: AP Itemisation Context
You know what i would love as an AP Assassin player Trading Stance? Something to help catch a target that also provides some much needed utility on those assassins, AP assassins tend to have more Utility focused kits and builds than AD ones, Ekko being a perfect example. Something that helps them fight off AD champions more easily that becomes a MUST buy against a Fed ADC, AD Focused comps or a hard AD match up in mid/jungle. Hextech Smoke Belt +60 AP +20 Armor(maybe builds out of Seeker's Armguard?) +5% movement speed. Builds From Hextech Revolver(a common item among AP assassins) Seeker's Armguard(An item that you only get against an AD opponent.) Cost: 2600-2800 Unique Passive: Killing a unit grants 1 bonus Armor and Ability power stacking up to 30 times. Active: Fires a line skillshot in a targeted direction, upon reaching the end of the skillshot or upon hitting an enemy champion. Explode in an AOE circle dealing Magic Damage and Slowing any targets in the circle by 15% and Nearsight them(similar to Quinn Q or Graves Grenade) while in the circle. Holds 3 charges that replenish upon backing. (40 Second Cooldown) What this does is gives a window of Opportunity to the Assassin while giving the target a VERY clear indicator that their being targeted and need to get out. What this does to prevent many mages from buying this item is make them make the choice between Gunblade, GLP, Protobelt or this, in doing so it makes it so that mages would only buy this out of need and not because it's a staple item for them. For assassins the assassin would probably chose this over Gunblade and Protobelt for several different reasons, it provides AMAZING utility for them so they have the chance to close the gap between them and their target without having to worry as much about getting one shot by them. Then when we get into the Nearsight circle more counterplay is presented for the target, now that they can see the enemy they can fight back much better, the question is, should they stay and fight?
GigglesO (NA)
: We could make an item that makes tanks tankier against sustained auto attack damage, to help keep adc's in check...
That wouldn't work because the problem isn't that they shred tanks, the problem is that they burst the things that are supposed to burst them. As in Burst Mages and Assassins die in 2-4 auto's, if anything it's the Assassins and Burst Mages that need an item to help them deal with ADC's the issue though is because ADC's are so strong that item, whether for Assassins, Burst Mages or Tank will become a must buy and won't fix the core problem. Smoke Bomb Belt(Assassin/ Burst Mage item) +60 AD/AP (adaptive) +20 Armor +150 Health Active: Throw a grenade in a line that detonates on impact with an enemy champion or at the end of its travel, upon detonation it explodes creating a circle of smoke, champions inside this circle lose vision outside of it. That would essentially fix the issue that assassins have with ADC's, they can get to them without taking 2 auto's and once they get close the ADC's counterplay opportunity arises. But this item would be a must buy for every champion who's job it is to kill an ADC.
: My personal opinion on the matter is that the game that was built at the beginning with: Burst > Sustained > Tank > Burst was one that worked. It also has costs, namely people dying instantly with very little counterplay. When we changed unconditional burst to not be a viable strategy (think old LB, old Rengar), we also removed one of the checks for ADC's. On the flip side, mages are now more sustained damage threats in themselves (since their power is translated) and can rival ADC's in mid game as well. Ultimately, we could give sustained AP the best late game scaling (as champs that can miss), but it is not a trivial problem space and there are a lot of run-on problems from solves in this space. Needless to say, we certainly hear you and something we debate about on a regular basis and are not particularly happy with, but again it is a large and difficult project.
I honestly think it's about time we atleast tried testing a very common suggestion, Crit damage scaling with number of auto attacks. As in, if a champion like Twitch has 100% crit, he crits everytime but the extra damage he get's from those crit's doesn't reach current crit damage automatically. In addition many items should be changed to push ADC's away from them if this happens, this way ADC's can't just transition to Lethality or something because Crit items got nerfed(which they tend to do a lot). Edit: Currently an ADC's total crit damage is 100-150% of their auto damage, meaning most squishy champions will die from 2-4 auto's including the 2 champion types that are supposed to counter them. But if we remove their upfront burst and make their damage scale instead of start immediately, then when a Burst Mage or Assassin catches an ADC out of position, the ADC will win if they can properly kite and prolong the fight long enough to get their damage, but the Burst Mage or Assassin will win if they can correctly use their skills and kill the ADC before they hit that threshold.
