ThePikol (EUNE)
: What about adding new effects/utility to skills when you want to buff rather than damage?
Because you don't want to overload a champion? Damage nerfs or buffs are easiest because it's usually the primary cause of them being too strong or too weak. If yasuo is too weak do we add more to his already overloaded kit? No, cause it's his damage, survivability or the meta that's causing it, not something missing from his kit. For example, if we removed the input command for Karthus Q(meaning made it so he can move and auto attack with no animation for Q cast) that results in a slew of other problems. First, you can't tell Karthus is casting anything, everyone else has an animation for casting an ability, why not karthus? Second, the fact he has to stop to use his Q, even if only for a split second, makes kiting as him a bit more difficult, and it's already really easy for him to do so removing that removes an inherent weakness that was intended to be there in the first place. The only time i understand adding new effects is when that effect strengthens their strengths, not buffs their weaknesses, such as if we wanted to buff Evelynn(she's good right now though but it's an example, calm down.),a really simple buff is to make her R have a slight cooldown refund if she kills someone, simple, her R is up again a little bit faster, it doesn't remove a weakness of her's and it rewards her for playing properly. These kind of ability changes, are good, removing weaknesses or buffing something that's already too strong, are not which is why you have to be really careful with ability changes, where as base stat buff/nerfs or ability damage scaling/flat damage nerfs and buffs are a lot easier to manage. Edit: Like i don't think people understand how much harder it is to manage and tweak added effects over simple damage and stat changes, it's so much easier and more often than not it gets the job done.
: If I smashed that upvote button any faster I'd be legally required to marry it.
: if I had a quarter for every time I get mass back pinged before killing the enemy laner 1v1 ... well lets just say that billy wouldn't be the richest man anymore. no seriously shit like xin, k6, ww, graves can duel most laners.
Yes but at half HP when their full HP? And when that's how it usually happens? I don't care what champion you are if you have half HP, the only way you win that is if the enemy laner stands still.
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Kamriven (NA)
: I'm not too well informed on top laners but isn't she super weak until she gets her 2nd item, similar to crit ADCs like Xayah? Not saying it's perfectly fine for her to be like this but her early game is weak just like ADCs but then there's someone like Zed for example who can 100~0 you in a second as soon as he hits level 6 yet nobody seems to be asking for adjustments to him
Zed can 100-0 you at level 2 or 3 with a cheese strat that's pretty effective, similar to Talon. The problem with Camille right now isn't that she's strong, it's that she's strong against everything that Meta, She's a really good pick into other bruiser's toplane once she get's Tri-Force, before that though she's fairly weak. Against tanks she just dumpster's them and against say Teemo, or Quinn, she one shots them. It's about exploiting her main weakpoint, which most player's won't do.
Keskiyo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zerenza,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jjcqmehc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-03T14:36:44.369+0000) > > I think its best just to nerf Yi, he seems to be the main champion chosen for these strats, take Kayle top, yi jungle as an example. Or karma mid, yi jg. Most of these strategies revolve around Yi and his hyper carry ability, so i think he should be nerfed for it. Ok then how about the stupid Karthus Nunu strat too?
Nerf him too? His clear speed(with nunu's help) is pretty absurd.
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: Picking nits: >Evelynn: Horrifically Outdated The hell does "outdated" mean? Do you mean visually? Do you mean ineffective in the current meta? Be more specific. >extremely diverse build paths that made her even more hard to balance, A shame that we're sacrificing build diversity on the altar of "riot can't balance" and now calling that out as a negative.
First i said "Horrifically Outdated and hard to balance kit." her kit was outdated because it didn't have any substance and lacked the tools of more modern and successful assassins in the game, which is what she was designed to be. Her builds were diverse but caused it to be hard to balance, corki has the same problem, he can build anything really and make it work well. So can Jax, almost, the issue with this is that it makes extremely hard to balance for the champion dealing Magic Damage, or Attack Damage, because they can do either so the result is, in evelynns case, she got nerfed to be unable to Assassinate as effectively as other assassins because it was too hard for the opponents to build against her. In addition her R specifically, was a great engage tool, and an amazing burst tool because it used to deal Flat Damage, but before her rework it did Current Health damage she also got nerfed once by removing her normal Invisibility and making her have whats now called Camouflage then promply also got a nerf to the range of all her abilities so that they would be lower than the camo range, this also applied to her Ultimate. A champion without a dash, and no way of CCing an opponent makes using a kit like this as an assassin very hard, which resulted in her being more DPS than assassin and making her rely heavily on getting ridiculously ahead to one-shot people, which is exactly what your goal was with her pre-rework. The rework gave her key weaknesses to make her more Fair to opponents(The removal of her scalings, not having invis until 6 ect) but because of these weaknesses she also became much stronger at what she's intended to, assassinate. This is a key part of balancing, if a champion doesn't have a clear defined weakness that can be exploited, isn't weak at any point of the game, and doesn't have anything you can build against them, their hard to balance, see Azir for expanded proof of this.
