: > [{quoted}](name=Periscope,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pRFB4e1L,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-26T23:41:20.530+0000) > > You did say kys. Which frequently gets you an escalated punishment. > > It isn't the only reason you were punished. You also called your teammates retarded/mentally challenged. You also informed the enemy team of other teammate's location, which is assisting the enemy team. > > I don't think this punishment will be overturned, as it seems correctly placed. Feel free to write a support ticket if you disagree with me. Check Out my ban please, I was screwing around with my pre-made in voice chat but I had to type in chat instead of talking so I'm the one getting hit with a ban even though my premade was toxic to me too, I don't want them to be banned I just don't understand why typing something to a person is more harmful than when they say it ot you ? O.o
1.) This thread is a year old. Don't necro old threads. If you have an issue/want to talk about your punishment, it's best to make your own thread. 2.) The person you are replying to is incapable of looking at your ban. They are not a Riot employee at all. They are simply a player volunteer moderator of the boards, that's it. If you want to talk about your ban, then you have two options: * a.) If you want to talk directly to Riot only and no one else, then your best bet would be to submit a ticket to [Player Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). * b.) If you want a community opinion, you can make your own post here on the Player Behavior board. It's not necessary to do this, but if you do then it would be best if you include all the chat logs you received from Riot for your punishment. Best of luck.
: ***
1.) This thread is 2 years old. Don't necro old threads as it is against the board rules. If you have something that you want to post about, then make your own thread. 2.) You weren't punished for this game alone as it clearly states that this is game 3. You were complaining which is slightly negative and unnecessary, and while I would agree that it is no reason for a ban, there's more to your punishment than this game. If you do make your own thread and want a community opinion on your punishment, then you will need to post your entire, unedited reform card that you received from Riot, not just nitpick certain things.
: ***
This post is nearly a year old. Do not necro old posts.
: kha'zix champion skin
Be patient. New skins generally come out a couple days after the new patch, not the same day.
Yamazaki (NA)
: Got Honor 0 and 14 day banned after 1 offense
A 14 day suspension is only issued for a first time offense if you used one of Riot's zero tolerance phrases, which includes (but not limited to) racial/homophobic slurs and death threats/encouraging suicide. This is because you should not need a warning that these are unacceptable. If you want a community opinion about your punishment, you can post your chat logs, and we can point out what exactly may have triggered this escalated punishment. If your chat logs don't have anything that would be worthy of an escalated punishment, and this truly was your first punishment, then you may have a good case to argue that your punishment should be reduced. Lastly, if this punishment does stay, then what Zombie Gerbil said about your next punishment is true, though blunt. Punishments are given out in an escalated tier fashion, and the next punishment tier after the 14 day suspension is a permanent ban.
: Possible solution to toxicity, while maintaining player base.
Riot has already tried something similar to this with infinitely scaling chat restrictions, but it didn't really work out very well. This lead to a direct increase of gameplay toxicity because Riot found that the majority of players who had a high number of chat restricted games resorted to trolling/griefing/inting/etc. when they couldn't use chat to be toxic. Thus, Riot decided that it would be better to simply permanently ban these players instead, especially since those who only use chat to be toxic are already given multiple warnings that their behavior is unacceptable.
: i don't know about that, but the system is flawed and is primarily based on numbers of reports on said person.
> [{quoted}](name=EpicGhost54,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=6IzETWxV,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-08-24T07:36:16.421+0000) > > i don't know about that, but the system is flawed and is primarily based on numbers of reports on said person. No it's not primarily based on the number of reports on said person. Reports alone only trigger a review, and only one report is needed to do so. Any additional reports do not do anything extra. They do not make the system look any "harder" or "faster" for unacceptable behavior, nor do they increase the likelihood of the reported player being punish. The system literally only checks to see if the player was reported at least once, anything after the first report pretty much doesn't matter.