: > [{quoted}](name=Charles Nut,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hd87EbAm,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-12T20:45:42.234+0000) > > These happen every single year. well, every new player it is in fact the worst season they've experienced so far :P and I mean for the others... chances are the current season IS the worst for some players. most notsomuch, but for some - their main got nerfed - their favorite items removed - some champ they hate got reworked/added/buffed this season - there's some (small) number of (vocal) players who hate this season, and it won't always be the same players.
I can agree with that, i am relatively new (started in season 5) and i do hate ADC's and Support's(which is why i absolutely despize these last few months) i also hate Lee Sin so that' why i hate the first part of this season. But i mean, every season has it's low's, they usually get fixed though, this one's low, which in my opinion is games that are completely focused on Bot Lane and how you play around it, hasn't been touched. Not only that but Riot seems to think that ADC's hitting power spikes at 15 minutes, every single game being focused on 4 man bot lane ganks, and support's like Soraka, Sona, Lulu and Janna being the best champions for months is completely fine. They have yet to significantly nerf the champions and have yet to attempt to fix this focus on ADC's so early in the game. Note: It make's sense to attack the lane with the most people in it 2 Kills > 1 Kill but when doing that just once results in a tower 5 minutes in, the enemy ADC already reaching a massive power spike and becoming unkillable due to their Support that's when the problem exists and that's why i hate this season. I'd like to feel like i have impact to playing as an Assassin or a Mage, but i simply don't, everything is all about the ADC's and Supports.
: I definitely think mages could use a buff so they have a better chance at shutting down a fed adc or in general have a higher impact. But in the scenario you are sketching its the right team that won. If the enemy team is doing a way better job at playing around there winning adc they should win the game most of the time. And yeah if you play a tank and you might be winning your lane hard it might feel shit when the enemy adc just destroys you. But tanks get countered by adc's so that's not that weird. That's the same as at the start of the season when the 2k17 adc meme started because there natural counter was doing really well.
What i was getting as is that it doesn't matter how fed any other lane is, if the enemy ADC get's ahead the game is pretty much over. I understand that a team comp focused around protecting their ADC should win because that's what your supposed to do, protect your Damage. However the issue is that this doesn't happen when it should, an ADC shouldn't be able to get fed then simply wait for late game for everyone else to catch up. An ADC is supposed to be a late game monster, but that's not what's happening, instead ADC's are dominating all parts of the game because your team's focus is to protect them and kill the enemy ones. Used to you would focus on your ADC once they became the only people on the team capable of dishing out meaningful damage, now they do that at 15 minutes. If i go mid lane, right now and play Katarina, i get fed and all but the enemy ADC get's pretty fed too. Do you know who will lose 1v1? Me, that's right, assassins can't stop fed ADC's because their just to strong and there's nothing really that "Counter's" them anymore. If i get absurdly fed all i can do is Delay the inevitable because if my ADC doesn't catch up the game is over. Fed: 3-5 kills, zoning Absurdly Fed: 8-10 kills, zoning (both around 15 minutes in) And i'v had PLENTY of games like this on several Burst Mages and Assassins, every single time if the enemy ADC get's fed, i lose no matter how fed i am.
: Well if the enemy top and mid are winning but your bot is winning that means both teams have 2 people winning there lane. Winning bot lane should be twice as important as the other lanes because there are also twice as many players in that lane. That till this season sups didn't impacted the game as much as they do now doesn't mean that its a bad thing that they finally getting on that same level as the other roles.
