: > [{quoted}](name=Zerenza,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0tWPKegV,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-15T16:01:54.749+0000) > > The thing is those buffs dont' fix her glaring problems. The range increase won't help her at all, if she had a low cooldown Dash like Vayne or Lucian then sure, but she doesn't. She has no way to reach her opponent in bot lane and her lack of trading potential is a real hindrance to her success in the role, even with those range buffs she won't be able to do anything to anyone who's competent enough to know her glaring weaknesses, range, trading and teamfighting(all the things ADC should be GOOD at.) Which is why she is getting an movement speed buff on her E. Every adc doesn't need a dash to be viable. Either way we need to see how these buffs affect her (I personally think these seemingly simple buffs will make her OP after playing Kai'sa on my alt as much as I have). But I think after these buffs Riot needs to wait another week or she may end up like Ornn.
I agree, every ADC does not need a dash. However, due to her lack of range she loses out pretty easily. A simple movement speed buff isn't going to get you into AA range if someone has 100-300 range over you, if they have a dash that's even worse. Like it's definitely appreciated but it won't help her Bot Lane, the only time she'll be good is if ADC's loose 200 hundred range, then of course she'd be good, she'd have the same range and a MS boost, as it stands though she can't do anything to pretty much 90% of the roster in bot lane, even most of the Mages and Supports in botlane have higher range than her, making her easy to poke and therefore easy to push out of lane. Basically, her Effective range is extremely low, she doesn't have an ability that works well enough to make up for her lack of AA range(like Sivir) and she doesn't have a way to increase her range(Caitlynn, Kog'maw), she also doesn't have a dash to increase her effective range(Lucian, Vayne) sooooo she's really bad at being an ADC since every other ADC has atleast one of these things, they can also use those thing Defensively and for example if she tries to run up on a Vayne, vayne just kite's back, just like any other ADC.
: She's getting buffed soon (Attack Range, Q Range, E movespeed increased and charge time reduced). Besides I have done pretty well as her on my alt. Although she still has a few bugs that can lose you fights she's not that bad. (Sometimes if you flash and then Q it will target the enemies at the location you were BEFORE you flashed).
The thing is those buffs dont' fix her glaring problems. The range increase won't help her at all, if she had a low cooldown Dash like Vayne or Lucian then sure, but she doesn't. She has no way to reach her opponent in bot lane and her lack of trading potential is a real hindrance to her success in the role, even with those range buffs she won't be able to do anything to anyone who's competent enough to know her glaring weaknesses, range, trading and teamfighting(all the things ADC should be GOOD at.)
Zerenza (NA)
: Being a good duelist is useless as an ADC, 90% of the time you won't be alone and neither will the enemy ADC, also she isn't good enough to beat melee duelists because of her lack of power with AA resets or ability damage. Her ultimate is really good as a base line shield but it won't do anything to stop other great duelists like Fiora, Tryndamere and even Vayne, she just doesn't have the ability to and she works best as an assassin because of the nature of her kit.
Oh i should also mention that she loses out to most other ADC's who build crit and outrange her, her range is a real problem against things like Varus, Draven, Tristana and such.
Venompaw (NA)
: Kai'sa is fine. One of the strongest duelists in the game.
Being a good duelist is useless as an ADC, 90% of the time you won't be alone and neither will the enemy ADC, also she isn't good enough to beat melee duelists because of her lack of power with AA resets or ability damage. Her ultimate is really good as a base line shield but it won't do anything to stop other great duelists like Fiora, Tryndamere and even Vayne, she just doesn't have the ability to and she works best as an assassin because of the nature of her kit.
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: > [{quoted}](name=InTheory,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rjyYdmqY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-13T17:43:21.475+0000) > > Nami was the enchanter masterpiece - they knew they'd fail whenever trying to make a new enchanter. There's no way that one could ever match her awesomeness <3 Considering Nami is such a generalist compared to the others, i really dont understand this sentimate at all. I play a lot of nami actually.
It's probably because she's never really been complete busted, maybe a long time ago or she's viable when other enchanters are OP like last season but she has clear disadvantages and advantages, she doesn't do to much while also being really useful for any team. I understand the part about her being generalist though but her being a generalist isnt the same as Lee Sin, Ahri, Caitlynn or Ornn, most enchanters are generalists really but because of their playstyle its okay for them to be.