: punishments
> Trolling/inting/ruining games = chat bans 100% false. Trolling/inting, when punished, is met with an instant 14 day suspension, and then a permanent ban for repeated offense. Riot does not issue chat restrictions for these offenses because it would do no good, since the issue is not the player abusing chat. The biggest issue here is that it's incredibly difficult to create an automated system to punish gameplay offenses quickly and efficiently without also having a decent number of false positives, something that Riot wants to avoid as much as possible. > Cursing at people = perma bans. Again, false. Cursing by itself is not something that is punished. Cursing at other players to insult them is when a punishment will occur, but this is more about the fact that you're insulting another player and less about the words you use. Really, the only blacklisted words/phrases are things like racial/homophobic slurs or death threats/encouraging suicide. Also, unless you use the aforementioned blacklisted words, chat offenses are met with at least 2 different chat restrictions and a 14 day suspension before a permanent ban is issued. If you go through those 3 punishments and are still harassing and insulting others through chat, you have essentially shown Riot that you have no intention of changing your behavior and following the rules. The permanent ban is Riot's way of telling you that they've had enough and want you gone from their game. I know you want to complain about the system, but try not to just outright lie when doing so.
yoloytb (EUNE)
: My bro played on my account and now im banned pls unbann me i wont let him play anymore i buyied a lot of skins so pls unban me if u could contact me or something pls pls
1.) Do not revive an old thread. 2.) Riot's policy is that they will only reverse a punishment if there was some form of error on there end. By the sound of it, it seems like you knowingly let your brother play on your account. This is account sharing and is against the rules, so Riot will not unban your account because you broke the rules. Luckily for you, this seems like a 14 day ban and not a permanent one, so you will be able to play on the account in 14 days.
: im pretty surre league only grabs the "offensive stuff" soo i mean yeah ur only seeing the "rude" stuff
No it doesn't. When you get chat logs due to being punished, you are shown **everything** you say throughout the games presented, including pre/post game chat (if you said anything there). It doesn't just give you the "offensive stuff."
: I got perma banned
Riot is currently doing an experiment of unbanning permanently banned accounts in NA only, so if you submit a ticket to Player Support, it's possible. However, it's not a guarantee, they still have every right to keep your account banned.
: riot i get banned but i was not toxic
If you wish to talk to Riot directly about your punishment, then you will need to submit a ticket to [Player Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). Keep in mind that just because you believe that you weren't toxic does not mean that Riot will necessarily see it the same way. If you want a community opinion on your punishment, then you will need to post the full chat logs that you received from Riot that can be obtained upon logging into the client. Keep in mind though that no one here can do anything about your punishment, so if you don't want a community opinion, then you don't need to post the chat logs.
Dulcari (NA)
: Opinion on Permabanning Players Who Have Spent Hundreds Maybe Even a Thousand Dollars on This Game
> Do you think it's just to permaban players and not give them a chance to reform and change their ways To be fair, the current punishment system DOES give players a chance to reform and change their ways. Players get multiple punishments (unless you show very severe toxic behavior, then only 1 punishment) before receiving a permanent ban. These punishments serve as warnings that their behavior is unacceptable and that they need to change it. In fact, in the reform card for the 14 day ban (the last punishment before a permanent ban) it specifically says that the next punishment will be a permanent ban. If a player decides to ignore all of these warnings and doesn't take these chances to change their ways, that's when Riot finally decides to permanently ban them.
