: Patch 9.14 notes
Fun stuff Riot! Hey, when is Kindred {{champion:203}} getting a new skin?? I will gladly buy it.
: Teamfight Tactics
I don't like this. I don't want this. (My Opinion) I will pay real money for new Kindred skins.
: New ways to earn Prestige Points
I just got the pass today and it says 2 weeks remaining for the Prestige Point milestones? I thought it didn't matter when I bought it?? Will I still be able to earn those if I don't get all 25 before the end of the event?
: Patch 9.4 Notes
New Kindred {{champion:203}} skin? Please Rito
: A Good Death
2019 checking in. Kindred needs some love!!! Skins please! I'll pay $
: Patch 9.2 notes
: {{item:3455}} kha is broken nerf this champ
Nah, they just nerfed all junglers instead.
Profirix (NA)
: I proposed that in one of my earlier posts, but it got no attention. If you want to keep junglers in the jungle, make them have to farm if they want to stay competitive.
Yes, rito wants us all in the jungle playing PVE instead of PVP. :(
: Hello Shaco nerfs that won't be reverted when the jungle is completely changed in half a year
Nobody gets ganks until 15 minutes in the game. :(
: Patch 9.2 notes
Thank you for Evelyn QoL changes! {{champion:28}} Still no Kindred Skins? No Kindred bugfix? Please give Kindred some love soon rito.. I'll pay $.{{champion:203}}
: A Kindred Christmas (Skin concept)
: Clash Beta launches in North America
Couldn't play because I could not leave my initial team. Please fix before rollout. This really sucks.
: We NEED a animation of this rito pls
RITO plzzzzz
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Cool with me! That's great to hear, looking forward to next season! (and all the new visuals!!!)
: Updated Summoner’s Rift nears open beta!
Also, find the Penguin Azir comment and bump. Definitely a need for SR.
: Updated Summoner’s Rift nears open beta!
Looking forward to this so much! XD Can't wait guys!


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