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VulDread (NA)
: Honestly you shouldn't have been using them as bait in the first place. True they didn't, die, but you were basically using them as a tool. It's not an excuse for them to throw a pit but using a teammate as bait for a gank is just a dick move
It's a really good strategy with Evelynn, basically it's really easy for the enemy team to think a gank/ 2v1 is actually a 2v1 when in reality your standing right next to them so it's a 2v2 and they'd never know, your ally might be taking damage but so is the enemy you want to kill. By doing this in bot lane in particular, the support cannot finish off your ally most of the time, and will often chase them down, completely ignoring their fragile backline and resulting in them getting behind by being killed.
Feathermane (EUNE)
: Seeing as how farming 'til 6 is a big fuck you to your team, I am kind of glad they responded in kind.
Farming till six on many jungler's is really good! Especially if they have great clear speed, not to mention i can't "Farm till 6" i have to do something in the downtime after my full clear early in the game(usually at about 4-5 minutes) so i start placing wards, looking for easy ganks that i don't need to be 6 for and for my enemy jungler if i know they don't have a good clear(they get low easily, i search for them while granting vision for my team.) Though i am finding that until i'm level 6 my team has a tendency to be behind, afterwards though our gold income Skyrocket's, i have several matches(though i lost a lot today) that seems to exemplify that trend.
LankPants (OCE)
: What in the actual fuck? In high elos the only way to get kills outside of teamfights 90% of the time is to use people as bait. Misplays are generally not super common because people understand their limits better than lower ranks, so the only way to kill someone is to make them think they have a favourable trade when they don't, to bait them in some way. Low HP allies is one of the most common baits.
Exactly! I may not be High Elo(but i'll definitely try to be) in my opinion, Evelynn(my main) is really REALLY good at setting stuff like that up, she's camo so the enemy might try to 2v1 a champion on your team but in reality it's a 2v2 and eve has burst. A good eve can be right next to someone and they'll never know(which i'm becoming REALLY proficient at, practice makes perfect.)
Xilixer (NA)
: kinda torn on this. because whether or not what they did was overboard some form of retaliation was warranted. that being said carrying it on and on is ridiculous. after the first time yall were even.
I mean yeah, i understand that letting the Zero Damage support leave his ADC and chase down my low health heimer was mean but, i got the kill, MF would have killed him anyway and he lived, so i don't see an issue.
sutora3 (EUNE)
: two question tho why did you build morolenomicon on evelynn and why did you take zombie ward instead of eyeball collection?
Testing, it's preseason, i took Morellonomicon because it gives Greivous Wounds and the enemy team had enough life steal/ healing for me to start noticing it. I like Zombie Ward because when i play evelynn i take vision very seriously, it helps with ganking early, counter ganking and getting picks mid game while also granting vision for my allies. Usual build though is this. {{item:1414}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3152}} /{{item:3146}} (if i'm feeling cheeky) {{item:3742}} (rarely) {{item:3157}} (if i need it)
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: what about {{champion:133}} ? i mean she's an assassin and adc
: -3 ad on Vayne on patch 5.20 was a much memed about change IRT how useless it was. That change resulted in 2.5% drop in winrate (if that's the metric we'd choose here), and curbed a fair amount of the outcry against her at the time. Taking 5-15 damage away from a full build is actually a lot more impactful than you might think, especially on a class of champions that relies on their auto attacks (primarily) for damage. This tactic coupled with the gold increase would be effective - but it would also likely leave only a few marksman as considered viable (Ezreal, MF, Varus, Kog etc).
I have to agree with Increasing the cost of Zeal items, ADC's used to have to farm up or get fed to win their game, now they finish items extremely quickly and all their low cost items give plenty of things to be happy about.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 8
Hey do you guys have any plans for giving Evelynn back her QOL changes that were there on the PBE before preseason came out? More specifically this one. "If evelynn kills someone using Last Caress, refund 25% of the cooldown. "
: > [{quoted}](name=Zerenza,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zTQwYE7k,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2017-12-08T16:27:42.249+0000) > > Most abbilities? Abilities that are like Fiddlestick's Ulti, Rumble Q, Fiddlesticks R, Swain R eccetra would simply need different work arounds, it's not that they wouldn't work at all it's just that they can't work the same way as 90% of the other abilities would. Id say roughly 80% of the roster has some AoE that would simply make the keystone stupid. > Basically an AOE spell that comes from the Caster, while the Caster is moving, oh Karthus has an ability like this too, would need to work differently than other abilties to not clog up clarity. That's something that the developer's would figure out, not me, if i were to do a work around, i would simply make it to were it creates the AOE after the spell ends. That; however, would make it bad on those champions. So basically you admit it is priblematic but exempt yourself the responsibility of actually figuring out a way to make it work without being convoluted or overly complex?