MidZelen (NA)
: i counter argue by saying that ppl who are passionate about the game react certain ways when ppl do dumb shit,but instead of just escalating punishement(like u dont get death penalty no matter how many times u would lets say shit on some ons property u will always get the same punishement just multiplied)even tho u can argue that even if ppl deserve to be called that way for they in game behavior(their actions)in a competitive environnement,u could argue that its detrimental to the community in general,fine,just perma mute me or something or keep giving me 25 days chat restrictions,i remember vividly 3 years ago,i was the same person and i would only get chat restricted a few times a year,but now ppl are jsut abusing the fact that riot for some reason changed their ban ways and u get get banned at anything negative
Guess what? Riot actually tried giving people escalating chat restrictions in the past, and it didn't have the desired effect on behavior. While there was definitely a decrease in negative chat behavior, there was quite a large increase in players griefing/inting/trolling/etc. Now, I know in another comment of yours that you know Riot has stated this and that you think it's a dumbass reply, but it's the correct reply nonetheless because, whether you like it or not, it's 100% true. Riot found that a majority of players who could no longer express their frustration in chat express it in different ways like trolling/inting. That's not to say that you personally would do this, but a large enough percentage of players would, so Riot decided that it wasn't worth keeping, and so they wound up implementing the system we have to day. Also, you argue that many of these players are banned out due to their frustration, and I will agree with you that they are indeed frustrated. However, I think it's more appropriate to say that these players are banned due to their lack of control over their frustration. While they may not starting trolling immediately after receiving a permanent mute, it's this lack of self control that would eventually cause them to start trolling because they have the need to express their frustration and that's the only way they can do it in game. > (like u dont get death penalty no matter how many times u would lets say shit on some ons property u will always get the same punishement just multiplied) As a side note, being permanenlty banned is not the same as receiving the death penalty. Just because it's the worst punishment you can get in League does not mean it's comparable.
MidZelen (NA)
: bans are getting ridiculous
> tell me in what world do any of these would make someone go,ya this person deserves to be PERMANTLY BANNED FROM OUR GAME, The question is more "Does this deserve a punishment?" rather than "Does this deserve a permanent ban?" If it does deserve a punishment (and this most certainly is punish worthy), then the punishment you get is based on your punishment history. Frequent offenders receive harsher punishments over time, eventually leading up to a 14 day ban, and after that a permanent ban. So, if you have received a 14 day ban prior to this, then the next step is a permanent ban. The reform card for your 14 day ban even warns you that your next punishment will be a permanent ban. Looking at the match history of the account, there's a noticeable 14 day gap from 7/8 - 7/22, so I'd be willing to bet that was a 14 day ban. You've only played for 3 days for a total of 26 games, and in at least 3 of those you've already gone back to the behavior that got you punished previously. This is why you were permanently banned. You received multiple warnings and punishments and decided to ignore them all, so Riot decided that they've had enough and don't want you playing their game anymore.
: um i got banned for no reason i was in a game playing cho'gath and fiddlestcik come top and i say go bot and je say my lane or afk and i said idc and he stay in lane and he told me to kys BUT I GET BANED after a bit i just muted him and didnt not type back could yall unban me
If you want to talk to Riot directly about your punishment, then you will need to submit a ticket to Player Support. If you want to have a discussion here on the boards about your punishment, create your own thread. Do not resurrect old threads as it is considered spam and is against the boards rules. If you do create your own thread and want to have a discussion about what caused your punishment, then you will need to post the chat logs you received from Riot, otherwise no one here will be able to help you.
Prandine (NA)
: While that's unfortunate, you had plenty of time to get some water while waiting the 20 minutes. Instead you chose to wait until you got into champion select to get some water, a risk that ultimately backfired on you. Next time if you need to do something then do it during the 20-minute wait period rather than waiting till the last second to do it.
> [{quoted}](name=Prandine,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=muEfaNeO,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-07-13T21:09:57.957+0000) > > While that's unfortunate, you had plenty of time to get some water while waiting the 20 minutes. Instead you chose to wait until you got into champion select to get some water, a risk that ultimately backfired on you. Next time if you need to do something then do it during the 20-minute wait period rather than waiting till the last second to do it. This thread was made 2 YEARS ago, just fyi. Insanekos necroed it.
: Question about LP?
Yes, going into negative LP from dodging is intentional.
Gabius (EUW)
: I got banned pls read someone
The thing is, you've already been given multiple chances to change your behavior. In fact, when you receive the 14 day suspension, the reform card explicitly states that you're next punishment will be a permanent ban, but you didn't heed that warning. Why should Riot believe that this time would be any different from the other chances they gave you?
