: First time posting about Ping Spiking issue
get a better router / wireless antennae? outside of upgrading what your using to maintain the signal between your computer and the internet your boned?
Jalesom (NA)
: Bounty System - how does it promote comebacks?
the bounty system itself is heavily flawed. I believe that you may be on to something with suggesting they become player specific but the current system is complete ass. I had a game where the enemy 4/0 had no bounty while my teams 4/0 had a bounty on them. which shows how screwed the system is in actuality. The way its supposed to work is based on gold leads (i think) but TBH i have no clue what the point of the bounty system is trying to do in its current iteration other than give out random chunks of gold
: Hitboxes have three sizes: {{champion:150}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:111}} Skillshots hit edge-to-edge while auto-attacks hit point-to-point... ...but what the hell is Pyke's hitbox then?
> [{quoted}](name=Tristana is Mine,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jeJ8M6fB,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-05-11T14:52:50.201+0000) > > Hitboxes have three sizes: > {{champion:150}} > {{champion:55}} > {{champion:111}} > > Skillshots hit edge-to-edge while auto-attacks hit point-to-point... > ...but what the hell is Pyke's hitbox then? you forgot about {{champion:31}} hes a special case where his hit box grows
: How do I have fun with Zoe without 100-25'ing people?
weave in auto attacks and build a lich bane? Now your passive procs as well as your lich bane whenever you cast a spell?
: I'd like to have my completely unfair games removed
tough luck, Riot has deemed that to advance to gold in this game you must win 3/5ths of your promos. Even though a more fluid system that ranks players based on their MMR instead of having 5 competent team mates for 3 of the next 5 games would probably feel better as a whole you can not have such a thing. Riot has deemed that their promo series is perfectly fine.
sutora3 (EUNE)
: reminder you should vote for fiddlesticks to get reworked
but fear and silence birbs are love. How could you get rid of those iconic abilities. get rid of the boring stand still drain imho
: Giving up on League - Matched with TRASH TOO OFTEN.
we got the new woo-iron tier, what are you talking about?
nelogis (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bBBuy5mR,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-10T13:03:33.571+0000) > > Because you're going by number of abilities, not actual worth. > > Aatrox's Q you never really had to land, it was mostly just used to be roughly in range of the opponent and landing the knockup was a nice bonus, and E wasn't really a huge combat thing - it was mostly just some poke and waveclear, and the times you *did* use it in combat you were already in too close of range for it to actually be dodged. W was, by *far*, the biggest part of his kit. So your new definition of stat check is "if the STRONGEST part of a champion has 0 mechanical counterplay" In Aatrox case that would be W so an auto attack enhancer, essentially making his autos the stongest part of his kit. In which case wouldn't that throw 70% of the entire ADC roster in the "stat check" box? For how I see it, their autos are the strongest part of their kits and those can't be mechanically counterplayed. Edit: Or basically any auto attack based champion
> [{quoted}](name=nelogis,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bBBuy5mR,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-10T13:09:51.806+0000) > > So your new definition of stat check is > "if the STRONGEST part of a champion has 0 mechanical counterplay" > > In Aatrox case that would be W so an auto attack enhancer, essentially making his autos the stongest part of his kit. > > In which case wouldn't that throw 70% of the entire ADC roster in the "stat check" box? > > For how I see it, their autos are the strongest part of their kits and those can't be mechanically counterplayed. > > Edit: Or basically any auto attack based champion you deserve upvotes because your correct. pity the boards will bury you.
: I'm using a Dial-up connection
Call your ISP and DEMAND that they relocate you and your family to a place where real internet exists.
TZZxdd (EUW)
: Do you guys think we need a 64-bit client?
insert SMALL INDY GAME COMPANY meme here Id settle for the old client honestly. It was just as janky as the 'new' one but at least I could watch diamond+ games on the fly without having to use a third party application like twitch. Not to mention that the new client isn't even that pretty looking to begin with.
Kuponya (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Ecdysiast,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=VbqUbdHq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-10T05:20:53.362+0000) > > That's because they cut the orange essence amount to 1/3rd the original without announcing it nor making shards more available. They straight-up fucked us. No. Don't spread false information. OE disenchant was reduce to approx 33% of the skin value to 20%. This change followed a change that removed ALL champion shards from appearing in hextech chests and therefore was necessary to balance out the odds. Along with that, there have already been generous changes to loot drops. If you want something so bad, pay for it rather than complain about the FREE goods you get
IDK why your getting downvoted as much. Maybe because your wrong as well? We can fix that though Hextech chests STILL drop champion shards Masterwork Chests are the ones without the champion shard drop. A compiled list of what you get % wise per chest and all the other crafting system goodies is here https://www.chiboost.net/drop-rates-in-hextech-crafting/ On this note please remember there are over 800 champion skins and climbing so the odds of you getting that Pulsefire Ezreal skin on the cheap/free are pretty small. On that note OE conversion rate was last nuked from orbit around the IP to BE change. Which was a little more than a year ago. It was to address the fact that OE was now going to be able to be used on more s.w.a.g. as well as bolster their profit margins when people use the crafting system. It is quite obvious to extrapolate that from this post here https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/fRZopjhE-bring-back-the-old-value-of-orange-disenchant-riot?comment=0009 or if you use more than two brain cells when you decide what your spending cash on Now that everything has been corrected I will agree with your comment on how people shouldn't complain about any free stuff though and to instead spend money on the skins you want and use the crafting system as an auxiliary method of getting pretty colors. TLDR - The loot box system is predatory just like all the other ones unless you were able to sell your soul or something to demons/gods/ect for incredible luck. Do what every other (sane?) person does and buy what you want unless its not worth it and treat the lootbox system for what it is.
