: Diana click
Sincerely, no.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bioluminescence,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=5OELPcAJ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-17T02:16:27.188+0000) > > You have no idea how much I love the fact that this is a question. I adore Zaun (good Summoner name, btw). > > Unfortunately I cannot give you an _extensive_ answer, but I will point out that Zaun has a lot of brickwork - most likely imported from Mudtown (it had been on my mind during the creation of the Medarda Heirloom - where they got their bricks). Tesla Effect has a good few references too, and the teaser vidoes mentioned are good - don't forget that the [The Climb](https://youtu.be/3Eu7NzzHC84?t=48) (Season Start 2018) has a few moments of Zaun visible too. > > Ugh I love Zaun - cultivairs in particular. I, clearly, love zaun too haha. Ive been trying to make a 3d scene to do it justice since i started doing game art. The trailers are kind of hard to use as a reference (warwick's isnt in the city, and ekko's has a different artstyle and architectural style than post-warwick rework zaun, where zaun got a more unique look) But i think The Climb is a very good reference. I speculated with a fellow game artist that the walls are often reinforced or decorated with strips ane bars of iron along the walls. And that where in real victorian architecture you would find elaborate stone sculptures and detailing on stone reinforcements, zaun reinforcements get a frilly or cog like feeling due to the amount of rivets and bolts and how they are placed. Would you agree? Zaun's got a very unique architecture and material usage so drawing parallels with the real world is hard, but i feel the victorian era is a good guideline. I hope to at some point have enough modular pieces to make a bit of zaun that contains a cultivair. But for now im sticking to an alleyway due to wanting to fill up my portfolio.
I think i would liken Zaun to a darker SteamPunk style, Piltover has a lot of "Steam Punk" aesthetics but they often use Gold's, White's and lighter color's in contrast to Zaun which seems to prefer darker color's. If my memory is correct, weren't zaun and piltover made at the same time? And it wasn't until long after that the city of Zaun became the way it was today. If that was the case then places in zaun might be similar to rundown places, especially in reference to Zaun using a lot of brick, i think of places like Detroit, Brooklynn and Downtown Los Angeles but you add a Steampunk aesthetic to it, lots of cogs and gears but their rusty and don't work correctly, a lots of Steel and rusted metal. We can't forget that it looks like a lot of Homes in Zaun are built from Sheet Metal and pieces of Scavenged wood. The streets looked really dirty too, covered in trash, dirt and ash. I hope this can help you think of it a bit more, maybe get an image going in there.
: Please put Morgana's wings back on her shoulder blades
Some depictions of Angels and Fallen Angels(Which i believe is what they were going for) have the wings placed on the Lower Back instead of Upper Back. It's a pretty common trend to distinguish the two, i don't really see the problem in them doing it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zerenza,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=AKGEKLMT,comment-id=000300000002,timestamp=2019-02-14T12:37:45.375+0000) > > I quickly became a Neeko main after her release, i think it's just that her Passive is good for Baiting someone but isn't really rewarding and her W Active is useful for a lot of things(You can block skill-shots if timed correctly, dodge AA heavy champions for a bit ect) but overall it doesn't do much for her and these two things do feel a bit gimmicky. > > These two parts are the parts where i feel like your not really rewarded for using them, and also a couple bugs. > > Neeko does not have Runaan's yellow orb when transforming into a champion that does have Runaan's. Her Passive does not work on tower's, her W Clone will sometimes sit in place and do nothing. When attempting to block certain abilities with her Clone the timing for it seems random, it's unclear at what point the clone becomes Solid, in a sense. If you copy someone with Runnan's Hurricane you(Neeko) won't have that floating sun thing next to you. So its pretty obvious :/
Neeko does not have Runaan's yellow orb when transforming into a champion that does have Runaan's. That's what i said isn't it?
Meddler (NA)
: We're aiming to have a small Neeko buff in soon. More likely to be in 9.5 than 9.4.
I quickly became a Neeko main after her release, i think it's just that her Passive is good for Baiting someone but isn't really rewarding and her W Active is useful for a lot of things(You can block skill-shots if timed correctly, dodge AA heavy champions for a bit ect) but overall it doesn't do much for her and these two things do feel a bit gimmicky. These two parts are the parts where i feel like your not really rewarded for using them, and also a couple bugs. Neeko does not have Runaan's yellow orb when transforming into a champion that does have Runaan's. Her Passive does not work on tower's, her W Clone will sometimes sit in place and do nothing. When attempting to block certain abilities with her Clone the timing for it seems random, it's unclear at what point the clone becomes Solid, in a sense.
