: How to Play vs Assassins with Strong Waveclear?
Alright here's the deal, you just need to know when to take trades against the assassin. Talon: After level 3, so he can't level 2 cheese you, if he uses his W(Rake) immediately punish him with some spells. Rake has a fairly long cooldown and without it he can't really kill you, as long as you don't get hit by it your free to bombard him with as many spells as you want pre-6. Ekko: Levels 1+, ekko is easy, his Q(timewinder) is his main damage tool and his only reliably way to trade with you is to E+Q, if your out of range of his E and he throws out his Q, do exactly what i said to do with Talon, just bombard him with spells, poke him down. Even after level 6 your only real threat is the E+Q+W because he has the highest burst time of any other assassin in the early game. If you poke him down enough he won't be able to fight you or roam and his R won't heal as much when he eventually is forced to use it. The general rule as a mage for roaming is to roam when you know your stronger than your opponent, this will be before level 9 usually, also only roam if your lane is pushing towards them or you've pushed them under tower, you don't want to miss 2 waves just to stop the enemy roam. I might also suggest taking a couple games to play as Talon, Zed, Leblanc, Ahri, Ekko, Fizz and Akali just so you can get the feel for what they want to do to you, that way you can figure out how to stop them from doing it.
: All these duskblade nerfs and assassin tune downs are dumb explanation/the nerfs counter skill
Okay, first off duskblade is still a problem. It gives 21 Lethality, and while Lethality scales up, you'll start off with 15 armor negation when buying this item if you buy it first at about 10 minutes. Second, the reason why it was nerfed was because 360 physical damage on hit from someone who can already one shot you was insane, in addition since your an AD assassin your already building AD, which means you'll probably have around 130-150 AD so add it all up and one auto attack dealt 490-510 unavoidable damage to a champion that most likely can't build armor since it's not really efficient to. Even in it's current iteration(still being built by every single AD assassin.) it still causes massive problems overall, zed doesn't need to land skillshots to one shot you, neither does talon, kha'zix, kayn ect because the auto attack from duskblade is plenty enough already. Master's....in a LAN server? I'm not sure if you know this but being better than all your friends doesn't make you as good as the 10 million other people in the world.
: To people that hate ADC.
The role is there first to be the go-to when DPS and Shredding is needed, whether it be for killing tanks or getting objectives, ADC's are there for that. It needs to be changed in a lot of ways. 1. Marksmen tend to get away with a lot less counterplay than other classes, considering 90% of their damage comes from AA's those can't be dodged and if an ADC get's to far ahead every squishy on your team is punished for it. This is why ADC's are usually kept incredibly squishy, how do you stop something that 1 shots your whole team from range? You kill it, that's how. 2. Crit needs to be reworked, correctly this time and if they rework Crit they need make it so the best possible build for them is to build crit. This way we don't have Black Clever or Lethality items being built on ADC's again and ADC getting them nerfed for their intended user's(Which they have a very strong tendency to do, Trinity Force, Black Clever, Youmu's, Hexdrinker, Steraks have all been nerfed because of ADC's at one point or another.) What i find bad about ADC's is the lack of ability to do anything to them when their ahead and their complete uselessness when behind, it just feels like that not only do you have no choice but to have one of the top 3 marksmen on your team but those are the only champions you can play in bot-lane reliably and also if your botlane losses you lost the game more often than not. I'd rather have a say in the game instead of constantly worrying about the state of my botlane knowing full well if they lose then everything i'v done up to that point is completely useless. I'd like to see the ADC role be comprised of more than just marksmen but not like it was a couple months ago. I'd like to see crit actually scale with number of auto attacks instead of instantly giving +150% damage so i don't get one shot from range. I'd like to see something done about the dynamic of botlane being so easy to snowball, so i don't have to constantly babysit my ADC and Support. TLDR: I hate how important the role is to winning the game in comparison to everyone else.
