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: Anime recommendations
If you want lighthearted comedies I'd recommend either The Devil is a Part Timer/Hataraku Maou-sama! or Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun/Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. The Devil is a Part Timer is a ton of comedy with a side of action and a bit of romance. Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun is straight rom-com, almost no drama just a bunch of laughs.
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: last animu waifu thread of the year
+1 for Subdivisions and +1 for the hidden trap insert but sadly i can only upvote once
usul1202 (NA)
: Does Riot plan to further nerf dark harvest?
As someone who plays mostly ARAM i think I can weigh in on this a bit. I don't think the new dark harvest does as much damage overall as the old one did on ARAM (or at least I havent seen anyone with the crazy damage numbers i saw on the old original dark harvest (highest I saw with the old one was over 16k damage from DH alone)). The problem with the new one comes with how easy it is proc. At least with the old dark harvest you had to walk up and auto people to use. With the new one, you have lux, xerath and ziggs (honorable mention to corki R) procing it on CD from halfway across the map adding even more damage to ridiculous (on ARAM) poke kits. So in my eyes long story short, even though it might do less damage overall, the fact that everyone ever can use it effectively, especially poke champs, makes it way more obnoxious to play against. Needs to either be dumpstered to make it a less ideal choice for everyone or just straight removed on aram (can't speak for SR but I know people don't seem super happy with it there either).
: Anyone else having issues with Invisible Health Packs in ARAM?
Oh good, glad its not just me. I just updated my graphics card drivers and thought something got messed up
: Shaco's boxes are also making HIS death sound. It's quite annoying.
Yeah its super annoying, I kept thinking i was missing him/the clone dying.
: After reading the new story about Noxus... Am i the only one that'd want a separate game about it?
Just glancing through the comments, I've seen many mentions of RPGs (open world or otherwise), RTSs or even just hack and slash stuff but there's something I'm surprised i haven't seen anyone mention yet, a visual novel. Now I know that VN's don't appeal to a massive audience (and if I'm being honest many people probably don't consider them games) but even though the audience is smaller, they take considerably less resources to make (I'm just a player and have only read a few things here and there about game design but they appear to not need as many resources: no AI, mostly still backgrounds, only a few models for each character etc. as compared to a skyrim-esk game). Also in my opinion, there is probably, no better way to tell a story in an interactive medium. Now I'm thinking something akin to Danganronpa, not in theme so much but presentation. *Spoilerish section* The game does a good job giving the player the illusion of choice (don't have a better term atm) while still keeping the majority of the story the same. You can choose what characters to really interact with and get to know their backstories and kinda become friends with them but no matter what you do, the story never changes based on your actions. However, (and this is a big point) even though this happens, the player doesn't feel constrained or railroaded. No matter what actions you take, the story still feels like its the natural progression of the events that have taken place. A story written like this would allow the writers to craft a great story and not have to worry about a thousand different endings based on the actions of the player (and it could even be canon in the LoL universe). *End of spoilerish section* Now as to what I think the story should be about... springboarding off the OPs Noxus idea, I would love to see the story of someone in a city that was just captured by Noxus. Now instead of being the standard resistance story, I would love to see the player character side with the Noxians and try to gain a position in the new city government. I think it would allow for a great story full of subterfuge and backstabbing. That being said you could honestly set the game anywhere in Runeterra and it would probably go over well.
: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
Thanks for doing this Maple! Feature/Suggestion Name: Legacy Lore Viewer Opportunity/Problem Statement: There is no easy way to view the classic lore/Journals of Justice entries that older champions have/had Brief Description: It is currently pretty annoying to view the older lore/JoJ entries. You have to either google them or search for them in the league wikia. New players probably have no idea the JoJ or old lore even exists and older players still like the old stories. My suggestion is to have a tab under collections on the Universe page that would lead to a collection to the old lore. I know that Riot probably doesn't want to mix the new and old lore on one site but I think there are ways this could be avoided without outright stating in big letters "THIS IS NOT CANON". For example, have a landing page with a picture of an old seer on it stating "Hello friend, I can show you visions of a different world, a different way things could have been. If you would like that is." My hope is that this might assuage some of the fears that Riot is dumpstering the old lore that many people still love. Target Audience: Old players and new players who are interested in the current lore and want to see
: o K *spins away*
: $10 RP Giveaway - Most servers allowed! (Asides Garena/KR)
Thanks for the generosity random internet person! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Laughing Fish's 200,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
Laughing Fish As we all know puppy Christmas is best Christmas
: Zoe's stolen key
I'm going with it being Fiddlesticks's key. As to what it opens, isn't it obvious? It's the key to his heart. That's why its probably best we never find out, they don't want people to discover their hidden love.
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: That joke fell a little short.
: I played with a friend, they got {{champion:10}} and I got {{champion:43}} and built {{item:3504}} on her, we laned together. I let you guess how it ended...
Wait a second, that seems familiar *checks match history* Yup i was the Urgot. I was lucky that you guys were on our team. Turns out new Urgot is pretty bad on URF.
: Yeah it does (this is my first time hearing it btw). Listening to the whole thing it seems very much inspired by Nobua Uematsu and some of his work like [JENOVA]( and [Fight with Seymour](
This theme is great, which is unsurprising because the sound team always knocks it out of the park. While the start does sound like the beginning of a Pokemon battle, I've got to agree with Kindlejack here and say that on the whole it sounds very Uematsu-ish and that's never a bad thing. He's a great composer.
: To anyone that plays aram with a non-aram account. When you play ARAM do you constantly keep getting the same champion? I have every champ except riven and I constantly keep getting the same champ every other game. I got shen like 4 times in 6 games once. Now the same thing is happening with yasuo i've gotten yasuo too often in my last aram games.
I play mostly aram and it does seem to me that its slightly weighted towards champs you've gotten previously. I have around 70 champions and the number of times I get a champ twice in a row seems very high. Also, I believe my record for the most number of times I've had a champ in a row was 6 or 7 and it was Tristana, but that was a while ago when i had less champs.
: It only took us two tries, we got stomped in the first match. :P
Yeah the first game was pretty unfortunate lol. Thanks for playing though!
: Wait...someone that doesn't play aram for missions?????
I'm pretty bad at 1v1 and 2v2 laning and aram lets you move right to the teamfight phase of the game so it works for me. Also no one gets mad if you play off meta stuff so thats a bonus too.
: can i do this for my 3000th?
Fargo79 (NA)
: did u win??
: How bout 2 Rioters for your 1000th win....? xD
: When are you free? :)
ill be good to play in 15-20 minutes =D
: means you get to play more than one game with them though {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Vumzuces (EUW)
: inb4 you go on a 5 loss streak with a rioter
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Broporo (NA)
: Oooooo that sounds like one handsome poro!! Check for that icon now before some mustachioed poro get's his eyes on it!
Strange, I too ran across this mustachioed poro. Is it possible to get the icon for gifting Rakan to my friend during the event? It hasn't arrived yet.
: I know someone who's totally pumped for this
Hmm i wonder who that might be... In other news Malicious senpai commented on my post so i'm happy
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: A bug in Zac
I noticed this as well. However, if you use E but don't choose where to jump and just let the timer run out, the cooldown and health are refunded normally.

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