: One small thing. I'm not doing this to avoid "a fighter to run into me". I'm doing this to maximize the amount of EXP, Gold and Action time that I have to make my impact on the map. And try to push the enemy jungler behind, while at the same time trying to defend my own position to not end up behind. I'm mostly comfortable doing this on Eve because at least blue side, I know her good pathing really well. But, this is something what all junglers should do during the loading screen. Set-up a game plan to help them reach their goals. Actually, a similar thing happens when you plan in lane too. Unless you go on auto pilot. 1v1 face to face, ofc Eve in the early game will lose to Lee or Xin as an example. But, since you can "manipulate" the scenarios in which you face each other, you will be able to win a 1v1 even against a fighter, bruiser or anything else in the early game if you engage on them after they use their cooldowns. Ie: you can go on Lee after he misses his Q, and you get a full charm. Or Xin already having used his knowck-up, so easy to engage on him after that. And he will often use that doing camps or, well, SCUTTLE, which we usually fight over :) Likewise, Eve will usually use her charm and everything on crab too. And if you know that the enemy will be doing xxxx (ie: scuttle) at exactly what time, you can be there, and then engage in a favorable situation
...Like, i know the match up at this point it really does feel like your just trying to make it seem like i don't know the match ups or the jungle. I already know all of this, your completely ignoring every point i made and just belittling me.
: that's for telling me your pathing. I'll tell you mine now. First off, I highly prefer a certain rune on Eve especially. And that's "ghost poro". Which works great with Electrocute, sudden impact, and the movement speed from the red rune tree. The first thing I do when the game starts is go to my top side and put the ghost poro in a brush. On blue, in the brush right besides the blue buff, and on red either in the brush right near red or the one behind it. In case the enemy doesn't invade right away my top side, The ghost poro gives me coverage that my buff is safe. And even if I don't pay attention to the minimap 24/7, if I look on the minimap when I'm about to go top side and I notice its gone, obviously, the enemy has been there. I do pay attention at it tho before the camps start, to make sure it doesn't just dissapear from a random walk in at like 1 minute. Next, if I'm blue side. I go Red, pick E, go golems, smite big golem after a bit of time (I wait to take some damage to heal it with smite). Then I go raptors. And now finally I go to check for scuttle. At this point there's 2 scenarios: 1) someone took it 2) nobody took it. If someone took it, I simply back out and move towards the other scuttle. Then blue, wolves, frog and then look to gank top or mid or recall. If nobody took it, I take the crab and then I got 3 choices: 1) invade enemy bot side for vision and to check if their buff is still up (mainly doing this if I don't know where they started) 2) gank bot 3) gank mid And after this, move to my top side. (and check scuttle first). If at any point, my ghost poro catches enemies and I notice it, I move in to invade the enemy jungle and take their stuff. Which makes it really great for counter jungling. Also in the case above, if the enemy still has blue up I still have my ward from the start. I can ward (behind the camp) and take their buff, or just ward around there and see when the enemy jungler goes for blue and gromp. Allowing me to track them and then either counter gank them or safely gank the other side of the map. As for when I'm starting red side. Then yes, I'm going blue into frog into scuttle into wolves into raptors into red into golems. I got way less variety for this side and need improvement. Then again, I do somethings just do blue, frog, scuttle and invade their red for vision and knowing what camps they did, and even taking their raptors every now and then. Still, I rarely had issues in the early game as Eve as far as me getting attacked (i've seen lanes feeding and being unable to do anything afterwards but not me hard losing early game unless i went for greedy invades with no vision or knowledge of enemy jungler. You should have an easier time if you figure out where the enemy jungler is and how to play around their pathing, invading for vision really helps :)
Okay, now i want you to take into consideration how complicated this got for the sole purpose of avoiding a Fighter running at you. This post was not because i needed help but to prove how easy it is for them versus how hard it is to avoid them, and the crucial fact that if you don't you give up a huge amount. I appreciate the attempt at help, don't get me wrong, but that's not why i posted this.
: What pathing you usually take and what runes? I honestly don't remember when was the last time I encountered what you are describing. But I also don't go out of my way to contest enemy junglers pre 6.
Ward top side pixel brush at 1:10 Start bot-side because it's faster, take raptor's or wolves then move towards scuttle crab and attempt to take it as fast as i can. If i saw the scuttle was missing from my ward at 2:00 minutes, or that the enemy jungler showed top side in any way, i move into their jungle. If i didn't see them top side, then i take the scuttle as fast as i can, hope the enemy jungler doesn't find me and run topside to either Raptor's or Blue Buff then to the second scuttle. There are three times that i find the enemy jungler, when i take the first scuttle, when i'm trying to do my raptor's and when i'm trying to take the second scuttle. Sometimes they don't fight me, but sometimes they do, i most often get invaded when i start Bot-Side red which is where i go Red,Raptor's, Scuttle and straight to my blue, i'v found i get invaded nearly 60% of the time and have learned to be extremely cautious of my own blue buff because of it. It doesn't happen as often when i start Bot-Side Blue. Again, i understand pathing is important, i understand that reading the enemy jungle pathing is important, all i'm saying is that it's too easy for them to force you into a bad spot because every action they can take doesn't have a consequence. If they invade me and i'm not there, they don't get a kill but they still end up with the same farm, if they invade me or meet me at scuttle and i get away, they still forced me to back so they can take a camp and be up in farm. If they invade me and i die then they get a kill, all three of my camps and can still gank with pretty high health. If they chose not to invade me at all and farm normally the only thing their missing out on is the opportunity to put me behind, because as i'v explained, there's a lot more benefits to fighting a non-fighter jungler than there are drawbacks if you don't kill them because of it.