: Can Katarina dodge Karthus Ult with "E"????
Kat has no I frames with her blink . The only champions who get them that i can think of are Zed and Shaco when they use their R. I can't think of any champs who get them offhand though. Maybe Fizz? I am pretty sure he can die mid troll pole via shenanigans like ignite though. Your only recourse as Kat is to buy Stopwatch effects or have a lucky banshee's veil passive up for it *shrug*
SSmotzer (NA)
: [Rework Concept] Karma, the Spirit of Ionia
TLDR - Your still giving Karma too many generic power options though in utility that she really can't afford to have because then she will still suffer the issues currently plaguing her, shes currently a generic utility mage with a singular source of legitimate damage that has minimal means of skill expression while being able to crank out 100% for both her healing and damage. She is currently bland but what has already imagined for her could be SO MUCH MORE if Riot actually decided to do something with it. Without adding a bunch of new mechanics that will bloat her kit and stick her on the ban list till shes shit. On that note ill go more in depth Your changes to karma do nothing but grant her more means of dealing damage while also being able to crank out the same utility she currently can without any real drawbacks to dealing damage. This means to balance your version you would have to give up the base values of her abilities and make them feel very unrewarding to use while also going way too far in the buffing direction than necessary. R would most likely have to be a level 6 option instead of being available at level 1 like current as well. Currently IMHO Karma's kit suffers from damage overload on Q to allow her to do any kind of competing in mid lane with how her kit is currently designed. She is supposed to be a battle/support mage which means shes going to be often peeling for the back line while also trying to hide behind your front liners. Currently she has the bulk of her damage tossed on her Q (not a good thing, we have seen how this is a bad idea for balance due to Zoe) Instead of your idea (which is to take her current form and add a bunch of stuff to it) i think taking whats there already lore and abilities she has/had and presenting it in a new way that has high / low power points and trade offs would be healthier while still feeling good to play as a whole. Your idea of having about having her past lives come to life for vengeance / aggression while unique, sort of feels more like something that belongs on a shadow isles champion and not Ionia (shadow islands support anyone?). Its really unique and I like it but I think a new champion would benefit from that idea more. I personally don't see a problem with reworking Karma again, but I think your addition to the thematics of Karma, while novel and new still leaves her as feeling sort of generic with her utility. In your current setup she has the following utility / damage built into her buttons. Passive - Autos reduce CDs, ATK speed increases when Karma or allies near Karma have their HP drop below 20% Q - damage, aoe light snare RQ - damage, strong aoe snare, minor aoe heal W(E) - Root, reveal RW(E) - Stronger Root, strong self heal, reveal W(F) - attack speed boost, extra free autos RW(F) - aoe adaptive damage, attack speed boost, TONS of potential extra free autos E - shield, MS boost on target (targeted locket+reverie) RE - AOE shield, MS boost (baby locket+reverie) that spawns from a targeted area This is a lot of power and SHOULD be trimmed in some way You have not looked at or discussed the downsides of any ability and I honestly think you should also try and think how interacting with and playing as Karma with your changes look. You just cant toss a bunch of new damage options at a utility champion and call it better or a rework. Your changes are nice and unique but you also have to look at what the champion currently does and really think about power budgeting when reworking a champion
Wyrin (NA)
: Re: Mythos, The Haunted Scholar (Abilities/Playstyle)
You do realize you gave this guy 1 teleport with a reset and three dashes with no legitimate CD between them in addition to two forms of CC as an assassin right? This champs design is a little over the top as an assassin. (too much target access, while having CC) Changing him into a fighter (more durable 1v1 styled) would be better if you dont want to trim some of what this guy does down. plus removing the 3 movement ping requirement and making it either a champion targeted or area targeted dash would make that ult feel better as a whol. Especially considering that theres tons of players who issue lots and lots of move pings. (i like to click things) Also what type of resource is this guy going to use to be his 'limiting' factor? Since your saying hes a magey guy i would assume mana but lets be honest, Garen can call magical swords from the sky to nuke people. Mana as a resource factor has more in meaning that he can only sustain the least amount in comparison to the other two resource mechanics (energy and only CD based) Not to mention what his build path is going to be. Is he AD focused? does he want to build Nashor's tooth and go AP on hit? What will his damage spikes be centered around? The fact that this guy with your current iteration would probably be the most generically mobile assassin in league while also packing CC is honestly the only real issue i have with it though. I like that he had the CC gated via auto attack requirements. But I feel hes WAY too mobile to even qualify to have CC. Also your probably going to run into fluidity issues with how the current kit works from an assassin standpoint. I think you want to poke with your abilities while using the port to hard trade. cleaning this up a bit would help tons for his readability and giving players a means to react to how your champion is playing. I would recommend two do one of two things with him to shift him more into a bruiser or more into an assassin. as an assassin something along these lines would probably be best He would be melee, abilities would be mid ranged, mana based champion Passive - spell hit grants a buff that empowers Mythos' next AA on champions and refunds a % of his missing HP and MP (lets you set up the whole dive/trade thematic in a clearer manor while also offering a means of sustain for trading purposes since hes melee) the buff can potentially stack and will be consumed 1 at a time or all at once based on how his trades feel. Q - remove