: Editing Runes and Masteries in Web Page/Mobile App
Personally think if they added this to there chat app it would help as well
Nazosi (NA)
: Elementalist Lux Icons
I would say for her base 1st elements she can true into having different splashes would be nice
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: I don't know if I'm the only one but I would totally have chosen the D model for Snowday Syndra
Will agree C or D I like over the current model, but mainly the splash art for her made me go eh on her model I think if you take a bit from each drawing together you could make a cool skin
: DJ Sona Q&A [CLOSED]
When making the concept of DJ Sona, why did you add the visor to her? Some fans have been mostly talking about it.
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
I would like to see more Officer skins, a Harley Quinn like skin for Jinx, more pool party skins would be awesome, Outcast Shyvana, and/or Chinese Shyvana or Warring Kingdoms Shyvana


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