: The absolute worst thing about New Aatrox is that Riot will not listen to the Community
What i hate about the mains of a champion is their lack of ability to accept change for the better. Galio: Horrible, gimmicky kit, that while fairly unique made him hard to balance and put him as a VERY unique pick rather than an actual strong pick at all times. Reworked him into a great AP Juggernaut hybrid, great abilities, expanded his lore and while his Voice over isn't the greatest and they took the Somber part of it, i like him better as the badass gigantic hero of demacia than the lone statue that doesn't do anything but great people on their way out. Not to mention the horrifically outdated model. Evelynn: Horrifically Outdated and hard to balance kit, extremely diverse build paths that made her even more hard to balance, poor voice work and awful aesthetics along with a complete lack of any lore at all and no origin either. Reworked evelynn knows what she is and what she wants, her kit accomplishes what she was initially designed to in the first place without all the hard to balance parts that made them rework in the first place. Aatrox: Great Model, Good animations, very bad kit and while his lore was alright, it wasn't very well fleshed out compared to the other Darkin despite the fact he was the first and in addition his lore and how he played didn't really match up that well, he wasn't as ravenous and powerful as his lore depicts, his abilities didn't feel that way either because of the era he was made in making most Bruiser's rely entirely on Auto Attacks and his Passive along with his Lifesteal made him horrifically hard to balance. Reworked Aatrox gave him a kit that matched his lore, that of a beast on the battle field to be fear by all rather than to be a duelist like he was actually in game, while it's not Unique his voice lines actually make sense with he previous lore but his lore is more expanded upon, though i do wish they'd let him be less loud and instead be more of a Calm Rage, the most fearsome kind of rage. Like i understand a little bit, but your complaining about something that was Outdated being given better abilities, better asthetics, more fleshed out lore and a better spot in the game as a hole, not to mention HOW MANY PEOPLE ACTUALLY MAIN AATROX? For the longest time on Op.GG you couldn't even get any data on him on the site because NO ONE WOULD PLAY HIM, i'd take a bet that most of the people complaining about him started playing this year when they buffed him into borderline being OP. Like i was an Evelynn main BEFORE the rework but i completely welcomed it, it updated her Asthetics, gave her more voice lines, made her kit more fluid and made a much better assassin. Warwick is an amazing rework as well, so is Yorick, all of which are champions i main now because of how good they are. Stop complaining and just play it because you love it, there was a huge chance i'd hate all those reworks, but i love them. Give it a chance.
: Can Riot Response Katarina Revert?
In terms of the design philosophy behind Reverting a Rework, it's all about whether the Rework accomplished it's intended goal. Rengar: The rework caused him to be unable to assassinate, and made him closer to a bruiser than an assassin. The goal was to make him less of a pain to play against, the result was he became a bruiser not an assassin. Leblanc: The rework was designed to emphasize her thematic, fix her lane phase and make her a more reliable assassin. The result was she CCed people for 6 seconds straight, played more as a kite mage and her wave clear was absurdly strong on release, resulting in a nerf and making her near unplayable. Katarina: The idea here was to Emphasize her thematic, make her have more obvious skill expression and lower her burst window. These were all accomplished, she still stayed an assassin, she just got better at it, her waveclear is better as well making roaming on her easier and her burst window is reasonably longer but not to long like Leblanc's was or Rengar's was. Basically if a rework changes a champion in a way that doesn't accomplish what it was meant to, this applies to Mini-Reworks only, it get's reverted or changed a little bit to put the champion back where their supposed to be. In addition if the mini-rework ends up causing a champion to be absurdly strong, first it gets nerfed, buffed, then nerfed again, maybe another buff but eventually get's reverted in favor a more easy to balance itteration(see Kog'Maw).
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: *every crit adc gets gutted* people on the boards: ADC BIAS LUL
It took them 2 year's to gut ADC's. 2 fucking year's, TWO WHOLE YEARS! To finally realize that being ranged is a massive advantage. There was and probably still will be, an obvious ADC bias.
