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: I have an idea for ap champs going against ad and needing to rush Zhonyas.
So basically you wanna give AP assassin the ability to completely ignore a mages cooldowns. Good idea. Should work for Riot.
Streeton (NA)
: winrates mean nothing
Is that why Riot nerfed all those champions cause winrate. Maybe it's just the american kiddie way to be so salty towards numbers, sorry if I triggered you.
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: Lol these boards are funny. Failed with Yasuo, then failed with Zed, then failed again with Le Blanc. Now its like come one guys this time will be the time lets all cry about Ahri, surely this will end up different and Riot will actually listen.
I don't really care if Riot listens I just like making salty kids extra salty.
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: Pretty sure DFT is amazing on champion's with consistent aoe after the change.
No it's not you're trading away the ability to win trades against anyone with thunderlords for the ability to do 40 extra damage late game.
: according to riot, swain with dft is literally broken
He was broken, if Zed/Ahri got hit by nevermove it was over for them. Now it's not. Fixed.
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: Where did he say that?
Their latest circlejerk patch vid
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: We shall remember the date as Caitlyn has become completly obsolte...
What are you talking about, Cait became obsolete when they released Jinx, an ADC who has more range, stronger autos, way more effective traps, a slow on her poke and an execution ult that's actually good
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: Hey Riot, can we have a serious discussion on why Mordekaiser had to become a duo laner
: "Vel'Koz Only Brings Damage"- Riot
Stop listening to what Rioters say they just pull nonsense outta their ass to justify their terrible decisions. If you've been here since season 1 you'll have noticed just how many times Riot has 180'd on positions.
: I'm sorry but I just don't hate Rengar, nor do I think people should.
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: Rumble sitting on a 45.6% winrate with a 1.6% play rate
: Fix Skill Visuals to Match Actual Hitboxes
Too lazy, much rather -4 ad off MF - Meddler
: I dont feel like playing anymore when I see Zed mid...
You mean this champ that has no risk, can all in you whenever he wants AND has the ability to turtle forever cause of his range and lack of mana. Nobody likes playing against Zed, like how nobody likes playing against Yasuo or Fiora but Riot doesn't care they need their LCSbigderps.
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: How to give Mordekaiser windows of power and thus make him a healthier addition to the game
Weren't you invited to their mission accomplished party? Cause they threw one for Morde and MF already. Now they're moving on to immobile mages cause the guy who spams Janna in silver doesn't think the mages are unique enough.
Wezz (NA)
: Before any buffs happen to Assassins and their items, Rengar needs looking at
Here's what Riot's gonna do. They're gonna release the new assassin item. They're gonna buff Zed and Khazix on top of this. Then 6 months later in the mage rework they're gonna lower Karthus's armor by 6. That's it.
: WARNING: Monster post contained within @*AnyRed*
I'm not interested in being talked at and really that's all Riot's ever been good at, talking at the playerbase. That and making meaningless joke posts on reddit.
: I am starting to report players for this and you should too.
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: more diversity than old ones ever had
No. I now run the same masteries on practically everyone. Previously I had different pages for Corki, AP supps, tank supps, APCs, and ADCs.
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: @Riot, Zyra's Ult Manacost
Cause it takes 6 months for them to drop a champs ult mana cost to 100.
: i always wondered what a fart noise transformed into an internet comment would look like
Is that suppose to be an insult? lol good one kid.
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: Who counters zed
Nobody. They buffed his R so you auto get a kill in a gank and since Zed has no mana and can spam poke he can just do that forever.
: Zed player's opinion on his current state
Guys Malphite, top 3 winrate champ in the game cause tank meta that will 1vs1 literally every mid in the game, counters Zed too. Therefore Zed balanced.
: From diamond 2 rank 8 best Zed EUW: - Assassin item is garbage and not good on Zed, it will only be good on Talon. - Zed is balanced, the majority of midlaners have the tools in their kit to just outplay Zed's telegraphed abilities (shurikens and ult). - Counterbuilding with items is pretty easy and effective, yet most people who complain about Zed don't do it because they are bad at the game, simple as that. - AP item do not suck and are a lot better than AD items.
Literally everything you said was incredibly stupid and wrong I'm 99% sure you're lying about your rank or maybe spamming Zed really does make you that clueless. RIP meddler's mind.
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: karthus has a 33% win rate in diamond, swain 41%
It's ok meddler doesn't play in diamond or swain.
Pika310 (NA)
: Yes, the Swain nerf was a poor decision and Meddler is bad at his job. I'm not going to dispute these facts, especially since I've previously stated so myself. However Ahri's not even a good champ anymore, lower mid-tier AT BEST because of all the nerfs she's received. She doesn't even have a clearly defined role anymore: she's not a mage, she's not an assassin, she's not a support, she's just nothing now.
Funny cause Apdo says Ahri is the most OP mid in the game.
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Troiann (NA)
: No bias here kids, just another perfectly reasonable argument to support a perfectly bullshit claim.
What bias these are just facts. You kids ever get tired of being riot's little sheep? Baaahhhh harder.
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: Make Tahm Kench choose
Riot can do a lot of things to make Tahm Kench not completely unfun to play against but from the way they chose to nerf Karthus instead they obviously think he's fine. Or fine for now till they sell enough RP from his release.
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