: What kind of news would you like? I've popped into a few threads to talk about them here and there. Curious what kind of news is desired here. I fear the answer is "everything" which sadly is unrealistic, since progress would take an eternity if I had to clear all the decisions I made with Boards first. I'm interested in talking about them, however. Usually as it pertains to what players do and do not want.
I think the most important news you can update us with is the biggest change you have done to them. Pick a single ability that you're totally re-working, tell us about it, why you decided to change that one over others, what direction you want to go with it, how it supports their theme/playstyle better in its new form, and eventually (Once it's been decided on and locked in) what the ability actually IS. I feel that the big changes to abilities that people have grown to love and enjoy(Malzahar ult), and abilities that people hate and want changed(Cassiopeia Twin Fang) are the most important ones to share, and can give players a good feel of what you're going for, and lets us tell you if the direction you picked feels wrong, or seems messed up somehow.
: Weapon Design and Function: Why Noxus is Scary as Hell
As a huge nerd who loves medieval weaponry, this post makes me extremely happy. :3 Excellent work sir, thanks for the effort!
: If Jhin MUST go bot, who would best support him?
Alistar is an excellent 'bodyguard' support. Headbutt enemies away, or pulverize groups that try to jump on you. Has an alright heal for a bit of sustain in lane, and he's really hard to kill once he gets ult, so he can just walk in and punch their team to mark them for your snares. Also, because of Jhin's huge range, if Ali headbutts people away from you it's not always a bad thing, as it can help you set up a good snare, and then follow with an ult.
: > At first glance it seems great! Scaling HP and AP, along with Mana? Good stuff! Except... well, one of the primary AP Juggernauts, Mordekaiser, doesn't use Mana at all, making it a wasteful option for the big guy. He's your poster-boy for AP Juggernauts, and will NEVER want to buy this. Taking the mana off would hurt Singed and Ryze builds. Karthus and Malzahar also like the item and I think they like the mana too.
I'm not saying 'Take Mana off of RoA' though. I'm saying 'Make MORE AP Juggernaut items.'
: [FOLLOWUP] Juggernaut Items
I think there's something else you're forgetting. AP Juggernauts have very few itemization options. While AD-based Juggernauts can make use of multiple options like Dead Man's Plate, Black Cleaver, Titanic Hydra, and even items like Frozen Mallet, Iceborn Gauntlet, and Sterak's Gage. AP Juggernauts have very few options overall, let's take a look. {{item:3116}} : One of the very few solid AP Juggernaut items, essentially the Black Cleaver for AP champs. Solid stats, a good passive, and makes its way into plenty of AP Juggernaut builds. Occasionally picked up by full mages, but causes no major abuse cases where it becomes a must-buy for non-Juggernaut champions. {{item:3151}} : A decent option, works well together with Rylai's, but always feels a bit like overkill unless you're really ahead. Provides less raw HP and AP than Rylai's, and though the Pen is nice, AP Juggernauts usually do enough damage that they rarely need it, and if enemies are actually building consistent MR, it would usually be better to just get a Void Staff for raw damage, even though you lose out on some HP for it. {{item:3027}} : At first glance it seems great! Scaling HP and AP, along with Mana? Good stuff! Except... well, one of the primary AP Juggernauts, Mordekaiser, doesn't use Mana at all, making it a wasteful option for the big guy. He's your poster-boy for AP Juggernauts, and will NEVER want to buy this. {{item:3001}} and {{item:3157}} : Both of these seem like great options. Solid resists, backed up by powerful passives, and nice chunks of AP. This is great... except everyone else is going to buy them even more than Juggernauts. Abyssal is more often purchased by assassins, melee-range AP burst champions. While Zhonyas is purchased by... well, everyone. Seriously, the item is STILL one of the best defensive AP items in the game, and almost every AP champion who is worried about getting hurt is going to buy the thing. {{item:3060}} : This is the only item left with both HP and AP. It's rarely purchased in the first place, and when it is, it's more likely on a support than to ever actually be on an AP Juggernaut. So really, AP Juggernaut itemization SHOULD be looked at.
