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Ashtaway (NA)
: Clash team looking for ADC AND TOP
im a s2 adc looking for a team
GottaWiz (NA)
: Looking for ADC/Support for clash friday 8pm EST
hey i'm a s2 ad looking for a team! champ pool: kaisa, jinx, ezreal, jhin, lucian add me ign: goodg4mer
Fiiftty (NA)
: [NA] CLASH / High Silver-Low Gold Team for Clash / Discord
IGN: goodg4mer Role: adc Rank: s2 Champion Pool: kaisa, jinx, ezreal, jhin, lucian, trist Discord: Yes Microphone: Yes
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: Clash team looking for ADC
goodg4mer, kaisa, jinx, ezreal, jhin
: Clash team looking for ADC
goodg4mer, s2 jinx, kaisa, jhin, ezreal (in that order)
Frostedo (NA)
: Need ADC and Sup for silver team
: High Silver-Low Gold clash team LF all roles except support
: Silver Clash team need adc
goodg4mer kaisa, jinx, ezreal, most adcs except twitch

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