DaBooosh (NA)
: okay. Zed at level 3. W, W, E, Q The shuriken deals 90 damage at rank 1. E deals 70. Plus electrocute which is +30 at minimum That's 190 damage which is assuming your shadow missed both abilities If Q hits that's 260 damage(for your shadow of course) Also assuming he didn't use a few auto attacks He's not the only one too Ekko's Q deals 100 damage at rank one if it hits outward and coming back Not including passive It goes through minions. So with Zoe, as long you don't try to facecheck a brush, you can stand behind the minions to negate most of the damage(which is from the paddlestar) How long are you going to stay at level 1? {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Fair, however, if your a Melee against her she can already straight auto you with no conciquence, auto's hurt A LOT level 1-5, even if she misses her Q, even if you hide behind minions(which means, as a melee, you can't farm.) guess what? Those two auto's she hits you with each time deal 152 damage in total. Ekko Q might do 100 damage at level 1, but it should, just like most abilities at level 1, but to be able to nearly double that at level 1 and completely zone someone out for the rest of lane phase? Like, in the early game especially in mid 1 bad trade as most champions means your done for awhile. With zoe making that bad trade happen, poking someone down if they won't let you get your full 253 damage trade(this is with both Aery and Scorch, which procs twice in this combo btw so actually 264.) your still poking them down with the auto's. Zoe is the only one who can that at level 1, zed, as you just said is at level fucking 3 and still barely matches up to her. Like i think people really underestimate what range means in LoL, she can legit do 152 damage minimum at level 1 FOR MISSING AN ABILITY! SHE DOESN"T EVEN HAVE TO LAND HER Q TO DEAL MORE THAN BOTH PARTS OF EKKO'S Q! Caps to reiterate and to show emphasis.
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: Who are YOUR top 3 permaban champions?
{{champion:157}} - to annoying to deal with, he puts so much stress on you, even when behind the 0/9 power spike meme can happen. If you lose lane, lose the game, ECT. {{champion:64}} highest pick rate jungler, extremely versatile. {{champion:25}} counters my champion pool
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: LoL can't really fulfill the assassin fantasy without making the game a living hell for other classes. There's no space for a champion in this game that can kill you really fast and yet has multiple out of jail cards. I think it's time to Riot accept that once for all.
The reason Assassins exist is because of champions like these. {{champion:67}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:18}} Couple those with champions like this. {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} And if the other team doesn't have a botlane like this(in many meta's throughout history, especially in the Ardent Meta.) then you basically instantly win the game the second any of them hit their spike. The reason Assassins were introduced was because champions that had to much safety, too much range, too much life steal and too much damage to be dealt with by any other class in the game. At the time of Katarina and Talon's introduction the only other classes were Tanks, Mages and Fighter's, to an ADC this is pretty easy if you have a heal bot sup. You naturally shred tanks, mages are too squishy to fight you and have trouble reliably bursting you through lifesteal and fighter's just weren't strong enough at the time to be able to deal with them either. So how do you stop someone who's solo carrying a game because no other class has the tools necessary to deal with them? Like, how do you stop someone who heals for 500 per auto, you can't dodge the auto but it does 1000 damage and they can attack 3 times a second? You kill them, simple as that, it's kind of a necessary evil and i think people forget what its like when Assassins don't exist(psssst Ardent Meta.)
: PSA:If you want to win games as a mid laner you need to roam since you'll have a higher GPM, which is a required stat to carry in league of legends.
I really have to clarify this. You SHOULD roam, you SHOULDN"T roam if it's not beneficial to you.
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D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: idk if it's retarded or not, but the tooltip says "moving windwall" riot intended it to behave like that if they changed it to a static windwall, Yasuo would become good against melee champions, because he can just use it in melee range and win in melee range
They did actually at one point have it changed to be static, that way yasuo couldn't dodge things by simply pressing a button i believe it was 6.1? Basically previously it wouldn't block Pick a Card if yasuo cast it right before it would hit him, he had to aim it correctly. The reason they reverted this change was simple, yasuo's winrate dropped because an ability that required no skill did.
: Upcoming Kayle Rework Information Compilation
In my opinion, Kayle will be extremely hard to balance, her current playstyle is that of a Late Game Scaling carry and as late game scaler's go she's really high up there on the list of champs you lose to at 40 minutes. The issue though is her R, i don't think they can keep it and allow her to be balanced, not balanced in the sense of Good or Bad but balanced in the sense of what it's like to play as and against her. I honestly hate champions that Scale well into late game and have an equally easy Early game. Gangplank, Tryndamere and Kayle are the three champions that are on that list of champs who scale hard late game but don't have easily punished early games, or atleast have plenty of ways to circumvent their early game weaknesses. Gangplank got nerfed a Loooooong time ago for this exact reason, uninteractive to lane against, scales to hard with little to no way to stop him. I think that if they really want to rework Kayle they need to figure out a way to make her Interactive in lane, if they want to keep the ulti then that''s gonna be really hard.
Rouwhorst (EUW)
: Q reactivation range seems to be around 500 units (comparable with bard, Jayce, kog'maw, lucian, malzahar, sivir and teemo) >or say if she missed her Skillshot Q, it will always target minions over the champion What do you mean with this? If she missed her Q all together (so she hit no one) then the spikes will search for the most recent damaged enemy, the closest champion and then the closest minion in range, in that order. In fact, these rules always apply, regardless if she hit her Q. I'm sure she has ample counter play but that is not what we are talking about. I'd rather talk about how her Q skillshot is deceptively important (for her charm) It gives nothing but false hope 9/10 times. Just like Zoe's E (hey, you have been hit try to get to safety! JK you die regardless of your actions) Or to a lesser extend LB's chain (hey look! a range indicator... if only you get to that edge you will be safe JK you will never reach it in time).