: Cassiopeia Twin Fang expectations
How about make Twin Fang extend/refresh the duration of poison? It being a close-range spell makes it risky, but also keeps her 'sustained damage' identity, while clarifying and making her 'Poison Mage' identity far clearer. This allows her to use Twin Fang to keep her poisons on a target, and also has the counterplay for opponents of 'Oh, I am poisoned, I should avoid getting close to Cassiopeia or I'll take even MORE damage'
: > Vel'Koz is fine, but you'd better make Malz ult less.. stupid. What's stupid about Malz ult to you? Edit: Thanks for the opinions :)
I don't know about him, but it being so easy to self-interrupt is rather frustrating, sometimes I end up clicking on someone to ult, but I start using my ult then immediately stop and walk next to them. Very frustrating. Maybe make it so you need to hit R again to cancel it or something?
Meddler (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=sixdogman,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5dJN5vf7,comment-id=0000000200010000,timestamp=2015-12-10T19:49:06.373+0000) > > Ahh, so his inputs feel unique, but his outputs are the part you feel is too genaric. Bingo! > [{quoted}](name=sixdogman,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5dJN5vf7,comment-id=0000000200010000,timestamp=2015-12-10T19:49:06.373+0000) > > As an idea what if his ult prevented enemies from getting closer. It would feel like a repulsor beam meaning he would have good anti-engage but only in that one direction. That would certainly give him a reason to be picked over the others. Might be some room to make the ult do something more unqiue, inclination at present would be to look at Research (likely via his passive) as a theme though, see if we can find something there that's not just damage.
Well, Vel'Koz's whole thing is that he learns via disintegrating stuff. By killing, he obtains knowledge about his target. So how about making his passive true damage lower early on, but the more often he procs it on the same target, the more damage he does? This helps make his passive more engaging (Don't just land poke, land it on the same guy consistently) while making counterplay more important (Oh crud, Vel'Koz proc'd his passive on me, I better hang back and let the stack time out or he'll REALLY chunk me next time!) and also getting across his theme (The more he 'destroys' a person, the more he learns about them, and the more efficiently he can destroy them later on)
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
{{champion:90}} Malzahar really is one of the few champions I truly, consistently enjoy. I don't play League very often, and I'm certainly not very good. But when I DO play, it's a 50% chance I'll play Malz over any other champ. His style, kit, and overall theme just really speak to me. I love the guy. As such, I want to make on thing abundantly clear. Malzahar does not NEED significant kit changes. He really doesn't. He has his strengths: Potent pushing power, deadly in 1v1s, and excellent and picking out a single target to control and help his team kill. He has his weaknesses: Always pushing lane combined with 0 mobility means he's very susceptible to ganks, his ult takes both his target, AND him out of the fight for its duration, making it risky to use if you're not smart, and makes it easy for the enemy team to interrupt, or capitalize on him, and the majority of his teamfight presence can be countered by walking away from his Null Zone. His kit flows together well, works well, and is surprisingly well balanced for how long he's been around. That said, Malzahar could use some significant QoL changes, and a bit more interaction. Mostly this centers around his passive. Voidlings are adorable, AND deadly, truly a double threat, but they're also usually dumber than rocks. While they work well with Malefic Visions and his ult, his other two abilities are basically useless and have no interaction for the little void puppies. I think this is where Malzahar could really shine. The ability to his his Q and W abilities to guide or control minions would be fantastic, and add a lot to Malzahar's own interaction between his kit, and give more opportunities for counter play. That said, here are my suggestions. Passive: Voidlings now specifically target champions with Void-Watched marks. Void-Watched marks last for 3-6(?) seconds. A target can only have one Void-Watched mark at a time. What this does: This makes it VERY clear when Voidlings are targetting you. This lets champions know that the Voidling is a-comin for them, and they need to watch out! This means that enemy champions can make a few choices now. They might decide to kill the voidling, or perhaps just run away from it. Maybe lead it back under their tower to finish it off, or maybe just run it in circles until the mark wears off. This makes it clear for players fighting Malz that voidlings are targetting them, and thus opens new counterplay opportunity for smart players, and makes playing around his voidlings a bit easier. Q-Call of the Void: Any target caught perfectly in the middle of Call of the Void will be marked with a Void-Watched mark. What this does: This does 2 main things. First, it means that Malz now has an