Your turning this into something bigger than it is, it's just an idea i don't have to figure out everything and write an essay...
: > [{quoted}](name=Zerenza,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zTQwYE7k,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-08T10:45:03.365+0000) > > Certain abilities i think wouldn't work the same as we imagine, like Vel'koz ulti or Fiddlesticks ulti, like with either of them you'd basically turn the whole game into a Magma chamber but i'm sure there's a work around for both of them. If you have to purposefully make it not work with most abilities, youve fundementaly proven it isnt a good idea.
Most abbilities? Abilities that are like Fiddlestick's Ulti, Rumble Q, Fiddlesticks R, Swain R eccetra would simply need different work arounds, it's not that they wouldn't work at all it's just that they can't work the same way as 90% of the other abilities would. Basically an AOE spell that comes from the Caster, while the Caster is moving, oh Karthus has an ability like this too, would need to work differently than other abilties to not clog up clarity. That's something that the developer's would figure out, not me, if i were to do a work around, i would simply make it to were it creates the AOE after the spell ends. That; however, would make it bad on those champions.
nelogis (EUW)
: hmm also true... but making it work 50% of the time normally and the other 50% because the spell isnt AOE / too large of an AOE (Karthus would look badass with this lol) the inconsistency just doesnt feel good IMO
Well, i don't think it wouldn't work 50% of the time, it just works differently for different abilities. AOE Spells IE, Xerath Q/W, Karthus Q, Cass Q, Teemo Shroom: Creates an AOE DOT effect in the same area as the ability. Single Target Spells or non-AOE spells, Ahri Q(classified under this for clarity), Lux Q, Morgana Q, Xerath E, Ekko Q ect: Creates a small circle around the champion that applies DOT. Fiddlesticks Ulti, Swain R, Rumble Q, Vel'Koz R: Probably makes the circle once then again the next time the cooldown for Deathfire is up, swain would be busted if it was like this though. Lux ulti would be so scary though XD My idea may be trash, but it's still an idea and sometimes those can spark other people to make better ideas.
nelogis (EUW)
: If you can make it so it is visible that you are standing in it but not so visible that it distracts you (Like Trundle arena) then I think it will be a good Keystone yeah And is consitent with all abilities, I would make it so that it only appears as a circle around the champs you hit and not in an AOE of the spell. So Fiddle ult works the same as Velkoz Q for example
The reason that doesn't work is because it's exactly what Riot Sparkle says is bad, if it just appears as an AOE circle on every ability once it hit's, it's no different than Comet except it does less damage but has a shorter cooldown.
nelogis (EUW)
: Its all fun and games until a teamfight breaks out and the map changes to magma chamber Jokes aside but i think this will be hard to implement... mainly because everything will be burning when a Fiddle ults in and then seeing what the fuck is going is going to be really hard because of this.
Certain abilities i think wouldn't work the same as we imagine, like Vel'koz ulti or Fiddlesticks ulti, like with either of them you'd basically turn the whole game into a Magma chamber but i'm sure there's a work around for both of them.
DeusVult (NA)
: "Zoe only has 1 damage spell"
She's supposed to be a Burst Mage, if you get hit by certain abilities on any burst mage, with 0 MR and your Squishy. You die, simple. Syndra is the same, Lux is the same, Ahri is the same the list goes on. If zoe hit's you with her E(while agree it's not too difficult on someone who's not very good at dodging) she deserves to get her damage in just like every other mage in the game. Not to mention there's a sizable delay before you get Stunned by zoe's E, it's enough to run behind minions and out of her range, it's enough to flash far away from her and make it harder for her to hit you. It's normal range is actually really short and the skillshot moves slow enough to, if you see it, you should be able to dodge it then run away from it when it plops on the ground. While i agree the Duration should scale, so should the time it lands on the ground, i don't think the damage amp should scale because her Q is her only REAL damaging ability. She has to max it, if she doesn't she's loses 60% of her damage, where 10% is her W, 20% is her E and 10% is her passive.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 6
Is there any chance you guys will bring back the change to Evelynn's ultimate that was on the PBE during preseason? "If evelynn kills an enemy champion with Last Caress, refund 25% of the cooldown. After using Last Caress and blinking backwards, immediately reactivate Demon's Shade." Her kit still feels incomplete and i really REALLY like that change to it.