What's more important your DPS or your Tank? Let me tell you, it's your DPS as in your ADC. What makes ADC's unkillable when ahead? Support's, how strong are supports right now? Very strong. Supports don't just have an Impact, them and the ADC are the sole focus of games. It's almost impossible to carry a game if your bot lane is losing because no matter what you are you cannot match the enemy ADC's DPS. You could be fed as fuck mage and that might help prolong the game for everyone to catch up BUT if you aren't? If your going even with your laner as a mage or assassin, it won't matter what you do, the game is probably lost as long bot lane keeps losing. Your Tanks, Fighter's, Diver's they can be as fed as they want to but if the enemy ADC is fed, it's basically over. Once you get into late game its all about your team comp, if the enemy team's comp better protects their DPS then you lose, if not then you win. It's that simple. PS: I keep saying "Probably" and "Basically" because there's always that tiny chance that the enemy will mess up bad enough to put you back ahead but if they don't, you lose. ADC's and Supports control the entire game right now and get mad us when we complain.
Meddler (NA)
: Oh, yeah, we'll be trying that too, though I don't know how confident to be it'll ship or not yet though.
One thing i'v noticed is that her Q and E seem really week compared to her Ultimate, would it be plausible to move some Damage from her R to her Q and add just a bit of range on her E dash so it actually feels like a dash?
Ar Arr Arrr (EUNE)
: After playing Evelynn for some time, here is my review
I would like to see some damage taken off of her R and moved to her Q then some range added to her E(but it cant be higher than her reveal range). Thats all i think she needs as an evelynn main( mained old evelynn and am trying to main new evelynn).
: really?
Yes, this was an issue on old evelynn and it was fixed. Basically the Auto should actually have to go through for her stealth to be canceled.
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: So you suggest every support gets a buff? I play support when duoing -never solo- and I finally feel like I have a high impact. The items are very strong good and cost effective, and I love them for that. Those items kind of define supports right now, true, but I prefer that over being reduced to a wardbot with either engage, poke or peel. That's what it was like for the longest time. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} If supports got a buff to their numbers I'd be fine with them reducing the cost efficiency of support items. But I don't want plain nerfs for no reason. I happen to like the feeling of being useful. Riot did a great job with the item rework. They really made the role a lot more interesting.
No, i'm saying that support's kit's need to do those things already, a support's "Kit" should be the impactful part not the items they get, look at Rakan his kit is amazing for a support. Not only does it show skill expression to be able to go in properly engage a fight, heal your ally, go out, go back in it's fun to play and he doesn't completely rely on his items to make himself useful. The only reason people play Enchanter's such as Soraka, Sona, Lulu and Janna is because the item's make them busted. There needs to be more skill expression and differentiation between these enchanter's. Point and click sheilds, heals, CC's and such are NOT the way to make a champion fun or to make a champion have more skill expression. Here's a list of supports with incredibly impactful Kit's that are fun and fair. {{champion:497}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:89}} These champions are INCREDIBLE, they don't get their usefulness from their items but from their kit's, you pick each one for different reasons and each one is unique/play's differently than the other. Here are the Point & Click healbots that are only good because their items are busted. {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:43}} These champions play basically exactly the same as eachother, same goal, same builds, all around good and very easy to play. Abuse items such Locket, Redemption and Ardent sensor, mostly lack the things that make them unique and chance are if ones weak you just move on to the next best one in line for the role they need to fill. In LCS right now, if you ban Janna and Lulu, just go on to the next best Ardent Support.
: I don't think giving them busted items that define their role more than the actual champs is a good call to make them more attractive. I for one liked supporting every now and then in previous seasons, but i totally hate it these days because i'm a slave of the meta items and getting those items seems to be the main purpose of supports. Before, supports had powerfull kits to compensate for the low income, **and they could controll vision all by them selfs**, but with the puny wardstones, warding limit and so on, a single support by far is not enough to controll vision anymore, so for me, supports lost alot strategic power and you now try to compensate that by (over) buffing their fighting impact, which contributes directly to the overall powercreep. Even worse, you boost their combat power with absurd item effects rather than giveing them more potent income or buffing their kits. I also don't see how supports got acces to income streams that they didn't have before, atleaset within the last ~4 seasons...
Thank you, a champion shouldn't be defined by the item's they get but by the kit's they have.
