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: Bring Bans Back To ARAM (Poll)
So, as of right now, and this post probably wont go much further, only 1/5th of players polled wants bans gone. 4 out of 5 players would like bans returned. I imagine this poll would probably not get any better for the players that want bans to stay gone. I imagine that most people disagree with the stand that Riot took and the reasoning behind why they are not returning ARAM bans. Again, (and ill edit this in to the main post), the only way to fix ARAMs and not have bans is to: 1. Remove re-rolls and champion swaps 2. Unlock all champs for every lvl acount when you play an ARAM 3. Remove the free champ pool for ARAMs because of #2 4. If 1-3 are met then yes keep bans out of it otherwise bans should be left in It promotes a more 'chill' environment to keep bans because you don't have to worry about playing against this or that champ.
: I'm into trading cards. So random rewards/ "pulls" are really nice for me. I like the complete uncertainty. Banning champs makes it more certain who you won't get. It's an equivalent of counting cards. 2 rerolls. 1 champ given. 10 bans, 4 allies. 15 champions you know you can't get on a rr, 10 of which were banned.
It's not exactly like counting cards for the simple reason that we don't really know the math behind their 'random' system. Also, for that matter, 'ARAM accounts' are even more like counting cards bc the number of cards are far fewer. Even with all the bans and limiting of the champion pool most accounts have a very large deck of randomness. The only way to fix this and not have bans is to open up all champions for everyone playing ARAM, remove re-rolls and swaps, and not have the free pool be weighted.
y0r1ck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Master2139,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uloMcihE,comment-id=00110000,timestamp=2019-04-20T19:14:14.143+0000) > > 75% of the people on the boards lol, people who enjoy the game arent on the boards lol most of the time. so obviously this poll is gonna favor bans. Already with the spam of posts hovering the boards about this subject I don't think you're right about that. I think most people here love the game a lot, definitely enough to come and talk to others about the game. Apparently a similar percentage of reddit responded the same way as boards. Do you still believe you're right?
I think reddit was in favor of it too. I think that most people that have played this mode from the beginning and before that when it was a custom game realize that bans are needed. It's not just the majority of people on the forums. The fact is that for some reason Riot doesn't want to keep the bans. I'm not sure why they put them in the game to begin with though because nothing was learned from it aside from the obvious logic that people will target ban the ops and 'ARAM only' accounts don't favor it. I knew that even before the bans were put in place.
: ARAM fixed?
It'll never be truly fixed unless they listen to what the problems are. They have their perspective, but the community has an equally valid one.
: pointless poll. as shocking as this might sound, the same thing was done on reddit with 75% of all votes (30k) being yes. yet no response from a rioter.
They have a passionate community that love their game. It's a shame they don't listen anymore.
: The Problem with ARAMS
Great suggestions. I like the bans, but since they were removed the other stuff should be removed/added as well.
Zraebiel (NA)
: Bring Bans Back To ARAM (Poll)
Based on what I see right now over 75% of the community would like bans returned to ARAMs. It would be cool to see if that changes much with a 1000+ votes. Keep it going guys and thank you for the input.
y0r1ck (NA)
: Edit - I see someone has told you this before me. Please add something to your original post to clarify the poll so people like me can vote "yes" honestly. Because I'm with you I do want bans back, but it's not important to me. Biased poll. Keep it as simple as possible to avoid fuckups like this: No I don't think it's very important. Yes I want bans back, it was way more fun with bans. What do I pick? I will pick no it is not necessary, because that's the truth to me.
ok done. thanks for the input.
: I voted yes, but hate your wording. This isn't very important. I would love bans to come back to ARAM, but there are WWAAAAAAAYYYYY more pressing matters that need tending to.
Yea, if I could go back and edit the poll (which I don't see how to) I would just make it a simple yes and no.
hiyares (NA)
: aram
sounds like good suggestions overall.