fear from this and make it his means of last hit securing, wave clear and poke W - reduce the damage it does to minions, remove targeted blind, have this grant an invis to Mythos for 1.5 seconds instead to grant the stealth flavor you want while also ensuring an easy to access dusk blade effect. Remove grievous wounds this guy does melee damage and can buy it for 800 gold if he needs it (and he shouldnt need it) E - remove jinx passive, remove reset. Make area targeted and add damage to the teleport in an area (think the guy gates in and opening said gate causes a bit of a bang) R - make this targeted on enemies (dashes to targeted enemy), will consume passive then apply passive on said target. Make sure to have this be windowed in a similar fashion to Ahri R as well. This allows Mythos to stick to enemies and make sure the grey screen is delivered. something like this would probably be healthier as a whole considering the current game state. When you design champions always think how you would feel If you were playing against it. How you would trade vs how you can be traded against. It can help tons on upping your champ design focus and give you tons of insight on how the champion should and should not function. If you were to consider making him more like a fighter on the other hand (the warrior/poet type) i would suggest this instead Passive - auto attacks proc a debuff on champions that is consumed when hit by Mythos' spells In addition to whatever empowered ability effect Mythos also regains a % of max hp/mana Q - remove fear, have passive consumption be a slow W - remove blind, instead have this increase the amount of damage the DoT does. E - remove reset passive, remove jinx passive, Make enemy unit targeted, Aoe damage. Consumption of any Mythos debuffs will be a stun for 2 seconds. R - Grant two charges of dashes that can be targeted in an area. anything Mythos targets or passes through will take x damage Something like this would sacrifice your stealth play but also make him a much better overall magic based fighter. This is mainly because fighters need to have some type of sustain or damage reduction to survive the death ball known as a teamfight.
: Karma
What your proposing I believe is pretty unique but will run into some difficulties as a whole. By removing her current flexibility on R and instead changing it into something like a decided ultimate you sort of gib her playability unless you fudge her numbers everywhere. This is because current Karma literally has two damaging abilities (one being cc and healing which reduces the damage on it already) you would thusly force her to into Q incarnation first just to let her trade / poke / skirmish and be effective. I think that type of kit change would feel bad to current players for what can easily be perceived as little reward. (you gut the bombastic early q poke for what now? challenge? your nuts!) because of this your change feels like a band aid to her current problems By making the changes you suggest I feel that while adding a 'skill' requirement of having foresight on what ability to empower when by hard locking R it will on the whole cause the player base to default to buffing her Q. The reason for this is that at all times damage is quite literally the best form of CC. The grey screen stops the enemy player in the team fight better than any root or snare can. Lets also not to forget that outside or RQ she currently has no other forms of decent burst damage. This will quite literally force the Q to be the default unless her W and E incarnations stack in addition to Q. Which from what I am seeing see with your description of shifting them does not. If you want players to shift between these avatars you would have to make the W and E avatars instantly switch (which is pointless because that's what R already does) or have a cast time. (which again makes it feel like your trying to break her current flexibility without giving her anything for it) The flexibility that she has now is all incorporated into her current power budget and when you add limitations you would also free up power space that if left unfilled would just tank Karma's win % (bad). If she isnt given real damage outside of her Q the other incarnations would in turn have to be more overbearing than the Q avatar is. This would in turn make players want to avoid taking the avatar Q to begin with. Which is counterproductive to what your trying to do. Give karma high and low points while maintaining some variance for skill. That is in turn kinda really bad by design and would most likely feel like complete garbage when you play with it. Instead, I believe the best route to 'fixing' Karma is just simply altering her base kit in a few minor ways like this example. Q : no change outside of increase base damage and snare removal RQ : area skill shot (remove delayed damage pop and snare, add delayed healing to those standing in area) W : same as current with increased root duration + damage RW : Target friendly, increase move speed of tethered and grant one of the following : clear roots/snares or tenacity E : shield no comments obviously RE : buffed shield with increased duration that when expires or breaks explodes for damage R : CD evaluated (most likely reduced) due to current passive being changes because its garbage and dosnt function with whole kit Passive : change to make auto attacks grant buff that buffs the next ability cast (stacks can only be consumed 1 at a time if it stacks). This would reward karma players who do more than poke with a random q and burn RQ on CD plus be unique in that champions currently get spell blade effects (ability then empowers auto) where this would be the opposite (who loves flavor) Something like this mockup would in turn give karma more definition in what she does because it removes all of the blanket abilities she currently has. I mean come on she literally has a reverie and a locket built into her kit currently (RE). How in the hell is that a good / balanced idea? Something like this mockup would in turn limit her ability to add generic help and will force her to target who she wants to give what. This increases skill requirements and trim quite a bit of excess fat her kit clearly has that makes her currently so damn generic. It would also give her more weaknesses as a whole since she has 1 CC ability (w) that you can chose to use as a get out of jail free card. While also allowing her to be more offensive instead of a shield bot come team fights
: Dunkmaster Ivern?