: If the marksman role is so broken and overpowered how come you are bronze and not up in diamond or challenger? Why don't you just play marksman if the role is so overpowered. I'm also not sure how you are going to try and say "adc is the natural counter to tanks" when it's in fact the opposite. Tanks have items that can completely fuck over marksmen. Frozen heart, frozen mallet, thornmail, randuins omen, and I'm sure there are some others I'm missing here. How can marksmen be the complete counter to tanks when almost every single tank can solo kill marksmen in most cases. Tanks have about 5 or 6 items that counter adc champions. Marksmen have pretty much only have 2 or 3 items to counter tanks and not every adc builds guinsoos or bork or black cleaver. For most adc champions the only thing they can do to counter tanks is a last whisper while tanks have a whole arsenal of items to just completely buttfuck an adc.
First, i don't play ADC. I don't like to, it's boring, i could just as easily play Support Janna and get to atleast gold. But i play this game to have "Fun" say it with me now "Fuuuuun" it's what games are made for. ADC's are the only champions in the game with Sustained High Damage, Burst Mage's, Assassins, Diver's, Juggernauts they can't fight a tank, they'll lose because they can't out duel someone that they deal no damage to. The issue though is that, ADC's do a shit ton of damage, they don't even need life steal anymore to keep up because their auto attacks chunk tank's, even the ones that are building full armor with Thornmail, they still get chunked. It's just not how it used to be, and in all actuality most tanks don't build that many Armor items anymore, most of them are pretty damned bad nowadays with most tanks settling for Thornmail, Gargoyle's and Sunfire as their only 3 if they even need to get that many. The issue now though is that the ADC will shred through 42% of their armor, crit for almost 900 damage a second and heal for a pretty large chunk of that even with thornmail. Basically, a Tank has no way of dealing enough damage to an ADC to stop them if their full build, the ADC will simply drain tank them, which is why you CC them and why Assassins are better at taking out adc's. This is also why ADC's are more effective as "Tank Shredder's" you don't see "OP OP TANK SHREDDER SYNDRA WHOOAAAAA" because it doesn't exist, ADC's are the best at tank shredding, simple.
MagÊ (EUW)
: i don't see the problems there are supports made for ranged champions like janna, and supports made for melees like thresh and blitz Mordekaiser can work with more than blitz and thresh, leona is an example except leona is garbage so i didn't list her since they played at world and archie still played bad on his own, he made bad decisions like teleporting 1v3 it's not mordekaiser's fault
I personally think that Morde bot is bad at the LCS level, it's more of a Solo Q thing if you ask me. Blitz and Thresh are both very good picks in LCS or Solo Q but at this point if you pick either of those into any other match up (Such as an Ardent Support) your expecting to dumpster them early because if you don't they'll kind of outscale you in sustain. Mordekaiser is another story all on it's own, most melee champions have HUGE trouble against ranged champions, morde could destroy a ranged champ if he gets to them but without Blitz or Thresh(Leona as well) that's really hard to do and not very effective either.
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Rikirie (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Death Rex,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ZJPjhe2e,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-06T03:19:35.993+0000) > > Seriously, {{champion:55}} needs to react to Garens quotes already: > > {{champion:86}} "...97, 98, 99... Oh, I didn't see you standing there!" > > {{champion:55}} "Heh, impressive, lets see how many you can manage to pull of after added a few daggers to your body" > > Or god dammit, why do the rift siblings {{champion:99}}{{champion:86}} and {{champion:55}}{{champion:69}} have no interactions with each other? Only Lux has a voiceline: > > {{champion:99}} "Sibling rivaly" if Garen is in the enemy team. > > Garen should answer: > {{champion:86}} "Now Onii-chan is gonna show you how to break a sweat" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Thought it was sivir and cass not kat and cass?
> [{quoted}](name=Rikirie,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ZJPjhe2e,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-10-06T06:29:25.240+0000) > > Thought it was sivir and cass not kat and cass? Yep Cass is Katarina's Sister, weird right? {{champion:28}} :"Skank!" {{champion:103}} "I'm a skank? I'v heard stories about you to honey."