: As someone that is playing eve. I don't think it's that important to have red buff. I do enjoy the exp and gold from it tho. And in higher elo, people are starting to move towards tank to deal with the jungle changes anyway. sure, there's two strong fighter junglers in xin and Jax, but that's about it. And as far as ap goes, there's not a lot of ap junglers. Eve, Elise, gragas, maybe sylas. Oh right and khartus, which is only a jungle because dark harvest exist and it's current for.
As another person that is playing Eve, i find it very annoying that in order to prevent myself from dying from an Invade by a fighter(Which does happen) i have to either skip the EXP and Gold, Flash and hope to get away, hope that my teamates are more reactive than their's or die. That's what i call a lack of counterplay, sure it doesn't happen every game, but the vast majority of my jungle games are spent against champions that have better 1v1's than me and tend to invade me quite often as well. It's not that there isn't any counterplay at all, as another commentator has said, there is some but it's the fact that regardless of what the enemy does if they are a fighter it's a lot harder to punish them for this because they have such a powerful 1v1 against non-fighter's. To add to this the reason i think it's kind of unfair is because they seem to have a Guaranteed way to put you behind, get red buff, invade and reap the benefits of that champions just not being able to fight you. Sure, if your a good jungler you can still avoid this by pathing but in general they can do the same thing, and again, at any moment if you come in contact with Udyr, Jax, Lee Sin or Xin Zhao as Evelynn(for example) your very unlikely to win against them, so the risk involved in trying to play around them is a lot higher than the actual reward itself, which is why there's a gap between those champions and champions that have weaker 1v1's in the jungle.
: They used to give bonus percent ap from blue. However this wouldn't help your point (worthless on first clear) and it was OP when given to mid laners (if one got it and the other didn't, mid was basically over). I don't think it's a huge deal that red is stronger, at least early. Mana Regen and CDR are still important for many. You get 2 scuttles so you can play around your opponent and take the one opposite them (you just need to be aware of where they are). You can vertical jungle if they're invading you. Your team can collapse if they're invading you. You can gank the opposite side of the map if they're invading you. You can start red if you're worried they'll invade your red and feel you need it. Or you can clear your whole bot side + scuttle and recall to buy so you have an item advantage (and maybe level) if they went to your red side and waited hoping to ambush you. Jungling is a lot about predicting what your opponent will do. I'm as tired of the fighter dominance as the best guy (albeit moreso in top), but it's not like they can't be beat.
Team can collapse if their paying attention. Vertical jungling only works well if you have lane priority and you know for a fact that the enemy jungler is already doing the same to you, there are ways to try and spot it out but in general it's still very risky because if you run into that fighter while trying to vertical jungle, you lose anyway. When it comes to getting a scuttle you can only do that if your sure the enemy jungler won't, if you start blue with a botlane leash and decide to take scuttle the enemy jungler could easily show up and kill you. If you chose not to and decide to take the top one, well the enemy jungler will show up and kill you. This is the problem i have with it, there's so many different things that they can do that you can't do anything about. They can be beaten, yes and yes i myself have done it as well(I like to ward Pixel brush at 1:10 to circumvent invades so i know if i'm being invaded or not.) but the sheer number of things they can do VS the number of things you can do to stop them and the crucial fact that any of those things they do won't really punish them is what makes me dislike it, like it feels like if mess up predicting their pathing and end up running into them i either die or have to give up EXP and Gold but if i just don't run into them they simply play normally. There are plenty of ways to bridge the gap between jungle champions but i felt blue buff was the best thing to point at because in comparison blue buff is much weaker and not everyone can use Red Buff like fighter's and AD champions can.
: What if they removed rylais and made it blue buffs passive instead of the cdr.
Possible, though, removing Rylai's isn't necessary and at Max Level, the Red Buff slow is actually still higher. (rylai's is 20% slow.) A slow on Blue Buff would be nice, to a point but it doesn't need to be the same buff as red buff just for mana, it can be slightly different.
: Had my 6th game of AFK URF tonight.
There's actually a system that automatically puts you in Low Priority Que(Leaver Buster) when you AFK too often...but yeah sure riot doesn't care at all and there's certainly nothing they've been doing over in Dev Corner to help fix Alternative Game Modes, nothing at all. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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Navillus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lil Homie busta,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9LiOhZFw,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-02-08T19:45:16.115+0000) > > Who picks conqueror on singed when there's aery, aftershock and grasp? Aftershock: you can proc it easily, but as Singed you don't just want to stand there to get the dmg portion. Aery: better for enchanters and it scales with AP, and the 2. row in Sorcery has only bad runes for Singed. Spellbook: good but the tree is overnerfed and the 1. row is bad without good options, boots are late at 10, you don't upgrade Stopwatch. DH: overnerfed, the other 3 rows are really good and synergizes well with Singed. Predator could work, but your poison on minions stops it. Nothing is pretty solid at the moment for Singed.