Rudrim (EUNE)
: Bans in ARAM are such a useless thing. They've made rerolls that helps a lot to make your team stronger, unlocked free champions from last 3 weeks. Now they are balancing runes, champs. But you need to ban them, why? Are all this improvements not enough for you? ARAM is fine and playable for today.
Why have rerolls? Why be able to pick a champ someone else had? Why not be able to ban and if you don't like it don't ban anything? It's all about quality of life for aram. You get stuck with that same free, op champ 10 times in a row... it can be super tilting. At least if you had bans, it could mitigate some of that hopeless feeling when you random a terrible comp.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zraebiel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xNEcPeaL,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-19T23:42:33.050+0000) > > Well, since you said that literally isn't true, I'm sure glad you don't have any problem dealing with those champions. I guess you don't play against them often enough. When did I say that either? I'm saying people need to stop lying just to get a circlejerk going when we can clearly see what they are saying is a straight up lie.
Part of what he said was that they are frustrating to deal with so when you make a statement that it literally isn't true not specifying which part you are saying it about the whole statement.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SirGankBotalot,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xNEcPeaL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-19T23:29:50.877+0000) > > He's 100% right though despite w-e numbers you think you have. They are some ofthe most picked/banned and 'op' champs that are super frustrating to deal with. https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/home/ Except that literally isn't true and we have the numbers to prove it? I'm not sure how you can tell me when we LITERALLY have the numbers to see it isn't true. Morg holds the high ban rate, most of the champions listed either have average to below average win rates, none of them have the highest win rates.
Well, since you said that literally isn't true, I'm sure glad you don't have any problem dealing with those champions. I guess you don't play against them often enough.
KalTheo (NA)
: Riot, bring back ARAM bans
Poll if anyone wants to participate: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/uloMcihE-bring-bans-back-to-aram-poll
Krofinn (NA)
: I voted yes because I know they won't unlock all the champs for the gamemode, and there's a lot more variety with bans.
I agree. It helped a lot to weed out some insanely op aram champions. I didn't even ban Xerath, Brand, or fiddle. I primarily banned Urgot and Pyke.
: Seriously. The only people who were complaining about ARAM bans were people with ARAM accounts.
here is a poll to let them know we how many people want bans: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/uloMcihE-bring-bans-back-to-aram-poll I posted it a few minutes ago but it seems to be getting squelched
Rioter Comments
: CLG vs TSM week 9
I think you're right. This kind of stuff happens too often and i think it will keep happening because Riot loves money. "This isn't setup at all" lol. Its kind of like how they set up they ranking system in normal games and arams. If you buy skins, etc. you have better chance of getting games with better players who have also, essentially, paid to win. Lots of F2P games do this type of thing.
: C9 and TSM in the Finals again...How Boring...
C9 and TSM (even if just the brands) are so stale and they never do well at Worlds. We need fresh meat in the NA LCS BIGTIME. Lets hope for newer teams to do better.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Yunii,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=F4sceUXU,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-04-13T00:48:34.516+0000) > > This just shows you how much NA still sucks internationally, imho. C9 or TSM or both will go to Worlds again, but it doesn't really matter. They never perform well (especially C9). Sure TSM won the last IEM, but that was because of several "flukes" and they didn't really prove anything. It would be so nice to see fresh blood at Worlds, but NA just doesn't have what it takes yet. And what do you have to say about Fnatic being in all 5 EU LCS finals? Must mean that EU sucks as well, quite boring having the same team in the finals all the time, hmm? If NA "sucks" internationally, then what do you have to say about other regions? Since the beginning on Season 4, NA has shown itself to clearly be above SEA (if you want to talk about "flukes", right there it is.. SEA was somehow thought of as an actual region during Seasons 3 & 4 when the teams that went to Worlds from SEA were no better than the Wild Cards), and NA is above EU as well. Prior to the influx of Koreans into the Chinese scene, NA wasn't that far behind most of China either (i.e. In the group stage, TSM split with eventual runner-up SHRC).
Its still Fnatic vs someone else. I think you're missing the point of this thread.


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