: +1
You guys both know what to do. Pass it on.
: All you're doing is proving his point. Range is an important and under appreciated stat, and champions like Xerath are really powerful if done right. There's a reason why short ranged marksmen aren't particularly meta.
Yeah but what's easier? Right-Clicking on someone, no cost, un dodgeable? Or having to aim a skillshot from an extremely long range that does roughly the exact same damage as a Marksman auto attack? It's the Right-Click, right-click all the way, so much easier to kill someone when there isn't jack shit they can do about it.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: {{champion:101}} "550 is long ranged? Amateur"
Skillshot VS Non-Skillshot, it doesn't matter how far away the person is if your chunking someone for most of their health from a distance that's far outside of their range, it's strong. For ADC's though that's as simple as right-clicking, for a mage it's not. I really don't understand the support your getting, AP's and mages right now are crappy, i guess ADC's don't want to admit where their broken and will do anything to stop it from getting nerfed.
: Is this any different to a really fed mid laner trying to catch people out and dying in the process while you're supporting them? Sometimes you just have teammates that don't play optimally; that's the game. However, there's something to be said about having multiple roles be supported in lane, we just haven't been able to achieve it in the attempts we've tried internally - not to say we'd never do it, but it's a hard problem to solve and takes time. AD/Support in the current landscape feels a lot more statchecky out of the early game than I'd personally like, but that is almost an expected effect if Ardent is the only offensive support option.
Well, i feel that the other lane's don't need support. Their just overall weaker than the Sup/ADC's due to multiple interactions, buff's and items changes this season. ADC's for example have gotten off pretty scott free for abussing items not meant for them, their own builds are never bad, you can always go back to normal Crit/AS builds but when they use Lethality or other items not meant for them, they get those items nerfed for other classes. So, while Assassins are supposed to keep ADC's in check, they can't because ADC's keep getting them nerfed. ADC's are never weak, if something is "Weak" in league, it doesn't get played but in bot lane a AD is ALWAYS a necessity, there's no reason for them to be the most needed class while also having no drawbacks and forcing their entire team to play around them. I'm sorry but in this specific case, riot is wrong. Usually i can agree with them, but Ardent is NOT the only problem, the whole Bot-Lane dynamic, riots outlook on ADC's and Support's role in the game and the game itself are a problem right now. Something needs to be done to put ADC's in their place, ADC's are meant to carry "Late Game" but if your ADC falls behind at all or isn't very good the game is over in 15 minutes. Stat's, Gold, Exp gain, something is wrong down there and this has been going on all season. It's really sad to see riot ignore this issue and get everything nerfed EXCEPT the problem and because of that make them the WORST problem.
: I find this a bit misleading- the midlaner has much more on-command Crowd Control and range compared to an ADC and in most cases never has to get nearly as close to pull off their abilities.
? Marksman? Hello, the class is called "MARKSMAN" as in "VERY LONG RANGED"? The issue is unlike a Mage an ADC lacks skillshots that actually matter to their kit, some ADC's do have skillshots but most right-click from almost double the range of any other champion and those auto attack's deal just as much, if not more than the Mage's skillshot's, while being undodgeable and moving MUCH faster, especially with ADC's stacking Attack Speed and Crit now. Mage's are the WORST example to use at the moment.
Dengeden (EUW)
: Ok then. ADCs are DPSbots, mages are waveclear/AoEbots, tanks are engage/CCbots. Look at me giving meaningless titles to champions. Raka gradually wins lane and has to survive, Rakan engages. This dualism is most strongly expressed in Raka but has existed since always. The skill expression is you surviving and being at the right place at the right time. Even if it mostly exists as an *empowered* fantasy. Also, I encourage you to play ADCs and enjoy your losses. But oh, it must be because of those 4man dives, right? Or whatever arbitrary excuse you'll make to continue calling them easy.