Her Q prioritizes a champion, only if the champion was previously hit by the Skillshot. Meaning that when she is near a minion wave, regardless of how close you are it will always prioritize minions, with 200 games of experiencing this exact thing, i'm really surprised your still arguing this.
Rouwhorst (EUW)
: Hold up: > A good strategy for stopping Evelynn is to simply run away from her into minions or group around a teamate, if she misses the initial Skillshot Q then her Q will auto target the nearest enemy, so she targets minions then the only thing she can get her W to proc with is a legit auto attack range E. wrong her Q will auto target champions over minions so standing in a minion wave does not help > she has **no Dashes**, wrong >No blinks, wrong >No Easy Engage arguable
Her Q auto targets the nearest target first, prioritizing champions, even if it'll target in your direction the range is miniscule at best and by standing outside of the range of the auto target, or say if she missed her Skillshot Q, it will always target minions over the champion, it's in the tooltip and also i'v learned this from over 200 games with her. The only dash she has is on her E, it's 350 range but it follows blinks and other dashes if timed correctly, other than that the only blink she has is on her R, which has a 2 minute cooldown at level 6 and is her primary kill tool at level 6 since she won't be 100-0ing you without it pre 3 items. Her engage can be easy but if you play your lane correctly, mid game correctly as one of her primary targets you can severely hinder her ability to catch you out. This meta heavily favor's her because the number of targets she can hunt down ranges anywhere from 3-5 when it should only be 2-3 that makes a huge difference because until she get's voidstaff she won't be doing much damage to a tank and there are plenty of champions you can pick that hard counter her as well, some of those champions aren't meta because the other champions pushed them out. {{champion:25}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:5}} All of these champions either have an ability that hard counter's her W, or are better duelists early and can simply invade her to make her lose out on her level 6 power spike, i'v been hard punished by Lee Sin's quite often to the point where i wasn't 6 until 10-12 minutes into the game, usually i'm level 6 at 8 minutes in, delaying my time to be a good jungler by a lot, lowering my gold income by taking my camps, and getting themselves fed off of me because i can't do anything about them, it requires a lot of teamwork to stop invades as Evelynn, she can't duel them at all. Alternatively any champion that can build Edge of Night, Banshee's Veil and Mercurial Scimitar has ample counterplay to her as well, all three of those items hard counter her W and increase your MR forcing her to go Void Staff earlier than usual. And, to top it all off she also does horribly against tanks and simply grouping by mid to late game forces her into a possition where she literally can't do anything without sacrificing herself aswell. In addition against other assassins she does poorly, especially against the AD ones, mainly because they can build Deaths Dance and negate 15% of her upfront burst, along with building Edge of Night.
La Bello (NA)
: {{champion:28}} is currently just at an absurd state where W feels rather optional when it comes to killing you. Evelynn more often than not can just straight up E+Q then R to kill. This is bad because W is supposed to be a huge part of counterplay vs Evelynn that makes the perma invis design less frustrating. Some of this might be due to the inflation of damage from Runes (esp electro/harvest) so after these changes go through Riot should see how she settles. If after that she still remains a problem they should look into making her W more mandatory in order to recieve a kill (after a certain amount of MPen {{item:3020}} {{item:3916}} W basically has no impact on the amount of damage you deal and the ability for Eve to kill. This makes her SO frustrating to deal with because she returns back to that old peek-a-boo one shot gameplay that got her in trouble in the first place. {{champion:157}} Yasuo is just frustrating and needs sweeping changes. Removal of his free crit extreme powerspike gimmick, Removal of ArPen on R in exchange for better upfront last breath damage, WindWall needs an #of projectile HP bar ect. {{champion:142}} Zoe already has work planned so I will hold my breath until details on that come up {{champion:7}} LeBlanc just needs a full rework. Probably one of the most problematic assassins ever put in the game imo and the revert was a massive mistake.
