Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 18
Can you tell us when you predict Evelynn's Rework will show up? After worlds patch, During or Before? Also, what are your thoughts on Twitch? He can start attacking you from outside his reveal range, something that Evelynn was nerfed for a long time ago so i thought it was nice tie in question.
: which update was worse; assassin or tank?
I chose tanks, the thing is that while some assassins did get the short end of the stick it increased the counterplay against most of them and gave the AD ones more items to work with(though i think AP should have gotten a couple too). More over mid lane assassins like Talon and Zed never became so oppressive that their winrates were like 54+, it was about 52% when lethality got buffed but ADC's abused Lethality MUCH MUCH more than they did with about 3-4 ADC's having above a 53% winrate with lethality. Not to mention at the same time as the assassin update we got changes to Locket, a couple more support items and the introduction of Redemption which made the assassin update pointless until lethality was buffed, these support changes have continued until today. And finally most of the assassins were overall nerfed, it's a lot easier to counter them, a lot easier to survive against them and they just aren't as strong. The tanks though got more CC, more resistance stats but less health, though it seems that doesn't matter and tanks like Moakai and Zac do waaaaay to much damage to warrant how tanky they get.
: It has always been whoever 4-5 man ganks bot first wins, regardless of which bot is better. I've "lost" so many lanes while 50 cs up on the enemy adc simply because the enemy mid/jungle sat bot all game with occassional top tp tower dive of course.
Yeah i hate when i'm playing mid and can't roam with my opponent so they 4 man bot lane. It pisses me off because if i could do something i would have but my enemy lane made it hard for me to.
: i have a gorillion games on illaoi and i cancel my W
I haven't done it in a very long time.
: As an Illaoi main, that would be really helpful for some matchups like Riven and Sion. With all the games I've played on her, these 2 are kinda annoying to fight (mostly Riven) because they can cancel your W, and pre-lvl 6 it is your most consistent spell because your Q and E can easily be dodged. I often start W in most melee match ups. The problem they might have with changing her W that way would come from it being a gap closer on top of being an empowered AA.
That's probably the reason it's so easy to cancel, it's probably just the way the code works so it makes it very easy to cancel it mid-jump, but i'v learned when is the correct time to cancel it so that i'm not stuck in the animation after the hit. I think making it unable to be canceled would be good for new illaoi player's but bad for older ones since we got used to it. Also an illaoi main goddamn i love your name.
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: they werent attacking. Only bami's and they regened more than bamis could do.
Exactly, the only reason the strategy failed was because someone bought Bami's cinder. If they never bought bami's cinder, if Pantheon never used his ult to get back to base, then the game would go on forever until one team gave up. The most you could hope for was that Xerath would execute you, but at that point it's already to late.
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: "Big news": they will rework xin and then eve...
Yeah but his is for work along the lines of the Rammus update or Udyr update, not a full update.
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ÂFRÏCÂN KÂSSÂDÏN,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EEVcL3AR,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-08-03T01:13:50.591+0000) > > If your enemies are smart, you are easily countered. You could say that about any Champion. My points stand. He has some aspects that do not rely solely upon the skill of his opponents that dictate his success.
Well...Yes and no. Yes he has some aspects that require Depth but no he's not hard at all and he's completely reliant on how your opponent play's their champion, not how you play yours. Similar to pre-rework Katarina you need to know when to go in, as in, what is the best time and can you recognize low risk oportunities. You also need to know how to alpha strike properly, buuuut depending on your ELO is basically what dictates when you should alpha strike, In my ELO(Bronze) you can alpha strike to engage because most of the enemy player's will try and CC you before you get to them, not after. In high ELO most player's will realize where you are and where your coming from, so they'll save their CC for after your 1st alpha and probably kill you if you used your Alpha to engage. And, while yes, Meditate can save you from a lot of situations, it's not really hard to realize your low on health in the middle of a fight and need to press W to survive until your Cooldowns are up. But in all honesty, that's the extent of his depth, he's not really reliant that much on your own skill level, mechanically, but instead your overall gameknowledge itself, anyone can learn how to press Q at the right time with master yi, just like everyone eventually learns when to go in with the champion their playing as. For master Yi it really is almost entirely dependant on how good your opponents are, if your opponents are as good at basic game knowledge, your probably going to lose, if their better, your most definitely going to lose. In essence, for master yi you have to be better than your opponents at the entirety of league of legends because the champion itself is so easy to learn that after that your game knowledge is all that matter's. The other point is that if you get to late game with Yi, either by stalling or getting fed, it doesn't really matter how good the enemy is, Yi is so powerful and easy at that point that if you lose it's literally entirely your own fault, honestly late game master yi is simply "Press Q" that's it. Right-Click, press Q when it's up, your done. A very good example is, i respect Box Box, Voy Boy, Scara, Shiptur and Imaqtpie much more than i respect any Master Yi player of the same ELO. The reason why is because all of them frequently play champions that require much more depth and thought process than simply Right-Click, Press Q whenever you can, press W when you don't want to die.