"Raka gradually wins lane and has to survive." uhm....i'm sorry but isn't that true for every champion? Playing safely and trying not to die is something EVERYONE has to do, not just heal bot supports. Skill expression isn't surviving and being at the right place at the right time, everyone has to do be able to do that, it's a League skill that everyone needs to learn, it's not just for supports. The healbot supports are easier to play than the other support's, no if's and's or but's about it. Annie is an easier mage to play in mid lane, in every role champions are easy. But just because a champion is easy doesn't mean they should lack skill expression, prime example Warwick he's easy but if your good at warwick and your good at league, it definitely shows. Soraka? That's not the case, i could go watch a bronze Soraka main play Soraka and her mechanics with the champion would be exactly the same as a Diamond Soraka, but outside of champion mechanics her overall league mechanics would be obviously worse. Soraka doesn't require much skill in terms of mechanical use, and there isn't much of a difference in champion mechanics from ELO to ELO, because the champion has no real skill expression in the first place. Any ammount of skill shown by the soraka is their skill with Game Mechanics, not Champion Mechanics because of the blatant lack of them in soraka's kit.
: reason for which?
The voice line is pretty funny but is only used against Ahri, that's the reason, though she could easily say Floozy instead since it's less aggressive. Thematically, Skuttle Crab is a girl that gives people health for hitting on her.
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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: they already said they are doing that
Dengeden (EUW)
: Lack of impact? Really? That's still a thing people think? Do you have *any* notion of how impactful vision is, for one? I will contend that Censer is a pretty boring item (to play against) but enchanters/non-engage supports have always had the inherent problem that they can react to any situation. They have to be numerically weak to make up for that. I'd also appreciate it if you didn't imply the champion pool could be deepened with such ease. They are busted because they dare contend with highwinrate champions? Of course...
Yes, Lack of Impact. As in, lack of ability to have any definitive impact on the game aside from being a healbot, meat shield or ward. Rakan for example, impactful, playmaking potential, more than any of those things. Soraka? Not so much. Ardent sensor is a point and click steroid for your ADC along with a heal, it's boring, where's the skill expression? You just use it to buff your ADC while you sit there and heal/shield them. The ADC is doing all the work there, no skill expression, skill expression should be just as important for supports as it is for everyone else. They're busted because their item's are too strong when combined with outdated, easy to use mechanics that allow for way to much safety for little to no cost.
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Dengeden (EUW)
: They. Did. Nerf. Censer. You... >You could simply work on Supports and attempt to give them stronger identities if they aren't performing well without these statstick-support-items. Despite the fact that the majority of complaints you people leveled at supports were "they can't get to 6 items" and "they're always underleveled", you know things that would improve their statstick qualities. And the what the heck does "stronger" identity even mean? That's just another "hurr durr I'm smarter than Riot why don't they do this simple thing that I won't elaborate on because it's not actually simple or clearly defined". > But ignoring the glaring issues in favor of trying to make unhealthy changes function Guess what, genius? That's never their intention. And sorry but gradually trying to fix something and even out balance is far better than catering to this forum's ridiculous anti-ADC bias. You know why? Because there's always going to be a playstyle that's quite obviously better than the other ones.
Support's did lack EXP and Gold but those problems were fixed MUCH MUCH earlier into the season, then they started buffing all the items, adding more items, giving them more stats ect, that's when it became to much. Stronger identity means that a support is more than the sum of their parts, or, in this case, their items. A champions items should not define the champion, what makes support so boring is the lack of impact, the lack of fun gameplay and the lack of champion pool. Many newer supports such as Braum, Bard, Rakan, Tahm Kench, and Thresh fix these problems, their fun, they have impactful kits and each one of the champions is different than the other while also not relying on the exact same build path because they don't need it to be useful like the other supports in the game. There is no bias to ADC's, they're just busted right now because supports are busted, the support itemization is way to powerful and the champion pool needs to be adjusted to make them more fun and impactful instead of giving them items that do that instead. TLDR: Support's shouldn't base their usefulness on the items they get but on the kit's they have, like every other champion in the game.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: https://i.imgur.com/I0hxJwS.gif
: Next champion is a CertainlyT lady mage.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Screw that, if we're getting a new mage I want a Crazy Old Lady character type already. The only old dude we have is Zil, and he's far too sane.