Am I the only person that was a bit disappointed that Daisy wasn't in cheerleader garb? I mean how could you not imagine Daisy with pom poms beating fools down?
: Tank fizz, do you want tank fizz? Because that's how you get tank fizz.
> [{quoted}](name=Serika Zero,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0MMuw5b2,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-03-19T08:33:43.952+0000) > > Tank fizz, do you want tank fizz? > Because that's how you get tank fizz. You get tank fizz when he does enough damage in his BASE KIT to successfully do his job (grey screen priority enemies). That has NOTHING to do with tank itemization and EVERYTHING to do with champion kit damage being out of line. Last time I checked to fix tank Fizz, Ekko, and Akali they shifted a bunch of his base ability damage scaling to the AP scaling modifier so all of a sudden to do the job as intended you HAVE to build damage items to do damage. Its really not rocket science here.
Emo Twink (OCE)
: Morgana vs Kayle Bias with Skin Effects
all they have to do is make little gingerbread men rise from the purple death and ill be happy
FzG VampQ (EUNE)
: +14 per win -23 per lose
Thanks to the relatively soft MMR reset Riot's MMR system has arbitrarily pinned your MMR as belonging slightly behind where your currently ranked. This means that in order to climb properly you need to win 60% of your games. If you don't intend to climb further just accept that as long as you continue to win 50% of your games you'll be ranked slightly lower than where you are now. I believe the fastest way to jump or drop your MMR currently is to tank / dominate your games in a row in order to get the system to jump your pinned MMR closer to where you actually belong
Moody P (NA)
: Because better tank item efficiency means that nontanks will use the items better. The correct solution is to make them cheaper again to rebalance the equilibrium of tanks having cheaper but weaker power spikes and eventually being scaled out by more expensive builders.
> [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0MMuw5b2,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2019-03-18T20:42:24.667+0000) > > Because better tank item efficiency means that nontanks will use the items better. > > The correct solution is to make them cheaper again to rebalance the equilibrium of tanks having cheaper but weaker power spikes and eventually being scaled out by more expensive builders. Improving tank item efficiency will most likely not have what your considering occur because of how well DPS items currently scale. Sure we may see outliers here and there where it may become good to do so based on the game state but on that same notion that is why the item shop does not already currently limit who can buy what outside of a few items that state they are melee only or have stack multipliers numbers altered if your attacking from melee range. By completely removing these fringe cases of players building tank items your better off just only giving each champion a set of gear that is unique and balanced for the champion's expected role, which would absolutely kill many players' desire to bother / theory craft / test itemization in the first place. I said to make them more efficient, I said to touch numbers and last I checked gold cost is what is looked at during cost efficiency and in turn is a number. The most likely best way to honestly fix the problem of damage soaks feeling shittier for players in comparison to bruisers is somewhere in between buffing end result defensive modifiers and altering the total cost per item. So thanks for agreeing with me in that gold efficiency should be increased I guess?
Moody P (NA)
: I hope CertainlyT reworks Volibear
i hope if CT gets to do the gameplay design and then someone like Ez leads it. those two did the WW rework and that was really good
Moody P (NA)
: Tank items don't need to be stronger.
> [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0MMuw5b2,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-03-18T18:33:21.903+0000) > > Tank items don't need to be stronger. Give me a reason as to why increasing the tank item gold efficiency from the 80ish % it is now to say 85-90% wouldn't be the better option from a business perspective to solve the problems you claim are effecting tanks? Its not normally the tank items themselves that provide the problem when we see degenerate tank builds, its often that a class that isn't supposed to build tank items magically gets enough base damage that building anything other than tank items is pointless.
: Following up about tipping your delivery driver/waiter.
> [{quoted}](name=Lush Father,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AFGfUTZm,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-18T17:36:36.714+0000) > People who deliver to your house pay out of pocket for gas and typically make less money hourly than they do in the store. They also have to repair their cars more often, I on average spend 10-15 dollars in gas a day driving an 03 Taurus that gets 30 MPG. > If i remember correctly delivery drivers also get to claim repairs, insurance, gas and a bunch of other stuff involved with the job on their tax returns which should offset some of that loss. I believe those things are written off as a loss during income tax filing so that's something to look forward to when you file (save your receipts and track your mileage and all that stuff). It should not be the customers job to ensure that you get paid a reasonable rate that's between you and the business. Instead of bitching in a forum that your job fails to pay you right. Complain to those who can legitimately make a difference in that department - your legislature and your employer instead of on the forum. last I checked as long as you don't make something like 7.25 an hour minimum during your workweek your job is supposed to give you money to offset that and prevent a total loss.
