions gain the ability to double-dip on countering Urgot's ult, simply because the guaranteed kill recast is conveyed through a projectile that should normally be completely unstoppable. It technically makes sense within Riot's own tech, because the chains are a projectile, but in practice the interaction feels really bizarre and unfair.
You pretty much hit the nail on the head in terms of how I view it. When you play with / against Urgot, the chains flying out and grabbing the target is more-or-less just visual flair, not an actual projectile. The projectile is the giant spike sent out by the first cast. When I initially played him I actually thought the chains were already attached to the spike and you just reeled the target in. My personal solution would be to patch Windwall and Braum shield to not block cosmetic projectiles (Soraka, Urgot, and I wonder if Kayn passive is affected) as well as Taliyah ult and Vel W because they aren't really "projectiles" but are effects travelling across the terrain.
: Is there any specific reason why the chains themselves are coded as a projectile? I think it's relatively fine for the drill itself to be intercepted, as that's the intended gameplay, but stopping the guaranteed chain kill via projectile blocking feels like it's deriving occasionally major gameplay consequences from a tech quirk, which feels exploit-y. Wouldn't it be better if the chains simply materialized between the target and Urgot, so that this kind of weird scenario doesn't occur?
This is the real question. My first reaction to this (and the Yasuo interaction) was that it was a bug. "Intended behavior" makes it sound like it's bad code that nobody wants to fix. Also dear god get rid of QSS stopping the ult. Its ability to purge Zed ult was removed for a reason. EDIT: More context further down.
: I think OP fails to understand that camping in 2017 is more like: you die once to an early gank the next 15 minutes are you dying under tower to enemies escaping with <100hp without summoners and your jungler being so bad that they continue to farm the jungle and do nothing about pressure and inspite of this still achieving a lower CS than the enemy jungler. and this happens in nearly 100% of the "camp" scenarios. honestly I think a lot of people on the boards just do not play the game. if they did they would realize that most of the time, the ward does nothing. you have vision of the enemy jungler sitting in your bush. and your jungler will do nothing about this knowledge, and the fact that you can see them still doesn't change the fact that they are going to either zone you from CS, take your tower for first brick or just kill you for trying to play the game. or just do all 3 because camping is that strong of a tactic.
>your jungler being so bad that they continue to farm the jungle and do nothing about pressure and inspite of this still achieving a lower CS than the enemy jungler This is the worst part. I mean, I sorta get the lack of ganks if it's Shyvana or something and proper farm + counterjungling can get you 2 or 3 levels ahead, but when you're playing a gank jungler and pathing like a monkey......
: The reduction can be incremental. Ability cooldowns reduced by 8% per rank. (13% on ults). Or even a global per-level reduction. Point is: if almost everyone is getting to the CDR cap, and riot is still adding it to *more* items, then CDR no longer has a purpose. It's just something everyone gets natually as the game progresses.
Not everyone gets 40% for free. Some mages only get 30% (Morello's + Zhonyas / Banshee's), some tanks only get 20% or so, many assassins have trouble keeping _below_ 40% in items.
: Why would you go Cinder on him? He has 0 HP ratios. Plus, red smite is so much better than blue.
Not to mention Warrior is good on both forms, so you could make a tactical choice if needed.
: Are they really '3 hit passives' when they're things like Lux landing an E and an autoattack or someone not moving out of Make it Rain fast enough? I can understand the desire for 3 hit combos, but most of them are just using one or two abilities that counts as multiple hits.
Yeah, as fun as it is to get that mage autoattack TLD kill every now and then, a lot of that keystone's usage is utterly braindead. It's just a free bit of extra damage on some abilities.
: You do know that Ezreal is the worst adc in the game atm, right? That's the opposite of a strong pick.
Well, better than Jhin (RIP), but still pretty awful. Still, 5 meta ADCs is pretty unusual.
: And good riddance!
I will never mind that _thing_ being out of meta. Onetricking Shyv for a season gave me a permanent hatred for it.
: Actually {{champion:102}} isn't infinite. Capped at 12. 3 of each dragon. It doesn't go beyond that..
And that many dragons isn't even possible, the max per game is 6 due to the time limit before Elder spawns.