Bârd (NA)
: The revolver is there by necessity. In this version, her sniper rifle is incredible in a long range fight, but completely useless if she has to fight in close quarters. There are three solutions. 1. Let that be her big weakness. This is closer to DotA's style of balancing around hard counters than League's balance, so it wouldn't really fit (seriously, against a TF she wouldn't even be able to attack during teamfights). 2. Give her rifle a semi-auto mode. I don't like this at all; I want the rifle to feel like a sniper rifle, not an assault rifle. 3. Give her a sidearm. A bit of overlap with Jhin, sure, but it gives her something to work with in close quarters and a 6-shooter works pretty well with her "Sheriff" character.
Well, assuming Caitlynn is using a High Power Rifle, most sniper rifles are Semi-Auto. Barret 50. Cal for example. What i'm concerned with is the Revolver and the massive Range, i do LOVE the idea of letting her perch but remember that when someone is in a wall Vision doesn't reach them(See Kayn) to offset this make her have a Red Dot Sight that reveals her location(so when she aims at someone the get an indicator for the direction she's in and if their within a certain range, she's revealed), in addition lowering the range while she's perched from being a max of 1500 to a max of 1000. Finally, make it so remaining perched drains her Mana slowly, kind of like a Stamina gauge, she can't stay up there forever and it's a bit unfair to allow her too. Also, i should mention this, the revolver doesn't make sense with her because it mimics Jinx and Jhin to much, so giving her a Semi-Automatic rifle does make more sense, but the Perching idea is honestly REALLY good, it can't exist in the form you mentioned because it gives to much to her and too little to the opponent but it definitely could come to Fruition with some changes. Infact i'd dare say that you could simply change her Passive, E and R and leave her with her Yordle Trap and Piltover Peacmaker abilities, switching her Passive E and R with something closer to what you've done but leaving out the revolver and instead going for a champion centered almost entirely on very long range combat and setting up a Perch(while still maintaining her dominance in lane phase). Adjust it to fit these paradigms and i think you could have a really great rework.
Dàizumi (NA)
: The answer to that question is situational but generally Junglers ( or at least I) don't help a lane go even because of the following: * **The lane is already too behind.** If they're losing by one or two kills and its relatively close, I should be ganking to make it even instead of watching them burn. When I don't gank them I blame myself for not helping them as their jungler which is all fair. BUT If they lose too hard before I can even rotate there and find a good gank (especially when I know the enemy jungler isn't there) Its not worth helping because I'll just end up feeding their bot lane as well if the 2 of them > the three of us. in this situation most junglers try to snowball other lanes and can only pray their bot doesn't feed too hard. * **The lane match up makes it hard to gank.** Sure, I can go try and help them, but how can I gank a Jinx and Janna lane against an Tristana Alistar lane for example, or some support with a lot of peel and engage. If my opponent chooses a support like Janna or Soraka its a lot harder to pull off a gank unless if they're really pushed into my bots turret. They can't really contribute to me ganking them which makes it hard. These arent all the cases but here are two decent examples I can come up with on the spot.
^This In addition, to add to "Already to behind" while it makes sense to gank Bot 90% of the time, if any of the other lanes are losing at the same time Bot is, your stuck in a really hard position. If you don't gank mid and your Mid is losing then their mid will roam bot and make bot lane worse, if you don't gank bot then that lane will lose early and their bot can roam to other lanes making them just as behind as bot.
: Many people own multiple phone numbers.
Phone Numbers are not the same as having those numbers connected to a phone, if they have multiple phones by all means but otherwise this works.
: Unfortunately in the USA we would have a difficult time implementing such 2-step verification. Korea can make use of social security numbers. Riot would have difficulty getting that sort of thing approved legally in NA. Also phone numbers can be acquired relatively easily. **Edit: For clarification it is not the 2-step verification that would be difficult, but the use of it to restrict players from smurfing that would be difficult.** > [{quoted}](name=RenownedWheat42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gGcEMr3E,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-07T18:52:44.609+0000) > > Also phone number requirements would be equally pointless as plenty of Apps these days can give you additional phone numbers to use with no hassle to set up.