Moody P (NA)
: tanks are bad because of gold acceleration
or you can boost early tank item efficiency and fix the problem by touching item numbers instead of adjusting game mechanics. Reducing Ambient gold will only delay the inevitable anyway and i think tweaking some defense numbers on items is way easier to test than fiddling with gold generation mechanics without just scrapping all of them. On that same note you need to remember that generating gold is 'fun' to the player and feels rewarding. Making the changes your suggesting would remove that aspect of 'fun' while fiddling with tank item gold efficiency will just make tank items better and improve the tank classes as a whole.
: What was the point of the ap item changes in 8.4?
Its because they gave all the ap items all the stats to keep up with the AD itemization increases. It also allowed mage 'power curves' to progress in a more smooth way (since you now usually run around with 40% CDR WAY easier than before). I liked the idea they had where it felt like they were TRYING to transition AP itemization to something more diverse but couldnt think of a way to give AP champions enough ways to properly scale their damage (giving mana scalings to mages/ap tanks would give them wiggle room to create itemization diversity that the game currently and clearly lacks on the AP side) but then said to hell with it and gave all the casters all the things to make it easier on them. IMHO the only real way to fix the problem would be to give AP classes (most likely mages and ap tanks) the ryze treatment. This gives AP champions an extra way of scaling that would allow Riot to make real changes to the AP itemization to allow proper balancing via an additional balancing lever. Its really quite that simple. They expanded the AD items in this way to improve they way AD assassins built so I simply fail to understand why they would not do it with the AP items as well to fix a similar problem (item sharing across various classes). Unfortunately, to do this they would have to do a whole bunch of 'work' riot just seems less interested in doing to make the game better for players who prefer ability based champions. I'm fairly certain LoL has been put into a 'maintenance mode' where they are more interested in making maximum profit while not doing much more than number tuning to fix problems. I really don't understand their reasoning behind it but that is the impasse I have arrived at.
dalphy08 (NA)
: Make Elise's E Spell (Spider Form) more engaging/fun?
Going anywhere would be so busted. Why would you play only spider form? How do you generate spider lings since your never using her humanoid abilities? Why would you only use like a third of a champions effective skills? Why would you handicap yourself so hard? Elise's rappel is already amazing, you can literally use it to not only dodge so much nonsense and stall for time if you got jumped and help in on the way but also as a gap closer. Between her Q and E she has good sticking potential in spider form as is.
Reksee (NA)
: Ap bruiser item Concepts
I like the ideas but there are a issues. I will leave my thoughts on them below but I also believe that AP itemization is currently bloated to the heavens in its current iteration. You currently literally get everything you need on the same item these days. CDR is on the vast majority of pieces now and while that may smooth out how mage damage increases over the course of a game it also removes one of the few levers Riot had to create ability based classes as a whole. This means that AP based champions all scale off of the same stats in comparison to how the AD based ones function. This unfortunately makes creating specialized items for them much harder from a balance perspective. The root of this issue primarily stems from of how the original item pool was designed. AP was originally intended to simply increase the effect of your buttons and that's it, there was no other effective way to boost your abilities unless you were ryze (mana scaling). This can in my opinion be fixed by riot deciding to get their sh*t together and doing something to actually solve it. If that is deciding what proper AP itemization for each class of champion, meaning that each AP subclass has a primary stat focus outside of AP (CDR, Mana, Spell pen, tank stats, ect) and having them itemize accordingly while creating proper drawbacks for each class leaving their designated itemization or just making the non mage types simply scale properly off of the items already in game. Preferably I would like to see the better built itemization because that lets people play their way and potentially making fun new item sets for champs. Realistically, I really don't care because Riot has a ton of issues properly balancing as it is so as long as my AP bruisers feel like they should want to go in and beat face while doing a mix of spell damage and melee attacks its all gravy as long as they scale like they should. Freljordian Shield Previously Riot has decided that passive auras are no good (for clarity's sake) and they stated that they will no longer make aura based items like this. Hell we saw a giant {{champion:37}} rework while {{item:3110}} is barely effective now because of this same thing. In addition Riot also removed Abyssal Scepter (provided AP and MR with a pen effect) so I highly doubt the permafrost prison, while an interesting idea, would ever make it to live as is. Not to mention that we currently already also have {{item:3116}} and {{item:3022}} which aim to function in a similar manner (slow enemies to allow chase/peel). Changing it to become something that's a bit more unique may be a better option. An active ability (with cool frozen particles effects surrounding the champion) that lasts for x seconds slowing all enemies in it by y% or something along those lines might be a better fit for what you want (more chase/peel when needed). By removing the passive always on your item has would give you more high/low points to work around and I think would fit better thematically with a durable AP based champion. I think the item may also have an issue with too many good stuff stats on it for its cost. The item give you a little bit of everything which makes it a bit boring and removes flexibility in building if your champion is (why SHOULDN'T I build this???). CDR most likely should be removed and the {{item:3067}} swapped with {{item:1011}}. Bandle Shield This feels like its supposed to be the AP version of {{item:3068}}. I like that it sort of is because it gives melee based champs a means to defend better against stuff like {{champion:127}} while in top lane. This item also feels bit stat bloated in that it literally provides everything a tank would want in an item (ALL THE DEFENSIVE STATS). I would strongly suggest you swap the {{item:3105}} with {{item:1057}} and make it function as an AP Cape. Talisman of the Uloans It has 25 spell pen and is an alternative to {{item:3165}}. I Like the idea of having an alternative to Book but we don't need to give MORE spell pen to champions. Giving more spell pen means that most likely even with the reduced AP in comparison to book it would still be a better pick because of how strong pen is plus this then lets you eat a bit more damage. You can run into quite a few issues there when certain melee champs build it then IE tank {{champion:245}}. Since were going for a Book alternative I think instead of just giving more pen there should be a secondary passive on this alongside the base 15 spell pen. In a perfect world each class would have itemization that they would want to build
Reksee (NA)
: Item Idea
double damage 4th bullet {{champion:202}} would probably be a bit on the op side with this. Not to mention the plethora of champions with an execute based ultimate. {{champion:81}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:555}} Ect. On the whole any type of item that buffs/debuffs damage by a large margin (%) is not very healthy for overall game play. Hence why they removed death fire grasp.