: That's not a bad build at all I personally prefer to start {{item:1039}} and {{item:2031}}, get {{item:3706}}, {{item:1001}}, then {{item:3152}}, grab my {{item:3020}}, then get {{item:1402}} and {{item:3100}}. Works rather well.
I go Red Smite, also i don't build Protobelt and i get Mobile Boot's for more catch potential, it's sooooooooo good. I like the Blue Smite build but Red Smite let's me survive 1v1's against other strong jungler's more frequently so my build is usually this. {{item:1039}} +{{item:2031}} Start First Back: {{item:3113}} {{item:1001}} or{{item:3117}} (got an early kill maybe?) Then i go: {{item:1414}} +{{item:3100}} lichbane is always second, third item is based on situation but it's one of these three that i pick from. {{item:3742}} {{item:3151}}(magic pen is OP right now) {{item:3152}} (sometimes i get Cheeky with a Gunblade) also i build my Refilable into Hunter's Potion or Corupting Potion a lot. Oh yeah also this is my rune page.
: For Eve in particular, I like to run from Raptors up blue side (Solo start Raptors>wolves>Blue>gromp>crab), and get a level 3 gank in, then sweep down, get my raptors again, red, crab, krugs, B, then generally I gank botlane, and, after that, I farm until 6 (which should only be another few camps, especially if I got a kill in both ganks. Might not even need to take camps to hit 6 after the gank, if I help push). Her level 3 gank is actually surprisingly strong, you just have to make sure you come in from behind them (and that they're somewhat pushed) before you W. And it's not just a gold thing, it's a level thing. If you're 2 or 3 levels down and don't have hard CC, you're not going to be very useful in a gank. It's best to just get your laners to waste their jungler's time, so that you can get back ahead.
I usually get help from my Bot lane, either side of the map, but if i start Red buff i go to raptor's, skip krugs, full clear my top side jungle, go back down for krugs then gank bot lane(if it's possible), if it's not possible then i B(i'm level 4 almost 5 now, about 5 mins in to the game) by now Raptor's are back up so i get Raptor's, look for gank opportunities, ward river bushes for my laner's and get 6 at around 7 mins. My buy is Aether Whip, Hunter's Talisman, Boots and a Refilable, after i hit level 6 i instantly run to the first lane i see that's pushed in 90% of the time get a kill, i actually think her level 6 is extremely Cheese because if someones squishy and they're pushed up they're basically dead. I agree with the second statement, though generally in my experience if your that far behind your laner's are already losing anyway and will continue to lose, i think it's up to preference, some jungler's/player's like to be more risky when their behind while other's like to play it safe, as a jungler i'm more risky as a laner i'm more passive.
: I've been enjoying {{champion:102}} lately and Im pretty sure she's a power farming jungler. I feel helpless pre 6 because her ganks suck without her ult. When is it worth ganking pre 6?
When the opportunity arises, basically if an enemy laner is super low, you find an enemy jungler super low and your sure you can kill them either by yourself after an ally dies or with the help of an ally, that's when. In addition, like the previous poster said, if an ally laner get's pushed out, hold the minion wave that get's pushed under tower, you get the gold+lane EXP and it help's reach 6 faster which will give you your power spike faster so you can start shreking on people. A good example is when i was level 5, my ally laner died to a level 5 teemo, teemo is super low(200 HP) but he's not backing, and i have more health than him, i kill him or force out a flash, same thing happens if i find the enemy jungler in the same state.
: I'd like to note that sometimes you need to break pattern. {{champion:28}} should generally attempt a gank or two, especially if she has someone that can set it up. And anyone will need to gank if things are about to fall apart. And if you fall too far behind on anyone, you *need* to just powerfarm, because you're not going to help if you gank at all. And you should also note that holding a turret is *still* a way to get farm. Just because I ask you to hold my turret doesn't mean you're losing gold or EXP.