Horidas (NA)
: Pretty cool theory. It seems to match up, even if it isn't intentional.
I think it's just a coincidence because i believe he's actually named after a town but it's one hell of a coincidence.
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: You can't cry that something is broken unless you play it yourself. So until you win consistently with a champion you claim is broken you really can't argue the point. The only way around this if the champion has a high pick rate with win rate then you can scream for the nerf guns from the bloody hills if you like and I will shout with you.
Excuse me let me get into a game with Zac real quick and win. Oh, that's right, i can't BECAUSE HE"S PERM BANNED FOR A REASON XD
: Stop complaining about Tryndamere's ultimate keeping him alive during Urgot's ultimate.
Well in those people's Defense, they said the reason why was they wanted to avoid "Specific champion interactions from affecting gameplay." but they contradict that because if Braum jumps infront of Urgot's chains for an ally, regardless of braums health, he will die. So in all honesty, i think champions like Kayle, Tryndamere, Aatrox and Anivia should all experience True Death when urgot ult's them, it's only fair considering Braum can die at full health to it.
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: It's fully intentional. A Rioter pretty much on launch showed a similar example on Twitter.
Well glad i caught on video either way cause it was funny af.
: urgot w
It applies Runaans as well ;)
FormationX (EUNE)
: It is intended.
It's not intended for braum to die from it, it's intended for him to block it, not die to it in his allies place.
: Urgot painted the floor red with a 100% HP Braum
I have a video of it, here it is it happened in my game to :) I also posted a discussion
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: I mean it's not really useless. The point of the W is to trap you so ghouls can do the deeps on you, but if W basically wipes the ghouls in less than a second, you don't have to worry about that damage. The W does next to nothing otherwise. And you can always cancel your W early to just auto Yorick's W while keeping the active shield.
Not worth it, yorick's Q does considerable damage on it's own and remember that Urgot can't pick his target for his W. If he misses his Q or E, it'll attack the nearest minion, it doesn't always attack the ghouls, and you can actually forget about fighting Yorick if he has his Maiden, his auto attacks will do Current health damage and his Q by then will chunk you for about 150-250 depending on his build. He really doesn't need the ghouls after that point and he didn't really need them before considering most of your damage is gone when you get trapped in that circle and he just waits for your W to be gone.
: I find Urgot would actually be decent versus Yorick, since W would auto-target his ghouls and gimp Yorick's damage output.
It does, but the thing is, he can gimp you even worse, he presses W, traps you in a small circle and low and behold your entire W is completely useless.
Doozku (NA)
: Switfness boots does not lower his W self-slow, if that's why you were saying to buy it.
Well that's not the reason lol it's because he has an abismal movemeny speed, and while it won't lower his W's slow, his W only slows by a flat ammount so increasing your movement speed and making slows on you(which are already only at 40% power i you W) makes it a lot more tolerable.
Jalkan (NA)
: That's being a juggernaut for you. Although I wish Urgot had a better way to stick to targets near him. I've been playing him a bit, and I've learned that he IS a juggernaut and his mobility doesn't count for much. You'll still get kited around, and he might as well be melee, really.
No it isn't, Illaoi, Mordekaiser, Darius, Yorick. They don't have the same issues as Urgot, if illaoi got slowed by nearly 50% when she ulted that would suck wouldn't it? That's basically what it's like playing Urgot, he doesn't feel like a juggernaut, he feels like a severely nerfed juggernaut. Like, i understand the reason why he becomes slower, but i don't understand why it's so absurdly oppressive to the user.