W is incredibly important to getting the kill, i don't think you've ever played her but early game/before getting fed you actually do need your W and you maxx it second usually to increase the Charm Duration. It reduces 35% MR and the calculation for it goes MR Reduction flat/percentage then penetration so if you have Sorc's and Morrello and you already reduced 35% MR you get shred through 39 MR afterwards, if you do this to an ADC with 50 MR you'll get them down to -5.5 MR which means you'll do bonus damage. Early game this is incredibly important because you'll lack the damage without penetration to actually kill them, if you get super fed early and are able to Afford Spellbinder that's different because any Assassin will kill your without their intended way to kill you after their fed. Most of the time this isn't what happens and it's a combination of people not buying control wards and the enemy jungler not playing against her main weakness, lack of dueling power. Even in high Challenger from watching Pants Are Dragon basically spam her, they don't buy control wards and i'm actually confused because even down in bronze where i'm at people won't do it. Not to mention the meta Heavily favor's her because she's the only level 6 jungler that's playable, the other's are all duelists and she can't win 1v1 against any of them, the only reason she's playable is because of her clear speed and her level 6 makes her incredible but if you shut her down before 6 she's basically screwed. In my opinion Evelynn can be very frustrating but there's so many ways to shut her down and a lot more counterplay to her than other assassins, she never got buffed and before this meta started she was sitting at 49% winrate, the meta just favor's her ability to one shot when before it didn't. I think we'll see a slight decrease in her winrate this patch to put her closer to back in line. She's definitely not the only champion this happens to as well, a lot of champions get winrate increases following changes in the meta rather than being inherently OP. Edit: After a certain point in the game evelynn should be able to kill you without the W, if you have no MR, especially if she's playing well and getting really ahead. I'v never had a time when i could 100-0 someone without my W at level 6, and i have over 200 games on her, regardless of being bronze or not. If i did 100-0 someone without W it was when i had 3 core items already and at that point you should expect her to one shot you if you have no MR.
Rouwhorst (EUW)
: There is no way to "dodge" her charm. Even if she misses her Q, she still gets 3 free uses that she can use to proc the charm with. By the way, have you seen the numbers on that ability (Q)!? on max rank: 330 base + 195% AP... **195**! This is ultimate level of damage, and is simply placed on a Q and unloaded within 1.5 seconds or so? (8 sec cd, very low mana cost, almost guaranteed hit) Compare this with Annie's R: 400 + 65% AP or Veigar R: 325 + 75% AP to 650 + 150% AP
A good strategy for stopping Evelynn is to simply run away from her into minions or group around a teamate, if she misses the initial Skillshot Q then her Q will auto target the nearest enemy, so she targets minions then the only thing she can get her W to proc with is a legit auto attack range E. This is usually the best way especially in Mid-Late game, lane phase you just have to play your Control wards properly, control warding a bush sounds like a good idea but honestly it's not, half the time when i play her i just walk through the lane instead. I do think her damage is high but compared to other Assassins you have ample opportunity to escape, fed Evelynn is scary though but grouping usually fix's that. The meta really favor's her as well, i imagine that this next comming patch is gonna see her Winrate go down quite a bit, she hasn't received any buffs at all, on release she was weak and the meta we're in a hugely damage focused patch. Her winrate has fluctuated from 48-54% since her release with no changes to her at all, she's one of those champions that's easy to shut down early too making her one of those champions where the meta has to favor her to make her OP. She's also Sleeper OP since most people don't even know how to play her, she has no Dashes, No blinks, No Easy Engage for ganks, even after 6 you usually have to get behind the enemy first before initiating a gank. Can't duel at all so she losses to invades from half the other meta jungler's. I dont' think she's as broken as Yasuo or Zoe by a long shot, but definitely the same amount of annoyance.
: Wait why are the Koreans banning Evelynn?
Because she's sleeper OP everywhere but in Korea, she takes a bit of time to get used to and if you run the build that i'v seen a lot of NA player's take your bound to do horribly. (Spellbinder+Deathcap, to expensive, no penetration, you don't live long enough to take advantage of Spellbinder.) Like, sure she's a bit difficult to get used to and the fact you can just Invade her with Udyr, Xin Zhao, Lee Sin and all the other Duelist jungler's makes her Weak in NA since most player's just want to play something Braindead that can Duel early, she's the only "Gank at level 6" jungler that's viable in the Meta because she has a hugely fast clear, great sustain in the jungle and after 6 you'll only see her if she's ganking someone. Not to mention taking scuttle for her is extremely easy. The only reason we don't ban her in NA is because not enough people play her religiously for you to notice how strong she actually is.
: His W, and because it'd remove almost all counterplay. You couldn't attack back, and you couldn't use any ability to get away. As it's a slow, if you *have* a dash or whatever it still works through the slow. Roots and stuns remove the ability to dash. Also, because you can still walk no matter *how* strong the slow on you is. I believe the minimum move speed is 135 or something like that. Also also, the guy already stomps Yi hard enough as it is, you don't need his W to *completely* fuck Yi over.
You already barely can attack back, Considering the massive AS debuff, plus the fact he does anywhere from 500-1000 damage per Q, how long do you expect to live for? You have to live for AT LEAST 5 seconds so that debuff will go away, no one in the game who isn't a tank has the CC necessary to stop him from getting to you. It might as well be a Root because 90% of the time you won't get away from him anyway.
