scum (EUNE)
: riot is handing out permabans like candy
It's so crazy, it's not actually true!
: your bullshit troll answer hasn't gone unnoticed. the fact of the matter is that there are a lot more cheaters than there used to be. you answering 'just mute them' will not fix the issue of some dildo sitting in his basement turning on a lag switch that riot games isn't interested in fixing because it doesn't generate revenue for them. your answer is merely fodder for the fire; you're instigating and antagonizing. this was a post about lag switchers and ddoser and players using your public ip address to remotely shut down your pc. if you believe that muting people will fix any of those issues, then i pray i never have to work with you on summoners rift^^
Well, luckily for you I got fed up with the direction this game was going and quit playing a few months ago :)
Kartagia (EUNE)
: ***
>Muting does not defend you against described illegal actions. Muting does not defend you against calling FBI to raid you to get rid of you. Totally different scenario. We're talking about an online game with total strangers. There is literally zero real threat to you if people start to antagonize you online. Of course if you've done something illegal and the FBI shows up to investigate, there are quite clearly severe life-altering ramifications on the line. >Why you do not say the same for those who initiate those fights. I cannot stand moderate people who defend the wrongdoers and blame the victim, as there has to be reason why victim is attacked. Bullies does not choose victims without good reasons, and there is always two way street even if there is none. Moderate people do lots of things to uphold self-delusion that nothing wrong happens, and all wrongs have good reason. I'm not defending wrongdoers or blaming victims. The OP outright states that he's fighting with other players in game. That's a choice he made at the time, whether somebody else started it or not. And yes, I'm naturally going to question such wild assertions as those made in the title and the OP. Such tools, if they do exist, are not a widespread thing (or at least were not at the time this thread was made? I haven't played in a few months). The OP would either have to be playing with/against the same few people using those tools over and over again, or else the tools would be widely known and many people would have been seeing this happening once every few games.
: I Dont Know If I am Perma'd
Players who are banned can still log into their accounts. When they do, they're given a pop-up notification in the client informing them of the ban, and they're locked out of being able to do anything else in the client. What you're seeing is some manner of server or connection issue, not a ban.
: For Those Who Don't Think URF Garen Needs Disabled.
LeCruz (EUW)
: Does Lethality stack effectively?
The number shown on the tooltip of an item is for *that item only*. So if you hover over one lethality item and it says it negates 15 armor, and you hover over another lethality item you've bought and it says it also negates 15 armor, then together you negate 30 armor. So yes, lethality does stack.
: Why is Poppy's ult cancel not affected by cooldown reduction?
Because it says it specifically sets it to a 30 second cooldown if it's cancelled. If they wanted CDR to apply to it, they would list it as refunding a percentage of the cooldown (like ZAC's E).
Arizip (NA)
: Top Five Champions That Need Nerfs and Boosts? (The Ones I Find Annoying)
Teemo's blind is his Q. It has a flat 8 second cooldown (which drops to 4.8 seconds with max cdr)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zielmann,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=5UE8zfN0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-04T15:58:13.099+0000) > > Since they rolled it in with the new honor system, it doesn't give you the fragments and other rewards immediately after a game. So when you do get a notification for rewards, it'll lump together anything you've earned from the last few games (anything since the last notification). I'm aware of the delay/bundling, but how would I earn 4 key fragments so quickly? I've played a lot the past couple nights, but not *that* much...
: 4 key fragments dropped at once
Since they rolled it in with the new honor system, it doesn't give you the fragments and other rewards immediately after a game. So when you do get a notification for rewards, it'll lump together anything you've earned from the last few games (anything since the last notification).
: Lack of Health + MR Items
Part of the reasoning behind that is that HP is generally stronger against burst damage than sustained damage. If a burst AP mage throws a full combo at you and you're not dead, they need to wait on cooldowns before they can do meaningful damage again (their autos while waiting don't do that much). So too many options to stack lots of HP and MR at the same time would disproportionately hurt burst mages. Then again, we've also reached a point now where sustained magic damage is more of a thing than it ever was before, so maybe a revisit on this concept would be useful. That's actually what adaptive helm is intended to help with, at least in theory.