: When I played urgot, my first thought was "this will never be competitive". Primarily because urgot is probably one of the worst wave control champions out there because of his passive.. yea for sure his wave clear is good, but freezing is impossible when you're perma pushing. As urgot, you're either snowballing your opponent or you're feeding your ass off IME because you're too immobile to really avoid ganks and urgot is still pretty squishy early on. Its kinda the same thing yorick and tryndamere have, except tryndamere has his E+ult and yorick can surprisingly turn fights around or block somebody with W. His W is nothing without his Q and his Q delay makes it pretty easy to dodge, I was playing an urgot mirror top and neither of us really landed it... don't get me wrong the ability itself does feel good and fair for its damage, slow, and CD, its the fact Q also = W which makes this an issue. I feel the hitbox should be increased slightly with a nerf to the slow so it's not too ridiculous, but that's how I feel about it. W, again an ability too reliant on Q or E as it will auto target minions and waste your passive on those minions. I think the slow part of the W should be removed to make urgot even capable of keeping on his target. W is just way to reliant on Q... either Q needs buffed for more reliability or W needs buffed in order to make up for the reliance of Q. Definitely the part of his kit that would differ noob urgots from urgods. E is the solution to sticking to your target as urgot, but I feel it has release rek'sai/warwick ult syndrome.. an inconsistent hitbox that is avoidable even when it looks like it'd hit due to urgot's huge model. The delay on using it like galio doesn't work in urgot's favor either since its slower and easier to dodge than galio. I think I landed this twice in my game and my mirror urgot landed it once in retaliation. You just overestimate the speed/distance it goes. Ultimate is what people are hyped over, I don't know why... Literally all this ultimate is good for is KS simulator if you land it. Its a 25% health threshold, mid-late game almost any ability can kill a squishy target at that threshold. Half the time his ultimate isn't needed unless they're getting away, and in teamfights the target probably is dead to somebody else unless you wanna be that guy and secure the kill. I'd say its good laning phase to win a very close trade... but say, what does urgot's ult accomplish that a good rumble/gnar/darius/garen/cho doesn't also accomplish? Urgot is really fun, I will 100% say that and even I'd want to main this guy.. but I feel urgot would be one of those low elo dominant picks that's really fun to play and strong.. but then in higher elo or competitive pro play he's completely taken advantage of with his perma push passive and just feeds.
I'd say the thing that's bothered me the most is, the MASSIVE self slow urgot get's when he uses his W, it's a little under half his full MS so he slows himself by 50% to use that ability. The fact that it doesn't prioritize people that are attacking you is frustrating because it means you HAVE to hit your E or Q to deal any considerable damage, that might be a good thing though since it would mean fighting him is a no no. Finally, even in the practice tool, i couldn't get off all of my Passive hits in one W because the self slow is so oppressive, i think it shouldn't be by 140, it should be 120.
: Buy swiftness boots. Also, he's not good early so you have to wait a couple levels before you can fight.
I'll try that, i'm thinking of getting MS runes as well.
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patmax17 (EUW)
: What do you think of jinx, ivern and braum? they are similar to things you describe, but not 100%, did you think of them? :)
Jinx, she does it for destruction, she bat shit insane for a reason. Braum is a bit to calm to fit the personality Ivern is quite a bit too much(He's what i'm describing but to a VERY large extreme.) and he has alternative motives, he doesn't do what he does for Fun, same with Kinx and braum. (Kinx as in, i think we all know she get's off to blowing shit up.) I had the idea for a wandering Circus performer, she loves to dance, make people laugh and clown around, act silly and be goofy. She has no alternative motive other than simply to have fun, there are plenty of anime character's that describe the personality i'm thinking of but not a single champion in league does.
: Both of them aren't really incubuses though. Rakan is already in a deep relationship with another certain someone and, despite being a Charmer, doesn't really use his good looks and abilities to, per say, eat his victims. And Taric is literally just good looking. That's it. His whole deal is he wants to protect life in general because a space-god told him to on a mountain.
I want whatever Taric is on...But rakan previously DID use his charms to seduce women, until he found Xayah, but if Xayah dies. Literally from his voice line's "Oh well, I"M SINGLE NOW!" lol
: Yes she definitly is but he said" use their Beauty" and Eve dosen't do that
Have you seen her artwork? She's literally straddling that poor man in her base skin artwork. Joking aside though, she is the "Widowmaker" for a reason, she kills men primarily and based on her most recent story doesn't mind being a little "Questionable" while doing it. We'll know for sure with her VGU buuut for now i'm gonna have to say she initially doesn't use her looks, but when she's already on top of someone(lol) they don't fight back at first, for obvious reasons.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zerenza,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xtNJB3LM,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-25T12:27:35.037+0000) > > Well first, i'm bronze [Chaos] Exactly. Bronze Chaos and Diamond Pride are not the same thing.