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: Tower doesn't reveal her though?
Yes it does, they even proved it in the spotlight when she went under tower and the person with the green bar was the anivia not her.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zerenza,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6OBkEb6u,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2018-08-11T15:32:12.421+0000) > > A lot of people don't read abilities, don't worry about it, her W can still be revealed she just can't be targeted while inside of it. It's called Obscured. You can land a skilshot on something you CAN see right? So she should be able to tower dive risk-free just because she's vulnerable to skillshots?
I want you to go tower dive someone as akali, post 6 just to give you an upper hand, tell me what ACTUALLY happens. Every time you hit your opponent or use ANYTHING at all, you will no longer be obscured, couple that with her being revealed during the dive just being untargetable by single target abilities and it is not risk free.
Hayaishi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zerenza,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6OBkEb6u,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-11T13:30:17.335+0000) > > So because you have to land a skill shot there's no counterplay, sucks man. A skillshot on a target you can't see.
A lot of people don't read abilities, don't worry about it, her W can still be revealed she just can't be targeted while inside of it. It's called Obscured. You can land a skilshot on something you CAN see right?
Hayaishi (NA)
: Counterplay is what it needs.
So because you have to land a skill shot there's no counterplay, sucks man.
: Thoughts on Zoe's plans? As a big-time Zoe player, I'm curious if you're going to be touching up on her w (giving it a short cooldown so she cant spam it in teamfights, but giving back some mov speed maybe) or changing the way her E works/shortening the duration.
Those are buffs to an already powerful ability. The reason she's strong right now(and you can't deny it.) is because you can miss nearly everything and still get the kill, couple that with really forgiving cooldowns for a burst mage and the complete punishment for using any way to get away from her, along with the RNG of her W and you end up with how she is now. If anything i'd simply make her W not able to make balloons until she's 6, getting an early ignite,barrier,heal,flash,gunblade,glp,protobelt can make an entire lane phase horrible for the other player, and because of her Class she SHOULD be punishable early game. If not go that far i'd make it so the enemy player knows exactly what she can get, and so does she from her balloons, this way the enemy can play against her more easily and stop her from getting a certain minion by going hyper aggressive, you could also make it so she can't pick up Heal, Barrier or Ignite from Balloons, this way you don't have to worry about completely unfair advantages in lane. The making her W not spawn balloons until she hits 6, gives her a clearer weakness in lane against people that should beat her but her RNG would always make the match up a toss-up. If you made it possible to see what's in the balloons that would make it to where after 6 you could still contest her for what she's allowed to have, making it easier to stop her from straight up winning due to a free 200 true damage Ignite. Note: She wouldn't be the only champion who's nerfed until 6 either, evelynn can't have Camo until 6 because it breaks the game, Zoe's W can't drop balloons until 6 because we've been watching it break the game since release.
: Is it me or Assassin's no longer furfill the criteria of "High Risk"?
I would argue that Evelynn's was kind of a change that had to happen, she lost a lot of her clear speed in the rework, or "Healthy" clear speed, she can still clear but usually comes out at about half HP after every camp, probably less meaning in comparison to Xin Zhao, Udyr, Graves and many other's she still losses out in jungle sustain, she used to have Mana sustain which meant she had a better clear health and great mana sustain but now she doesn't which means and also pre-6 she doesn't have her camo so the best way to deal with her is invade her, i know that because i play her and it happens to me all the time, they know i'm less healthy than them, slower, don't duel well and will always lose the fight early. In terms of her ability to escape a fight she engaged on, i mean, she has 1 dash, 2 technically and it's slightly higher than her auto range the second one requires her to use her ultimate. And chances are if she killed someone and R'd out, she was gonna get away anyway since her Camo would have activated regardless, then it also takes 5 seconds for that to activate(along with the healing) after combat so if you don't catch her by then, i think it's on you. Rengar i completely agree with, most assassins have an assassin that counter's them, rengar doesn't since he negates all burst with his W. Akali i think makes up for her Mobility with her Time To Kill, and she lost a lot of sustain but gained her amazing W, even then you still know the general area she's in and while you can't target her when revealed you can still land a skillshot on her which you would have had to land on every other assassin. Not to mention, Assassin player's such as myself are always actively trying to reduce risk by picking fights after planning out how the fight will go, if an assassin got out of a fight that means they did their job, if they didn't they need to get better. Being able to kill off a priority target and have the ABILITY to get away is different from being say Talon and just hopping over every wall back to base, or being Ekko and having a Reset Button, though Ekko makes up for his R by having the highest Time To Kill out of all the assassins. Note: A fed assassin will one shot you no matter what, one that's doing their job takes either 1 second for the burst portion and 2 seconds for the set up, or takes 2 seconds for the burst and 1 second for the set up, the few who do it without this are the ones that i think are busted so Zed, Talon, Kha'Zix and Shaco, mostly the AD ones.