: Yeah which are stats from plat 5. Which is basically gold 5. Hell even diamond+ statistics are majorily from diamond 5.
See i never understood the comparison "Plat 5 is Gold 5" first, it's easier to get out of gold, statistically. As most people don't stay there for long, second, if Plat 5 were Gold 5, more people would be Plat 5 but that's not the case.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Can confirm, that is right.
He does not have an indicator of any kind if he's full health, the indicator is the water effect around him when he has any missing health.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 6
You guys mentioned working on Kindred awhile back, kindred was my first jungler, now being a jungle main and i wanted to ask/add some things for thought to you guys. 1. Kindred isn't Lamb and Wolf, it's Lamb, she basically does everything, you control her mainly and the thematic of Yin and Yang, Peaceful Death and Destructive Death isn't fleshed out. 2. It sucks that they got pushed to building Crit, especially since Crit has been reworked recently and also their passive marks don't feel very good since you guys made them gain attack range instead of Damage or something more useful in Solo Que. 3. Their ultimate is weird, it feels like, based on their thematic that Wolf wouldn't want to use an ability like that and he might be more Ravenous and Aggressive, so the ultimate doesn't come from both of them but from lamb. It's also hard to use this in Solo Que due to lack of Coordination between teammates and sure you'll save someone but most of the time the enemy team get's involved and you lose because everyone on your team was to low after and blew all their stuff. I feel like she's too scary to use in Solo Que because of her Ultimate and lack of early power because marks are kind of pain in the ass to get, and that Wolf isn't represented enough in her Kit. I'd propose having them have 2 ultimates, an Execute and a Life Saver(Wolf and Lamb) where Wolf's execute would chase down a low health target relentlessly, once he reaches them he lunges at them in a skillshot and it ALWAYS counts as a mark if you kill someone with this ultimate, but both ultimates go on cooldown if you use either of them, using Lambs ultimate would put Wolf's on cooldown, for example. I feel like this would be a nice change, it would make getting marks easier and give them a more useful and reliable tool in Solo Que for getting themselves ahead like a true Carry should.
: But I didn't say anything about whether or not a lane is fed.... OBVIOUSLY if a lane is fed things change, I thought that was clear enough I didn't need to specify...
But I DID so you might have no read something buddy.
xelaker (NA)
: there's just as many times the jungle gives a kill to your lane at 3 minutes then again at 7 minutes ect ect... anecdotal stories are fun.
True, but in both cases the laner is the one flaming the jungler for the whole game so.
: I expect the jungler to get shit done. If I'm getting camped then I expect him to be doing stuff on the other side of the map. If all jungle is doing is farming while the enemy jungler snowballs multiple lanes, then I've got a shitty jungler. One other thing, if someone's always pushed up and the jungler isn't ganking then he's a shitty jungler.
There's a limit to how much a jungler can do, i completely agree that if top or mid is getting camped i need to be doing something in another lane or on the opposite jungle side(or counterganking if i'm able to). Now, what i'm talking about specifically is when LANER'S feed their laner, but still constantly make themselves a target instead of playing differently, that's why they camped. Getting camped is not as bad as losing 1v1 to your laner constantly, like i can't do anything for you if you getting shoved in by a 3+ kills Zed or something, and you've never been ganked, at that point i already know you can't beat him, but now he's far enough ahead that if i go in it's basically a 1v1 and your not gonna be able to help me, and to add on to that. If he's 3+ kills ahead of you, and i go in, and you can't help me because of how far behind you are, i'll lose 1v1 too and he'll get 300 gold off of me instead of 250 off of you. In my opinion once a lane ends up like that, i ignore it because i'm better off getting another lane fed and protecting them from your laner than assisting you, i want you to be worth as little gold as possible because your feeding, and at the same time i can stop him from killing the other laners if their winning, i can't stop him from killing you or me. If i gank you and you get the kill, you'll get about 400g from it, but he's still 500 ahead of you, probably more if he's outfarming you, like there's no point in helping you because you'll still be behind and while i'm helping you the other jungler is probably trying to snowball another lane out of control, i need to stop your laner and the enemy jungler from snowballing another lane, not helping you because your losing 1v1 or getting camped, if your getting camped pucker up your ass and prepare yourself because i won't help you if your too far gone, again i'd rather you be worth as little gold as possible.