: Chat Restriction and Honor Reduction
As The Holy Light stated, you are judged based only on what you say, nothing else. While it sucks to get players who harass and insult you, their actions, no matter how extreme, do not excuse you breaking the rules. Others actions are irrelevant when it comes to _**your**_ punishment, which is why you are only shown your own chat logs. > I know I could just mute them, but communicating with your team is THE MOST important aspect of games like this. So I am not a fan of muting my own teammates. I completely understand where you're coming from, and if you don't want to mute someone that's your choice. However, in the future try to keep this in mind. When someone gets to the point where they are just continuously harassing and insulting you, odds are **_extremely_** likely that they will not be communicating anything useful whatsoever because they are no longer focused on winning the match, but rather just harassing you. So muting them isn't going to be as detrimental as you may think. They can still see what you type in chat so you can still communicate strategy to them, you just won't see their flaming.
: the only thing i had on this acc was 10 games of lower priority que for leaving back to back. and ya i know saying bad things is wrong but i doubt that wouldve stopped me from getting suspended. i really dont believe it took tribunal less than a minute to evaluate that game and ban me even tho i wasnt "that" toxic.
The current punishment system is called the Instant Feedback System, or IFS. It is completely automated and is capable of reviewing reports and issuing punishments (if necessary) within 15 minutes of the game's end. That's how quick it was when it first came out, but maybe Riot has tuned it a bit to be faster since then? I don't know for sure. Also, if you truly have not received a 14 day suspension (or any other chat related punishment like you're claiming) on this account prior to this incident, then like I said it's possible that Player Support may reduce your punishment on the grounds of it being too severe for the offense. It's up to you to contact them, however I saw in another comment that you don't really care since this is a smurf, so that's your choice.
: smurf just got perma banned
> sure i shouldve muted but i doubt that wouldve stopped my getting reported by all of them. It wouldn't have stopped you from getting reported, but muting them (on top of not saying anything toxic in retaliation) would have stopped you from getting punished. Showing zero inappropriate behavior means any reports against you will be false, and the punishment system is very good at filtering out false reports and not punishing players for them. > so here i am. perma banned for the amount of reports i took, not cause of what i said (which i did say a few things which i called them dumbasses like 2 times) No, you were not permanently banned for the amount of reports you received. The number of reports you receive in a single match does not matter. Reports alone only trigger a review of your behavior for that game, and it only takes one report to do this. Any additional reports do not do anything extra. You could receive 1, 4, or even 9 reports in a single match, they will still only trigger a review, nothing else. Punishments are given based on your behavior. Now, you already said you called others dumbasses. That is not acceptable even if they started flaming you first, and, without seeing the rest of your chat logs, is quite likely what triggered this particular punishment. However, the reason it's a permanent ban is because you have a history with the punishment system on this account. Unless you show very extreme and outrageously unacceptable behavior, you do not get a permanent ban for your first offense. You go through the multiple punishment tiers, one of which is a 14 day suspension (the last step before a permanent ban), before reaching a permanent ban. If you haven't had a 14 day suspension on this account prior to this incident (which you claim you haven't), then perhaps you can reach out to Player Support and _**maybe**_ they will reduce the punishment on the grounds of it being too severe. My guess, though, is that you have had a 14 day suspension on this account but you simply don't remember it. I mean, there's 2 separate gaps in your match history that are a little over 14 days long, so I'd bet that one of them was the result of a 14 day suspension.
I love Cata (EUNE)
: i got perma for not a strong reason
> i know that i need to get 2 14 days banned and then the next one is a perma Don't know where you heard this, but it's not true. The punishment escalation will only give one 14 day ban and after that the next punishment for any kind of toxicity will result in a permanent ban. The only reason why you would receive a second 14 day ban is if you managed to lower your punishment tier, which, on average, takes around 3 months of actively playing while also showing reformed behavior.