extra tool for guiding his voidlings, making it easier on him to get the little guys to go where they need to be. Second, this rewards Malzahar players for actually properly centering their Q, and adds more skill to the ability, while also adding some extra counterplay. Now smart opponents can see the Q coming, and if they can't get out of it exactly, they COULD move to one side slightly to avoid being Centered, and thus avoid the mark. W-Null Zone: Voidlings in Null Zone now consume Void-Watched marks on enemies to deal bonus damage. In addition, any target with a Void-Watched mark cannot lose it in any other way while inside the zone. (Basically the timer doesn't run down on Null Zone'd people with the mark, it only goes away if they leave the zone, or get hit by a Voidling. What this does: This allows a bit more use out of Null Zone, for more than just clearing waves, sticking under ult targets, or putting in teamfights. Now it's a potent follow up to his Q, but still remains countered by simply walking out of it. This just makes it a bit more useful against squishies, who it's not as potent against(Since it does %HP damage, which is more efficient against tanks and the like) and makes the choice of what to use your W on more engaging. Do you use it to follow up a Q? Do you save it for wave clear? Keep it for when you have an ult opportunity? Or hold onto it until a teamfight breaks out? Suddenly preserving your W becomes a lot more important, as it has more options now. E-Malefic Visions: Targets under the effect of Malefic Visions gain a Void-Watched mark for the duration of the ability, which cannot be lost. This mark can only be 'consumed' once by a Voidling in Null Zone, but the mark remains, drawing Voidling Aggro. What this Does: Basically just a follow up on W changes. Limiting the mark's consumption to only once means that E doesn't become stupid overpowered, and of course it still requires the use of his W in addition to the E, which can be fairly mana intensive. R-Nether Grasp: Targets affected by Nether Grasp gain a Void-Watched mark that can only be consumed once. What this Does: Once again, just follow ups on W changes. Keeps Malz from proccing Void-Watched in his W multiple times, so it doesn't become too powerful. So in Summary, what does this accomplish? This gives Malzahar more control over his Voidlings which means a LOT, and gives a new source of damage, which might allow you to tune other abilities back if you grow worried about his damage. Another lever to tune essentially. This also adds clarity for his opponents, allowing them to see exactly when the Voidlings are going to target them, how long it will last(On their buff bar) and allows more opportunities to counter it, by avoiding Null Zones more frequently when marked, and by noting the mark timer to draw Voidlings to safe places to kill them, or just run them in circles so they don't hit you.
: Why do I feel like Ashe, Twitch, and Kog Maw are the weak adcs no one likes to play?
I both like, and play Kog'Maw :( I mean, I'm godawful at ADC, but Kog is STUPID powerful if you SURVIVE the laning phase. That's really all you have to do too, survive. Get 2 items on you and you can duel almost ANYONE. Seriously, the little guy becomes a monster. It's fantastic. Easily my favorite ADC at the moment.
Skyrush (NA)
: Can we talk about Cassiopeia .. yet again Riot?
So, a lot of people are talking about how her poison could be more than JUST DoT damage, so I figured I'd give some possible options for that. Slows are fairly obvious, but that can be achieved through item purchases with a Rylai's for example, but it is an option. Debuffs to something like their damage, similar to Urgot's passive is a possibility, but that is a VERY powerful tool, and might make her too potent, so balancing it could be dangerous. Another option could be to debuff them and lower their defenses, poisons and acids eating away at the enemy's resistance to magic, armor, or both could be quite valuable, and help make her more of a 'combo mage', and also potentially make her a more viable pick as a supportive mid-laner who could help back up more damage-oriented picks in other lanes. Similar to the above, it's a powerful tool that could be hard to balance, but could be very strong. One thing that could work, and would actually fit well with her theme, could be a Paralyze effect, basically a stun. You could do it in different ways. Have it start out as a slow that gets stronger, before becoming a stun. Make her have to stack up poison stacks on a target, then have it cap out at a stun. (As long as it's not 3 stacks eh? :P ) Or you could make it a combination skill, where if she mixes poison from two different kinds of poisons on a target, then they mix and cause paralysis. You could also do something where she could cause blinds, or silences with her poisons, similar to above, you could have it be on a delay, you could have to stack up to it, or you might need to mix poisons for it. So there, some potential options for making her poisons a bit more potent, make them feel more debilitating, and actually feel like poisons instead of just be damage, and helps focus her powers a bit more towards her DoTs instead of her Twin fangs spam.