Uhm...what does this have to do with..."Diamond Pride"? You call it?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 25
A personality type that's missing? Easy, we have a murderous jokster in Shaco who takes pleassure in killing people, apparently. We have someone who loves to scare people, we have several champions that just want to kill things. We don't have someone who's goal is to have "Fun", IE: A fun loving and charming character who's only goal is to enjoy herself and laugh(I say her cause i already wrote the concept for her several months ago). Edit: Also, a character from the Glade would be nice, we haven't got much on the glade but i think League could really use a "Fun loving and lovable character." who's goal isn't death, murder and destruction. A character from the glade would make a lot of sense with that, as for what she would be(I like the female character's a lot.) hopefully a FIghter/Juggernaut. Why? Shit's and giggles, it makes no sense for her to be a juggernaut, but that's the fun of it.
: >I'm sick and tired of jungler's losing nothing for unsuccessful ganks, trying again, failing again and then STILL NOT LOSING ANYTHING Uhh, is this a troll thread? have you ever played jungle before? I'm calling Bronze Chaos.... **EDIT**: HA, I'm four for four today. Am I good or am I good? Anyway failed ganks run the risk of feeding kills to the enemy at worst, but even at best, you are not getting gold and are sucking up your teammate's experience. In other words, you're completely wrong.... failed ganks are always costly.
Well first, i'm bronze, so are my enemies and my allies 90% of the time. Which means that when i get camped(i'v learned how to prevent it most of the time but it still happens.) chances are my jungler has no idea what to do about because he's bronze, if i'm playing jungle, i don't know what to do about it either. Second, Yes i have and yes i DO play jungle, frequently. From what i can tell there really isn't much of a price for a failed gank, stealing EXP? Your not stealing EXP if no minions die and one minion death during a gank isn't going to do much for your allies EXP. Not only that but if you gank when all your camps are already taken, run back, take the ones that spawned, come back to the lane and gank again, that's about 1-3 minutes of time(depending on the jungler), so you've basically ganked the same person within 2 minutes while not really losing anything at all.
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SnowFall (NA)
: Kayn/Rhaast is a true example of two champions in one. Kindred is just a lamb.
Well...that's kind of true but you have to remember that Lamb and Wolf can never be "Seperated" they aren't seperate people. Lamb and Wolf are two aspects of the same thing, two different sides that coexist together, hence why they can never play like two separate entities like Kayn and Rhaast can.
: YEAH, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! (don't worry, adc is my secondary role ;D)
Lol i started playing Fighter's and Assassins for the sole purpose of killing ADC's.
: The Q hits twice, both on the dash and the spin. Ideally, you should be aiming it so you hit with the spin afterwards. Doesn't Shadow W slow targets?
It slows on all forms but that' not really relevant. This thing is that his Q still locks him in place after the dash, the spin by itself takes a full second, during which time you could be auto attacking to get use out of your Passive. The opponent can already flash his W, heal or sheild for his R or simply see him coming from his E. His Q makes it even easier because it's one of your 2 abilities that actually deals good damage yet you can't move during it so your opponent can dash, flash or blink away from you with ease, they can also CC lock and chain you because, again you can't move during this animation and it severely hinder's his ability to assassinate because of it.
: No. The drawback to the dash attack is having to commit to the followup spin.
Well, there lies an issue, for a "Fighter" such as Rhaast, it makes sense for his dash to take time to complete, but for an assassin you really shouldn't be locked into an animation. The reason why is because, unlike Rhaast, Kayn is squishy and he needs to be able to do these things that assassin all do. 1. Chase, he can't be slowed down or forced to sit in one place. 2. Escape(he has this) 3. Survivability(He has this.) The thing with kayn is due to the limitations his Q set on him, he can't reliably chase a target, no other assassin is locked into the animation of their dash/blink, the reason why is because for them reaction speed is extremely important and they can't be forced to sit still and wait for an animation to end. Katarina sit's still in her ultimate but at any time you can cancel it by pressing any other ability or a movement command. This isn't true for kayn, unlike other assassins his Q prevents his movement and makes him sit still for about .75 seconds during the animation for his Spin at the end, this gives his opponent WAY more time than usual to get away by, usually, simply walking away. Most assassins give about 1-3 seconds of time for the target to react, but for kayn it's almost double the time. This makes his assassin form ineffective.