Aery is really good on a lot more champions than enchanters. DoT abuse it pretty easily, such as with teemo I and Singed.
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: The burst offered by this Conquerer is probably higher than Electrocute. Why? Because 4 Q's = 12-60 AP, which subsequently charges her E prematurely into a higher % damage rate. It's about a .3 - 1.2% increase in E's Max HP damage, on top of the already puffed Q damage from the 2nd-4th hits. After that her R has a full charge, will convert 10% of that ~ 1300 ish damage to true damage, and heal her on her R. You're really talking about a reliable up to 450-500 damage increase here, outstripping electrocute when it's all added up.
Yes! I posted this at work then got home and thought about it more. If her Q's orbs also apply the stacks of Conqueror then it's a done deal, you won't even need 4 Q's to do it. The issue i had with it though was(Initially, though i do think it's much more viable now.) that i don't often use all 3 of my Q's because there is a delay between them and i can usually kill them without them. I just think that Conq, while definitely viable will not be her designated rune like it will be for other champs such as Ryze or Cassiopeia. They like the Ramp up in damage, evelynn not so much, it might not be worth trading off Kill Time for Damage but we'll see.
: Holy Bejeesus. This is a serious problem. That's actually stronger than the only one, even if it is now adaptive. For example, that's going to be {{champion:13}} core Keystone Rune. Champions who can spam abilities are going to get up to 75 AP off this, and it's going to heal/true damage on top of their already existing domination. Imagine {{champion:69}} spamming with this rune. No other rune even comes close to this..... It's literally flipping from being a Bruiser rune to being a mage/spell casting AD rune. {{champion:420}} this is a HUGE buff. {{champion:6}} Huge buff. {{champion:143}} Huge buff. It's also legitimate on {{champion:28}} , who gets to cast Q 4 times, E once, etc.... Yup. New meta entirely.
Evelynn could use it but I'd only use it against tankier teams. Otherwise electrocute is probably better, is rather have the burst than the true damage after my full combo.
: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
Well, i'll give you this. Neeko is great, i wish her W Active did a bit more(Maybe worked similarly to Leblances R+R before her revert, without the global part.) and her passive had some sort of reward when you use it succesfully but otherwise she feels great to play as and against so good job!
: You obviously have just built her cookie cutter mage, because of what you said about her W. Try a {{item:3124}} build with it and {{item:3115}} , and you'll sing a different toon about W being worthless. On hit AP uses it and her ult FAR better than a pure AP, because when you W, her next auto is almost guaranteed to reach its target. If you prime it to attack 3, it's a big harass hit, and your opponent can't really even trade you because of the invisible and clone. It plays a trick on your brain: always be wary of the closest object.... which in many cases is the clone. Furthermore, On hit Slaughters a LOT of meta top champs, like {{champion:86}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:75}} . These champs are pretty much forced to lose over half their CS to survive.
Fair, it's useful for that, but i'm mainly speaking of the Active for the W.
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Gilgayu (NA)
: Who is your favorite champion?
{{champion:28}} She run's around making happy people miserable, ruining their lives and destroying families({{champion:67}} ) how she came into being is interesting since we didn't really know much about Demon's until her rework, she's just cool, she looks amazing too. {{champion:103}} Sort of a similar story, except Ahri feels bad for what she did, i love how she looks as well. {{champion:518}} There's a pattern here somewhere. Neeko's story is the longest, i think the other two need to be more fleshed out, especially Evelynn's since, i mean, she killed Vayne's family but i digress. Neeko's story is sad at first but afterwards it's the story of someone primitive trying to survive in a world that isn't anymore, she joins up with Nidalee for awhile(has a crush on her) and then moves on but is always looking for something interesting, ironically she has voice lines for both Evelynn and Ahri and i main all 3 of them.
: {{champion:83}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:6}}
I'd probably remove Vayne and Teemo from that lol They die the second he touches them.
: Counterplay should extend past champ select.
Very few Matchups have differences in winrates above 10% so a champion might have a 45% winrate against lee sin and Lee SIn has a 55% winrate against that champion. It's extremely rare that a champion has even that when it comes to "Counter's" as with most skill based games, counter's really only apply at the highest levels of play(Diamond+) and even then they definitely aren't impossible. Most of the champions in the game have Items that counter them or specific ways of playing that help mitigate them, my general plan in games i get countered is simple "Don't Feed" and then i do my best not to feed hoping that either my team carries me or i bounce back because they picked someone who falls off and i didn't.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctLLiRuU4pM Since you said something about it and red posted a video going over Positional Ranks.