Well that's the thing, the phone number has to be connected to a phone and that phone must be able to receive a text message. Also, while korea makes use of SSN's, we don't have to do that, do you know how 2-step verification works without SSN's? They just send you a 6 digit code through Text Message, it's not as complicated as you guys are making it out to be(google,facebook and twitter all have 2-step verification to deter hacker's, i use it on all platforms it's available, basically you can log in and if someone tries to log into your account they have to input a code sent to YOUR phone).
ampheon (NA)
: What if someone doesn't own a phone?
Then they can't play ranked. Unfortunately. Though you CAN make it work for email to, that's less effective.
: An external identifier such as a league client or an ISP program that can track which accounts are used from it as well as connect heatmaps and other patterns to identify which accounts belong to the same players. It wouldn't even have to restrict the smurf accounts, it could simply equalize their MMR with their main accounts so that they couldn't play with players beneath their own skill level.
Or just have 2-step verification like Korea does....just saying, you guys are making it to complicated. Basically before a ranked game you have to input a code sent through your phone, a phone number can only be on 1 account at a time. This means they either have to buy a new phone to get smurfs, or they have to remove the phone number from 1 account to put it on another and at that point it would be easy to watch but Smurfing isn't against the rules soooooo yeah.
: Was always curious why do they do this with every new champion, this delay is the worst I really want to try her out.
You won't get to for about 2 weeks anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=RenownedWheat42,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sAcEIazA,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-05T06:07:11.915+0000) > > Ezreal and Galio, off the top of my head, have this. Urgot can do this, but not so easy to do the window for it is very tiny. I've E'ed out of many a Taliyah knock back by doing this. The guy does have a point though, Trist's window to doo it is fucking huge compared to the others.
Yeah, pretty much every champion with a dash or blink has the window for it, the faster the dash/blink the harder it is to pull off(Basically how fast does it wind-up). Katarina for example has a VERY short wind-up so 90% of the time you either get Stunned before blinking or blink and then stunned(instead of canceling the CC all together like Ezreal because his blink takes about 1 second to complete and has a long wind-up to boot, where as her's is almost twice as fast with 0 wind-up.)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Zerenza,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A10VHecv,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-03T13:08:13.732+0000) > > > 4. Finally, Lifesteal, it's not fair for an ADC to crit you for 1000, heal for 500 and gain a shield for 300(overheal). Like, you attack them, they take 500, they attack you, you take 1000-800 but they heal for nearly half of that and get a beefy shield to boot. How do you win? which item gives 50% lifesteal=?
Bloodthirster+Fleet Footwork, heals for a crap ton.
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: The game you're complaining about (I'm assuming) he never even went 0/9? 0/1, then 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 3/5, 4/5, 6/6, etc. Dude had more gold than you through the game? He also built his kit to duel/handle you solo and you died to that, and that's fair. Even if he ended up being like 40cs behind by the end of the game, he still had three more kills than you. 6 more deaths, sure, but that doesn't mean shit in his powerspike if he can still get 6 kills before 15 min.
Well, i'd like to assume that when you lost lane, hard, it takes a lot of time to get back into the game. For him it doesn't. Also i was ahead of him in gold for the entire game, until the very end. I itemized against him as well, but all he did was build Phantom Dancer and IE+ Component items, completely counter's me? That's not fair in my opinion, 2 items shouldn't equal 3, not to mention i had 2 compotent items as well+sorc shoes and a full morello's. How come hexdrinker complete negaates all of that.
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: We need a solution to the state of shielding in the game for sure. Whether that's shield popper, less shielding, less powerful shielding, shield mitigation, extra damage to shield, or a mix of several, we do need a solution.
I'v always thought that Shielding abilities should work like Braum's Shield or Yasuo Windwall(not like Blocking Projectiles) but by mitigating damage from that direction. I saw something like that being turned into Locket of The Iron Solari but i think it should be expanded upon. OH! And if an enemy is within the zone of the Shield, it has no effect, so if you use Locket(cause right now on the PBE it creates a bubble of 35% damage reduction) but i think if an enemy champion is inside of it, their damage towards you should not be mitigated. I think a lot of Shielding abilities could work this way but a lot of Enchanter Support's need reworks anyway(cause they've mostly remained unchanged for year's now.)