Yes, what i said was just General games, as in 90% of my games i just power farm till 6 with Eve and go from there, occasionally if someone is especially low and not backing i'll go finish them off then hold turret or something but generally she's a farm till 6 jungler. I don't think you NEED to powerfarm, Jungler's get far less gold from farming their camps constantly than laner's get from farming their lane, so if your behind on someone like Eve(cause it's happened to me frequently) it's best to full clear then start warding and wait for opportunities to gank someone and catch back up/hold someones turret for them. Basically you need to be Opportunistic when behind, not passive, if a chance arrises take it, if you ignore all your chances you'll only stay behind while the enemy jungler/team takes advantage of you not taking any action. Edit: Should be noted that my last game my Jungler(i was mid cause i'm a mid/jungler) did end up slightly behind, but the thing is that he had plenty of opportunities and i even gave him a kill on my laner yet he did nothing but power farm. He missed every opportunity out of fear, he let the enemy jungler do whatever she wanted to and it's all because he chose not to do anything instead of take opportunities when they present themselves.
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Muzét (EUW)
: Evelynn is fine-ish. Honestly, the only thing that I don't like it's her ultimate cd what I explained right here:
Same, she definitely needs QOL buffs, i really liked the buff they had on the pbe before preseason where if she gets a kill with her ulti it refunds 25% of the cooldown.
: Why did they screw up on eve yet again?
Exaggeration's galore! I main evelynn, she's my favorite champion and while the rework isn't perfect(QOL changes do need to be made, but after preseason not during.) it's certainly better than before. She had 2 real damage abilities, but she had much better Survivability, her Ulti was nerfed many year's ago to only do Max health damage(so she can't one shot from stealth) but then they took the damage from her Q and made it sustained and her E and made it sort of a Bruiser ish thing, which is why you played her as a bruiser instead of an assassin pre-rework. Now i go full AP, one shot squishies with Ease(because of her amazing Ult) and can do all that while they have litterally no way to fight back(Charm). I often simply take Mobi Boot's get Runic Echos Red Smite, Take Lich Bane, Electrocute Keystone, go down resolve getting the one that gives health for every 8 minions that die near you, and the one that gives MR and Armor at 10 minutes. Boom, not only do you get the same tankiness you would in old evelynn but her kit has so much burst once you get 1 item that it's actually insane, it's just she needs her ulti to truely one shot before late game(She scales ABSURDLY well). I'd highly suggest you play her more before making assumption with little to no basis in reality.
Muzét (EUW)
: To be fair Twitch got 550 aa range for a 450-500 camouflage radius range... So... LMAO.
Which is why he's broken, it's a prime example of Riot not balancing properly, he should have a higher reveal range but i main evelynn and i think she's fine o.o
: Its my fault if her main dmg spell has a sonic high speed with no cooldown with a same fast spell cc to hit your q better? Because of these spells (and her w when she is lucky) you can never punish her for anything. You dont even need much to make her fair: make her q a higher cd or/and make her animation smaller.
Why don't you punish her in lane, her Q won't do as much damage early on, both her Q and E have high cooldowns early on, if she whiffs her E(which if you half decent at dodging she should, it's range is absurdly short without a wall to pass it through) kill her, she can't do anything about it. You could also play champs that are hard to kill in lane, like Vladimir or Swain. Safety or Great Lane phase, those will hurt her if your good enough, just play against her some more learn to play against her and boom your on your way to understanding counterplay.
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: The stored damage of Death Mark is calculated from raw damage before resists are applied, so the damage reduction from armor is still only applied once to it.
It wasn't true for Kayn, i don't know if they fixed it but he used to be total crap because the damage was being reduced twice for Shadow Assassin kayn cause of his Passive. So when he'd go in on you, his passive would proc and all of his damage would be reduced first by armor then by magic resist(his initial hit of his Q, R or W+the passive bonus magic damage) so it made him really dificult to play as an assassin.
: Riot did you forget about internal testing before releasing a champ
But...we did test it, internally and on the PBE. She's completely fine, it's your fault if she kills you lol
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: Evelynn's in a really lackluster spot at the moment. Whatever she offers to the table, other junglers do better in almost every way. Nocturne on the other hand is truly unique due to his ultimate and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his carrying power.
Yeah she still needs to have the QOL buffs she was going to get before preseason(all the changes were removed due to preseason.), and her playstyle is a lot harder to get used to, so is her clear. Nocturn is easier in general to do well with and he gives you the tools necessary to carry, evelynn requires you work a lot around her Passive and W which is a no go for an easy carry jungler, in other words, she doesn't give you a button that definitively say's "Hey, this ability is how you catch people."