: Question
There are a few different titles that some players hold here on the boards, and they are all apart of the boards volunteers team. The Heralds are essentially at the top of the Volunteer team. You can learn more about it in [this post here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/LZ0eNgrM-a-new-revised-boards-team-approaches)
GetGuud (NA)
: Why is banning so easy to do?
> All you have to do is have someone say "Ez" or some other small thing like "wow you suck" and have your 5 man premade team all report him and he'll get banned 8/10 times Okay, that's not quite how reporting works. Multiple reports from the same match do not increase the likelihood of a player being punished. Reports alone only trigger a review of the game, and it only takes one report to do this. Any reports after the first do not do anything extra. They don't increase the likelihood that the player's behavior is reviewed or even that the player is punished. What determines if a player is punished is their behavior, not the number of reports they receive. As for saying minor things like "ez" or "wow you suck," they are somewhat rude and unsportsmanlike. With that said, though, if this is literally the only negative thing you say in any of your game, it's not going to get you punished, unless of course your spamming it throughout the entire game. They can definitely help contribute to a punishment, but alone they won't really do anything. > I don't know where freedom of speech is in league, but playing on North American servers most likely means that 95% of all players are playing in the US, where the first amendment protects free speech. I don't think you know what Freedom of Speech actually entails. You're correct in that the First Amendment does protect U.S. citizens' Freedom of Speech, but you're forgetting one very important detail: it only protects us from Congress, aka the government. The First Amendment says that Congress shall make no law that restricts or Freedom of Speech (and even then it has limitations), but Riot Games is not Congress, they are a privately owned business. This means they have every right to punish people for what is said on their own **_private_** servers. This is the same as malls or restaurants kicking you out if you start verbally harassment other customers.
: Is this worthy of a perma-ban?
> There is nothing EXTREMELY toxic and out line, i didn't tell anyone to kill themselves and get cancer, this definitely isn't worthy of a permaban (IN MY OPINION). Permanent bans aren't given based just on severity, they are given based on frequency as well. So it's not really a question of "Does this deserves a permanent ban?" but more of a question of "Does this deserve a punishment?" If your chat logs are worthy of a punishment (and yes I believe these ones do), then you go up on step of the punishment ladder*. The punishment tiers are as follows: 1.) 10 game chat restriction 2.) 25 game chat restriction 3.) 14 day ban 4.) Permanent ban You said a had a 14 day ban recently. well unfortunately for you a permanent ban is the next step. In fact, the reform card you receive for your 14 day ban specifically says that your next punishment for toxicity of _**any**_ kind will result in a permanent ban. *It's important to note that the tiers shown is the normal progression of punishments, but it is possible to skip tiers with egregiously toxic behavior, most notably using hate speech or encouraging suicide.
shoe6535 (NA)
: gotta love automatic bans
Hate speech has no place in League and is definitely something you will be banned for. If you're going to use hate speech while talking to a friend, use /w (insert summoner name), do not put it in team chat. The moment you put it in team chat, you subject your other teammates to that kind of speech, and they have every right to report you for it.
: Perma Ban
> But you tell one little guy to fuck off and kill themselves and they 9x you. Isn't that what the mute button is for? The existence of the mute button does not suddenly make it okay for you to start harassing others without consequence. The mute button is there so that others don't have to deal with your toxicity in chat for the remainder of the match. The report button is there so that future players won't have to deal with your toxic behavior in the first place and instead can get someone else on their team who knows how to control their behavior. Also, it is NEVER okay to tell someone to kill themselves, especially over something as trivial as a video game.
: Riot I was wondering if there was a way to get my main account unbanned. I let my friend play on my account a few times and he was pretty toxic and it got permabanned and as much money I put in that account I wanted my account back but I cant do anything with the banned account and my money is wasted. I was wondering if you could somehow unban it because I have everything ive invested in money wise in that account.
Like the pinned comment from "The Djinn" says, bans are not overturned unless they are applied in error. While it may have not been you who was toxic on the account, you willingly let your friend play on the account, and that in itself is against the ToU and grounds for a punishment. I'm sorry to say, but the account will not be unbanned, end of story.
