: I think vayne should be nerfed
nah i think u just gotta get good. i never had this problem.
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Slythion (NA)
: you know you're bad when you think k/d/a is the only stat that matters for a win While you're probably right and the dude made the game harder, it's just an overall bad philosophy to think that kda is all that matters
not necessarily, but someone being 1/9 and toxic doesn't help either.
: You know you are bad when you are stuck in silver 3 with over 700 ranked games. No reason to complain about a troll in that elo.
you know you are toxic when you look someone up and make fun of them. no reason for you to complain about trolls when you are one yourself.
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: But then there would have to be a cap on Tenacity. Thinking of Irelia, Garen, Mundo..... along with the 15% tenacity from mastery, + 25% from boots/pot..... you see where the tenacity overload might appear? I do agree on the quests though. There needs to be a bit more interaction...... as long as lore goes with it. If it does not fit the lore, then it is kinda worthless, but for example with Rengar and Kha, that is an awesome quest that fits with lore. Need more of those, perhaps with Kled? Not sure too much about him just yet.... but he looks like he could come from the Shuriman desert? Perhaps he could be one of those that was hunting Reksai
yeah but the amount of cc teams have is insane. they just follow up with chain cc and you're dead. there's no counter play whats so ever. even when i play tanks with tenacity i struggle.
Arrakise (NA)
: Stay true to your ign I guess. If that's how you act with a name like that it's just a matter of time before you're forced form the game. bit silly don't you think? Complaining about people complaining? ha.
complaining is done without a reason. they're the cancer, im the chemo.
: > [{quoted}](name=a toxic jungler,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Ekvd8Z6K,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-07-24T12:14:49.620+0000) > > you always have the option to leave...... > > > i hate people like you, you dont mute/block but instead just cry about it on forums. get real. man the hell up, and just leave post game. big deal. This is just something people that break the rules say to try and play it off.
agree. there's nothing wrong with name calling especially when you are GIVEN the option to block/mute/report. but im still here, i dont break rules. :D
Arrakise (NA)
: Post Game harassment.
you always have the option to leave...... i hate people like you, you dont mute/block but instead just cry about it on forums. get real. man the hell up, and just leave post game. big deal.
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Kürama (NA)
: Do you fit the [requirements to gift him?](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752964-Gifting-Guide-and-FAQ)
yeah i think there was on time limit on it or something. cus after the first day or so, it gave me the option
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Xidphel (NA)
: They're not gonna get punished after 1 game. It takes a few games before they get punished.
which is retarded. if you ever track a tilted player's history. you can tell which games they afk/fed. doesn't take a geniuss to figure it out. just look at their history, you'll see somone lvl 1 with no items. or the player is 5-6 levels lower than everyone else with not even half build.
: You can use it . You shouldnt be Abusing it,
im not sure about that. riot would place a limit of how many times you can do emotes then.
Nahui (NA)
: So should he look like he doesn't care?
im just saying, i was all hyped up to see the new ryze and it was a total disappointment. the sucker looks like a downgrade. his animations are from season 2. actually they just called me right now, they want their animations back.
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: Im taking about norms, read what i said. I said that what if they come back? I have lots of 4v5s after remakes cause someone keeps afk and reconnecting.
still majority of players bitched mainly because of that. they didnt want to do 4v5
: Remove remake in normal games
i rather waste 5 minutes of my life, than waste 40 minutes on a 4v5.
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Cyst (NA)
: Ya... cause I tell you what riot has stated... That besides data on graph after game they also messure your click per sec, your pings , your location (how you think those little graphs know where you got gold at?) , your skills used and how often you use them compared to their cool down. This data was originally used for balancing but riot has been using it to confirm intentional feeding among other things. One kid came here crying he was perm banned... for intentional feeding riot posted for example that he didn't use any skills near enemy and just ran into enemy dying over and over.... They keep track of it... for kids like you that need perm get perm.
ok never heard about that but sure.....whats next? they're gona start perma banning people for winning. kids cry for the dumbest reasons lol. they are just plain bad so they find reason to get you in trouble. if you get rid of the good players with false reports, the bad players can play in peace and pretend they're good lol.