: {{champion:90}} I'm ALIIIIIIIIVVVVEEE!!! {{champion:107}} Haha. Think again.
{{champion:90}} :Ults Rengar under tower, watches him die: STIIIL ALLLIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!
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Ralanr (NA)
: He can be tanky?
He can be the way I build him. RoA and Rylai's, usually Zhonyas to boot, and Liandries if I'm feeling cheeky. Also Yas can't block anything that Malz does except his AAs, and Yas has to get near creeps to CS, making it easy for Malefic Visions to jump to him, and Voidling harass is really dangerous.
: OMG Riot listened to us
Meanwhile, Bonds of Stone getting nerfed. Sad day to be a teamfight-loving tank.
Statikk (NA)
: [ FOLLOWUP] Solo Lane Mordekaiser Update
Ok, so I'm by no means the best League player around. Frankly I suck at the game, but I like to think I have a good understanding of it. My mechanics suck to high hell, but I know how things work, what to do, how things SHOULD work etc. I like to think so at least. Now, I loved Mordekaiser. Oh yeah, I was still fucking terrible with him, but he was a FUN champion. He had very clear strengths and weaknesses, and could be both a monster to deal with, or totally worthless depending on how the game went, how players played, and how teams worked around it. One of my favorite things about Mordekaiser was always his ability to split push. I know that Split Pushing is pretty heavily hated by some people, and that it's by no means the most interesting playstyle or strategy, but I always liked it. The ability to just plow down an enemy lane, and draw a huge focus from the enemy team always felt satisfying. Even if people in solo queue never knew how to follow up with it, it was still something I enjoyed. And it was something Mordekaiser was VERY good at. What does this all lead up to? Simple. You should never have tried to put Mordekaiser into a duo lane, it just doesn't work. You can't exactly split push bottom lane, pushing power bottom lane doesn't even start to matter until mid-late game, and even then it starts falling off depending on your mid/top laners. So no, Morde shouldn't have gone there. Instead, Riot should have gone with his strengths, while hitting his power. Sure, he's extremely dangerous against champions, and his feast or famine passive is ridiculously difficult to deal with and balance around. So what do? Well, give him more power around minions. It's a simple concept really. Mordekaiser is a general, a king, a leader of dark armies. So make it show. Hit his damage against champions, but bump up/revert his damage to minions. Make it so he gets buffs when he is around allied minions, and they get buffs when around him. Have his passive shield decay slower around minions, but much faster away from them. Let his W increase the damage and give some buffs to the minion he places it on. Make it so that if enemies fight him when he has minions, they ARE going to lose. BUT if they clear out the minions, Mordekaiser becomes significantly weaker. His passive drains faster, his spells do less damage, and he doesn't have backup to rely on. What would this do? Simple. It would solidify Mordekaiser as a powerful solo laner who moves forward and back down the lane with minion waves. When a wave comes, he moves up with it, using the power it grants to push forward, and be a threat, but once the minion wave starts dying off he has to pull back, or else his enemies will take advantage of the loss of his 'army'. It also makes him far less dangerous when caught out in the jungle, and gives him a few powerful counters. People that quickly and easily clear minion waves (Cho'Gath, Gangplank, etc.) are extremely powerful, robbing him of his power quickly, and it means that he has strong moments of power and weakness. A jungler doesn't want to gank when a wave is first arriving, but once the wave has dwindled to 2-3 minions he can go in hard, and with the power Morde gives the minions, he's almost guaranteed to be pushed up, making him even more vulnerable to smart junglers. This also puts a bit more nuance into wave control and minion manipulation, both on his side, and on the enemy team's side. However this helps preserve his powers and strengths as well. He's still a pushing monster, and a with a full wave or more he'll be a terrifying threat. His ult ghost could easily count as a minion(or multiple, depending on balance stuff) allowing him to remain a threat in teamfights if his team helps him get a ghost, and he can still 1v2 the enemy laner and jungler if they're not smart, or don't manage their waves well. It keeps the gameplay style that people liked, but just puts an extra limiter on it. I suppose this is all moot, because it's not going to happen. Riot is set in how they want Morde to work right now, so all this random text doesn't really matter in the end. But I'm going to post it anyway. Who knows, maybe some concepts will get used in a new champion? Or maybe they'll use it for the Yorick re-work. Either is fine.