: I'm going to get down-voted because there seems to be a kiss ass mentality when it comes to jungling and supporting, but here goes. Me personally, I feel like the jungler SHOULD make an appearance in all lanes. Don't look at your laner who's almost out of health and mana, who most likely burned their summoner spells and expect them to help you with the gank when you do gank. If I see my laner has his summs up, has a reasonable amount of health and mana, then I'M GOING IN. lastly you need to make sure that you're ganking WHEN THE ENEMY IS OVEREXTENDED. That I can't stress enough to junglers to do. This is coming from a lee sin jungle main.
See i agree, what i'm talking about is when the enemy laner is overextended but they're so far ahead that they can be. At that point usually my laner, let's say its Lux, is usually low on mana and health and wouldn't be able to help me if i ganked but say her enemy is a Zed with 3+ kills. At that point i can't do anything, cause if i go in it's a 1v1 and i'm probably not ahead enough. In situations like that though, i actually ignore the lane and do my best to countergank him/enemy jungler and get my other laner's ahead. If on the off chance i can't do anything for them either, i just farm and gank the lane that has the highest chance of coming back, try to steal objectives if i can, sneak the dragon ect. Side Note: If i ignore my Mid Laner and just let her get her ass kicked, she'll outscale zed eventually and be more useful later. Then i can get my bot/top ahead and they can help her out, even if she dies 5 more times, as long as he's only killing her and not my other laner's or me, it's fine because he'll get less gold for each kill, so even with 8 kills on lux he'll still be behind compared to 5 kills on my ADC or on myself. I know it's shitty but it's the best i can do in that situation, she just has to live with it.
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: how about countering strategies like these by removing duos from solo que? the abuse of better communication than the enemy team is what these always boil down to. shure, you could nerf taric or yi and put a bandaid on this. whats going to stop people from using some other, similar combination of champions? this isnt just one boosting strategy that popped up. its only the **latest**. they all rely in duoing in solo que.
I think its best just to nerf Yi, he seems to be the main champion chosen for these strats, take Kayle top, yi jungle as an example. Or karma mid, yi jg. Most of these strategies revolve around Yi and his hyper carry ability, so i think he should be nerfed for it.
Yenn (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BeanMeDaddy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JsVQEau3,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-06-03T05:58:16.487+0000) > > playing as a lux or ziggs there really is no reason for you to ever be so close to constantly take poke for them ot be able to kill you. if you keep dying to assassins youre doing something wrong Almost every assassin ahead 1-2 kills can all in and kill every champion listed from the fog of war. Lux can't sustain her mana to wave clear from max range and many assassins clear faster than her; if the wave hits her turret after the first E, she loses it, and she'll be completely OOM after three or so waves. Ziggs has to get relatively close to bounce a bomb to the caster minions (or hit the entire wave if it's clumped), giving the assassin time to push him in. He's harder to all in than the rest, but he loses significant CS, as the assassin can push the wave in faster if he's not getting up close to hit a bomb without bouncing it. I just went 4-0 as Vel'koz against Fizz, only to have him lane swap with the ADC, pick up three kills while I pick up two kills on the ADC and jungle, and then suddenly be able to all in me from 100% while using his entire kit to gap close on me. Beautiful.
Its not sudden, assassins scale earlier than mages. The key to winning the match up is by not letting them roam and by not feeding them yourself, which is easy because you can stay way out of their range and either poke them or just wave clear. If the dive you time your skills vote to stop them and make them take turret hits.
forresto (NA)
: Pykes passive and shields
: Pyke, Pyke, Pyke. Nothing I've Ever Hated More! Good Job Riot!
Have tried playing Janna? Or Leona? Or Lulu,or Brahm. The list goes on. Assassins have some pretty harsh counters in the support role.
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: Who tf buys black clever on adc ?
Used to be a first buy on every ADC because it gave tankiness and damage, that was when it had more AD though, it was needed to its current state because of ADC abuse.
Saibbo (EUW)
: Yee i know... Just think they kinda over did it without balancing the non-crit champ too {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Agreed, I still want them to keep balancing our on-air overlords to put them in a better spot. But I was pretty sick of crit adcs in general,
Saibbo (EUW)
: >so most of the ADC roster is nerfed because of these changes imo now most of the ADC are just useless as yasuo when feds >ADC's have a tendency to be able to build anything and become OP. not at all, most of the ADC need specific items to be "OP" as ER for Xayah, tear for Ezreal, Infinity edge for sivir, etc.. All late game crit ADC are now non existing because they get easily shut down even by a support early(no sustain). >the only ADC's that pop-off at one item are ones that can build Essence Reaver, Guinsoo's or Black Clever maybe crit ADC were dominant but there was still other op champions even before this patch that could one shoot you and still can like Kaisa and Ezreal that didn't get touched, they just reduced the ADCs champ pool nothing else.