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: Are we pretending that Zed needs to hit 3 Qs to kill a squishy tho?
Iin High ELO, it's more common to need to, against Mages and other Assasins or even most Sups, you do. Against a squishy ADC, nope.
: >Zed is an Assassin, he needs to hit you with every Q {{item:3147}}
The only problem i see with this item is the 99% slow, i'd prefer it to prevent all healing/sheilding or something like that because that's something assassins are actually missing(What with ADC's getting 3k health from their sups nowadays.) the slow doesn't need to be there, the damage should be lowered a little bit causse it's currently 65-340 based on level, i think it should be 45-300 based on level and the slow should be removed in favor of an Anti-Shielding/Healing ability instead. Side Note: While yes it's strong you have to remember the type of Champions that are buying it and what their job is. Most if not all assassins scale very well Early on and up towards Mid Game, so getting an item like this could seem absurd on them, but they'd actually kill you without it anyway this just makes it easier(which i feel is fine considering the hoops assassins have to go through to kill someone who's actually playing smart.)
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Sasogwa (EUW)
: I'm honestly kinda saddened by those kind of posts. Just because the kits are somewhat simple doesn't mean there is any depth to playing the champion. People think you need to have an overloaded crap kit like Lee Sin, Jayce or something to be skilled but I disagree. Aatrox, Trynd, etc. still require a lot of thought process and outsmarting to even be able to go even against superior kits, which can outright selfpeel from you without problems, outdamage you and have more utility. Trynd is more than 'E in, rightclick, press R'. You engage at the wrong time, you just get shit on, CCed and dont do anything. You splitpush with 0 vision, a bunch of people just engage on you, slightly kite you for a few seconds and you're dead. So much difference in game knowledge makes the champion terrible or decent in good hands. I think too many people have a missconception that skill is linked to 'muh flashy plays' kit and I feel it's plain wrong. I'm not trying to say that trynd, etc. are incredibly skilled champions etc. But the game is so much more than that, that just champion's kits are almost irrelevant to your success or failure. And that simple champion kits are actually healthier than every abomination created now and then, such as lanebully hypercarries with safe kits ({{champion:268}} coming to mind)
I'd have to disagree with you on some champions, Master Yi does take skill and many other champions like him, but for Aatrox and Tryndamere(Aatrox was kept horrible for this reason btw) they click on you, look at your stats, look at theirs and then they fight you if theirs are higher that is the extent of their "Skill Expression". I don't think champions need to have super complicated kits. Most of Tryndamere's frustration comes from Lane Phase, between levels 1-5 your mainly just trying to cheese your opponent, the only reason you can is because you have that passive that gives you 35% crit(Meaning you'll crit ever 3 auto's at the least due to how crit works in league.). It's because of this that he's so frustrating, while yes you can CC him, poke him down, ect, eventually he's going to get a gank or maybe he'll hit level 6, and what he does with that is he straight up runs at you mindlessly AAing you, runs under your tower with his invulnerability for 5 seconds then uses his legit almost double flash distance dash to escape while gettting a massive heal. This is what i mean when i say his kit is "Toxic" there isn't much you can do about him in lane, and outside of it he's just incredibly annoying. Having a tryndamere on the enemy team is a gigantic Chore, it's not fun, you don't feel "Outplayed" when you lose to him and you don't feel satisfied when you win because of the tools he has that you don't. I feel like champions like this need to stay irrelevant until they get reworked, similar to these champions before their reworks who all had the same issue Warwick, Urgot, Yorick, Evelynn, Galio, Irelia(new addition).
: The boards complain about so many champions though. If a champion isn't actively being reworked, then they don't deserve to be kept underpowered.