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: Garen really cant be given much withiut larger scope work because of his ability to dunpster over low elo. I dont like that reasoning but riot for whatever reason takes bronze and below into account. Seeing something small, like making his Q ghost, would be nice.
It's because the vast majority of the player base is not above Gold, and until about Platinum garen is pretty damned good, even in platinum he's still not a terrible pick, just not the best. In addition, Garen is one of 3 champions in the game that has a Silence, the fact that he has a "You can't play" button is what helps prevent him from being changed.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 30
Hey Meddler! I'd like to ask what you guys are thinking in regards to Karthus. The man has a 53%+ winrate in 3 separate roles, a high play rate in top,jungle and mid and i don't think that it's just the mains of him anymore. Personally, i don't think gutting him is the answer, though he does seem really far out of line. Maybe some changed to how his Ultimate works considering it's a really powerful tool early, mid and late game especially for teamfights since he's chunking 5 people with something nearly unavoidable.
Krayzie (EUNE)
: I believe its called Pixel Brush because if you put ward at it enemy jungler can still avoid it by few pixels that are in FoG. Here is video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSL65rBg9d0
Oh yeeaaaahh i remember that i don't remember if it's been patched or not.
: > [{quoted}](name=KFCeytron,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=euIcEbI8,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2019-01-30T04:24:18.715+0000) > > We've been over this. Just because you can't manage the counterplay doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Practice against Vayne instead of [spamming](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/jBzYTs3z-vayne-needs-to-be-held-to-the-same-standarts-as-melee-carries) [threads](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/LaiOMHhr-vayne-at-58-winrate-25-pick-rate) about it. no one has presented any argument to what counterplay her kit actually offers. all ive seen so far is a bunch of people being adamant about it being in there somewhere. i want a direct answer to a direct question. which ability in her kit is inherently outplayable? go.
Her Condemn, but it's kind of iffy on whether you can. The issue with Hyper Carry ADC's and strong Hyper Carry's in general is that because most of their damage comes from single target, unavoidable places, the only way to counter them is to kill them. People forget that this is the sole reason Assassins exist, none of the other classes deal enough damage to kill an Hyper Carry effectively, and that's the only counterplay to them sooo yeah.
: Sounds great tbh. You're punishing him for a typical play and in return you catapult far ahead of him even though he's playing the "meta" class of character. +1 for your bulging brain.
Honestly, FoxdropLoL and Pro Guides posted about this and i watched it recently, i found out that you can run from your fountain to topside river and ward at 1:10 but still have ample time to make it back bot for your leash so it really has felt pretty good. In my ELO i don't get invaded that much but when it does happen i almost never get help, it's been helping me deal with it quite a bit.
Owl Puff (NA)
: I do that but sometimes I get fucked anyway. Most of the time I can't fight them since my champs aren't as strong early lvls compared to champs like kha or lee. If I'm not in a duo/premade then most ppl will react late/not notice at all. It really sucks when one/two invades can fuck you over this hard.
Yeah, i main Evelynn so i completely understand. What i'v found to be the best strategy is actually to invade their Botside jungle, Kha'zix, Lee and Xin almost always do a Double Buff start into the opposite jungle scuttle(so if they started Botside they'd path towards top.) and then invade you. This way they'll invade you, take your buff but in most cases ignore your other camps, so you might lose your Red Buff but you'll still get around the same EXP and probably more gold if they chose not to take more camps. I preffer to do this when my laner's don't have lane Priority, if they do have lane priority i'll go a more standard path and just ping assist me when i see the enemy jungler.
: As a jungler, the enemy jungler invades and steals my second buff
First, you need to ward your Opposing River Bush at 1:10 or have an ally ward it at 1:20. So if you started Bot Side blue, you'd ward your Top Side River Bush closest to mid lane, it's called Pixel Brush but i'm not sure why. This is important against every fighter jungler, what this ward let's you do is have a higher chance of seeing the enemy jungler path into your's, if you see them path into your ward and into your jungle, counter jungle them back. If you notice that scuttle didn't path into your ward(watch it, scuttle always moves down towards Mid Lane when it spawn on top side.) then you know the enemy jungler is taking that scuttle, it should appear around the 2 minutes mark. In either of these cases, scuttle does not appear on your ward, or the enemy jungler does appear on your ward, invade the enemy jungle and enter Vertical Jungling. If you do this you won't be behind anymore because you'll take the same camps as the enemy. In my last game the enemy Jax started my Red Side while i started Bot Side Blue, so, because i saw him on my ward at Pixel Brush leaving my jungle, i took his entire botside red, my whole botside blue and because he didn't take my Raptor's or Krugs i got a HUGE CS advantage over him since i took those too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zerenza,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qWkYt5Gj,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-01-29T16:37:52.844+0000) > > Okay, so last time i checked the higher the playrate the lower the winrate needs to be, why does that not apply to kha'zix? You're twisting the opposite case. It's that the lower the playrate, the higher the win rate should be because extremely low means it's only mains. That doesn't work the other way, though. A higher play rate shouldn't make a champion under-perform. It simply means we have a larger sample size from which to determine they're balanced.