NemeBro (NA)
: Remember lads, there is legitimately no argument against this thread now that Riot has proven to be hypocritical and given Tyler1 his account back. Permabans are permanent! ... unless you're a famous streamer LOL!
Riot did not give any of Tyler1's accounts back. They lifted his ID ban, but all of his permanently banned accounts remained permanently banned.
liushui (NA)
: league now shows pre chat and post chat in bans yeah? where can I find this information
Yes, the reform cards now show pre and post game chat along with in game, and it specifies which is which. Red post to confirm: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Tantram,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=akoU6f6G,comment-id=0001000100020001000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-17T19:33:57.689+0000) > > They are. It is live in NA right now, and will follow to more regions soon(tm). Note that this is a reply to someone else asking the question earlier in the thread.
Arsinik (NA)
: Wow really dude? This guy deserves to have his name all over the forums. Public shaming is an effective form of punishment maybe it will keep him from saying what he said.
You may think that, but that doesn't change the fact that it is against the [Boards Universal Rules](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/4LgZ2EwM-universal-rules). Naming and shaming/reporting other players here will only result in the thread being edited to remove the summoner name(s) or possibly outright deleted.
Ha1kuu (EUW)
: trust me i suck at school and i know about concequences one time i would be not aloud to be on the internet for 2 monts if i would miss homework or be late i did one day and sucked i dint learn god damn shit u talk like the current one solves all problems but it doesent
> [{quoted}](name=Ha1kuu,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=j9ExQYIt,comment-id=0003000000010000,timestamp=2018-05-18T20:56:11.669+0000) > > one time i would be not aloud to be on the internet for 2 monts if i would miss homework or be late i did one day and sucked i dint learn god damn shit So you say that the punishment sucked, which implies that you did not like it, yet you didn't learn a damn thing? You didn't learn to NOT miss your homework or to NOT be late, otherwise something bad will happen? Man do I feel sorry for you, because if that kind of thinking follows you into your adult life and you continue to act irresponsibly, then you're going to be in for a rough time.
Ha1kuu (EUW)
: u people are so damn serous we are teach to forgive dammit so if someone is sincere why shoulnt he be forgived im not saying just all u have to do is get one player to click a button but to go to a forum like this and write an actual consent and then that player will be placed on watch list to check hes future behavior
Forgiveness does not mean lack of consequences. For example, a parent can forgive their child for something (throwing a tantrum, not doing as their told, etc.) but still punish them for what they did. The punishment is given to teach the child that what they did was not appropriate and that their actions do indeed have consequences. Without the punishment, the child will very likely think "Oh i did this thing and mom/dad got mad at me for it, but nothing bad happened to me, so I guess I can do it again." This is a terrible line of thinking for the child to have while growing up because, while it may work with mom and dad, that's definitely NOT how the real world is. You mentioned your age in another thread, and you are quite young. You need to learn that actions do indeed have consequences, and they will be something that you will not enjoy. I's better to learn this now with something that isn't very serious like a video game than to learn it later in life when the consequences will be very serious.
: This is a genuine BS chat restrict
The chat logs only include what you said because that is the only thing that is being judged when it comes to your case. It does not matter what other players say/do, their poor behavior does not excuse your own. If someone else is being toxic first, the proper response would be to mute them. Being toxic back (which you were and even admit to in your own logs) is not allowed and will only open yourself up to punishment.
Shlongey (NA)
: Actually, you’re wrong. I was permanently banned, talked it over with a very nice and understanding Rioter who undid my perma ban. And this whole “it doesn’t matter if they started it” crap needs to stop.
Then either you were escalated to a permanent ban too quickly, or you got _extremely_ lucky. I have heard of this happening once or twice before, but the normal policy is that punishments not given in error are not lifted. > And this whole “it doesn’t matter if they started it” crap needs to stop Why is that? If someone starts flaming you first, flaming them back does nothing helpful for the situation, it only makes it worse. This is why retaliating with your own toxic behavior is not allowed.