Audhulma (NA)
: Yeah it's the typical media run around, what exactly where you expecting though? Could've been worse honestly, given that it was another Kotaku article. If it bothers you that much though, make a single picture containing all of this crap and the rest of the facts they conveniently left out, upload it to a site like imgur, and post it in the comments section. Don't try to argue in the comments section itself, just say "here's the rest of the stuff not mentioned, or dyed in a more favorable light in the article." Will they remove it? Probably. At the very least you'll probably be attacked by a few people in support of his actions. Something to consider though: They clearly wrote it in a way that wouldn't be so damning to his future career prospects, which I don't think is fundamentally a problem because at that point it's just a case of people being overly spiteful. If he grows the hell up as a person because of all this, I don't think it's fair for people to try to smear his name so badly that he can't find a job in the future. Just like if a person is sent to prison for thievery and is properly rehabilitated, should that one incident keep them from ever finding legitimate success in life again?
> [{quoted}](name=Audhulma,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=at08Tvre,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-09-08T04:03:40.029+0000) > Just like if a person is sent to prison for thievery and is properly rehabilitated, should that one incident keep them from ever finding legitimate success in life again? Unfortunately it does hinder them immensely unless you are able to get the crime expunged. Every company can request to do a background check on you for hiring purposes (most do) and this background check will show said record. Someone I know had a drug problem and decided that theft was the best way to get their fix. They got caught and served 10 years in prison (illegal drugs in their car along side being high and threatening to shoot the cops with a cell phone wasn't their best idea no shit they had a standoff until a cop realized the they lacked a real weapon and was clearly soaring through the sky) Currently they have cleaned up their life but have to rely on a combination of social programs and personal connections with former employers / family / friends vouching for them in order to stay afloat. Most jobs offered honestly pay shit but are done because needs. They go through this because of their former life decisions that led to their criminal record. Comparing sheer stupidity to legitimate crime is a bit extreme but in today's every action is now held accountable due to the information age being what it is. This will only become more apparent to the general populace as time progresses (knowing that everything i post on Social media can and most likely will be stored somewhere and catalogued terrifies me because those words effectively can't be forgotten/unsaid). 'News' articles or whatever they wanna call themselves these days obscuring the facts due to bias is just bad for everyone as a whole. Companies may hire people that are described one way and get handed something that's equivalent to a turd and the public as a whole will further have difficulties understanding an event properly and will draw improper conclusions based on half truths. (I miss old news integrity)
: I'm 50/50 honestly. 50% im happy because the guy was a piece of shit and deserves everything bad to happen to him. 50% im sad because, come on people, a man lost his job. What if he's got a family and the job was putting food on his family's table.
> [{quoted}](name=The Spicy Crit,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NRsaEyys,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2018-09-08T13:05:53.122+0000) > > > 50% im sad because, come on people, a man lost his job. What if he's got a family and the job was putting food on his family's table. We have social programs in the US like unemployment for a reason you know... All things considered its quite possible that he can file for it and receive it. If the man was well liked at the company Riot wont bother fighting his application. Hell they may not bother even if they don't like him. I know of quite a few places where friends/self/associates have gotten booted because of ass-hattery and they were handed benefits because the companies didn't wanna be bothered (wasn't worth it to them / potential judge list would have cleared the unemployment anyway). If he receives the benefits it wont pay 100% of what he was making while working but it will give him enough time and some extra funding to help keep him a float until he lands a new equal paying job or restructures his lifestyle to reflect his new economic standing. If he does not receive benefits then he should still have SOME money in reserve as a nest egg. He worked as a champ designer for at least 5 years (he contributed to Lucian according to the lolwiki). In addition to that its not like a champ designer for a widely successful game company who worked for said amount of time would get paid beans and HAVE to live paycheck to paycheck for so long. Do I feel some regret that someone who spoke out against sexism that was prevalent in a company was canned? Sure. BUT on that same notion I am also disgusted / disappointment with the way he handled public relations on his Social Media account due to the shit execution of the PAX fiasco. (seriously was it so hard to announce the focus BEFORE tickets were sold or just give the targeted demographic some kind of skipping the line benefit) His behavior as a whole is ultimately why I lack empathy for the guy. Every company I have worked for since social media became a thing has a whole document about how what I say on twitter/facebook/ect can reflect upon their company. Signing this (and i will because i wanna be hired) means that I acknowledge that everything I post on there can be judged as me being a mouthpiece for said company. This may be just my luck in which companies I have chosen to work for have a form like this but I wouldn't be surprised if its a standard form at this point in time.