I would be perfectly fine with that as well
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: But it never says that Ahri has sex with her victims. Ever, people just assumed that because she acts like a tease.
It's heavily implied that she did, in her older lore atleast. More current lore says she doesn't and simply "Charms" them but i'm still hung up on her old lore since it was more interesting.
: oh please, you can't tell me she doesn't rub herself on the broken leg of her enemies at least as she's strangling them to death.
You know what she probably would but then again that's not really pleasuring her opponent, she probably uses their severed limbs as...toys but i doubt she uses a mans actual anatomy to satisfty herself, well i mean, unless it's no longer attached. Edit: if i get banned for this post, remember me as i was boi's.
: Why are people protesting the idea of Ahri having sex with her victims as if sex is some kind of dirty thing? Is this Rito Christian Skewl?
First, it's not a dirty thing lol but Ahri did have sex with her target's, evelynn likely doesn't because it would first cause pleasure, and second because she has no reason to, she get's turned on enough by torturing and killing her target, sex probably doesn't help her "Get There" at all.
: Sex isn't needed for Ahri's soul stealing.
While it wasn't needed for it, she still did it, several hundred times with multiple men as implied by her lore. Though she doesn't have sex with them anymore, again, according to her lore(as in, in the begining Ahri did have sex, but now she doesn't). Evelynn is a toss up, we know she's turned on by causing pain to her enemies but we don't know yet if she has sex with them while doing it, i'm gonna go with she doesn't because of her "Dominatrix" personality(most Dominatrix don't have sex with the people their dominating over.) and that she likely just get's off to watching them in agony. And tbh, if she doesn't let the guys she kills have sex with her, that's another type of pain right there XD Edit: Also, evelynn probably doesn't have sex with her target's because it would cause them Pleasure instead of pain, and the only thing she enjoy's doing is causing pain.
: This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I plan to main Ahri as my mid and Eve as my jungler btw. I love me some skanks
GinkoG (NA)
: She's more of a succubus really. And for all we know, she might have her way with her victims while torturing them.
I'm going to say that, based on her voice lines SHE get's off to torturing her target, but the opponent does not. So maybe she has sex with them but it's also plausible that she doesn't and she just get's off from the act of causing pain.
: I would be interested to know if she has a preferred "target". Does Evelynn like pure types or does she go for those that are already corrupted?
Exactly, what kind of champions does she love to torture the most. (I think she likes dragons and baron the most tbh.)
: I wouldn't pay LunSeiSleidee much mind, it seems they want to spread negativity to any thread about Evelynn recently. To answer (in a hypothetical sense, anyway) the question that makes up the thread title, I'd imagine she likes happy people more than masochists - while masochists are basically a big, warm invitation that says "hurt me" (which, Evelynn loves hurting people), people who are happy or upbeat or otherwise content are probably much better targets. I don't recall the quote exactly, but I think she says something like "the height of their pleasure is the depth of their pain" - more or less I'd interpret it as, it's not just the pain she likes (although she thrives on it), but the turn of the screw that turns pleasure _into_ pain. TL;DR - she probably likes happy people more. Much more satisfying to ruin them.
That's what i think, she has a voice line with Lux that states "You seem happy...Let's Fix That." but she also has a voice line with Mundo where she say's "So, your a Masochist? Whatcha doin later..." which is interesting cause she takes interest but doesn't want to do it right that second like with Lux. "Why don't we leave the light's on for this." With nocturn is also interesting.
: Waifu thread number 297563. I find it interesting the kids here have an obsession on knowing wether it's Ahri or Evelynn who had sex. As if there's any chance that one of them didn't, and as if the fact they had sex before made them less waifu material.
Uhm...it's interesting to Dissect character's...don't know what you mean by "Waifu" Thread. It's interesting in terms of their Archetypes, they share the same archetype but each accomplish's it in different way's. Where as Ahri had sex with her victims and stole their souls afterwards, evelynn likely doesn't(though she definitely has before no doubt about it.), which is why she calls Ahri a "Skank"(Whore). Analyzing voice lines is fun, it helps to define a character that you like to play and seperate them from champions that share the archetype.