Ha1kuu (EUW)
: im not making it any better for me key point is i would like if i could get lover bans or a chat restriction so i can get back to playing.everything else that i say at this point is gonna make me sound worser and worser so im just going stop
I'm sorry, but you're not going to get a lesser punishment. Suicide is a very serious issue, and telling someone "kys" is something Riot has zero-tolerance for; as such it will land you an escalated punishment to a 14 day ban. If you did not mean to tell someone to kill themselves, then you should not have said it in the first place.
: Why did i get banned?
> they started to flame me for being bad jungler and i flamed back ofc It does not matter if other players start flaming you first, their poor behavior does not excuse your own. Also, using homophobic slurs is something that Riot has zero-tolerance for, and will easily land you a 14 day ban, even if you have had no prior punishments.
Pućo (EUNE)
: I'm just gonna write something here
The boards is not the place to report other players. Doing so is against the [Universal Rules](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/4LgZ2EwM-universal-rules) and will only get your post edited or deleted. Use the in-game report system to report other players.
: Can I get unbanned?
You can always contact Player Support, but unless the punishment was given in error, it will not be overturned period. There is no buying it back or anything like that. It's gone. Unless you use some zero tolerance phrases (hate speech, encouraging suicide, etc.), you are given 3+ punishments before receiving a permanent ban, with each one serving you as a warning that your behavior is not acceptable. You chose to ignore those warnings and continue showing unacceptable behavior in your games. > I wasn't the one who initiated harassing Also, the whole "they started it" argument does not work here. Harassment of any kind is not acceptable. If you start harassing another player, you are subject to punishment. If someone else starts harassing you first, you should mute them instead of harassing them back.
: NA Account Permanently Suspended With 0 Indication As To Why.
If there's no useful information when you try to log into the client, then your best bet would be to contact [Player Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and ask them for the reason behind your ban.
: Did any one mention the fact that a group people playing together could easily all click the report on the one person that didn't wanna fill in a role that wasn't his but because their team tells you have to pick that specific role even though you chose top out the fear of getting 4 reports in one game you have play the role they give you how would that be fair wouldn't that make this game unfair for the solo players since a duo or a stack of players could easily click report and the person would get chat-restricted/ban
> [{quoted}](name=Silverfoxpaws,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=2bNAe0Ee,comment-id=0128,timestamp=2018-05-10T02:46:21.834+0000) > > Did any one mention the fact that a group people playing together could easily all click the report on the one person that didn't wanna fill in a role that wasn't his but because their team tells you have to pick that specific role even though you chose top out the fear of getting 4 reports in one game you have play the role they give you how would that be fair wouldn't that make this game unfair for the solo players since a duo or a stack of players could easily click report and the person would get chat-restricted/ban Multiple reports in a single match don't do anything more than just a single reports. Reports alone only trigger a review of your account, and it only takes a one report to do so. Any additional reports from a single match don't do anything extra. They don't increase the chance of an account being reviewed or even punished. So whether it's 1, 4, or even 9 reports in a single match, it's all the same in the eyes of the punishment system. Furthermore, players aren't punished simply because they are reported. Like I said before, reports alone only trigger a review of the account. If nothing punishable is found, then the reports are thrown out and nothing happens. Only if unacceptable behavior is found will an account be punished, depending on that account's punishment history and the severity of the offense.
: LMFAO when did rito bump the tier one chat restrictions to 10 games
Since I believe late 2015, there are now only 4 tiers of punishments: 1.) 10 game chat restriction 2.) 25 game chat restriction 3.) 14 day ban 4.) Permanent ban So the 10 game chat restriction has been to lowest tier of punishment since this structure was implemented.
ΜañgΘ (EUW)
: Got a 14 day ban with no prevoius warnings....