I think it works both ways, basically a champion shouldn't be guaranteed good for everybody. Xin Zhao has an 18% playrate with a winrate over 50% on OP.gg(at time of writing.) Lee Sin has a 35% winrate and, again, an over 50% winrate on OP.gg(at time of writing.). Their winrates are too high to validate nearly 50% of all jungler's using them with almost all of them having some form of Success, especially with Lee Sin who's skillcap is said to be one of the highest in the game.
: As For Justice pointed out, your own evidence suggests he isn't actually a problem. And with a massive play rate like that, we have even more reason to trust the evidence that he's actually quite balanced.
Okay, so last time i checked the higher the playrate the lower the winrate needs to be, why does that not apply to kha'zix?
: uhh... 48-52% is just about the midpoint of balance actually.
His play rate is insane, the higher the play rate the lower the winrate right. A champion with the skillcap of Kha'zix should not have a 49-51% winrate with an 18% playrate, that's way to far. Champions with playrates above 10% and winrate's above 49% are really strong, especially in the main area where all these stats come from, Platinum+
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
I noticed someone else has already said something but i'm really worried about Jungler's after the nerfs to EXP coming up soon. More specifically jungler's that aren't very good at Dueling in early levels, i know you guys want to push for more Jungler VS Jungler interactions but not every jungler is good at it and as we've seen the most prominent jungler's have one of two things going for them. Strong Duelists levels 1-3(Xin, Camille, Graves, Lee Sin.) Incredibly Fast Clear Speed(Evelynn) This is the same issue i had with the scuttle changes, where just as i and many other jungler's thought it would force Tank Jungler's and Assassin jungler's that aren't Evelynn out of the game. I'v currently been enjoying Neeko jungle quite a bit but i feel as though Mages are going to get hurt a lot by these jungle EXP changes since they can't really duel anybody early on. The final thing i wanted to mention is that AD's have a large number of Defensive Options, Deaths Dance, Maw, Phantom Dancer, Mercurial Scimitar, Edge of Night, Guardian Angel(still Salty about this one.) and while i know you guys really don't like limiting items to Ranged and Melee i can already see a problem arising very soon if you guys add more defensive options to AD champions. AP's still don't have the number of defensive options that AD's have and i'm worried we'll end up in a meta where Mage's and AP champs in general aren't useful anymore.
: If you're winning early, your reward should be first tower gold as well as map pressure elsewhere. Adding 800 gold from plates just increases snowballing onto already losing lanes, putting those who are losing lane at an even worse disadvantage. You can't work to make comebacks possible while giving a ton of gold to an already snowballing lane.
How often does 1 person get all that gold? I usually average maybe 320 from plates. Now granted it does give extra gold to Panera that hard push but usually if its that extreme, the other person outscales and as far as I can tell its not easy to get all 5 of them.
: Codpiece. We can call it codpiece, or dickware if you want to make up names and be vulgar (as I do). So here's the thing about codpieces, if you get hit with a lance or arrow there and there's only mail then you loose your genitalia. Many men would probably rather die than lose their genitalia. So, when we look at the codpiece itself, it actually isn't that bad for the whole "don't let the enemy weapon catch!" problem. They are largely globular so if the armor works and the enemy lance doens't blast right through it, it does have the natural angle of the enemy attack either directed down between your legs, or to the sides which would hit your thighs. And unfortunately, that's really the best you can hope for. You might lose a leg, but you'll still be able to reproduce. It does direct the enemy blow if not completely away like basically everywhere else on the armor, then at least off to an extremity that you may still survive from. And it should be noted, that a lot of times the armor around the thighs (the cuisse) was pretty thick, not chest piece thick but still more thick the rest of the leg armor.
Fair, i mean you may be better off without it though still since i don't know about you but i might hit that Dickware with a sword or pretty much anything in hopes it hurts enough. Pretty sure it's less functional than breasts on breast plates, at least you can keep the thickness, only issue is if you have gaps in your armor that the breasts help the enemy focus on but even then i'm fairly sure your main areas of issue would be the Neck and Arm Pits, other areas would most certainly be clad in thick armor and again even if you were directing a hit at your sternum the armor is still too thick for your average sword to pierce through. I appreciate your insight, it's really helpful but i do think that some games and other forms of media give the Boob Armor idea some justice without having it be completely nonfunctional, since i'm pretty sure it's functional just not the best choice.
: Is there an ability in the game that you, personally, just can't dodge?
Morgana's Bind, can't doge this ability at all, i'll be completely invisible to her and still find a way to run into it. {{champion:28}}
: Delete One: Champion, Item, and Rune
Champion: {{champion:157}} Item: {{item:3026}} Rune: Conqueror.