: Historically, all Hybrid building champions have been a nightmare to balance, which is probably why they're trying to steer clear from that niche.
Yeah but recently the only Hybrid that's a HUGE nightmare is Corki, any buffs and he becomes broken, any nerfs and he becomes a troll pick. But Akali, Katarina, Jax(this season) haven't been that big of an issue, yes if any of them get fed it's a big issue but that's true for any champion.
Rioter Comments
: Let me correct something. The only ADCs who are building anything life steal related is Kog, Varus and Kalista which is BotRK Most ADCs these days just have Ardent + Warlords as a life steal source and one point into Vampirism which is 0.4% life steal, most common ADC build these days is Boots, IE, Double zeal, LW and usally GA as last or substitute that with Hurricane if they have AoE.
I'll take the L, i'v been out of the game for about a month, but my position still stands. ADC's will always win if the Assassin is not fed, if the ADC is fed, it's over for the assassin, way to much Crit damage and Attack Speed there. One misplay and the assassin will die, no if's and or butts about it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Celestial Lion12,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5LweJQ6R,comment-id=000100000003,timestamp=2017-09-25T01:35:10.494+0000) > > yeah i know the only assassin i really play is diana and the only time i lose is if i misplay and go in thinking my q hit. hell i 2v1d a xayah rakan combo even with xayahs untargetable pluss rakan cc shield and heal i still won, i was super fed that game but still Diver, not assassins :P
Much tankier than an assassin, much easier to get away with 2v1's.
: In a straight up 1v1 where they didn't miss their skillshots then no. Also if that happened the assassin misplayed and got punished.
An assassin will win against an ADC if fed, but if not(say both have 1 or 2 items) the ADC should win every time, putting it frankly, ADC's lifesteal is too much for a non-fed assassin to handle along with Crit's. In addition, lately ADC's have begun to hit their Power Spike's earlier than previously, so what would originally be 30-40 minutes is now 15-25, giving an assassin less time to actually get fed and shut them down. And once we get past that threshold of "Late-Game" assassins cannot compete 1v1 with an ADC, the crit damage and lifesteal is just way to much, and they don't have skillshots to hit so it's simple right-clicking at that point, it's not like assassins have defensive item's to help combat fed ADC's. Which is another problem, because of the prevalence of Bot Lane 4 man's, Bot lane focused team comps and games, ADC's are much more likely to get fed, which makes an assassin who can't get fed worthless. Though honestly, 80% of the time, this didn't happen and the assassin just didn't play it correctly or chose to attack the Sup and ADC at the same time, which is an AWFUL idea considering ADC's with a Sup have effectively 4000 health now.
: or draintanking 1v5
Most of the time the Drain Tanking happens in Bronze games(My games lol) in late game, which is what they SHOULD be doing. Assassin's triumph over ADC's for about...15-20 minutes but then the power starts to curve in favor of the ADC, and the only time an assassin should be able to one shot an ADC is if he's ahead, if he's not, the ADC should win after 1 or 2 items(depending on the ADC). That's just the class though, it's harder mechanically and if you can't stop an opponent from dodging, you just loose. It should be noted that the Power curve used to begin at 30 minutes not 15-20, but recent buffs, changes and other such things have made bot lane extremely easy to close a game from early on.
Revali (NA)
: her perma stealth takes to balance her properly, if its a longterm stealth on a basic ability it should be fine.
I think the same thing, i'm fine with a Longterm stealth being on a basic ability as well, especially since i'm fairly sure it works nearly exactly the same as her previous one. Though if 'm honest, the only reason her Heart thingy can't be on her W is because it doesn't match with how Riot makes Kit's, as in, they don't put "Purely Passive" abilities on a champion's basic abilities anymore, they like the player to have complete control over their Basic Abilities, while placing limitations on their Ultimate's and Passives. By the way, what did i do that warranted this many dislikes, geeze. Only non-negative thread in weaks and people still hate it, i'm sad lol (not really.)
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