: S- for chests on same champion?
You can only get one chest per champion, per season. So if you already got your chest for Yorick this season, you won't be able to earn one with him again until next season. If you look at your champion list in your profile, ones you already have chests from this season will have a gold border around their icon.
: Well, and with a VGU I think this will change, as auras are really weird to balance right and to feel rewarding. mathematically speaking, Auras can be extremly powerful, but even then they can feel kinda "meh" to use. And then it always has to be tuned down, because of the potential strenght of getting your entire team into them... Oh and don't underestimate the impact of the muteness - it's kinda "her thing", together with her isntrument. It's character defining. I mean, besides those two factors, what lets her stand out from all the other female characters as an individual?
I think they made her mute to add to her theme. They didn't choose to make her mute from the start and then build the champion around that. But you're right about auras and balance. They're a nightmare, and trying to work around those is exactly how we got the version of Sona that exists now. However, they can't take those away from her with an update. Taking Sona's auras would be like reworking soraka such that her heals suck. Soraka is THE big healer, and Sona is THE aura support.
: You know, if they EVER get to Sona's VGU there's one thing I hope:
Her whole champion concept is that of an aura-based support. That's inherently going to lead to a passive disposition. IMO it would feel pretty strange to have a champion aggressively distributing auras among their team. Her being mute is really irrelevant to this.
: Is this normal?
LP gains/losses are based on where your MMR is relative to your current rank. You're in gold 5, and gaining significantly more LP for wins than you lose for losses. That means your MMR is above what's expected for gold 5. The idea is that it even if you're only winning 50% of your games, you'll still make progress towards a rank more fitting of your MMR. Your friend in Silver 1, on the other hand, is having roughly even LP gains/losses. That means his MMR is basically what's expected for Silver 1, if not a tad on the low side. If he's able to raise his MMR, he will get back to gaining more LP from wins than he loses from losses.
Drugoth (NA)
: I'm not sure what the exact stats are, that's just a rough estimate, I went on the high side I suppose. I would say the player base that is continually toxic make a up ~3% of the community or less.
Actual continually toxic players should be a smaller percent than that. But I would believe that 3% of the players you run into might be problematic to some degree. A good chunk of those are one-off games, or else on their way to their first punishment, after which many will reform. Unfortunately, because there are 9 other players in every game, that 3% number results in encountering a problem player in 1/4th to 1/3rd of the games you play. It's amazing how such a small chunk of the playerbase can result in the game feeling like you run into toxic people every other game*. *Not to say it's truly every other game, but negativity bias can make it feel that way.
: Matchmaking Souldnt be MMR based
They weren't losing games "in plat 4". They're currently plat 4, and they lost games *playing at their current MMR*. The gold players had roughly the same MMR as the plat 4, or they wouldn't have been put into that game.
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Riot games promised us they uphold summoner's code, but now they protect trolls
This couldn't be more inaccurate, based on what I've seen. Do you have evidence to back up these claims?
: Same Champ ARAM?
I believe it's possible, but rare. It's probably most likely to happen at lower levels when people only have the free champs available. You'd basically need all 10 free champs to be assigned to players. If a player with only the free champs available decides to reroll, they would get a champion that the other team already has. That's because when you use a reroll, you're guaranteed to get something different than what you're rolling off of (for that reroll only. If you use a second reroll, you can get the first champ you rolled off of back). But there was a bug quite some time ago where rerolls weren't checking if the other team was assigned that champion at all. That was definitely fixed.
: Aram Oracles elixer broken
Teemo already has a nearly 60% win rate in ARAM. He doesn't need a buff in the mode at all. It's more an issue for Shaco, Akali, Talon, Twitch, and Wukong, than anybody else. But if it keeps Teemo from being too stupidly strong, I'm fine with that trade off. Eve doesn't really care so much because she gets revealed as it is when she gets close to enemies.