Not at all? Wait, were you here for these items being abused by ADC's? Black Clever, Maw of Malmortius, Deaths Dance, Frozen Mallet, Steraks Gage, Youmu's Ghostblade, Duskblade, Edge of Night, Trinity Force, Sunfire Cape, like do i even need to go on? They have a STRONG tendency to take ANY item with ANY Synergy for them AT ALL and abuse the fuck out of it then get it nerfed for it's intended user's. Essence Reaver is actually pretty good on Xayah and Sivir, Sivir mostly, Ezreal is a caster so he can build Essence reaver as well but Hyper Carry FULL CRIT Adc's like Jinx, Vayne and Tristana won't be able to 2 shot you with 2 items anymore and actually have to get to late game like their supposed to. I'm still one edge about On-Hit ADC's like Kai'Sa but that'll get nerfed eventually.
HàrrowR (EUW)
: Can the new Essence Reaver be an Active item?
It's an incredibly powerful item, having it tied to a long cooldown ability is fine in my opinion. When you ult with it as Illaoi, Yorick, Renekton, Riven, Xinzhao, the list litterally goes on and on with this item for non-ADC's, oh and corki btw can proc it anytime he wants. Like sure it was meant to be an ADC item, but Steraks, Maw, Duskblade, BC, Youmu's, Edge of Night, Frozen Mallet and Deaths dance were meant to be Bruiser/AD assassins items, but guess who abused those? ADC's did, then got them nerfed for everyone, in my opinion this is just payback lol Essence reaver is good on who it should be good on, it's an amazing item but unlike previous ADC itemization, it doesn't work on everything.
: You missed "or Against". As long as there's a Pyke in the game and you win you get credit. And as others said, Blind Pick.
Doesn't count if he's banned.
Saibbo (EUW)
: >It was meant to nerf them though I feel like nerf a item is different from 'now is useless to basically any ADC'.
Well, basically, i like the ADC changes because even though they can still snowball, the only ADC's that pop-off at one item are ones that can build Essence Reaver, Guinsoo's or Black Clever(Or Lethality, i don't judge.) basically a Crit ADC won't one shot me with one item anymore, or even two, it takes at least 3 items so i have plenty of time to shut them down and keep them down for awhile. (Still don't like Guinsoo's ADC's though) so most of the ADC roster is nerfed because of these changes, but they can adapt, ADC's have a tendency to be able to build anything and become OP.
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SmashinBob (EUNE)
: Well if the assasins needs to do extended fights it would be usefull vs certain comps. And I think master yi will be even more broken now with essence.
The only reason i don't think master Yi could, mainly in High ELO is because he's too squishy, like, the ER effect is certainly amazing on him, in theory. But in practice i don't think it'll be useful unless he's already insanely fed and they can't burst him down anyway. Assassin cooldowns tend to be extremely high so they can't 1v5 an enemy team, AD assassins especially have high cooldowns, except Rengar but i despize rengar design wise so.
TakaDama (NA)
: You know you messed up itemization when a mana item is broken on a manaless champion. {{champion:58}} Also, good to know with Illaoi
Update, essence reaver illaoi is pretty nice! But it's not good against Tryndamere, like it's sooooo good after lane phase but during lane phase it sucked. I died so much but to be fair it was tryndamere so i was gonna die anyway, he crit me like 5 times at level 2.
SmashinBob (EUNE)
: Yeah, item designed for adcs actually benefits everyone but them, I can think of only kaisa, ez and varus right now that would actually benefit from it. And i would add all of these also as possible essence users, I mean just thinking about it gives me chills: {{champion:11}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:126}}
It was meant to nerf them though, the only reason i wouldn't put Fiora on here is because her Q and E are already on really low cooldowns when maxed, and her W still wouldn't be reduced enough to warrant essence reaver. Kayn is the same way, talon as well and Kha'zix maybe but he burst you so fast it wouldn't really matter. Like you need to be able to survive a fight to use essence reaver in it's current state, Master yi probably could but probably not as good as the bruiser's/juggernauts you listed, same with Jayce.
TakaDama (NA)
: You know you messed up itemization when a mana item is broken on a manaless champion. {{champion:58}} Also, good to know with Illaoi
Yeah i'm currently trying to get into a game and try it since i just tested in practice tool.
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: Except {{champion:40}} you forgot about {{champion:117}}and{{champion:16}}
Those are just different Janna's.