: Definitely of the opinion that you'll be able to learn Nocturne faster. He's a bit easier than Evelynn to get a hang of and he seems to match your two strengths: engaging and assassinating people. I would look at some fansites for the best builds and follow them until you get a hang of him and can make your own more informed choices. Think both Electrocute and Dark Harvest are pretty good on him. Pretty important to focus on getting to six fast and then picking your targets for ultimate wisely.
Yeah and evelynn's playstyle is a little strange, Nocturn's is Press R, engage for your Team, catch someoone out, ect. With evelynn your usually going to be catching people who are alone by warding properly, using predator to run to them, or by sneaking up behind them (so when you charm they walk into you) she requires a bit more planning and position where as Nocturn kind of just Pressing a couple key's in the right direction.
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: I like lists. If you ever need to lure me into a thread, concise lists are a good way to do it. Lemme try and ramble a bit about each of your points and you can call me out if I'm talking nonsense. > **1. The blue essence system is very unwelcomed.** We've definitely seen a lot of feedback around the new leveling system. Some of the things you mentioned (like being just short of the BE for your next champion), we're planning on addressing next patch by [adding BE to first win of the day and reducing the grind at higher levels.]( In regards to how leveling feels, we're keeping an eye on this as well. We do think leveling is a better long-term system for league, so we're probably going to spend some time seeing how the 7.23 changes feel before making any additional changes - but we're watching. > **2. Turrets are ridiculously weak.** Turrets have a tough job. They need to balance between being defensible areas of the map while at the same time not being so strong that the whole game revolves around turtling underneath them. That said, [Maple Nectar mentioned that they will be getting a small buff in 7.23. ]( > **3. Games are too short/snowball too quickly.** [Meddler talked a bit about this in his most recent gameplay thoughts post. ]( TL;DR - Preseason always has the chance to mess with average game length, especially with the Runes changes this year. Average game time hasn't changed too much, but that doesn't mean game pacing is necessarily where it should be. We'll check back in after gathering more data. I would like to hear more about this from you guys though. Sometimes when I see this feeling expressed on the boards it's in a super exaggerated "All games are decided at 10 minutes" kind of way - which isn't the case (at least in my games, but maybe that's because there's no lead too great for me to throw away.) If you'd like to talk a bit more about what your ideal pacing of a game of league looks like - I'm all ears. > **4. New runes and masteries have everyone doing too much damage.** Probably true! Preseason is always a bit unbalanced, since so many changes are happening at once. We haven't seen too many extreme outliers this year, but there's certainly more tuning to be done. A lot of people are also running squishy assassin comps without a real tank, which could be supplementing this feeling. > **5. The Riot company feeling like it's becoming more and more neglectful.** I'm really sad if that's how you feel. The reason most of us were drawn to Riot in the first place is because we care about players, and wanted to work at a company that reflected that care. It's certainly more challenging to keep in touch with players now compared to the early days- chiefly because there's so many of you! But we're still here, and we still care. I hope we can keep finding better ways to show it.
On point 3: Pacing It feels like there is no definitive transition from Mid-Game to late game, ADC's scale much faster than they used to(used to ADC's spike at 30 minutes, now it feels more like 20.) which is mainly from all the buffs to Crit Items not to long ago, and the several buffs to Support's this year and last preseason(new items, Stat changes, gold efficiency ect.) Because of the lack of feeling Transition, mid game seems like it doesn't exist anymore, in my opinion Mid-Game is 15-25 minutes 30 if you have a lot more late-game scaler's. Late game is at least past 25 minutes, this makes champions that are supposed to be good in Mid-Game, IE: Juggernauts, Assassin's, Most Mages and several Fighter's, feel as though they have little to no impact. Only the mages, assassins, juggernauts and fighter's that dominate early(think Talon as an Early Game Assassin) or Urgot(As a very good scaling Juggernaut)feel as though they are the only ones that can impact the game, all the mid-game ones are kind of just meh. For mages and AP assassins this is due, in part, to poor itemization(which is being worked on) but for the other's it's because the other classes spike to fast, namely Support's and ADC's.