Takazaki (NA)
: This DKZ inceddent is perfect for me
Honestly i think the issue here was twofold. The 2 : 30 room (room 613) had the following schedule 10 AM-12 PM: 1-on-1 resume review & feedback 12-3 PM: Presentations including: Art + Champions/Skins Design How to be a Producer Narrative Writing Production Careers Game Design Advanced Cosplay 3-4:30 PM: Meditation / quiet space hour (except Sunday) 4:30-6 PM: “Ask a Rito” (Stop by and chat with a Rioter) Now seeing how this is set up I know that there are binary males who would be very interested in the scheduled events prior to 2:30. The other issue is that by declaring these events as female/non-binary male only you push away people who have gone with significant others as well as those who fit into the targeted demographic and feel that your creating a safe space that is unnecessary. If these specific events were repeated in a second room or they just set up an 'priority que' system that favors the targeted demo graph, not one care would have been generated by the community about said issue. In fact they would have instead been most likely praised for their effort. The second reason for this current post storm is because of the blatant disregard that certain rioters clearly hold for the majority of their player base that can be easily perceived through their posting. What makes this different than a women's workshop is that the female/nonbinary only limitation was also only announced to be as such with extremely short notice and I'm sure some people paid for the event hoping to get access to said panels and whatnot. This isn't a we must be included issue TBH. It's a why did you deliberately exclude us without telling us in advance type thing
: When I play Kha Zix and my team feeds the enemy Rengar
What in the 9 hells is that thing? I swear if I saw that anywhere near my house I would most likely be contemplating killing it with fire.. LOTS of fire.
: A new rune for Sorcery
Free Grievous wounds AND true damage? That's really way too much on a rune. Nix them while turning it into adaptive damage and while adding some AD scaling to keep design space open for any physical based champions that uses bleeds or something. We don't really need to give AP champions an 'advantage' for a change. Fizz is an AP champion and he's disgusting. Something closer to being 'balanced' would read more like this. Damaging an enemy champion with an ability applies a burn dealing 2/4/6% (100 AP per additional % scaling and 100 Bonus AD per additional %) (Levels 1, 8, and 16) of the enemy champion's maximum health in adaptive damage per second up to 4 seconds at all ranks. (damage would be effectively capping out at around 12% on an HP bar pre-mitigation for a caster and a little worse on AD champs minus Jhin) Cool down: 35 seconds - whenever an ability damages a champion reduce this CD by 1/2/3 seconds (This is where it would favor DoT based champions. An example would be Malzahar who's dot ticks every half second if i remember right giving him 7-21 seconds off the passive meaning his E meaning every other E will proc this.) I would prefer if DoTs dealt damage every second to champions instead so I could lower the CD and possibly play with how abilities reduce the CD of the rune. I feel with something like this you would be gated in a much healthier fashion and may still even be too strong. What your proposing is something that any champ with a spammy / dot based will literally evaporate any HP bar regardless of build. The simple fact that you had to put a damage hard cap on it to keep it 'balanced' should have told you that your idea is probably disgustingly OP.
: Black Knight Tryndamere Skin
Tis but a scratch!
Kythers (NA)
: Is this what you wanted, ahri mains?
Am I the only person that thought that the lvl 14 Ahri blowing her whole kit plus ignite while missing her q and charm to delete the lvl 10 support as fine? The meta still has the damage level stuck on 11 so it really should be unsurprising. Besides that your playing Sona. Last I checked her health pool is pretty comparable to a cannon minion. <Insert random witty comment about how assassins are useless if they cant assassinate>
: Does Bilgewater have sea waterfalls???
beneath that PoV there's a really really big shop vac pulling that water out of the hole. In a less nonsensical way this could be inspired by spillways in dams.
: Am I right to assume that the Map, despite released, isn't finished yet?
Bandle city is found randomly on the map when you zoom in. its the glowing yellow/gold symbol.
: Shen/Pyke interaction bug.
Death from Below is an 'execute' effect in more than just terminology. It is an actual effect where the target receives 9999 true damage no matter what if the enemy is within certain specific parameters. This is also seen on urgot's second R You are mistaking the system defined 'execute' effect with what is a layman's term used to describe champions who have abilities that deal more damage based on a target's missing health
: Dark Harvest on ARAM
Good thing LoL isnt balanced around the Murder Bridge ehh? I run DH on all champs that use autos when killing things because the ARAM map type just favors it so heavily. Unless they nerf DH TO THE GROUND you will always see more people picking it in an ARAM.
: My frustration with Jax’s place in lore
Currently there's all kinds of possibilities for Jax. For instance. the pre-void invasion Icathians could effectively be an offshoot of the proto-human race riot mentioned previously in the creation of the vastaya as a race as well. Hell he could have been altered by the magic of runterra similar to Ryze (hence the skin color). The mystery is intentional and intended to make you want/discuss/think more. The current lack of defined info is not a wasted opportunity and instead can be considered the teaser that hooks the player base into reading/wanting more lore. If you hoping him to be a god like character I wouldn't count on it. He's always had the whole man at arms vibe going for him and I would imagine that they will double down on that during this incarnation as well. They also already gave Mantheon the god treatment so it is unlikely for him to get a similar one (plus it would be kinda boring). I'm thinking they will make him into a fallen champion of Icathia who discovers something/had something happen that extends his lifespan/makes him unable to die. Which in turn leads to his current appearance/temperament ect.
