: It's auto added to your collection, there was no need to open anything.
> [{quoted}](name=TheLastShadow45,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YgbHiWzA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-28T01:15:31.280+0000) > > It's auto added to your collection, there was no need to open anything. What is it? nothing even told me what I was receiving
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: Yeah my fault that riot pairs me up with morons that flame cause they cant play basic champs.
Funny how you complain about getting banned and your still flaming them even in your post sounds just to me
Kai Guy (NA)
: You need to update the level 29 account if your on Op.GG. The que is not unlocked so they cant play with you so the Op.GG data is likely out of date.
It is in my Match history about 6 games back amumu lvl 29 in ranked game he went 0/5 and trolled entire game
: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Zonetoxic002 Filter the game through solo Q only. 18 out of your past 20 games, you had over 5+ deaths. I look at this and i can tell you that your losing the game because your not playing very well which increases the chances of you losing that game and every game. When i made my last comment i didnt look at your profile but my comment still stands. Only play your best roles/champs and only play when your feeling "fresh". You cant control what other players do but guess what? The good news is you have 100% control of your self as long as you dont let your emotion take over your actions. With that said, play to improve and work on your mistakes/weaknesses.
Thank you for your insight, just very hard not to die when a combined 10/0 bot lane roams up into mid at 10 min :)
Keiaga (NA)
: Well in the last 5 ranked games you've had, it seems like the teams were pretty equal in terms of everyone's ranks. The only 2 outliers was your very last game as Amumu with the bronze 1 Yasuo, but considerring you're silver 3 right now, that's not too far off from your rank. The other time you had an unranked level 47 Tryndamere on your team, but it was balanced out by the bronze 4 on the other team. Maybe all that crazy stuff in your post happens at game 6 onwards though.
Most of it happened in G4, I thought that while in Gold you could not be paired with bronze players.... am I wrong with this? then once I fell out of gold from s1 same shit placed with bronze1 and 2 my last 5 or 6 have been more even but still when your in Gold you expect to be placed with similar tier players not ones outside your elo. and yes my amumu play sucks was auto filled. not saying entirely Matchmaking fault but it happens sooooooooo often makes me question it.
: You need to stop playing after 3 consecutive lost. Golden rule after losing a game, ask your self if your mad, upset, heated, angry, or feeling any type of negative energy. If yes than go do something to help you feel fresh before starting the next game. Play chmapions you know your good at and only stick with your best champs.
This has nothing to do with my play as the majority of the time my game score is higher then everyone on my team......the fact is a b3 adc will NEVER beat a s1 or g4 ADC in lane 2 games in a row bot lane gave up more then 25 kills its not my gameplay its the incredibly poor matchmaking system
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