: That is a pretty harsh nerf, but I figure it will make a lot of people happy. I hope she gets a slight power boost elsewhere in her kit since the previous nerfs chunked Caitlyn down quite a bit already and this is definitely a substantial nerf. I just hope Riot isn't so fixated on whipping Caitlyn into the ground that they forget about the other ADCs who are actually dominating the meta. {{champion:202}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:29}}
This actually gives those laning against her a fair shake at clearing her traps out without eating a max-range headshot. Most of the time it feels like the only safe time to clear traps in the lane is when she's gone back to shop. If she's anywhere nearby, she currently has 2 seconds to get close enough to take that headshot (and from so far away there's really nothing you can do about it).
: Agreed. I did not receive the email and all I knew was that when I tried to log in my account had been "permanently banned". Definitely scared me to say the least. Which is why I made this thread.
This has been an issue for a while, and I've seen Riot respond to quite a few threads just like this in the past. I'm surprised they haven't made any changes to make it more clear for people in your situation... Regarding your ticket (saw your other response), it can take a couple days to get a response back. And make sure you just wait patiently. If you try to 'bump' the ticket by adding a comment or extra details, it actually kicks it back to the end of the queue.
: Are there emails or something to tell a player that they've been ban for that reason?
I believe the in-client notice and the email sent to the player both direct the player to contact player support for more details. Though it seems sometimes emails don't necessarily go through or get caught up by spam filters and such a lot. That said, I do wonder if there's a way they could make it more clear in the notice you get in the client. Like if they change the wording to say "Your account has been temporarily suspended. Please contact player support to resolve the issue and get your account back" and give a link to the page where they need to submit the ticket.
Vdrift (NA)
: Fair enough. I just hope he has no way to bypass this. I would really like to enjoy league with something other than my supposedly "2 MB" speed of internet.
Once the network security settings are good, you should be fine. He'd have to have physical access to your computer at that point. If that's a possibility, you should set up a (good) password for Windows.
Vdrift (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vdrift,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cl7uUtIE,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-28T16:10:43.703+0000) > > Well isn't there a way like to be able to share files on the computer or something when in the same wifi? ... I literally just answered my question, didn't I? -3-
It looks like you've come to this realization already, but you should definitely go into the settings on the computer and not allow remote access or share any drivers with any network that you're on.
Vdrift (NA)
: Pranks from Family
How is he able to delete the files to begin with?
: warmogs does not give hp passive at 2750 hp
I would wager that his HP at level 10 isn't exactly 1298, but rounds up to 1298. If you run the same math with 1297.6 base HP, for example, you wind up with 2749.634 HP. On the display bar this would round to 2750, but warmog's must be using the real HP value and not the displayed value. For the sake of clarity, I feel like something like this should use the rounded value that's displayed.
: Urgot painted the floor red with a 100% HP Braum
Is the game still available in your match history so you could watch the replay and record a highlight and throw the highlight onto youtube or something? I'm mostly curious to see it myself. But I assume it has to do with Braum's shield intercepting Urgot's ult after the ult already ran the logic to decide it would pull the target in for the kill (based on Trynd's HP).
: 1 of 3 cones of sight in the game, yes. A line-of-sight that becomes a circular AoE of sight. The 2nd of the 3 cones of sight in the game, yes. You know I already know all of this info, and regardless none of them meet the design challenge?
: It does, due to the fact of it needing to save the replay to your ssd or hhd.
It only saves replays locally if you choose to download them. Which you can't do until you reach the post-game screen, or from your match history.
: I believe because there are two parts to the spell, initial damage, then explosion damage. The explosion is what stuns, so banshees blocked the damage from the initial pass through, but didn't block the explosion so you got stunned.
Exactly this. It's a two-part spell. It damages anything it passes through, and then does additional damage and stuns on reactivation (or reaching the end of its range). The spell shield is eaten up by the pass-through damage part of the spell, so you can then still take the damage and stun from the second cast. If the Anivia uses the second cast too early (before the pass-through damage is done), the spell shield would block the reactivation damage and stun.
: I posted on your other thread, but will report here: Post your chat logs here and I'd be happy to look at your case if you feel your penalty was unwarranted. Because I'm pretty sure your penalty is deserved when all you did was tell 'all chat' where your team was the entire game. They didn't need to buy a single ward the entire game because you kept the enemy well informed. You also threatened to report everyone. I'd say the system is working, and not 'tricked'.