That's fair, i'm in the boat that if their on the list(even the one we can't see) then they should never be touched until the rework.
xRopez (EUW)
: Wait I thought those Memes about being able to win as a Tryndamere just by right clicking and pressing R were over? No seriously, hes in an awful spot right now without Fervor and this +9 AD "Buff" at Level 18 didnt change his Position. I assume you looked his winrate up under Opgg? Well, its extremly inaccurate. Tryndamere was at a 43% Winrate 2 Months ago according to Opgg and before the "Buff" at a 48% Winrate. I guess its obvious that this smal Change doesent raise a Champs Winrate by 4% just like that. Its not Easy to Play Tryndamere, atleast not in High Elo. Foggedftw2 is pretty much the only Tryndamere Player at Challenger right now. Tryndamere has a really easy Kit and what youre going to do next is extremly Predictable. Thats the Reason i personally think a snowballing Tryndamere is the easiest snowballing Champ to deal with. (with maybe some exceptions like Volibear) Just some tips on how to deal with Tryndamere: "We've all been cheesed by Tryndamere at level 1 with his free Crit" Well thats his Passive. If you prevent him from building Fury by simply Poking/trading with him when he hits the Minions hes not going to be able to keep the Fury Bar High without using it for the Q Heal. No Fury=No Crit=Champ without a Passive=Looses Trades horribly If you mess up and just let him build up Fury while still being High HP and is about to all in you, dodge the W slow. If you dodge it he max gets 2 AA after a Spin on you before he starts to be out of Range. (125 Range) If you really really mess up and sit under your Turret Half Health and your about to get dove by a Tryndamere with Full Health you really have to Dodge the W Slow at all Cost, even if you get Hit by an AA for standing with the Face to him. After you dodged it you just need to start walking around your Turret and abuse his smal AA range at its fullest. Hf & gl climbing
I understand he's in an awful spot right now, but he wasn't for a very long time. The nature of his kit, how it works, how it's meant to play, the tools he get's that lets him play this way are what make him toxic to play against, regardless of whether you win or lose against him it feels more like a chore than an actual game. The entire game when against a Tryndamere feels like Chore, he's incredibly annoying and when he is strong he's also very hard to counter because being unable to die for 5 seconds is pretty goddamn nice and let's face it in Solo Que how often do your teamates pick in response to enemy picks, it goes up as you get higher but even in high Diamond most people would rather play something their comfortable with than counterpick someone or pick something better for the situation. I like all of your suggestions, but that still doesn't aleviate the stress that comes from playing against him and how outdated/ Toxic his kit is in general. He needs a rework and in my opinion, like many other champions, should be kept in the gutter until then.
: To be fair, he did have that for a long time until pre-season with the new runes. Aside from Electrocute and CdG, nothing really works well with him. And now you need to use his W to proc Sudden Impact. Trynd and Yi struggle because they can't take the runes they need like attack/move speed. This is a rune problem, not a champion problem. If anything should be buffed, it's their attack/move speed growth, not damage.
Agreed, there are several champions that have been "Nerfed" due to rune's, though i'm not to sad about some of them (Such as Tryndamere.) but with many of those champions, if not all of them, their outdated anyway and the best time to do work on them is when the meta doesn't have anything to do with them. Many other champions were kept in the gutter until they were reworked, i don't see why those could be shut in the gutter (Warwick, Galio, Aatrox) but champions with much more toxic kit's can't. List of Champs "Nerfed" by runes(Incomplete). {{champion:23}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:82}} Those are the 4 i can think of right off the top of my head, aside from every bruiser in the game who isn't Jarvan, Fiora, Riven or Jax(This includes most juggernauts too).
: > [{quoted}](name=LesVitesses,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fIozXAfA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-10T19:46:18.446+0000) > > Tryndamere should never be buffed. The champion is completely braindead and has a toxic kit. So are all adc's the difference is trynda needs his ult because he is melee adcs dont have that problem with 550+ ranges
Most ADC's don't have a luck sack lane phase, free crit's(Caitlynn does which is why she was OP for so long until they nerfed her to oblivion.) and a slew of other free things that trynd has, an ADC can have invincibilty, they just need to make up for it by not having much else. For trynd he has everything he needs without doing any work at all, which is why he has a "Toxic Kit".
: Tryndamere was very weak for various reasons after the runes rework. He obviously needs some reworking but he shouldn't be so weak in the meantime.