: Poppy Update Q&A
What made you move Poppy from a somewhat hybrid AP/AD scaling champion to scaling with full AD? Was it just a 'feel' change ((IE: She beats things with a hammer, that's not magic, that's fucking hammer applied directly to face) or did it have something to do with the champion balance and build options? I'm going to miss AP Pop-Pop Poppy. Lichbane Q's were so fun! D:
: Honestly, Mana probably just isn't in a great state at the moment. At a recent meeting, we were talking about some mage champions and how we felt about their Mana usage, and one of the things we got to talking about was that it would be nice to feel like there were greater benefits to being a Mana champion, because Mana serves almost exclusively as a tool to restrict champions in the early game. It would be really cool if there was a world where people could feel good about their champion being a Mana user, because it provided them with really cool itemization and playstyle options, or maybe it had really powerful late game implications. Unfortunately, it's just mostly used as a tool to hold harrass and sustain patterns back in the early game, and there are probably opportunities for us to utilize it better.
If Mana is used to hold back harass and sustain patterns early game, maybe you could make mana regen scale? That way these champions grow stronger the later the game goes on, because they'll more often have the opportunity to use their spells, but they're far weaker early because they will have to make decisions about how to effectively use their mana. Dunno if it would be a good idea, but it might be something worth looking at? Maybe a special ability for a few champions similar to that at the very least.
Statikk (NA)
: If AP itemization is what Morde should be buying, I really like the idea of hybrid defensive / AP items being his mainstay (like you stated above - Rylai's, Liandry's, Abyssal, Zhonya's make sense). I think it's a lot trickier when Morde's optimal builds make him a glass cannon - so I'm pretty personally weary of pushing him into items like Nashor's or Deathcap. Would a build like Rylai's + Gunblade + Tank items make sense for Morde?
The main problem is that there really are very few Juggernaut-type item choices for AP champions. AD Champions have things like {{item:3053}} , {{item:3071}} , {{item:3022}} , and {{item:3748}} What do tanky AP champs have? {{item:3116}} , {{item:3151}} , and maybe {{item:3001}} or {{item:3157}} ? But even then, those last two are more often picked up by full AP assassins or burst mages than bruiser-y fighter-y types like the Juggernauts are. I think a large issue is just the lack of solid AP Bruiser itemization, which isn't at all helped by the fact that some of the other good options, like {{item:3027}} are wasted on Morde because the mana is worthless to him.
: Hmmm.. Dunkmaster was the first skin I worked on. (and I've only worked on a handful) Only a 4th dimensional D-dunk battle could test this.
I think you mean 4th Dunkmensional.
Statikk (NA)
: [ FOLLOWUP ] Mordekaiser Update
I think that one thing that Mordekaiser needs most is more innate tankiness in his base stats. He's one of THE squishiest 'Juggernauts' even WITH his passive shield. His base HP pool especially is frustratingly small compared to the likes of Garen, or Darius, the other Juggernauts. I think toning down his damage in exchange for more durability would go a long way in helping Morde out.
