: Blitzcrank Q Buff and Some Reflections on the Current State of League of Legends
This was a very sincere post. As a Braum/enchanter support player, I can understand the frustration. The blizcrank buff is not an exaggeration. It is very obnoxious and shows that the balance team are quite out of touch. They can't help but to balance champs based on the perspective of high elo and esports. For god sake, he's just constantly pulling people OUT of lanes and INTO the jungle and out from under their turrets. Yes the Q is a straight line and it can be avoided, but that doesn't mean the range isn't obnoxious.
: They're also one of the richest gaming companies on the planet, and should have had separate servers for pros to begin with. But no they continue to screw with their player base, sacrificing the fun for spectacle, ending with neither.
I agree with this. Balancing characters for the top 5% of the player base who basically get paid to play, when there are around 80mil players who play in a different realm never sat well with me. But most players think it's okay to balance champs based on how esports players play.
: hello abathur, i've been waiting for you to come to league
Or Mina from Dawngate. She was so savage. RIP dawngate...And Mina before she drowned and became a ghost..
: He wasn't technically buffed, they just made his lane phase stronger so he actually has a chance at out poking mages right now. Mages are literally the most broken class in the game and he could do jack shit about them.
O_o................Okay sure.
: Patch 8.2 notes
O_o....I think...I"m gonna take a break from Support...Holy crap this game got looney.
: "only a tiny percentage of players use item sets so we are not bringing it to the new client"
So yeah Riot...Taking item sets out is a HORRIBLE idea, bring them back in.

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