I agree Tryn, Yi and several other's have seen weakness after the runes rework, but tryndamere did have a huge winrate for a really long time due to the nature of his kit. The nature of it being....weird? Like he's a carry who's literal only counterplay against is to CC him, but he can't die for 5 seconds and get's Crit+AA speed for free(which btw if your level 1 tryndamere with a full rage bar you'll crit every 3 auto's at least because of how crit works in this game.). I think champions like him need to stay underused, they can't ever be relevant in Competitive play or High ELO(Diamond+) play because the lack of interaction between player's with champions like this is really high and a sure fire sign of a huge problem(Other examples being Pantheon, Nasus, Cho'Gath and Garen, all due to kit nature just not the same ones as Trynd.). I don't couple Yi with him in this department because while Yi is extremely frustrating he doesn't have the other parts such as free Crit, free AA Speed and the "I can't die button" meaning that CCing him is actually a good option when with tryndamere it's only a mild delay and he'll just come back later to do the same thing, heaven forbid you miss and he kills your whole team, Yi atleast you can feel a little outplayed cause of how his Q works and how good an outplay tool it is. Side Note: Notice how 3 of the champions i listed are currently Meta Relevant in Diamond+ in some way shape or form, all of them have been at some point since the start of Season 7 which is where i think the game started going a bit downhill(Though no where near as bad as some other seem to believe).
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: if riot wants to make champions viable in more roles, i think garens secondary should become jungle
The only reason i don't like this is because his kit is toxic(The silence mainly). I'm sure we can all remember a time a Garen ran at you at light speed, smacked you with his sword and the only thing you could do is sit there and wait for him to decide to press R. Honestly if it weren't for the fact he has a Silence and an Execute, i think it would be fine, even with the True Damage and massive resistances he gains from Villain passive(against that person). I mean, i'm gonna be real i hate Cho'Gath for the same reason, no Juggernaut or Tank should have a silence in my opinion because it removes what makes them beatable, imagine if Illaoi, Yorick, Darius or Urgot had silences, that's scary af dude. I do agree that Garen should be a jungler, but i don't think he can be because of the nature of his kit, he may need to be Mini-Reworked or Reworked again before we can put him in the role he should be in.
: First of all - Swain is pick or ban at the moment. Unless you're with 4 people you know, he's absolutely fair game for everyone simply because he's nearly impossible to play at the moment. I absolutely understand if someone who has top or second pick is going to grab Swain for themselves at this time, so getting bitter about the newest VGU getting instantly snatched up by other people is a pointless endeavor. Secondly, Swain has a few tools he could utilize as a Support. He's got a snare, that has a potential to be an AOE snare, as well as a slow that doubles as massively long range vision. With a few items, like Rylai's, he can theoretically do ok as a Support. Seriously, stop whining about it. It's not like they picked Zed or Katarina into Support, who have no crowd control or utility to speak of. Swain is off meta, but far, FAR, FAR from a troll pick.
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: People won't be happy until ADCs are free kills. People think if they can manage to get close to one it should just auto die. You know, there are more ADCs in the game than the 2/3 OP ones. Play something like ashe and survive a zed/fizz/etc. Even when ADCs are complete shit, and they have been, people still find something to cry about like wanting more melee champs bot.
Did you know that ADC's are Marksmen? As in an ENTIRE CLASS is the only ADC's in the game, ADC is a role, not a class. That's what makes Marksmen OP. The ones that aren't OP are the ones that aren't in the bot lane, 16 Marksmen are bot lane, 3 are not, THREE! That's insane, and it's the reason Marksmen will always be OP.
: What is a heathly play pattern for marksmen? I've seen a number of posts complaining about ADC burst. Are you still considering crit rework later this year? The ADC role seems torn between a dichotomy of hypercarry vs. relying on their teammates the most of all the roles. I'm not sure they do actually rely on their teammates more (as far as win loss goes), it just feels worse for an ADC to not get the help they need: When a tank initiates well but their team doesn't follow up, at least the tank did their job well. As opposed to a team not protecting the ADC before the ADC gets blown up without the chance to do anything. What are your thoughts?
In addition whats your take on Crit itemization, i personally feel its a bit cheap considering how good 50% crit is due to how crit works in league.