Illıum (NA)
: Complete this mission! With this icon equipped.
Because Christmas Poros don't count either....
: zoe could maybe be a tear user
I used to buy tear on {{champion:53}} occasionally. Then riot buffed {{item:3301}} to the heavens. Now i simply build {{item:3110}} /{{item:3025}} because coin passive is still stupid and I like having {{item:3069}} . Supports don't buy tear anymore because there's just better mana options for them.
Glîtchy (NA)
: Ornn scaling?
If you wanna gib his damage just build {{item:3194}}. I'm told its super effective.
: New Aurelion Sol Skin?
They already turned Koggles into a CNY parade dragon. I think the Warring Kingdoms one could be pretty legit though.
DeusVult (NA)
: Riot, take a clue from the EA fiasco about your current BE system
BE gains should be similar to IP gains. This of course is as long as the riot statements about BE generation being = or > IP generation. I'm still looking for proof that it does not but I have yet to see enough math disproving this statement. Without FWOTD bonuses as well as any other milestone bonuses it will take on average 100 games to buy a 6300 IP champ on the new system. Before it took something along the lines of 85 games consistently (IP gains were between 60 and 90 per game last I checked). The average game of LoL for years was like 35 minutes. While the 'hard numbers' are sort of in favor of the old system, Riot has incorporated new mechanics into generating BE to account for it. These are the milestone bonuses that are effectively an extra level's worth of BE (it grants something like 2k BE). They also occur every 10th level after level 30. I believe the FWOTD bonus grants close to the same amount of progress but in a different manner between the two systems (one gives useful EXP+IP, the other is basically an IP generator). With this in mind earning a champion should technically take relatively the same amount of time barring certain situations. With all this considered, under the new system the games for the 5 days you play should now give you the levels you need to get enough shards to break for WW. The draw back to this is if you have no BE from prior purchases and lack the ability to hit the next milestone during your grind to the champion you may have to wait a handful of games more (feels bad man). To counter this bad situation you can argue that you can get lucky and either draw a Warwick coupon from your leveling chest, get one of the 'better' rolls from your leveling loot boxes, or hit a milestone and hit the BE lotto. Therefore hastening the progress toward the doggo. Your argument that low level players will have difficulty unlocking anything outside the 450 champs is false though. At level 5 you literally get 3532 IP so you can literally buy one of the 3150 champs ( https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hAaYMrEs-leveling-and-rewards-early-impressions-and-adjustments one of the charts displays the BE gain per level from 2-30). If you felt attached to a specific lower costed champ you can still get it pretty easily as a new player. Arguing that a newbie needs to grind to infinity is incorrect. Your argument that the LoL Loot chest thing being gambling thing is half true. The LoL loot chests that you can get via RMT are in fact a type of gambling. The big thing you need to take into considering though is that they are not pay to win. The current loot box system is there primarily for players to hope for some good random skin shards / hextech purple stones. The Shenanigans with EA on the other hand was a fecal explosion of gloriousness to watch for other reasons. The game itself had an upfront cost. EA then put a ridiculous grind wall on some of the most iconic characters in Star Wars (which can be reduced with $). Not to mention the clear P2W scheme with their loot box system - the loot boxes provide class and hero focused amps that affect online gameplay. Star cards are also highly variable in what benefits they provide the paying customer and are obviously designed with a P2W system in mind. What they tried to pull is blatant thievery and I hope that EA gets bent over backwards from governments around the world for what they pulled with it. On the other hand LoL is completely FtP, There really isn't any P2W schemes built into the system. Especially considering that they removed runes, which were huge IP hogs when you are just starting out at playing the game (it made the upfront grind to get into higher level play a nightmare imo). The loot crates in LoL provide champion or skin shards (a resource you already get by playing the game or a resource that is cosmetic). A lesson that should be learned from EA is to be cautious on how hard you try to 'service the accounts' of your playerbase.
Abibyama (EUW)
: What I meant by “Magic crit” is abilities with double damage like ryze q, anivia e, vlad third q etc
> [{quoted}](name=Abibyama,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Be7NiURY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-23T20:27:06.167+0000) > > What I meant by “Magic crit” is abilities with double damage like ryze q, anivia e, vlad third q etc There really isn't many mages that have damage amp effects. Then you leave out a HUGE part of the AP casters that way, which is pretty bad and will still keep most mages out of the precision tree
Malishush (EUW)
: Heheh well hello Riot care to explain what the F- is going on here?
Cunky (NA)
: Why do you even have to buy things on the PBE
because it lets them stress test the client as well. This way they are certain that they didn't accidentally break anything there
: Why was the skin shard value changed (lowered)?
I suspect its because they are going to fold RP into OE soon..
: I'm banned for 14 days...
must... read.... chat logs...
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