: May sales schedule
when do the early sales go on sale in the month? really want to get my hands on that lux skin
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: Sometimes I feel like Riot has ruined champions and not given a shit about it after.
Yeah remember when they nerfed the attackspeed slow from lee sins E because there was no reason for it (it was actually very usefull) and then out of no where nerfed his ult damage because They said people play him to much, he is favored to much(well no crap he is super cool and people make him look even cooler and it felt cool to play.) THen what do they do change sejuani so her basics slow you and and can be stunned so easy and with a ton of damage with no damage built.... like why do supports do more damage than the carry almost all game. and tanks/bruisers do more damage than people who damage. i do not understand what riot is thinking half of the time. They completely gutted mordekaiser, ruined malz, Vlad is all weird now, ryze they cant even get right and has a weird ult now, nunu still crap. Chogath ult still ults for 900+true damage and his q visuals are not proper. Yasuo can crit you so hard with one item, ult of any knock up block any projectile(even if its coming from underground). Main problem with this game other than the crappy changes they do to hero's is riot basing most of the changes and nerfs to pro play. When the majority if players do not play on that end. Skin team though deserves some love those guys do awesome things.
: Look out! It’s Snowdown!
just did the snowball. ment to buy battlecast cho(couldnt decide tho between battlecast or gentleman) but decided to get battlecast.. i go to buy, i accidently buy battlecast skarner... :( but it gave me gentleman cho! and then lochness cho!
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Kazaashi (NA)
: I highlighted the stuff you specifically asked for. Arise! is a ground-targeted ability. Applies spell effects as an area of effect ability. Hextech Revolver Spell vamp is reduced to one-third effectiveness. Will of the Ancients will heal you for 5% of the raw damage dealt. Rylai's Crystal Scepter will apply a 40% Slow icon slow for 1 second. Magic damage will be mitigated by magic shields. *Soldiers deal 「 50 – 170 」 (+ 60% AP) magic damage to all enemies in a line.* *This spell doesn't count as auto-attack and will not receive any benefit from auto-attacks. It still however procs the passive of the Furor boot enchantment.* *Every fourth auto-attack command issued by Azir to Sand Soldiers will trigger the unique passive of Sated Devourer, Azir and all attacking soldiers will display a phantom that performs the same animation and allows Soldiers to attack the same target twice. This phantom would do the same damage as a normal soldier but will have the same modifier as any extra soldiers attacking the same target, meaning the phantom of one soldier will only deal 25% of the damage the first soldier deals. This mechanic was specially coded for the case of multiple soldiers, allowing Azir to do 125% extra damage with 3 soldiers present instead of 50%. Azir will have the normal mechanics for Sated Devourer while using his normal auto-attacks without soldiers.* Damaging an enemy champion will cause minions in range to target Azir. The gold-generating passive on the Spellthief's line of items will not activate when using this ability on towers. Source: Lol Wiki
Thank you very much :)
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: I'm pretty sure all of us never even suggested riot remove mana pots because they were unbalanced and too op for the game. Silly move riot some of these changes and explanations for the changes looked like the game developers went to work high
sucks especially when you fight a yasuo with super low cd and no mana...
: Meanwhile I'm playing {{champion:33}} and make the mistake of taunting a {{champion:104}} who defies all match-up logic and proceeds to give me a piece of my own medicine
Try going againt a graves/braum... graves basic proc all of braums passive if he is close enough
: and then there is veigar who q r and boom your dead
or annie who point clicks super stun tons of damage
: Xerath actually scales pretty hard into late game. Athene's, Luden's, Sorc boots, Void staff, Zhonya's, and then Deathcap. You'll chunk squishies to lower then 25% with two Q's, and can completely destroy them with just your 3 basics
and then there is veigar who q r and boom your dead
: > [{quoted}](name=Xuldin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H4zlHO0V,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-08T18:19:13.646+0000) > > Sure it is, Riven, Yasuo, Zed and Lee Sin are able to make super flashy plays with tons of mobiltiy and damage. People find that more fun than right clicking as trundle, pressing w as fiddles or pressing r as karthus. It is still a subjective concept, and Trundle is more than just right clicking. He has a pillar and his ultimate. And he is a troll. I find trolls to be very fun, especially ice trolls. Also, Veigar is not able to make "flashy plays" yet he is popular. Kha'Zix is able to make flashy plays, yet he is not nearly as popular as the other aforementioned champions.
They are popular because they are the strongest, and people love them because its easy to win on alot of those champs and they by far outscale other champs, thats why you only see like jinx trist and kalista in ranked, mainly jinx, she is just to strong compared to the others.