He supposedly has them posted in response to another comment farther along in this thread. Any informing of the other team of things like you said are conveniently missing from what he posted though.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: both game 1 and game 2 had premades of 2 players i think ,from the club name, and it is only natural they send multiple tickets this must be the most stupid automatic ban i have seen in some time, i dont think i verbally attacked them, nor mocked them, like they did to me, yet , the robotic system deemed me as collateral ,weeee
Doesn't matter. A single report in a game is all it needs to review a player's behavior: If Reports > 0, review game. Multiple reports won't make it look any harder at the game. From your logs, you just seem to show a lot of low-level negativity and harassment (frequently throwing around blame towards your allies in chat). Behaving that way consistently is going to be picked up by the system and lead to punishments. (Whether you did or did not quit helping the team is actually irrelevant here).
Raistlin (EUNE)
: actually that game ,i didnt troll at all, i didnt stop fighting, i kept pushing all lanes used tp to swap and push several, farmed like hell, and participated in more than half of teamfights, they followed me around ,killed minions, waited me to die, to last hit enemy champs, stole my jungle, and stuff like that, it was lost game mainly becouse i didnt help in the last team fight, they did tell me to go afk ,and " go F yourself" ,all the juicy stuff
Earlier, you said you didn't help the team at all. You've since changed your story and edited your post, presumably to not make things sound as bad as they were. Continually shifting your story doesn't make for a very good looking defense. At any rate, you admitted yourself that you made a conscious decision to not help your team after they started to flame you (which, by the way, only seems to have started after you were berating your jungler for not ganking). Going out of your way to not help the team is a form of trolling.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: you must really be tough to still help players who insult you, flame, curse on you, and mock you i dont think many players can take that kind of torture and continue taking it while helping their tyrants seems very wrong to me, opposite of teamwork
They shouldn't do that, no. But that doesn't give you a license to refuse to help the team, either. Nothing does. If their chat bothers you so much, just mute them all and keep on playing. Also, do you honestly believe that trolling your teammates is going to make them *stop* harassing you? As a side note, the vast majority of players are either capable of ignoring harassment, or muting the offending player so they can focus on playing the game. Personally, it takes a lot for me to get to the point of muting somebody. I generally can just ignore it, but I'll report them after the game either way.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: Automatic Report System can be tricked, wrongfull bans issued
You took this on yourself the moment you made the conscious decision to not help your team. There's no excuse for that.
: wait patiently for the email? becasue it seems like the email linked with the account isnt getting through. when he tries to login to the support ticket link it asks for verification, but then he doesnt recieve the email verification.
No, wait once the ticket is submitted. You shouldn't need to log in to submit an account recovery ticket, so maybe try that. On the submit a request page, select "I need help recovering my account". He'll need to fill out information about the account, but won't need to be logged in. Just make sure he puts in an email address he has access to in the "your email address" field.
: my friend got perma banned at lvl 11. why? he is never toxic and was given no warnings at all.
He should still be able to submit a ticket. It's possible the account was locked due to suspicious activity or a chargeback. Only a ticket to support will get to the bottom of it. After he submits it, make sure he waits patiently. It can take a bit of time to get a response. And make sure he doesn't continue adding comments to the ticket, because that only puts it back to the bottom of their queue.
Hensetsu (EUW)
: I need some help with giving constructive critisizm (Wall of Text, sorry!)
Note that these two point are probably overly-critical, and your current approach is fine, really... For the item bit, some people might feel the mention that you play that champion and offering a suggestion based on that is meant to imply that you're better at that champion or role than they are. For these people, a better approach might simply be something like "I see a lot of people building x on that champion." But honestly, you never know how a person is going to react to advice before you offer it, so it would be impossible to know if this would be better or worse before you say anything. For the grouping and whatnot, positive direction is generally better than negative. "Don't to x because y" focuses on a negative of what you've been doing. Your example isn't quite that extreme, but it's still focusing on the negative that split pushing hasn't been working out. I prefer to go with something more like "We should group up (and ideally offer an objective to group around). I think team fights are our best chance to win." On that, though, if there's one person that just keeps refusing to group, but they're somebody you really need for teamfights, try to get your team to follow them around. Basically if they won't follow you guys, then you just follow their lead. I've managed to turn around quite a few games by doing this.