Itankyou (NA)
: why so serious
lol cmon, can u really take this game serious? especially when a simple emote can trigger someone. be real
Cyst (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=a toxic jungler,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=0oEfUiHA,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-14T03:11:08.303+0000) > > u literally dont have to say anything to these kids. just spam mastery/dance/laugh emote and they'll start flaming lol. especially if they are losing. sometimes they even proceed to afk or even feed. people are so sensitive. Riot measures laugh spam and it is reportable/ perm ban worthy. Just not as often as racism.
yeah you're the guy that reports everyone after a game. blocks/reports all 9 people.
FrankerX (EUW)
: oh well lulu's laugh is toxic when spammed. i mean cmon guys nobody can stand her laugh for about 5min.
honestly, its only annoying when you are losing. but when they are losing, it makes me wonder why they keep laughing. prob just out of tilt
: I know thats why I was so confused. Champion emotes are not even close to toxic...
yeah everyone that down voted this get triggered by champion emotes lol.
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Itankyou (NA)
: laughing is toxic, ur toxic bro.
lol you're those guys that type "/all report" when someone flashes mastery emote huh.
FrankerX (EUW)
: as a matter of fact it is. 3 days ago i saw the chatlogs of someone here, 20 lines, 90% "LMFAO" board mod said "laughing at your teammates is toxic"
i mean champion's laugh. mine's hotkeyed to "o". how is laughing toxic? then why does riot allow it to happen.
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: 2/9 spent all game splitpushing, plays in low elo what r u, trick2g? kappa
trick2g is silver? hmm thats news to me.
: ***
not really about "carrying" but just not having a a plan as a team and focusing objectives. i've been 38/3 (this was my score, not team score) and i managed to lose a game. if you don't consider that "carrying" your team, i dont know what is. 1 person can't win the game for 4 others, just doesn't work that way. this aint CoD. there's not a single game where i've won all by myself. even if i have the most kills, most objectives, and my ADC is 2/14, they did something.
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Dehitay (NA)
: The irony is I still have countless people going on a whine fest whenever I built Rylai's on Mundo.
you have never played against{{champion:90}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:50}}
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Arakadia (NA)
: You didn't actually show any evidence. It doesn't make sense you would lose more against solo's. Don't expect us to listen if you can't back yourself up.
match history? tahts not evident enough? hmm idk then. numbers dont lie
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: > [{quoted}](name=a toxic jungler,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ra5JEdOK,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-07-02T10:50:00.231+0000) > > please take a look at the game we are playing. everyone in the community is just as immature. you make it seem like 1% of the community is toxic. a game that has a 70%-80% afk/troll rate must really be played by mature people. 80%. Hahaha wow. No, not nearly that.
90% whatver, i was off by 10%. well then, maybe i have the worst luck ever. i get afks in nearly 3-4 games out of 5. thats a pretty high ratio.
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Xäyąh (NA)
: Offending special needs by saying retards? classic immature man-child
please take a look at the game we are playing. everyone in the community is just as immature. you make it seem like 1% of the community is toxic. a game that has a 70%-80% afk/troll rate must really be played by mature people.
: "Words Hurt" -How Riot Reacts to Rude Language
talking shit is one of the best things riot has to offer in this game
: Well if it is an actual troll. you ignore them completely and pretend they aren't there. if you react they get their kicks. you write the game off and wait for 20 min surrender. If they are just "dumb", perhaps playing while drunk or high, you might be able to talk sense into them. but you have to be extremely calm to do it. If you are mad don't type in chat.
you and i both know trolls dont work that way. they will troll regardless. in my experiences it seems to be different, the more you ignore, the harder they will try to get a rise out of you.
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be pure (NA)
: you seem to be tilted. I would suggest taking a break
are you just trolling now? i dont purposely lose games. players on tilt purposely do that. and it ruins the game. thats why i suggest they take a break. but sure, i'll take a break. if i ever tilt lol. i stopped doing that when i reached like lvl 5. such childish behavior.
: Blame jungler without any reason and report jungler for their lose
welcome to league of blame. in this game players ALWAYS find the easy way out, which is to blame others. instead of owning up to their mistakes. they refuse to believe they lost because of their poor play style so they find it easier to blame others. what player to blame easier than the rest? jungler. somehow players think the jungler is suppose to win their lane for them. it is nearly impossible to win a lane, let alone the game, when the retard is 1/10 at the 10 minute mark. so if you want to keep playing jungle, as a jungle main, you have to disregard them. most of the time people blame, or flame you is because they're tilted and they're on a huge losing streak, which goes back to what i was saying. they refuse to blame themselves. just keep your head up, and continue playing. as long as you know you did your best, fuck what they say. honestly.
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