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: tbh, I do not think pyke with 2 shojins is that strong, never lost to it and people just need to think about vulnerable pyke is if you catch him. I easily thought of 7 ways to counter pyke instantly and I am sure there is more 1. Cornering your ADC or carry, basically just not letting the pyke use spell cross map and not into your area. 2. Glacial, easily stronger cc and freezes easier with 6 glacial 3. take the pykes off the market, if you really want to just stop them just force them to have tier 1 pyke because most ppl don't get 2 shojin pykes off the bat. 4. Pyke isn't tanky, assassins easily 1 shot him 5. Take the tears and the B.F sword off the carousel before them, I doubt they would be at the bottom when they have shojin pyke 6. Disarming blade and guinsoo on carry or graves or a tanky character (like Gnar or Cho'Gath) 7. Get a kassadin on him with guinsoo. However, I do agree pyke is rather overpowered in the sense that if you do not have the luck or never tried or thought of these easy counters to shojin pyke, there are so many more broken builds out there and you just focus on pyke when {{champion:38}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} exists or even just sejuani with 2 shojins is stronger than pyke with 2 shojins, I understand your point but I think pyke with 2 shojins is easily countered
I don't think you've ever fought a Pyke with one spear, let alone two. Riddle me this: How do your assassins target another assassin? And, even if they could, how are they going to do anything when Pyke is constantly stunning your entire team? It's not Spear that they need to nerf, it's Pyke's stun distance, because that shit is insane.

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