: Right, im at 48 minutes and now I feel like im too invested
yea I think I'm just gonna wait and see if I can join a game with my current queue but once I hit an hour I'm just straight up quitting cause I have other stuff to do.
: Yeah honestly had i known i would be waiting an hour to play and thats just if the que pops while typing this I would of found something else to do, but now im commited because ive already invested an hour. You know what though I wont be requing after till they get the que times to a reasonable enough time.
true. I think I'm just gonna wait till they fix this before I will play again
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pryda022 (NA)
: 30 minute ques times are absurd
my problem is that since I wait so long I don't wanna leave because it wouldve been a waste of time( up to 45 min) right now


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