iFlame (NA)
: looking for a flex team
still needing a team?
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: Serious Tournament team [Plat-Dia] All Roles
IGN; nextlcsplayer AGE:20 Role:mid top jg Rank S6: plat Rank S7: unranked Flex Rank:gold Top 3: zed, yasuo, ahri
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: Looking for Serious gold players who wish to climb, and Play Wombo Combo Champions only.
IGN:dodgelife Rank:g4 Role:mid/adc/jung/top Champion Pool:everything Age:20 Goals for League:peak gold 3+ maybe for go professional Best Aspect of your Game: experience and awareness/machanics. Worst Aspect of your Game: adjusting to the a play stile of 5v5 teams
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SIim (NA)
: need a adc for dynamic (gold-plat)
: Ranked 5s Team LF Top Laner (Gold+)
: Plat supp L> duo
adc me main, add me dodgelife
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: i can mid
> [{quoted}](name=boostedlsx,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=EOzyrPdZ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-27T07:04:39.708+0000) > > i can mid Currently have a mid.
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Cobelius (NA)
: Looking for a mid laner RIGHT NOW for 5 man RANKED queue! (Gold)
: Patch Rundown 6.10
im fucking terrible at league of legends
Appoh (NA)
: Platinum 3 Looking for Partner(s) for ranked queue
add me dodgelife we can grind elo.
: Competitive 5's team looking for Gold/Plat Top/JG/Mid!
IGN:dodgelife Age:19 Rank:gold 3 Role:mid, adc,top,jungle Champion Pool:everything Availability:anytime Previous 5's experience:we got to gold and then everyone stopped playingg Shotcalling Ability: very high, been playing since season 1 Favorite Ice Cream: oreo
: Gold 2 and plat 5 players looking for one more for ranked 3's
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: Need gold or plat adc to fill for practice. Maybe a perma spot
currently gold 2 but i play like im challenger adc.
: Forming Tournament Team for a Plat Tourney. (Gold3+)
IGN: sniperspx Role: Mid/adc Rank: gold 3 3 Main champions: Zed, Ahri, lucian. Do the times work for you? Yes Do you have teamspeak? no, but i can get it. Why should we pick you for the team? Because im well rounded and can pretty much play any champion, im a veteran of league of legends so im used to the game and know how everyone is played and how to play around the map at a high level. What can you bring to the team? Good game control and a hyper carry who knows how to snow ball, and if in the case a passive play who knows how to hold. are you comfortable with criticism? Yes!
Wrin (NA)
: [NA][LF Players of ALL ROLES][Plat 4+][S][Amateur LCS]
IGN: sniperspx Role: Mid/adc Age:19 Rank: gold 3 Reason to join Aeon Esports: Looking for a serious team to play ranked 5s with, with a good mind set who are wanting to go somewhere. Timezone: Pacific
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: Gold + Team looking for Jungler Main
IGN:sniperspx rank: gold 4 jungle pool: everyone
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: Recruiting for a serious team
Summoner Name: Sniperspx Age:19 Current Rank:gold 3 Previous season Rank: gold 4 Time Zone: pacific Availability: Anytime Position: Mid, adc Top 3 champs for position: Lucian, zed, vayne
: Need a Support Main in Gold Elo we already have everyone else
LysoI (NA)
: Team Looking For Mid Laner
Hey, i play every champ mid, message me
Ezprezzy (NA)
: ranked teams tonite LF support as soon as possible
message me im the best support n/a joking aside im pretty good.
Nirvoy (NA)
: [LFM] - [TOP and SUPPORT] - [SERIOUS] - Looking to create a serious and dedicated ranked team
Hey, My ign is sniperspx, I play all roles, so therefor i can play top, im gold 5 but to be honest i play a lot higher then gold, i can prove it in game, im looking for a serious team i can be on and play anytime get back to me as soon as possible.
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: G1 Top Laner looking for a team
Hey man you looking for a serious ranked 5s team?
Zodda (NA)
: looking for a support main for 5s team
sorry man where you're bronze you can't join the team due to the ranked difference.
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Mcdqt (NA)
: Plat 5 (Plat 1 last season) Support LF Dynamic Queue
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: plat mid main looking for duo or 5s
Hey, interested in a 5s team?
: im down gold 4 here pref jung or top
> [{quoted}](name=Trap Music,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=FzARjsXI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-03T23:01:22.758+0000) > > im down gold 4 here > pref jung or top add me on league.
: Creating a Professional League Team (Serious Inquiries Only)
Age:19 Skype:itskurzeika Curse:sniperspx Main Position (don't say fill): mid adc top Champion pool for that position: everyone When are you available to play: anytime
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I3ooty (NA)
: Your probably at a higher skill lvl than I but if interested i'm putting a team together. If you wanted to duo w me as a tryout ide be down
> [{quoted}](name=AyeTheGreat,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=XOitwAMu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-14T22:06:50.359+0000) > > Your probably at a higher skill lvl than I but if interested i'm putting a team together. If you wanted to duo w me as a tryout ide be down yeah, im down do you have a team ready?
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