: > [{quoted}](name=ZylotheWolfbane,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zrJ0uqMY,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2015-11-17T01:50:59.663+0000) > > I got to level 30 almost entirely on bot matches. Seriously. Bot matches generally have some chill dudes, and it's an easy place to sit back, mess around with champs, learn the basics, practice last hitting etc. > > It gets you some bad habits, like not warding, not caring about objectives, chasing/baiting when you REALLY shouldn't, never having to counter build etc. But it's much more pleasant than trying to go through sub-30 normals. I just realized my entire Season 3 was spent on bots, just practicing champs and mechanics, while my brother (a Season 1 vet) guided me. You're absolutely right about the atmosphere in bots. No roles, no pressure, just practice and fun. I did get abused for going {{champion:35}} {{summoner:12}} {{summoner:11}}, but that's because {{champion:236}} got donked on by {{champion:36}} and {{champion:59}} :\ Back to mid-Season 5; I get my girlfriend to start playing (@Rito, do I get a Summoner Icon for the achievement?) and create a new account to play alongside her. She did bots alone and draft with me and progressed much faster than I did at her level which was great to see. After hitting 25 and going into Team Builder I noticed a new problem. So I'm a Silver 4 Support Main, so I spend quite some time keeping team toxicity low and spirits high while trying to teach people, especially when I play with her at lower levels. The issue lies with the other smurfs, beating up on new players and abusing them, or new players learning those bad/toxic/losing habits/mentalities/strategies they pick up from "smurfs" (usually Bronze and Silver taking out their rage) who new players see decimate everyone carry roles. Eventually this cycle repeats itself, and is indicative of the low ELO struggle in general (New account>30>Bronze/Silver>Stall>New account). It's caused my girlfriend to go on an indefinite hiatus as soon as she hit 30. It happens to most of at some point, and getting shell-shock like that is just another plateau in one's LoL career to be overcome, but it doesn't have to be so severe. This is why at that I report mercilessly when it comes to players being toxic, trolling maliciously, harassing and abusing unskilled/inexperienced players, or otherwise making the come-up process something to be dreaded and avoided rather than a positive learning experience and a rite of passage that actually makes you a better Summoner. If they see this behavior go unpunished, or worse, rewarded, they perpetuate it. If you don't {{item:1083}} the toxicity early, it just spreads. I guess the TL;DR is if we, the ranked and experienced players of any level, choose to 'smurf' or help new friends, then it's our responsibility to nurture and guide the people we affect, hold each other to that standard, and ostracize/report violators.
See, I solve the problem easily. I just don't play Ranked at all :D Arguably, that solution doesn't work for everybody, but hey. I know I'm terrible at the game, but if I just avoid playing in Ranked at all I can usually avoid most of the A-holes.
: I made a smurf to see what it's like to be a new player
I got to level 30 almost entirely on bot matches. Seriously. Bot matches generally have some chill dudes, and it's an easy place to sit back, mess around with champs, learn the basics, practice last hitting etc. It gets you some bad habits, like not warding, not caring about objectives, chasing/baiting when you REALLY shouldn't, never having to counter build etc. But it's much more pleasant than trying to go through sub-30 normals.
: Based on our internal item purchase data - Cass didn't buy ~2+ mana potions a game which was our internal metric for mages to determine whether or not they used mana potions extensively enough to be heavily affected. We didn't compensate based on mana consumption - but directly off whether or not they purchased it significantly.
Did you look into mages who purchased Crystalline Flask? Just out of curiosity mostly, but that was actually a fairly heavily purchased item by mages who wanted some mana sustain to help during laning phase.
: DEAR RITO, i can't forget what u did today , LETS TALK ABOUT MY MAIN YORICK
As someone who currently works in a college writing center, this post physically harms me.
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: report potato for feeding
: Ladies skinny jeans are made of very stretchy material and provide much more free movement than men's (unless you wearin JNCO, then nothing can stop you obviously)
Too bad they don't have working pockets! Seriously, why are women's clothing so poorly designed? It's like someone purposefully said "Ok, so we have to make women's clothing EITHER extremely uncomfortable, OR totally impractical! Ya know, as a joke! :D" And then everyone missed the 'joke' part and took it as some golden rule of clothes design.
: ♪Boys and Girls of every rank. Wouldn't you like to see something strange?♪
Awesome. But all I can think of when I see your title is: "Boys and girls of every rank, wouldn't you like some memes that're dank."
: The Preseasoning Day 2: Open Forum [VISION / STARTING ITEMS / RIFT HERALD / ETC]
Not sure if it's been asked yet, but didn't see it answered in the Riot responses at least. Will {{champion:82}} be able to get a Rift Herald ghost? I think this is actually pretty important to know. Getting a Rift Herald ghost could move Mordekaiser back into the ability to go top lane more consistantly, because he wouldn't feel like he was wasting potential dragons. He could go top lane, and not feel obligated to bring teleport purely due to the dragon ghost. I think it would actually help him out a lot in giving him better opportunity to go top lane. Also, it would be awesome. The above reason is really just a secondary compared to this one :P
: Why would you ever take Clarity when you can take teleport and back and then return to lane with full HP and mana and items (also TP is a lot more useful after you have gotten some mana items since it does more then simply give you mana... though of course Clarity is better in a fight)
That IS kind of my point. Making summoner spells more useful can help a lot to making them into better options. Remember the days when Barrier was must-have for any squishy champs? It's been nearly replaced by Heal thanks to its changes. When was the last time you saw Barrier? Giving Clarity some sort of side-buff, similar to Heal's MS boost, would go a long way to making it a better option. The same could be said for a lot of under-used Summoner spells these days. Basically the only things that exist anymore are Flash(Will always be must-have for 99% of champions/players), Ignite(For aggressive snowbally champs who want kills and dueling power), Heal(For everyone squishy who wants to avoid death), TP(For anyone who wants stronger map control, or a consistent lane presence), and Exhaust(Primarily for supports, or to counter assassins.)