Hópe (NA)
: Supports no longer build sight stone what can go wrong when you give supports more gold
: A couple other Rioters and I got together and wrote a LoL adventure guide and mini-handbook for 5E as part of a [Thunderdome](http://thunderdome.riotgames.com/) project. It was fun to figure out races like Vastaya :D and I wrote a Hextech Engineer class based on Artificer Ate a lot of humble pie making it though- its so difficult x_x we only got maybe 10-ish pages into it after 2-3 days? I can check in with the team and see if they mind me posting it if you'd like to use it as a spring board or something for your own campaign
Sasogwa (EUW)
: I don't understand you though. You point out that at every change, adc kits are always buffed and whenever they're nerfed it's the items that get nerfed. Making their kits powercreep and they can afford easily switching itemization to remain broken just because their kits were so buffed. So why do you suggest crit items nerfs at the end? Is is sarcastic? Edit : nvm forget what I said, I misread.
Thank you, it's okay don't worry about it lol
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: Killing off a well established character just to replace them with someone similar would be a sure fire way to make a giant chunk of the community extremely angry and upset. If that character is dead, they no longer exist. Even if it's something similar, it isn't -that- champion. That would be replacing, not updating. I'm not sure how passionate / invested you are into the lore, or if you have any favorite champion, but let's say you are very into it and have a favorite champion. What do you think your reaction would be like if Riot decided to -kill- them off just to replace them with something similar? No more playing as them, no more stories about them, no nothing. They're just gone. Odds are you'd be pretty upset. VGU's already put people on edge, because there's a real chance of the champion that people have come to know and love be changed in such a way that it no longer resembles them. That's bad enough as it is. Killing one off? No thanks.
While i agree, i think if it's for the sake of fleshing out something that they couldn't with the older one, it would be really cool especially if it's coupled with a huge event, badass cinematics and such. I think kassadin is a really good example, his current drive is to destroy the void and prevent the void invasion. After seeing the void himself he was struck with extreme fear, his daughter was "Killed" before his eyes by Malzahar, and his drive to destroy the void increased. There are some things you can do with Kassadin but the whole "Destroy X" is really hard to flesh out and while i dont think he NEEDS a VGU(probably just a VU) he's the most likely candidate for this scenario. Having his daughter come back, having experience the void more than he did and instead of Fear she Despizes it, meaning unlike Kassadin her drive to destroy it would be even more powerful since nothing is holding back her hatred for the place and it's creature's+Malzahar would really flesh out BOTH character's and make for a really interesting VGU(since it hasn't been done before). Not very many other champions come to mind that this could happen to as well, since most champs in league have no family or their family is mostly dead, they also don't have any Apprentices either. I personally would like to see this done someday just for the sake of it being an incredible event, but again, you can only do it once. Side Note: My favorite champion was Evelynn, and still is, i played her religious before the rework and after it(to this day), my other favorites are Yorick, Illaoi, and Warwick. If they changed any of these champions i'd honestly be perfectly fine with it, i don't care if the champion is killed off as long as there is a really good story to go with it along with an Event. Warwick is basically completely different, like who the hell pissed off Soraka now, not Warwick, he doesn't exist anymore lol I'm perfectly fine with how they change champions since recently they've done excellent jobs with it and i trust them basically completely.
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: they did it with gangplank and it annoyed a lot of people since he got disabled for a week without any serious reason, also kassadin already had his visual update
Disclaimer: I don't want Kassadin removed, this is an EXAMPLE for the sole purpose of getting my thought through, nothing else. I know he did. And gangplank died but came back to life, it's not the same thing. Wish people would stop downvoting without reading.
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: Is there any champion you have fun playing against?
Not really...i love to play several champions, i guess the champions i love to play are ones i don't have problems playing against. {{champion:28}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:55}} I never complain when i'm against those champions, because if i complained about a champion that i love i'd be a hypocrite for hating them.
: Mute exist for a reason -_-
I don't want to have to Mute someone for being a duechebag, i want to mute them for something like Spam, Racism or Bigotry. Not for bragging, because it says "Fight with honor" bragging is not honorable, but it seems league player's don't know the meaning of "Friendly Competition."
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