: He's the ultimate noob trap for non-support players when they get stuck with the role. It's gonna be fun smashing them up Taric style.
Basically if your not an Assassin Main or a Support Main, your not gonna have much fun with pyke lol Assassins are not easy, and support is not easy(unless your Janna), combining them makes it very hard.
Nankyoku (EUNE)
: I love your name, have an upvote sir
I second this motion.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 30
Hey Meddler! Hope i'm early enough for you to see this. I noticed that there's always a large amount of "Concept and Creations" particularly with Champion Concepts, but there's almost no Red Posts on them, is there any particular reason why there isn't much red concentration in that part of the Forums? Extra Question: So i don't post multiple times, a related question, kind of. If a champion has a kit that near perfect for a secondary role, but their made for a primary role, what are the chances that small changes would be introduced to let them perform well in that secondary role? My Example, Pyke, he has a kit that's perfect the jungle, but the cooldown on his best clear ability is really high, a simple change that lowered its cooldown on monster's would let him jungle, and because of recent jungle changes his level should be 1-2 levels lower than solo laner's, the same as he would have as a bot lane support(something you said you were worried about).
Galiö (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zerenza,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EValUoWL,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2018-05-30T15:37:21.011+0000) > > He got nerfed into the ground because of how good he was, like this is just recently because of how good he was that he got nerfed and is now sitting at what you said. It happens to every champion, even to Galio, i don't want a revert but that's because i'm biased towards large scale reworks and think that mains just need to accept change most of the time.(minor reworks are completely different.) It's not only that he got nerfed, it's that he doesn't have a place in the Meta anymore and was only a Safe pick in pro play that just happened to fit the Meta.
I think that this is on Riot's balance team for recent changes to Galio, such as increasing his Damage/Scaling even though he was designed to be a tank(rework wise). I think they just need to pick a spot for him to be and keep him there, the rework is fine, it's everything after it that i don't agree with.
Galiö (NA)
: You won't believe this about Galio
He got nerfed into the ground because of how good he was, like this is just recently because of how good he was that he got nerfed and is now sitting at what you said. It happens to every champion, even to Galio, i don't want a revert but that's because i'm biased towards large scale reworks and think that mains just need to accept change most of the time.(minor reworks are completely different.)
: Holy crap? You're a god. Thank you so much for doing all this. :)
Orichalcum(Ancient Greek Metal discovered to be real in 2015, it's also been described as been Gold, Red or White in color so opens a lot of possibilities.) Mithril is also a good one, it's a really white silver though. Electrum is also a mythical metal and of course Adamant, but it's mostly a silver color Hihirokane is a mythical Red metal from japan I could name ancient/legendary metals for days bro.
: Let me just say Copper and Tin are good names for sub-Bronze; Bronze is nothing but an alloy of the two, and Copper, Silver, and Gold are all in the same column in the Periodic Table, giving them similar chemical properties. Of course Copper is both softer and cheaper than Bronze for all of the above reasons. Between Plat and Diamond, though, I have a harder time thinking of a name. Perhaps Adamant, Dragonite, Steel or Titanium. Or celebrating the _star_ players of League with a _stellar_ rank? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Plat and Diamond? Easy, Mithriil it's a Fantasy Metal, and honestly i'd love if before(or after bronze) they chose to put Orichalcum since the composition of the mythical metal was recently discovered to be copper and zinc it's a Bronze Alloy, slightly weaker than actual bronze. Adamant is a good one too though, there's a lot of ancient mythical metals.
: I hit Challenger 1tricking zed and here's my thoughts on how to balance him
I kind of agree, but kind of disagree. The only part of laning against zed as a really squishy low mobility target is playing around his W cooldown, his trade in lane is pretty hard to avoid sometimes and if he chunks you enough he'll just snap to his W and kill you with an auto attack+ignite, though i guess removing his passive bonus damage would alleviate that though. I will say this to, the passive change is good but should be higher, 4% isn't very much, i think it should start higher, scale the same, so start at 8 scale to 12%. His R execute can be annoying but it's honestly not the core reason he can be such an oppressive champion, it's mainly his safety in lane and high amount of escape's, so the R snapback change i don't really like, since insta-gimping a zed who made a bad choice(just like any assassin) is kind of the best way to stop him. I'd honestly just lower the damage on his Q's a little bit, since they did recently buff it and you can definitely feel it when he W+Q+AA's you late game from a bush, like good on him for landing them but i do think it could use a tiny little nerf to it's scaling, since most of the time the trouble i have with Zed is Mid-Late not Early game.
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