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: League gameplay changes over the next few months
So in terms of maintaining playstyles. One thing i'm kind of afraid of is another Tank Meta or Ardent Meta, i know the meta has to change but i'm sure were all tired of this constant circle of meta's over the last few years. Tank Meta> Marksmen Meta> Burst Meta> Tank Meta I'd hope to see an end to the cycle one day, really sucks to be a one trick of a certain class and have that class walled about by it's direct counter being over buffed. I just hope we never end up in an Ardent Meta again, that was probably the worst and i do hope you guys are striving towards a better game health than just another Tank Meta.
: MFW I use aspects of Gold/Platinum as a support main and still lose
Should be noted that having "Aspects" of a division doesn't mean your qualified, divisions are separated mainly by what strategies work the best in them. In bronze i think it's best to focus on how not to die and how to kill minions/champions, the more fed you or your teamates get the less their skill and your own skill matter's. Also the less you die the less fed your enemy gets and the easier it is for you to win. Bronze is pretty simple, what makes it hard is when your a support player, your not usually the one making decisions on when not to go in or when not to fight, and carrying as a Soraka or an traditional Tank/Enchanter support is really hard, you can save your ADC but you can't protect them or your team forever, meaning being a support main in Bronze is honestly really difficult unless you play really good play making supports of which there's only 2 or 3.
Moon Mom (NA)
: I mean there's a happy medium to be had. Aery's shield is almost irrelevant in most cases from my experience (I'm used to seeing enchanter supports take guardian). We don't want to game in a state where burst damage is completely countered by shield supports stacking standard shields on top of heal shield power with locket and such. Irelia is the only direct shield counter, and she won't be available or fit into comps every game. Burst damage as of next patch will be mitigated to old TLD levels and spread out over time. I think the game will be in a healthier state.
Yeah i'd rather not have to deal with Ardent Meta again lol
: Oh they changed her already?
Previous akali had 3 dashes and a blink, current akali has 1 very short dash on e, a long range dash on e and 2 dashes on R. There is not True Invisibility, it's called "Obscured" which means she can be revealed by True Sight or Tower's but cannot be targeted by Single Target abilities or Auto Attacks, it's like you complainer's don't even read.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 3
What i thought i might mention is the Base Stats of Immobile Mages, they've been kind of thrown out of the meta recently partly due to other changes but i think that their base stats could be looked at. If we take into consideration Early Runes+Penetration, Armguard is not enough to stop a Talon from one shotting you, So for example, Syndra has 24.7 base armor at level 1 and 30 base MR Talon has 30 armor 39 Base MR at level 1 that scales up to 60. Like i get that he's melee but there are 3 items that give MR+AD, one gives a straight Magic Damage shield, along with a rune as well. I feel like Burst Mages are at a disadvantage in terms of itemizing against their Assassin counterparts and they also have nowhere near the same base tank stats as them.
: Darius Noxian Might question
The stacks appear floating around the champion. The way you stack is mainly through auto attacks, simple combo, AA+W+AA for 3 stacks, or AA+W+AA+E+AA+Q for 5, alternatively you can just hit them 5 times with AA's, Q is good for getting a starting stack as well so another combo is Q+E+AA+W+AA for 4, only needing one more to get 5, or Q+AA+E+AA+W+AA. Hope this helps, most people know to run from darius but thats what your hook is for.
: The assassins did need to be reverted because they lacked their immediate burst they should have always had. Now with the new runes and ridiculously bad items assassins like to use they have overloaded burst compared to when they were remade 18 months ago.
The main assassins that had issues after the Reworks were Fizz, Leblanc and Rengar, mainly because in all 3 cases it changed how they functioned fundamentally. Leblanc became a Kite Mage, Rengar became a Fighter. The only reason Talon is OP right now is because Ignite got buffs and the aforementioned new runes, though in all fairness, talon hasn't received any buffs this season. Should be noted however that the AP assassins have been for the most part in a balanced state, it's the AD ones that are the problem such as Kha'zix(who got Psuedo Reverted from his Assassin Rework.) and that's namely due to Duskblade+Runes and Ignite. AP assassins don't get a free 200+ Nuke from an auto attack(See Death Fire Grasp).
Antenora (EUW)
: Yet r/AhriMains still think their champion is bad, LOLOLOL
I find that to be true with most main subreddits, the only thing those subreddits are good for is learning and fanart otherwise balance is never a good thing to take from them and most of the time all they do is complain.