: Call me when hourglass and banshees become adaptive
But there's no reason for those to be, AD champs already have alternatives to Banshee's because they can build into Mercurial or Edge of Night(even though it's a shit item) Also, Zhonya's is pretty pointless, if you use it when your low health you just end up waiting 2.5 second's where you can't do a damned thing and die afterwards. GA is much more useful because it's a way for Carries to die and come back to life, if your team properly protects you it can be a game changer AND it gives armor as well. Zhonya's would be worth it, if it gave more stats but unfortunately it doesn't because it got nerfed. There are AP carries too and they deserve the same treatment that AD Carry's have.
SirPurrr (NA)
: that build path wouldn't make sense if they did this
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: Mostly melees? In this meta???
Have you been top lane?
: It's called a bad connection.
I said in the explanation, i checked my connection and it was all green.
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: I think there are more interactions that skin spotlight didn't cover(hopefully). edit: I hope she and taliyah get an interaction, the wandering thing they have going on, and the fact that they share voice artists.
She was disabled very quickly so probably
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: Yet healing per tentacle smash implies that if you have 2 tentecles in a lane you w and both tentecles hit a champion or spirit diffrent or the same that you then get 10% missing health healing increased by 5 for each tentecle that hits a champion or spirt
That is actually exactly how it work's, so if you have 6 tentacles(E+5 Champions) then if each tentacle hit's someone you'll heal for 30% of your missing health.
: Yet healing per tentacle smash implies that if you have 2 tentecles in a lane you w and both tentecles hit a champion or spirit diffrent or the same that you then get 10% missing health healing increased by 5 for each tentecle that hits a champion or spirt
That is actually exactly how it work's, so if you have 6 tentacles(E+5 Champions) then if each tentacle hit's someone you'll heal for 30% of your missing health.
Caezium (NA)
: But all high elo Illaoi's as far as I can tell max E first into Q second. I can't find one that does not. Are you saying that a Diamond 2 player like is wrong and you a bronze 3 with a 0% win ratio as Illaoi are right and should Max Q first?
I think you should go into a game, max Q first and only use your E when your sure you'll hit it. I think you'll see a pretty big difference if your actually trying to win the game. I may not play ranked much but i played illaoi a lot(not this month though, since i hate top now.) and i prefer to max Q because it makes landing your E less of a necessity. Seaknight is really good at landing his E's so he, and likely many other Diamond player's who have much better mechanics that me, probably max their E because they can actually land it. I can't land it, so i don't maxx it since it won't help me. Like...i understand using my rank against me, but i don't like to play ranked and i think that you should give it a shot yourself before bringing my rank and trying to make my opinion completely invalid.
: I get that he put his heart and soul into this but I have never liked him since he is such a arrogant person. The first interview I watched of him he was super cocky and talking mad trash about his opponents. So seeing this made me happy. Knocked him down a few pegs.
Faker has always been pretty humble, sure he trash talks sometimes but it's not in the name of being a jerk, it's competitive nature. If faker didn't taunt people, if he was callous, had no emotion and didn't care about his sport(E-Sport) then he'd just be in it for the money and i think that's worse than having an emotional and caring player. Not to mention, he has the right to trash talk a little, everyone's always talking about bringing down faker and they're going to "Clap" faker, jensen made a twitter post about it before being stomped by him. The guy is the undisputed best, he's what player's strive to be, so what if he taunts just a little bit to help drive them. He was never rude, he never looked down on people, he was probably the most humble world champion from any sport i'v ever seen.
: Faker reminds me a lot of LowTierGod (Street Fighter) and Ronda Rousey, their personalities is what makes losing so much more significant than it actually is. He was the Floyd Mayweather of League. The Jon Jones of League. Could you imagine how crushing it'd be for one of those guys to lose? It's not the loss itself, it's the deflated ego, the reality that you have to come back down to Earth again.
I mean...i honestly wouldn't compare them to faker...compared to them he was pretty dang humble most of the time. Every so often he'd throw show some slight competitive trash talk but it's actually pretty rare and not only that, when your the definitive best in the world you definitely have some right. I mean, it's no fun if Faker doesn't actually care right, and if he doesn't have that competitive nature it would honestly make him seem like even more of a jerk. Comparing Faker to many athletes i'd say he's probably the most humble world champion i'v ever seen, he doesn't brag, he doesn't trash talk(often) but he'll definitely show you who's boss if you tempt him(jensen saw that first hand.).
: Isn't it only magic damage?
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