: While I would agree with you, were this based on a truly historic setting (it’s not. It’s so clearly painfully not). I would say that one should keep in mind the mentality of the age in question. While for the most part field armor is designed function first. There were a lot of other things to consider. For example, the way society is structured was completely different which changed the way advancement potential occurred. To do a gross generalization for a moment. Medieval Europe was a society based on concepts of personal honor. To be honorable as a warrior means that others must recognize your honor. To get others to recognize you, you must be distinct. And there is an inherent risk for that distinction. Now many of these were mitigated risks but still there. Strictly speaking a plume provides no benefits for defense but is a great way to get people to notice you. And while there is a wide range of plumes (most field examples were only a few feathers, while many tournament plumes could be 4 feet tall). But there will always be times when these visual distinctions are taken too far. The most obvious example would be the landsknecht. Who wore such garrish and overdeveloped costumes that did hinder them somewhat. Same could be said for certain styles of samurai armor though I’m less familiar with the region, many of the more elaborate helmets do nothing but add weight to the helmet. So there were reasons one would take the less optimal equipment for survival if it meant some other advancement. However, except for very few half mythical examples (berserkers going into battle wearing bear skins), these choices rarely impeded the effectiveness of the armor as drastically as a boob plate would have.
To be fair, Shadiversity did make a good point when he mentioned the...Crotch armor of men during very specific ages. I agree with him that if we lived in a world where women fought more throughout history, it would be no surprise that armor that accentuated the female figure would exist. Since men made armor to accentuate their figure's...even if i think having a gigantic bell covering your private part isn't really a good idea and probably would cause more harm that good if you were to smack that piece with a mace or something. Edit: I agree with all your points though, its probably not functional, i mean if you made it out of Steel, it's still steel plating even if the Boob plate directed towards the sternum. A sword wouldn't pierce that plate. Sure, boob plate isn't the best but it's still plausible and advances in technology are what created the "Best" armor, in a world where women fought more, i can definitely see boob plates existing and then being phased out for better alternatives.
: My god, why do we need to go back to the basics of statistics when it comes to arguing about viability? https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/diamond/plus/champion/Diana/ Diana's pickrate is just under 3%. Her winrate is about 47.5%. Those statistics are proof she is **unviable**.
I used Op.gg which takes all of it's statistics from Korea. As of 4:20 AM Central Standard Time Diana's winrate and pick rate are this on Op.gg 49.26% Winrate 2.04% Pickrate. Here is one from League of Graphs, this time All Regions. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/overview/diana 49.7% winrate 4.0% Pickrate. Also, i should point out that you used Diamond ELO which isn't a good one to use because the sample size is much smaller. Most of the player base is Gold and bellow but if we want to use High ELO we use Platinum+ because a much larger number of player's are in Platinum+ than Diamond+. https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Diana/ In platinum+ on the same website she has a 49% winrate and 4.01% Pickrate.
Rylalei (EUNE)
: Although I do agree with your points, I am heavily wondering what tracking site are you using, and what search settings as well. Here's what I use and got: Same order as your's: Trash OP bug: 52.4% wr with 19.3% pr in D+: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/khazix/diamond Pyke: 47.9% wr with 14.4% pr in D+: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/pyke/diamond LeBlanc: 49.6% wr with 8.4% wr in D+: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/leblanc/diamond Eve: 52.7% with 4.9% Talon: 53.3% with 4.9% Zed: 49.8% with 10.7% Ahri: 52.5% with 7.1% Akali: 47.8% with 9.8% Kat: 53.3% with 4.9% Fizz: 50.7% with 3.6% Ekko: 50.6% with 5% Jhonny Rengo: 51.6% with 7.2% Can we nerf him already?: 55% with 5.5%: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/shaco/diamond So on list, the outliners are: Trash OP bug: 19.3% Pyke: 14.4% Zed: 10.7% With the honor mention of "Can we nerf him already?" for the super high winrate at a decent playrate when everyone keeps talking how "weak, trash, bad" he is and currently became the highest winrate champ in the game. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/overview/diamond/by-winrate
Oh forgot to mention it was Op.gg which uses Korean statistics instead of NA, i always forget that and use it instead of one for NA. They also update Op.gg every 5 minutes or so, i noticed as i was flipping around that their winrates and playrates fluctuated a bit.