Meddler (NA)
: Damn, nice write up, really well put! > [{quoted}](name=Mira Arya Enthe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nbIlqoJL,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-01T18:29:11.498+0000) > >typing from a low battery phone... > Extra damn. One category that leaps to mind that could also be worth talking about is counterplay via team interactions. I think you've got some great analysis above, could expand it a bit further by looking more at non 1v1 interactions as well.
>One category that leaps to mind that could also be worth talking about is counterplay via team interactions. It's been a few hours, but I'll jump in. I see team-based counterplay in two areas. First, champions that have mechanical counterplay to them, but counterplay that isn't abuseable by most champions they face in lane. Take midlane assassins: extremely weak to tanks and massive amounts of CC. Well, the enemy mage certainly isn't a tank and their CC is usually pretty unreliable against mobility, but the jungle tank or the support could be of use. This also applies to "hard counter" matchups if another champion on your team is better at dealing with your lane opponent than you are. I don't find this to be a huge issue because champs with this counterplay also generally have other counterplay to them (TY assassin update), outside of a few bad cases (namely when a champion has 2 or fewer true counters like Cho / LB / Azir at their primes). Then there's what I like to call splitpush counterplay. Basically, duelists who effectively nobody can deal with so you need two or more people every time. Nasus, Trynd, Jax, Fiora, etc. Personally, I feel that if this is the main (or god forbid, the _only_) way to deal with a champion, they're fundamentally broken. Fiora is by far the worst in this regard since the others at least have some specific counters even into lategame while she just......doesn't. Not a single champ really counters late-game Fiora in a fight from what I can tell. _Not even one._ And that's where I feel problems come in. TL;DR: Teamplay counterplay is fine as long as it's not your primary or only option. Usually, the alternative option is counterpicking, and when that falls out the window you get the super-unhealthy infinite splitpush champs and "win lane win game" BS.
: A Question. For all of boards.
For reference, my perspective is from that of someone who's mained Xerath (S4, S5), Shyvana (S6), and Kled (S7), along with some Sona, Veigar and reworked Warwick on the side. Ivern and Janna are just kinda _there_ most of the time. I feel like they largely owe their winrate to the popularity of assassins and divers, which they crush, and Ivern gets a boost from guaranteeing that a team will actually have a support (which is increasingly rare now thanks to "support" mages like Zyra / Brand). That said, on Kled and Shyv especially, Janna is pure hell. I'd argue that Shyv vs. Janna is the second least fun matchup I've ever played, the worst being Xerath vs. S4 LB (when she had her silence and stupid damage). You actually cannot do _anything_. Her abuse cases are so insanely bad that I'd say she needs a rework. Ahri has a good winrate because she has an absurd amount of mains and she doesn't get wiped out by any jungler that decides to show up. I mean, aside from that there's nothing particularly scary about her. Her damage and laning are.....alright, I guess. Squishies can dodge the charm to remove a lot of her kill pressure and anything mildly tanky can practically ignore her as long as you avoid the second hit of her Q I've never actually had any issues dealing with Lucian either, I just hate him because any time he's meta he gets a 40% playrate and having to play against the same champion every single game is really boring. But as for his kit, there aren't any real issues. Lee is far worse in this regard since he's an early-game ganking jungler and I despise that playstyle.
: Who's more OP alone ?
Xayah, easily. Both of them are great in teamfights but Rakan's early levels are absolute garbage, while Xayah can at least hold off aggression until she hits her crazy midgame. Rakan is also drastically harder to play.
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: Seems odd to have it separate from the recorded lines. What purpose does it serve?
There's a massive bank of wood cracking sounds that get randomly used with every voice line. Basically, every line he says will sound slightly different.
Paquay (NA)
: Thanks for all the info. So basically, similar scripts would work for most all other champions but due to travel time or whatnot, aren't nearly as effective since they can still be dodged or reacted to? What a huge bummer for Xerath players.
Yeah, it's a real shame, because otherwise Xerath is one of the most skill-dependent champions in the game. His power directly scales with your skillshot accuracy. In some respects an actual Xerath main can be scarier than a scripter because scripts can't snipe you from fog of war. This bug has nothing to do with Xerath's kit, though. Anivia had a similar bug a while ago iirc.
: As a general support main, it upsets me that you are upset by Xearath support. XD
It's not bad, but definitely not optimal by any means because his main form of support, Q poke, usually pushes the wave. In addition, he's probably one of the worst mages for protecting his ADC. I've seen it work, but I wouldn't take it into ranked as more than a niche pick.
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