: Wish LoL would get rid of the Cheat Bots,. They can but they don't
You're a programmer? I'm sure if you could come up with a fully-fleshed system design that could automatically identify these accounts within a couple games with less than a 0.5% false positive rate, Riot would probably hire you to implement it on the spot.
: Oh ok, I see what you mean now! That seems fair to me. It's also the most direct solution to the problem! What do you think of my idea to disqualify players for attempting to manipulate their teammates?
Could be unrealistic given the amount of games played, but may be possible.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zielmann,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1VgOfENd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-20T21:33:12.731+0000) > > Abuse by premades is easily handled by giving the same penalty to everybody in the premade. Simple enough. This would be unfair to queue partners of players who suffer internet problems or power outages. EDIT: It would be especially unfair if the punishment were severe. > The real concern is more that players in their promos will start "encouraging" the player(s) they blame for the loss to just leave the game so they can avoid a loss in promos. It would be simple enough to monitor chat for any signs of this sort of manipulation and immediately disqualify any player who attempts it from receiving the LP protections.
Oh, I should have been more clear. By 'penalty' I wasn't really thinking adding anything on top of what they have now. Everybody in the premade takes a loss, and the person who did leave would have the leave marked on their account and be handled via LeaverBuster.
: Solution to the problem of leavers and AFKs ruining players' PROMOs.
Abuse by premades is easily handled by giving the same penalty to everybody in the premade. Simple enough. The real concern is more that players in their promos will start "encouraging" the player(s) they blame for the loss to just leave the game so they can avoid a loss in promos.
: That are 2.5 runes not t3. I asked for this change years ago but it was always ignored.
The ones from 2010/2011 are T3. Forgot the 2009 ones weren't, though. I don't think I have any of those.
: We haven't forgotten about those and have something in mind for you :)
I'll look forward to it, thanks!
: Buying Runes Between Now and Preseason
So, waaaaay back in the day, you guys sold special runes with things like the Harrowing and Snowdown. They were identical in stats to the T3 runes, but were basically just reskinned. I'm a big fan of limited/exclusive content, so I bought one or two of them when they were available (didn't have all the extra IP back then to buy them all). Are these just going to be gone forever now? That'd make me a little sad. I don't even know what might fit in with the new system sensibly, but it'd be cool if there were a way we could keep an equivalent of that limited content in the new system, for those who still have them sitting around.
: Not getting honored in ARAM because of kill stealers
What do kills and damage dealt have to do with honor?
: ohh I get it now. Thank you for the detailed explanation!
No problem! I actually had asked a similar question a long time ago. I was playing as Blitz against an Ez/Lux bot lane. We had a bit of a skirmish, and both of them started to cast their ults at the same time to try to finish off my carry. I flashed forward and used my silence, expecting it to stop both of them, only to watch as the animations finished and my carry got nuked off the planet. Sad day. What made it more frustrating is that some spells that you would think would just have fast animations actually *are* channeled. For example, Kennen's ult could actually be cancelled during its extremely short channel if a stun lands at just the right time. Ult won't go off and he loses the cooldown. I haven't played him much lately, so not sure if this is still the case or not.
: Does stun interrupt skill animation?
CC doesn't cancel animations, but it can stop channels. Thresh's hook has a long animation, but is not a channel, thus you can't cancel him from throwing it once the animation starts. Lux and Ezreal ults are similar, in that they're just long animations. The only way to stop them is to kill them before the animation finishes. It's the same reason things like Ezreal and Tristana can appear to blink/jump despite CC landing on them. As long as they start the animation before the CC hits, the animation, including the displacement, will complete. They'll still take the remainder of the stun duration after they reach their target destination, though.
: can i get this dishonorable honor thing out?
Actually, you can get out of dishonorable status. If you show improved behavior in game for a while, you will eventually start climbing back up through the honor ranks again.
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