: > [{quoted}](name=inplane,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k7JAsj6Y,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2017-07-22T02:23:31.596+0000) > > People are impulsive. I think we all should learn from the past that it's better to wait at least a month before deciding buffs or nerfs. Please do wait, considering what happened to Ivern, with the only difference being I actually like Ivern as opposed to Kayn.
Well the reason why he's getting buffed(his buffs are nothing compared to ivern's btw) is because, similar to ivern his winrate is absolutely trash in both forms. What makes it worse though is that both forms are shit but darkin is the better shit, which means there's no reason to use his assassin form and more over, his assassin form doesn't "Feel" as good due to the limitations to his Q. The thing with it is that many would say "But SA Kayn can't have changes on his Q, Darkin doesn't have Changes on his E.", well yes that's true but the thing is that Darkin's E is still extremely powerful and useful, it doesn't hinder him in any way, but for SA Kayn, the limitations of his Q keep his assassin form feeling rather lack luster because of the animation lock. This isn't really a buff i'm suggestion because it litterally wouldn't change any of his number just increase his mobility because he wouldn't be lock in an animation anymore. PBE Buff: R Scaling 120%-150%(it litterally did shit for damage before this buff, i mean squish target's would take 80 damage at times.)
: Well all assassins do have a small one, Zed while teleporting to his w instantly, but that's not even noticeable and won't make any impact on your combo
Exactly, the most restricting animation i can think of right now for a real assassin is probably either Rengar leap or Kha'zix jump, the landing for kha'zix's jump can sometimes feel a little long and we all know why people really don't like Rengar's leap since his update.
: @Riot Do you balance champions around items or items around champions?
Usually they balance items around champions, there are exception but it's usually a mistake they made. For example, instead of nerfing Cinderhulk back in the day, they nerfed every champion that abused the item instead. This made most, if not all the champions that used the item pretty shit for quite awhile. They then nerfed the item too and placed certain champions in the gutter *cough* Sejuanni until he recent update *cough*.
: The point of the ability differences is for them to get stuff for one ability while the other doesn't. Darkin gets his ability buff on Q already, so Kayn can't. And Kayn gets his ability buff on E already, so Darkin can't.
I mean...that's fair but if we think about it Rhaast get's more out of his ability buffs than Kayne does. I mean, Rhaast E or W aren't useless or hinder him in any way, but Shadow Assassin Kayne's Q hinder's his movement, making his assassin form a bit less satisfying and a bit restricting when normaly an assassin is not restricting(they almost never get locked into an animation).
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: The Glade is an area of the world that is soon to be consumed by the Void. In the Void page on the Lol Universe it mentions that areas of the world where the barrier between the Void is thin that fantastic things occur
All the more reason for the creatures of the Glade to flee, and maybe, a new champion as well!
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Reav3 (NA)
: The tiers aren't really set in stone tbh. In retrospect I wish I never really framed our VGU priorities as tiers. At the time I was just responding to a comment on the boards asking which Champions where high priority and I threw out a list. Internally we don't separate the VGU candidates by Tiers. When I say Tier 1's I'm more referring to the champions that we feel are currently high priorities and are in the discussion to get a VGU when we start ideating on our next VGU. The way it works internally is that we have all the champions in the game on a list. We then assign a number for different categories of the champion. These categories are Art, Design, Theme, Highly Requested & Potential of Theme. For design, art & theme we assign each a number based on where we feel they are currently at. The highly requested is a number based on how highly requested the champion is by players in our surveys we send out. The potential of theme is based on our own internal assessment as well as how popular a champion once was. Warwick, for example, was very high on the "Potential of Theme" category as he was once a very popular champion but became much less popular as time went on, basically the category is for champions that we think have a theme that resonate very strongly with players but it isn't currently being executed well. Evelynn, Irelia or Akali would be other examples of champions with very high "Potential of Theme" scores. Anyways, we then have a column that adds all of these scores up to see what Champion has the overall highest value to update. All the champions with very high scores end up high priority and are on a list we look at when starting on new VGUs. We constantly update these scores though so champions can go up or down in priority over time. So there are many reasons a champion can be on the list. A Champion like Irelia, for example, could have a similar score as Nunu as She would score very high in "Potential of Theme" where as Nunu would score similarly high in other areas, like theme or requested by players.