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: The Assassin controversy - an open question for the community
I agree with the other's Somewhat but i'll adjust a bit. 1. Burst, assassins should be able to 100-0 you in less than a second, the difference is the amount of Set Up it takes to get there. Evelynn for example marks you and it takes 2.5 seconds for the mark to activate, you have ample time to get somewhere safe most player's just chose not to. 2. High Mobility, this is the thing they get for having to dive into backline by themselves, they aren't tanky or shouldn't be tanky and this is the reason why. 3. CC, no assassin should have a CC ability without some sort of caveat, again, evelynns is Delayed and requires her to land an ability after the delay, for example and she also doesn't have any mobility to make up for having this+perma stealth. 4. Single Target, Assassins should be able to single target burst anything that's just as squishy as themselves, reset, and try again later. Assassins should be able to burst 1 person and reset to get a different person/same person later, they shouldn't get more than 2 kills in one skill rotation. That about cover's it all, i think that assassins often get bunched together but a large majority are actually pretty fine right now. The few that aren't are from a different Era in league and should be adjusted to fit new parameter's such as Burst Window VS Prep Time. Burst Window VS Planning Time is basically just, how long does it take to burst someone VS how long did it take your abilities to allow for burst, so for instance Evelynn's W is extremely important to allow her to burst, especially early so most of the time her Prep Time is 2.5 seconds at the least. Evelynn Burst Window: .5 Seconds Prep Time: 2.5+ Seconds Zed Burst Window: 1 Second Prep Time: None Talon Burst Window: 1 Second Prep Time: 1 Second Katarina Burst Window: 2+Seconds Prep Time: 2+ Seconds Kha'Zix Burst Window: 1 Second Prep Time: None Pyke Burst Window: 3+ Seconds Prep Time: 1 Second What i mean to show here is that if an assassin has a short Burst Window, the Prep Time to burst must be high, if the person has a long Burst Window, the Prep Time has to be Small. If all assassins were made to these parameter's, more likely than not they'd probably be Balanced, for a long time Zed was pretty balanced since he had to land his Q's but that's changed recently. And of course this doesn't apply that well if the Assassin is super fed but i mean at that point anything can one shot you so it doesn't really matter.
dzokata (EUNE)
: Is it me or Glacial Augment is actually really good on Nasus?
Yeah, Glacial Augment is kind of Redundant since Slow's don't stack, you always take the Highest Slow if your Applying more than one at once. Since you have the harshest slow in the game(might as well be a stun tbh) glacial augment is kind of pointless.
: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/yugioh/images/e/e6/DoubleSnare-DB2-EN-C-UE.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/300?cb=20160602005053
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: >I get punished for talking to them because they all report me at the end but i'm 1 person vs 4 what can i realistically do in situations like this. 1 report is all it takes to have your chat/behavior reviewed. Any more than that does not increase the likelihood you are punished by the report system. >i'm the same as any league player, bite me and i bite back, That's not how I play league, nor would it be a trait I'd ascribe to your average League player.
I think there's a large majority of league player's that prefer the fight back tactic. I don't usually, maybe i'll say 1 snarky thing back and mute them but i think that there's also a large number of player's that only become toxic when other people are toxic to them.
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Ąhri Bot (EUW)
: [Fanart] Blood Moon Ahri
It's sad but the reason we might not see one is because Ahri's base skin already looks very similar in design, riot tends to avoid doing. But there are plenty of ways to make a Blood Moon skin for Ahri and she's one of the champions that i think deserves a skin under that banner.
: I never understood the appeal to Ahri, she looks like a generic kitsune character pulled out an anime.
Sometimes Generic things can be pretty fun, and we can all admit to it. I occasionally enjoy watching/reading generic Werewolf, Vampire or other shows/novels cause it's fun when the character's of one of those novels or shows has power's that are simple. Their character is easier to understand and therefore you can focus more on the story rather than the abilities of the character's since you already know mostly what they do. I like Ahri because of how generic she is, like Warwick, he's pretty generic too or Vladimir.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Lethality isn't the only thing making assassins broken right now...