: Unpopular opinion: Assassins should never be viable
So because Assassin meta's happen they should NEVER be viable in any way shape or form. Meaning every assassin should have an abysmal winrate? Okay, so, in my opinion the winrate of a champion should correspond with their Playrate and Learning Curve. Assassins have pretty high learning curves on average, their just as squishy as most other damage dealer's but don't get the safety of range(usually, Leblance and Ahri are exceptions.) which makes them harder to learn and makes player's put more time into them. Because of this assassins should have low Playrates, how you know were in an assassin meta is when ALL ASSASSSINS NOT JUST THE AD ONES have play rates above 10%. Out of 13 Assassins only 3 had pick rates above 10% those champions are as follows in their primary roles. These three are heavy outlier's, as you can see. Kha'zix: 18.47% pickrate 51% winrate Pyke: 13.85% Pickrate 49.04% winrate Leblance: 10.34% Pickrate 48.49% winrate 5 had pick rate's of over 5%, a couple might need some minor nerfs but this is definitely within the lines. Evelynn: 50% winrate 5.7% pickrate Talon: 51.41% winrate 5.27 pickrate Zed: 6.95% pickrate 50.75% winrate Ahri: 51.2% winrate 5.55% pickrate Akali: 47.6% winrate 5.44% pickrate The rest had pickrates bellow 5% These champs are used only by mains. Katarina: 52.04% winrate 4.11% pickrate Fizz: 51.33% winrate 3.24% pickrate Ekko: 50.82% winrate 3.56% pickrate Rengar: 49.77% winrate 1.94% pickrate Shaco: 53.82% winrate 2.72% pickrate There's more assassins than this but can you tell with ease which ones need some tuning? Obviously the top 3 up there need to be nerfed, but for all the other's it's kind of hard to tell, assassins are among the funnest to play champions in the game and their playrates have always reflected that. Right now only 3 out of 16 total assassins are seeing play rates above 10% and those 3 are heavy outlier's as well, this is not an assassin meta.
HeeroTX (NA)
: You like to play solo lanes (mid & jg) You play a burst carry champ in the support Role You then brag about how YOU carried the lane ... and then come whine that ADCs have big egos for complaining about your play style... ok. ---------------------- As a former ADC main (stopped playing) that has explicitly told support players in champ select "play whatever you want, I'll work with it", maybe ADC mains are just sick of all the narcissistic burst mages trying to take over the lane. I'm assuming the game you're talking about was the one on op.gg from an hour ago. Impressive that your ADC that "then trolled the game" had most damage dealt, best KDA and generally led or was on par in most major statistics.
I'm gonna have to agree with OP, i'v seen a lot more toxic ADC's than i'v seen in any other role. They do tend to get a little testy if you accidentally take a CS, usually spamming Question pings. They tend to get mad when someone calls them out on split pushing for 10 minutes when lane phase is over. They tend to get on to everyone and everything else in the game before admitting that their at fault, if they do. When i first started the game i mained support, i switched to avoid ADC's, now i main jungle(ignore the recent games on ashe btw.) and still have to deal with their constant "I'm the leader, follow me." attitudes, i don't even know where they get it from but every role has a problem and ADC's problem is that they think their the main character in an anime.
: That is exactly what I'm talking about. It has absolutely nothing to do with the champion and everything to do with the player. If someone is stomping with Tryn or Yi they will likely stomp with a "healthier" champion too. This means that there is no such thing as a brain dead champion. The better player wins, not the more brain dead champion.
Your wrong, the lower ELO you go the less needed Macro gameplay is. The easier a champion is to play the better your Micro game is and the higher your likelihood of winning becomes, to add to this the easier a champion is to understand the more you can focus on Macro once you've mastered them. Riven player's, Yasuo player's, Lee Sin player's, the list goes on and on and on have a lot of mains in low ELO but their winrates are usually abysmal because the champions require too much from the player in order to fulfill their goal. As their experience with the champion increases their ability to use the correct combos in the correct situation will increase but in comparison to champions like Jax, Tryndamere and Master Yi the time it takes to master the champion is substantially lower.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 18
Do you think that the gold from Turret Plating could be lowered? I think that part of the problem is how much gold we get early in the game, more gold equals more damage and while i'v noticed that some of you guy's changes were nice the turret plating giving 160 gold seemed a bit out of line to me.
: You're spreading misinformation. There is no evidence to suggest that assassin as a whole are viable. Diana is especially unplayable.
48.76 win rate in platinum+ for Diana. Thats well within the lines of viable. The win rates of most champions listed as assassins are definitely viable, id say a champion is not viable if they have a win rate below 48% in platinum. Seeing as how most players will be platinum and under so it gives the most data.
: >There is pretty much no predicting how much damage he would deal with his Qs because of his build flexibility, Um >because of his build flexibility You can... look at what he's building to predict his damage?
It isn't really about being able to tell what he's doing it's about how Intuitive it is to play against him. So many times i'v misjudged a Morde's damage output or the amount of healing/shielding he'll get and ended up dying to him when i was nearly 100% sure he couldn't win. In contrast there are plenty of champions in the game where you know exactly how far you have to sit back from them, where to ward if your a laner, the jungle path the champion tends to take. Annie is a really good example, i know her AA range is 675 and her Q range is less than that, which means at max AA range she can't Q me. I know that when her R is up i have to sit away from her for her Flash+R and i also know if she's going to kill me or not with her combo. Intuitive counterplay is the best kind of counterplay because the player doesn't have the time to go through a bunch of math in their head within a couple seconds. If you can do that, more power to you but i know i can't and that i'm not the only one.
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