I honestly think that there should be more VGU's than new champions per year, i like that i can expect a new champion or VGU ever month or two, but i don't like when a VGU is announced and it takes 6 months for them to come to us(IE: I hate that Evelynn isn't coming out until after worlds. Cause I LOVE HER SO MUCH! lol). That's my personal opinion, and also, in my opinion, it's easier to build a champion from a pre-determined concept then from scratch. Also, i personally liked the big scale Class Update's, the hatred is, noted in some cases(such as complaints about Malzahar and Zyra since the Mage Update, or Rengar in the Assassin Update, Mordekaiser ect.). I'v really liked the mini-updates lately as well, such as with Kindred. But, i feel like instead of making the cast of character's even larger, fixing and fine tuning the current cast would be better overall. Once the current cast of character's is up to your new standards(you probably couldn't release Tryndamere in the game today.), it would be good to continue to fill up the holes in the lore by adding new cast and making some character's that were heavily prevalent in other lore become their own champions(I want kassadins daughter to come back from the void as a badass female void spawn, please lol). Anyway, that's my thought on the subject, i'v really liked the thought put into Champion updates lately and i'm really REALLY excited to see what the teams pumpout in the future, most notably, Evelynn(i literally can't wait.).
: Pretty good tips. Just a couple things I want to adjust. 1: When harassing in lane, generally just use Q and autos when you can. If you get the chance and land an E on them go up for an auto and then Q. This will proc Thunderlord's and give you a ton of mana back if you have your passive up (which is super valuable for pushing them out of lane). The only time I really use W in the laning phase is during a gank or if the enemy is really low (and may die to a follow up Q/auto). 2: Post 6 if your enemy laner roams and you can follow a safe distance back, you can often turn the tides of the gank with a few ult shots and clean up if necessary with a flash W Q. Just be careful that your laner is far enough away that you can get away if they decide to run at you instead of your allies. Now some specifically ult-related tips. When ulting, you want to adjust how you aim between each shot, don't follow the same patter for all of them. I typically try to predict their movements forward for the first 1 or 2 and then shoot directly on top of them (many opponents expect you to shoot ahead at that point and are thus surprised when you shoot right where they're standing). Basically think of it as a mind game more than a matter of aiming. If you have teammates chasing an enemy on the otherhand, and they can kill said enemy without you actually landing any ult shots, shoot all of them just ahead of the fleeing enemy. They'll have to either tank the shots (and likely die to them) or juke back a bit, helping your team to catch up.
Thank you :) I'm bronze and don't play xerath much(not to mention i have SOOOO much trouble landing his Q) so your adjustments are very useful to me and hopefully to this guy to.
: When should I roam as a mid laner?
Mages like Xerath, Lux, Syndra(maybe not as much) but basically immobile mages, don't roam much. You only roam as a mage if you poked the enemy out of lane, to do this, especially against assassins, simply AA them and hit them with your easiest to land skill shot continually, but only when they try to CS, this way they miss CS, can't push the lane back, and risk dying, all at the same time. So for Xerath, zed walks up to his minion wave to farm, press W the big circle hits him, if it's possible to land your E, do it, then your Q. Then he should be about 75%, if you can't hit E, then simply repeat step 1. If you did do it then now he has only two options, Back and miss CS then roam(punish him hard if he does this.) or stay and try and get the CS. In both cases, he loses something from it, so if he chooses option 1, first push his wave under tower, if your high enough health, roam before he does so he can't do anything at all, if it isn't possible for you to roam, simply back and ping. If he chooses option 2, roam before he does, this way he's way to low to go and roam with you, and if he backs or roams he loses way to much. Basically it's all about how you play your lane, when i play assassins myself i always hate a good Syndra, Lux or Xerath, because i basically can't do a damned thing if they play the lane right. Last tip, ward in places where you can see a lot of things all at once, mostly a control ward, this way you don't have to be as scared as usual and make sure to ping your allies to do the same, and most of all, the second you see your enemy laner back, ping it this way they know he's backing and can hopefully be ready for a gank bot lane.
: Basically any Sustained damage mage with Mordekaiser's passive. Imagine an immortal Cass spamming her E and generating a ton of shield off it.
Wait...Heimerdinger, with Illaoi's passive, and every time he lands an ability or when his turrets fire a big shot, tentacles slam against the enemy they hit. Can you see it, "Hybrid Juggernaut Heimerdonger".
: The damage was nerfed yesterday in a hotfix, and there are changes on PBE that will be coming to live in 7.15 where the damage is lower for ranged champs and it doesn't slow for them.
See it's nerfs like that, that i like to see. I make these posts because we can't just keep ignoring the fact that ranged and melee are different and one or the other could abuse an item that's not meant for them, best way to fix that, nerf it for the side it's not meant to be on.
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