Very Few assassins have point and click burst maybe? Akali(rework comming soon), Talon(though he still has 2 skillshots but they are hard to avoid, he's getting nerfed though.), Nocturn(requires lvl 6 unless your already inting.) Kha'Zix okay you can have that one. Leblanc? Debatable i guess, Shaco? He got nerfed out of burst a long time ago. Rengar? A bit too easy to shut down but i mean yeah, mostly point and click i agree. So 6, six out of the 16 total assassins have point and click burst combo's. The rest of them are riddled with Skill-shots and most don't have any CC either, or if they do they pay a price for it, or it's very hard to land. Ekko: Lowest burst of any Assassin, he only has 2 abilities that burst and his CC ability is arguably the hardest to land in the game but it's his only reliable way to kill someone in under 3 seconds. Evelynn: Extremely high burst, no mobility, a charm that takes 2.5 seconds to arm and tells you where she's at, she's basically screaming at you "Get the hell out." but people don't listen. Zed: Point and Click R with a delayed burst that requires you to hit your other abilities first, if he's fed sure he can jump out of a bush and double Q+AA you but i mean, that's true for literally everyone in the game. Fizz: Okay Point and Click Q that does basically no damage since you have to max your E or die, hard to land skillshot ultimate that accounts for nearly 40% of your total damage, requires level 6 to one shot. Katarina: I don't think i have to explain this but katarina is fucking hard to play, her E might be point and click but the vast majority of her damage comes from her Passive procs, which you have to play around in order to play her properly at all. Kayn: He's probably one of the easiest assassins to play but when going Assassin kayn if you miss your W, good luck killing anyone because that's where most of your burst comes from, your R is a point and click delayed extra damage ability(like Zed) but your not one shotting someone with it. Pyke: This %%%%%'s a support. Ahri: You NEED to land your E, if you don't you do legit 0 damage, unless your fed but again that's the same for any champion. Kassadin: Direct counter to mages and AP assassins in the mid-lane, takes a long time to get to where he needs to be to burst someone and more often than not can't do it at all until he gets to that point. Also let me point something out, these are legit ALL OF THE ASSASSINS IN THE GAME, that are actually building like assassins, riot might list Riven and Fiora as assassins but they DO NOT build like them and don't have the burst usually either. Do you know how many ASSASSINS build duskblade? 8 of them, do you know how many are AP Assassins? 8 of them, that's right, when your discussing ASSASSINS don't lump them all together as Duskblade user's, because half of them can't even build the item and get anything out of it.
: It's a little high, but.... a) there's still a chance to win in those games, by Riot's own admission b) those games *have* to exist in a world where solo carrying (or anything approximating that) is possible. This is the same thing that people complain about on the other side, when stomping your lane doesn't matter. Stomping your lane should matter, and when it does, trapped games are going to happen. Don't be deceived by the name; trapped games don't happen from minute 1. They happen because one team gets outplayed, time and time again, early on. This is same thing that people have been complaining about for *years*. When you can't win early in this game, marksmen are mandatory because late game is mandatory. You have to have a balance between trapped games and totally even games; Riot agrees with you it has been bad, but let's not swing the pendulum too far in the other direction, please!
I agree, in a game where you can "Potentially" solo carry a game(assuming the rest of your team isn't Inting.) trapped games are bound to happen. However i still feel it necessary to increase the number of Lead Games that can be won and Large Lead Games that can be won. I'd say it should look something like this if were in a less Snowbally state. Even Game- The team that lost has a 25-50% of winning Lead Game- The team that lost has a 20-40% of coming back. Large Lead- The team that lost has a 15-25% chance of comming back The only issue with this though is that i think the number's we see now can be mostly attributed to the champions that are meta being highly snowball focused. Though those champions only became strong because late game champions became weak and the changes to tower's and jungle lately have also contributed quite a lot. But i think that in an Even game or Slight Lead game, your chance of coming back (ignoring the champions you've picked) should be close to 50%.
: so another player being bias? and twisting facts to suit their argument ?
: at lvl 13 talon has 1628 base hp and 68 armor 53 mr where eve has 1588 base hp 79 armor 47 mr so that is a difference of 40 base hp in favor of talon, 9 base armor in favor of eve 6 base mr in favor of talon so how did he more HP with no hp items?
Short answer is he didnt lol He didnt get BC that game until 33 minutes in.
Shobek (NA)
: Akali Rework - Looks awesome - But why do you have to kill the old Akali? - @Ghostcrawler
Akali is being reworked into what her archetype was supposed to be, she fits it better lore wise, kit wise and personality wise. In her current Bio she got tired of having to remain passive under Shen's teaching and chose to take things into her own hands with the power that she has, i don't know about you but that's more akin to Gangplank not Aatrox. The current plan with Akali, lore wise is to have an event similar to the Burning Tides event several year's ago, showing off her story and how she evolved as a character, not how she was removed from the game, not to mention she still plays extremely similarly to current akali just with more tricks and a lot more skill required.
: I don't know why people are complaining that Akali has a dash
Like, the thing is that current akali can dash/ blink several more times than new akali can during a fight. You can see some akali's get off 8 dashes, but heaven forbid we give an assassin a dash that's their only low cooldown escape but also their only low cooldown engage and make her ulti dashes have a 2 minute cooldown at rank 1(Not to mention the ulti doesn't deal any damage unless your already low so you have to rely on your high energy cost Q to deal damage for you).
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