Usually a 14 day ban for chat behavior with no prior punishments means that you said some things for which Riot has a zero-tolerance policy. This is normally for things like hate speech or encouraging suicide. Seeing how none of that is present, not to mention this chat alone shouldn't get you a punishment period, there's a few possibilities: 1.) You edited the chat logs and left out some obviously toxic things you said. Try not to take it too personally, but there have been plenty of people on these boards who have done this to try and get sympathy from the boards and a possible lift on their punishment. Because of this, many people aren't too trusting if they don't see anything wrong with the presented chat logs. 2.) You were given a punishment based on what you said in pre/post game chat. Unfortunately those are not able to be sent to you via a reform card, so the system just sends you the in-game chat from that game. It's also possible the system made a mistake and sent you the chat logs for the wrong game. 3.) While quite rare, it is indeed possible that the system did punish you by mistake. If it's #1, then you're not helping yourself in any way by editing the chat logs. If it's not #1, then your best bet to figure what happened is to send in a ticket to [Player Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and ask what's going on. EDIT: Well, it looks like you were given the wrong chat logs.
fårbonde (EUW)
: Does ban history get cleared after a while?
Yes, it does, however it is not simply after a set amount of time. You need to be actively play a large number of games while also showing good behavior in those games in order to drop your punishment tier. The average amount time it takes for a player to drop 1 punishment tier is about 3 months, but it is different for each player. It could take longer or shorter depending on how much you play and how quickly you show improvement. It's possible to receive valid reports that aren't quite enough to push you to the next punishment, and these will lengthen the time it takes to drop a punishment tier.
letour19 (NA)
: Afraid of reporting to often
Actually, report weight no longer exists. It used to be thing years ago, but with the introduction of the current punishment system, the IFS, report weight was done away with. Now, as long as a person receives at least 1 report in a match, it will trigger a review.
: Banned, reformed
Accounts that were banned correctly for behavior will not be unbanned. It's called a "permanent" ban for a reason. You are free to continue playing on a new account, but your old one is gone for good.
: 41 game in a row (lose ofc) with a ragequiter or runner down
No one is going to pm you. You need to submit a ticket to Player Support. While the response may seem automated, it is an actual human being replying to you. The only time it is a bot replying is when it specifically says it's a bot, like Blitzcrank bot.
: I am really sorry for being toxic,first worning i was getting and i stoped being toxic,but then i gave my brother to play a few games and i ddint told him that if i get one more ban i will be perma banned so please riot i did not flame at all i stopped it was him in 3 games that maked my account perma banned so please riot that will not happen again
1.) Don't necro old threads. It's better to make your own post than to necro an old one, especially one that's a year old. 2.) Sharing accounts is itself not allowed and is punishable. Account security is entirely your responsibility. If you were hacked or whatever and someone accessed your account without your knowledge, that's one thing, but you willingly let your brother play on your account, so that's your fault. I'm sorry to say, but I'm confident that Riot will not lift your punishment, especially given the information that you let someone else play on the account.
: i spelled, and are u ready? N I B B A witch what ever YOUR imagination puts it to is all on you, it means a summoner who takes your farm/gold. taking lil nibbles at your gold, witch is what my support sona was doing.
Okay, now we are getting somewhere. At no point before this did you say that you spelled it like that, which is why when you said the censored word was nibbler, I was left to assume you were saying you spelled the full word, not just a slang version. With that aside, I have literally never seen anyone use this word before, however doing a little google search, I can see that n-i-b-b-a is used _all across the internet_ as an alternative spelling for the real racial slur, specifically designed to get around censors. I don't know why you used this as slang for nibbler, but it obviously didn't work. I mean, there is absolutely no context in your chat logs that pointed to you meaning to call him a nibbler instead of the n-word, so can you at least see where others, including Riot, would misinterpret what you say you meant? Oh, and on a side note: > banning me for a made up league lingo is dumb Like I said before, the word you used is used in many places across the internet as a replacement for the n-word so people don't get censored or possibly banned from whatever site they are using, so this is definitely not "made up league lingo."
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