: We've actually done a lot of thinking in this space, especially in the context for the upcoming pre-season! Right now, Teleport can feel like a necessity to a top laner, and has been increasing in popularity for mid laners. We are extremely interested in exploring ways to make it (among other summoner spells) a more interesting choice, and less of a mandatory or "automatic" one.
Have you considered that the first step to this might be to bring up the power and usefulness of other summoner spells? Things like Clarity, and Clairvoyance that are rarely, if NEVER used in actual matches. Finding ways to give Teleport more competition might go a long way to making it less mandatory.
HighH1 (NA)
: Mordekaiser: The Mordekaiser
I still think that if Riot is going to change Mordekaiser's title, they need to ACTUALLY make it 'Mordekaiser: The Mordekaiser' Because that is the only way this can end well.
: Vaynes winrate dropped from 53,2% to 53,05% after patch 5.20
Hey, it's .05% per 1 AD! It's actually the perfect plan, just lower her AD like 3 points at a time until you reach an appropriate winrate!
: Exactly, we know that the morde changes were more of a direction shift than an expansion of what he currently was. In the case of caitlyn it will more caitlyn instead of a new champ.
Dunno if you meant to word it that way, but the way you said that made it seem like you're implying that Mordekaiser's changes were meant to make him into a new champion. Which is NOT what should be done to Morde. If you want a new champion, make a new champion, don't rip away a champion that many people love and enjoy just to shove him into a new form you prefer. Just saying that's what you're implying with the context of your response. I doubt you actually meant it that way. Despite the fact it sadly ended up being very close to that way...
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Kindred has been out for a couple of hours
Eh, I have a better solution. Don't play Ranked, that way you don't have to get worried about it.
Shíny (NA)
: Mostly the problem is that lord of death is an extremely bland and redundant title ; making him basically Mordekaiser: The Mordekaiser. Is there a possibility you could reconsider and change the title for something that's still in line with his new identity but also has some more flair to it?
NO THIS IS PERFECT. Make his title ACTUALLY be Mordekaiser: The Mordekaiser. It'll be perfect. "I am Mordekaiser, the Mordekaiser! Why? Because F**K you, MORDEKAISER!"
: Your main accidentally leaves their computer open, and you see their internet history
{{champion:82}} : https://www.google.com/search?q=Top+10+tips+on+making+mute+women+fall+in+love+with+you!&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 {{champion:37}} : http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html {{champion:2}} : http://www.details.com/story/how-to-dress-and-act-like-a-bro {{champion:83}} : http://phenomforever.com/ {{champion:30}} : http://www.positiveatheism.org/rw/ofcourse.htm Pentakill is love. Pentakill is life.
: After All That Has Evolved In This Game.. What Do You Miss The Most?
I miss the VFX and SFX of Mordekaiser's old E. I know it's a recent change, but dammit the maces were awesome!
: There are 2 aspects of Morde that will always make him OP in competitive play: Dragon pet XP bonus in duo lane Unless Rito removes those aspects of Morde, he will be OP in competitive play. And since Rito has a huge ego, they probably won't remove those aspects for a good long while because their champion designers have lost touch with reality. @Riot
There are 2 aspects of Kassadin that will always make him OP in competitive play: Extremely low-cooldown blink Anti-mage kit This isn't meant as an insult, or to actually say that Kassadin is OP. This is just what a lot of people felt when Kassadin was strong, and is just meant to reinforce my point, which is this: Champions will end up being OP. Whether it's because they're new and not well balanced, or because they get a re-work that makes them immensely OP. Then they'll end up perma-banned. Riot of course will try to fix them, changing their numbers, or altering abilities more. However few people will end up seeing, or experiencing these changes due to how OP the champion was previously. So even if they are heavily and repeatedly nerfed, they will often remain banned consistently, whether they're still OP or not. It's just how things end up in League honestly. OP champions get banned, champions that are constantly banned rarely get played, champions that are rarely played don't get as much testing, so actually seeing how OP or not they still are after changes becomes difficult.
