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: Cloud Soul
I couldn't agree more. Down with the cloud soul!!! {{sticker:draven-pose}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Zooperstar,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8iEnpiVv,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-04T17:37:52.096+0000) > > People constantly say they are gonna quit league but naturally, they come back. League is a game that thrives off of constant change so for a boomer vet to complain about the game constantly changing isn't out of the norm. if you could read for comprehension you might realize i never complained about the game changes i just said they weren't for me and i didn't want it. k
> [{quoted}](name=Do The Nocturne,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8iEnpiVv,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-11-04T17:43:32.892+0000) > > if you could read for comprehension you might realize i never complained about the game changes i just said they weren't for me and i didn't want it. k When you quit a game and start a new one because the game changes "weren't for me" That's basically you saying that you hate the changes and no longer wish to play. I'm also sure the entire point of this post was to highlight the changes in league and how you dislike them. If that's not bitchin about the changes than I don't know what is.
: The Annie-Versary skin was the nail in the coffin for me
People constantly say they are gonna quit league but naturally, they come back. League is a game that thrives off of constant change so for a boomer vet to complain about the game constantly changing isn't out of the norm.
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: Odyssey: Extraction and Star Guardian Invasion need to come back
Those are my two most favorite events league has put out but rather having them bring those back I'd like a concept similar that allows us to go PvE and offer cool features like the odyssey rune pages. Truly amazing gamemode/events hope to see another event as powerful.
: if you are winning a game and type "EZ" in chat
I can confirm that I only say "ez" when I'm feeding and winning or just fed in general to destroy mental because league is just as much a mind game than it is a game you play physically, it may seem like a douche move but it really gets to people.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: during this week Probably tomorrow
> [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=en8rttvK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-07T20:23:35.076+0000) > > during this week > Probably tomorrow Thanks.
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: Will we ever get an event similar to Odyssey Extraction?
I really hope Extraction gets another game mode because it was the best by far stomping out every other event riot has put out there. Of course a new game mode like it but similar would be nice but i'm done to play odyssey again.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Dunk master Ivern...
I think even one of those wrestling skins like el tigre braum and stuff would've worked better since he high fives daisy almost like hes tapping out for daisy to come in.
: Who do you think is a better champion for climbing - Ekko or Sylas?
Even though I'm an Ekko main I genuinely think Sylas is better. With his early pressure and game impact, he is definitely deadly if you know what you're doing-especially if the enemy team has a high impact ult you can steal. Ekko I'd say leans more to an assassin ideal than Sylas because while Sylas can hold in the middle of a fight Ekko would probably get blown up in a second. On top of that if Sylas was ever in a lane against Ekko he wins very easily with his sustain and his ability to out damage Ekko winning virtually every trade.
: How to beat Kassadin as Ekko?
Ekko was never meant to beat Kassadin so your best bet is to just wait for ganks or just out roam him until your team just becomes stronger, there are fights you sometimes can't win.
: Hello Riot? Its about time we see an Ekko buff in the patch notes
I agree Ekko could use some buffs but then again the spot he's in now could be a lot worse, sure there are some champs that stomp him in laning phase but there's always time to get back into it. Generally, if Ekko got buffed his play rate would probably go up and when people begin to complain they might nerf him harder and make him worse than his current position.
Nhifu (NA)
: I can't play anything "fun" mid.
You could just ban him or just constantly roam. There are also items that others have mentioned to deal with him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Zooperstar,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=1yjs2sAE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-20T03:47:06.811+0000) > > They'll respawn in the end so it's fine. That's what I have to tell myself every time because the animations just break my heart {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Quick Reminder that Riot are actually EVIL
They'll respawn in the end so it's fine.
: Your Favorite League Quotes
{{champion:163}} -"Closer to the ground, the sparrow flies faster than the falcon."
: too soon... I'm still hurting from this loss
: Support Didn't Connect- No Remake Option
Support players are so useless the system doesn't count them as players, therefore no remake option is shown. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} (This is a joke btw)
Spınel (NA)
: Kayle and Morgana Rework
I genuinely hope this Morgana rework makes her weaker so i don't have to waste a ban every game to get rid of her.
: You should be able to search CLUBS by name/tag and request to join.
I also to have made a post about club tags and are really hoping that riot allows them to be duplicated.
: 13 champs over 1000 days w/o a new skin
You can scratch nunu off that list because he is getting a paper skin soon, it's already on the PBE too.
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rs531 (NA)
: Anyone wanna help me with my Term Paper about league of legends?