: Then tell me, what is the point of building tank when you get deleted like a squishy? My point was that tanks are crippled in this meta of shredding, %HP damage, and overall resistance ignoring. There has not been a single tank buff since Cinderhulk was nerfed. Not a single one. Tanks have received nothing but nerfs since early S5, and this new ADC rework is hitting them even harder. And no, I don't consider {{champion:223}} to be a tank. He's a support that happens to be very hard to kill and run away from.
and nukes you for no reason, i was playing fiddlesticks aka dicksticks, and there support tahm built a rod and then full tank.... his w was doing 700 damage +. WTF and his q was nuking me as well, i even had a spirit visage to try and stop it at first
: I'd like to contribute to this dispute from a european point of view. I can imagine that my fellow american players are very upset that there was no Halloween mood in the game because of tradition, really valid arguments were already made in this thread and I completely agree. But there is more to that, imo. Riot may argue "well, not EVERYONE celebrates Halloween". That's correct, in my country, by tradition, we do not celebrate Halloween, there is no trick or treat, no Halloween House decorations or else you can see in American Movies. You may spot one pumkin here and there, or some homemade Halloween Sweets, and maybe some Halloween Parties in the big cities, but generally that's it. So I experience Halloween through games. I love Halloween a lot, it is one of my favourite holidays, so I really really enjoy experiencing this awesome holiday through games, and mainly through LOL because I do not have a lot of time for other games. "Depriving" me of the Halloween mood through LOL for me is a lot as if you'd decided that this year there is no Halloween for me. What I had left was the chocolate spiders I made for family and friends and some random Halloween Movie in TV. Sure, Riot doesn't owe me anything, and they are not responsable for me not having had a Halloween experience like the last years, but I think it is worth noting that for some people around the world LOL contributes a lot to making us experience an awesome holiday event.
I agree, it was a bad move for them, upsetting the player base, and a loss of money as well from many players. I am a U.S citizen but i am living in Chile SA for the time being, and they kinda of celebrate halloween here (its not official but some people go out earlier for candy because they have seen alot of movies) but i didn't really get to enjoy Halloween this year, there are no decorations, no haunted housing, no awesome costumes or spooky parties, so for the past 2 years (amount of time i have lived here) i have been enjoying the harrowing :) so much fun and brought me that Halloween feel, well now its gone and past and this Halloween sucked, and now the harrowing to me is just another dumb event that serves no purpose, i lost my spooky mood, i dont want to buy those skins anymore. Not to mention the hype train is destroyed, They take to long to release things that a ready to be released, idk how many times they announce an upcoming skin or patch it in but take so long that the hype dies and i no longer have the urge to buy when they finally decide to release
SIayton (NA)
: As a Diamond, Silver elo is surprisingly hard.
Im a gold player, have been for awhile. Ive been matched up with diamond and plat consistently tho in norms and sometimes in ranked, I usually win the lane match up, problem is in rank or even in normal (thats why i play with my friends:) i get people who either troll, tilting so hard, or just don't know what the hell they are doing, you can't carry a game when someone cant play or is hell bent on turret diving when they are loosing. I do not like how ranked works, i firmly believe we should be able to take more than one friend as well, because it seems many games are decided before it even starts. So now i dont even play ranked, i just get to gold every season, (which now is usually off of promos) and thats it, just give me the skin.
calisker (NA)
: We messed up by not sharing the PBE post elsewhere, specifically over the holiday weekend. And while we communicated directly with players in that post, we should have done it again on the main boards before Halloween. We’re not going to ignore seasonal moments, but The Harrowing is a little tricky, as its changed often over the years. Skins like “Officer Vi” were part of former Harrowing releases but for this year, we released “Shadow and Fortune: The Harrowing Story,” and new champion bios dug deeper into some of the Shadow Isles champs. (Dark stuff if you haven’t read it yet, much recommend.)
CALISKER, wouldn't doing the harrowing on Halloween benefit you guys more than not? people love to tie in events with the Holidays, and its proven people will spend much more money, seems like a better business model. I don't know how many times i have not even bought a skin i was planning on buying because it took so long just to be released after they announced it, like every Dino skin, or spirit fire brand, Captain fortune ect, i had so much hype for them, but it took so long to release them that i lost all the hype i had just felt no reason to buy it anymore. Which is great for my wallet, but it takes away that magic, especially with events.
: Paragraphs... I need para....graphs My poor eyes, THE HORROR.
yeah sorry was just a rage message, i am very disappointed in the balance team. must say the art and design team are rocking it though.
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