Yozpla (NA)
: what champions is OP when he is mastered?
: I hate when your sitting there and ur actually okay.. the game hasn't started but every1 has been 100% for like 3 mins and your ping isnt moving up or down. Raises the question.. did the game start and im only1 not in? I've had a few times I've actually been late for games that i didnt need to reconnect to because of that fear. Lol I hope they implement something like this
Yeah and then I end up closing the client thinking I was frozen then the game starts.
: then u join the game 16 mins later? ^^
Exactly, it's such an easy fix and should've been there from the start.
Rioter Comments
: @Riot Is there a reason why we don't have a system in place that can kick tilted players from queue?
Jivvie (NA)
: Mean enough to be toxic
How is that player not banned for their summoners name?
: i keep disconnecting and now im about to get banned
If you have been having this issues since two patches ago, why would you try a ranked game?


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