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: You completely misunderstand what OP is asking for here. He doesn't want a mechanic to get a skin by "sacrificing" the skins you have. Let's assume that you have the skins Odyssey Jinx, FIrecracker Jinx, and Star Guardian Jinx. But you don't feel like chosing the skin you want to play that game yourself. So you press the random button and the game selects one of these 3 skins you own randomly so you play with it that game. That's what he wants. You won't get skins, you just let the game select the skin you play (from the pool you own) randomly instead of picking the skin yourself.
Fuck, u right
: In League, who is best girl?
: Has your main been in a League cinematic?
: Toxicity and why I will look for fun elsewhere
League is always going to be like that and don't expect it to change anytime soon, we all wish it could change it for the better but with toxic players like that(including me) it doesn't seem very possible. All I have to say is if ur not willing to mute and you can't take the heat your gonna have to step out of the kitchen. That's just how it is.
: How would you rank your favourite Runeterra factions?
1. Ionia 2. Zaun 3. Bilgewater 4. Shurima 5. Mount Targon 6. Freljord 7. Piltover 8.Noxus 9.Demacia 10.Void 11.Shadow Isles 12. Bandle City
wolf jade (EUNE)
: so i got chat restriction 2 times.
Tell me what the awards are like since I won't be able to experience/recieve them.
: Top 5 Longest Waiting Champions That Need Skins.
Notice a trend in the champions that haven't gotten a skin? That's right. No one plays these champions, when you see these champions who haven't gotten a skin in 4+ years and they're already making a new lux skin it can be kinda unfair but that's just how it is. Riot makes skins for champions that are really popular and will make them the most money(ex. {{champion:99}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:40}} ). They honestly couldn't care less about these underrated irrelevant champions that only a few people will buy skins for.
Buffing (NA)
: NA Support main club :)
May I join Buffs? Thanks in advance :)
: How do you counter Jax in Bronze?
{{champion:54}} and {{champion:80}} are probably your best bets at countering jax because they can fight him decently well. There is also {{champion:85}} and {{champion:78}} but they are a bit harder to play.
: Delete One: Champion, Item, and Rune
{{champion:7}} :Seriously just to op and burst to high for the mobility she has. {{item:3124}} : Ik this has already been nerfed but its still kinda busted and every other item is just sorta meh. Rune would have to be conqueror just because of how much armour is ignored.
: Neeko Items Invisible.
She's a chameleon ofc she can blend her items into the background to make them invisible
: The 'Let The Games Begin' achievement seems to be bugged...
They mean the new vods coming out tomorrow on the 18th not old vods and it has to be for a minimum of 10 minutes.
hoganftw (NA)
: Switching over to Mobile Legends
Mobile legends really can't balance their game and it's really hard to play characters not in the meta, the game also heavily encourages making transaction with nearly zero options of earning skins and useful rewards. When I played mobile legends I was a Yi-sun-shin main who dominated until the introductions of things like Lancelot and Selena which just shifted and broke the meta completely. I thoroughly recommend you play Arena of Valor instead, although made by the company that owns riot the game is somewhat more withstandable then the current state mobile legends is in.
: How is auto fill fair and helps players?
If autofill didn't exist queues would be much longer, obviously players will say: "I'd rather wait then get auto-filled" but in reality, we both that no one likes waiting that time. Even if you get jungle again I don't think it'll harm to ask anyone to swap especially if it's ranked because people will definitely be down to swap roles in order to save their elo although I can't say it for everyone. I'd recommend learning the role as well because being somewhat capable in every role is what builds a good player.
: Naruto in League Week 1: Bonus Character!
I think this would be cooler if it also included older Sasuke abilities(Kirin,Susano'o etc). These are really cool abilities and i think it would play into the theme of Sasuke more.
: How effective is the reporting system?
I think the reporting system is awful, I recently got a 10 game chat restriction for verbally abusing an opponent who was talking trash. Did I deserve it? Yes. But the person who started the uprising in the first place deserved it just as much as I did and I believe justice has not been properly served in that situation as well as many others. All in all the reporting system is terrible.
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Kryptone (EUNE)
: New Emote Suggestion/Request(?)
That's actually amazing, 100% on board with this.
Shmeeve (NA)
: A Fed Elise Appears
That gives me heavy wizard101 vibes
Ðevilish (EUNE)
: Screenshot
This is done on purpose, Riot wants you to buy their skins with RP and spend actual money. So they minimize the amount of skins you can earn outside of actually purchasing them.
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: If The Star Guardians Did Ever Get Their Own Anime..
: Can't wait to get my first piece of World's loot soon!
Riot has a tendency of giving out trash from orbs but gl
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