Lyte (NA)
: Q&A about Player Behavior Systems, Chat Log Reviews, and Feedback!
Dear Lyte. Feel free to post all of my chat logs wherever you want. Here's an example! -Begin Chatlog ZylotheWolfbane: glhf -End Chatlog It's so easy to not be toxic when you say a max of like 4 sentences throughout like 10 games :3 I am curious on how often I get reported though, I don't play many games, and never play Ranked, so it'd be interesting to see.
Jbels (NA)
: With Morde's incredibly high ban rate in worlds
The Kassadin Fallacy- A champion is overpowered. A champion is banned almost constantly. A champion is then nerfed, altered, or changed due to their over-powered nature. A champion remains banned constantly, despite adjustments being made. Thus the champion's actual balance becomes a mystery, because they are always banned, thus their changes are never tested, and thus no one can actually get a grasp of the actual balance of the champion until they are nerfed so heavily that everyone has to admit they are trash, and thus finally stop banning them, finally giving Riot and the players a chance to see how balanced or unbalanced the champ ACTUALLY is.
Rioter Comments
: ARAM "we have no tank"
{{item:3116}} , {{item:3027}} , {{item:3151}} , {{item:3157}} , {{item:3060}} , {{item:3020}} What do you mean AP Sej isn't a tank?
: Why don't we give Silver Bolts a charge system?
I'd think that a better way to do it would be to either: A. Cap the amount of procs on a target. So you can only get the three hit proc a certain amount of times per target, making it more difficult to deal with single extremely durable targets that are right on top of her. Similar to Nautilus' passive. B. Make it similar to the old Ashe frost arrows, where it's an active that you turn on and it drains mana to put stacks on. This would make it so Vayne has to make more meaningful decisions between stacking up Silver Bolts, or spamming Tumble, she wouldn't be able to do both as consistently, and would make a low mana Vayne more vulnerable, which is when mana-using champs SHOULD be vulnerable.
: When th enemy Trundle is about to kill you
Except that in Skyrim the giants are way more threatening than the dragons...
Meddler (NA)
: Damage Cap on passive damage against Monsters should be working on the PBE Monday. It's intended to be 75 damage, but got bugged at some point from the looks of it and stopped working.
Have you considered taking the damage cap away? I think that the lack of damage cap almost helps Kindred as a champion more than anything else. It gives her a strong purpose, and identity. She's extremely good as an objective control champion. Her ganks aren't the best, and her teamfight utility is strong, sure, with her ult and tank-shredding abilities, but I think it's really amazing how her %HP damage makes the enemy team worry about things that might not normally happen in other games. Extremely fast dragons, and very early Barons become a threat against a Kindred, so opposing players really need to keep up their ward control against her or risk losing a Baron as soon as it spawns if they play the teamfights poorly. I think it really adds a lot to her, and I think it should stay a part of her. Capping it will severely hurt that.
Dr Poro (EUW)
: There are no good players in League of Legends
A wise man once told me, "No one is ACTUALLY good at League, so don't worry about it." Best advice I ever got.
Meddler (NA)
: Hmm, that's an intriguing suggestion, I'll bounce that off the folks working on Kindred tomorrow, see if that makes sense to them too. Suspect Baron only might be the way to go to avoid pumping too many more stacks in for a winning Kindred.
Could have tiered limits. 6 stacks and Wolf stops hunting normal camps, and only hunts Dragon, 8+ Stacks and it only hunts Baron etc. numbers would be up to you, but something like that would be interesting, and would help a Kindred that has trouble getting the kills on her hunted targets properly.
TBakes (NA)
: Your terrible at League
I literally clicked on this post specifically to do nothing but to reply with the correction for the title. Well played.
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