: Update: Fan Contribution to Worlds 2017 Prize Pool
man I wish Riot would actually put some money in this especially since there is only one worlds a year that greatly decreases winners income annually
: the point still stands: warmog (and even stoneplate) buffs both redemp and locket, both of which could proc ardent as well, for the stubborn few who refuse to use pact. you don't have to revive someone to get that sweet heal/shield on entire team (and it happens VERY often in this mode). warmog also helps the support regen/tank without wasting shields on themselves, and if they hit the 2750hp mark, the support can essentially eat velkoz bullets for fun. but this is just in theory... it could be that chalice heal is sufficient, and in some cases, getting a raba/ludens/liandry might even work better in jacking up shield ratios (plus some nice dmg).
: It is, but it puts more pressure on the run. Every death is 50-100 points lost (unless it results in a retry). 5 deaths is 250-500 points.
: More health from revives shouldn't be a factor in the build since using revives almost always jeopardizes you getting an S for the round anyway.
Its definitely possible to do it with multiple deaths idk what you are talking about
: Complete Guide to Invasion : Onslaught, to all extents (S+ On all 5 core missions obtained)
I have to disagree on Lulu and any support in general. Going Redemption and Ardents is obvious but going Locket into warmogs makes the most sense. Building around the person who played AD as a team just is optimal and have more health for Revives helps immensely. Another thing, boots are completely optional in this game mode so I'd rather prioritize more damage of more health. Other than that I feel this is accurate on other fronts good job.
: Well that's why I took off Chroma-Packs. And look at Loot. They are willing to give away free skins for effort/skill.
You cannot honestly believe that Riot should make 130+ skins for free when the skin department is essentially crafting and ditching 30+ skins a month like you would just get skins with visual bugs and just shitty designs because they don't have the men for it nor would it be profitable for them.
: It's insane but not impossible lol.
its unnecessary and not profitable so a company wont do it just to "make people happy". The profits would not justify the hours put into the design of each champion.
Meddler (NA)
: Coins only drop from minions you didn't personally kill, so GP or LB would only get benefit if giving up a lot of CS.
That's actually not what I'm talking about. The completed coin passive of filling a point in an ability is way too powerful imo mid game since now rather then waiting till around 28-32 min you can get your power spike a whole minute or 2 faster which could potentially just throw champions waaaay outta line.
Limely (NA)
: Midseason Support Item Update - Live on PBE!
I'm just saying gp will always go ancient coin if that's a thing. He essentially gets to scale faster now Champions like Leblanc might also be able to abuse that ancient coin passive that really does seem way too powerful to have in the game but this is just all theory crafting for now.
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: Make a champion disgustingly OP without changing their ratios/base numbers
{{champion:103}} Charm is an AOE affect instead of a skillshot
Sandixcx (NA)
: I feel so empty inside right now
Dude Leblanc is fun and there really isn't anything annoying about her kit rn. She just takes a lot to pull off since abyssal is such a hard counter.
: In the RWBY Universe.......probs :P (Save for Cinder,Neo and Emerald) >.>
: When you finally shut down the fed enemy
I could make a pun here... But that would be too disturbing
: Annie's Art section is amazing from a potential lore perspective.
Just Make sure the Hastur child keeps her horror references because that is really what attracted her to me as my first ever main. I didn't spend 1584 games on her for NOTHING!
: So My Friend Was In A Bible Study And It Was About A Fish Who Ate Jonah
I'm impressed rn no religious arguments... This is either the heaven of hell of the internet I can't figure out which.
: *adult dressed in an animal suit
when you realize annie would be 8 years older based on when the game went into beta.
dakm102 (NA)
: We do not ask these questions. you never know who is watching 0-0
it's just a meme ok that's all of course no one knows but Raptor i just like seeing the census of the masses OK IT WAS FOR RESEARCH :C
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: Arcade community creations
Where is Box Box dammit
: Yasuo's reaction to his nerfs on the PBE
S-s-s-senpai it's cold here why did you send me to the Freljord without a jacket ;-;.
: Your Main Makes You Dinner...
{{champion:163}} : Her technique was little rocky but she made some pretty good rocky road ice cream.
: It was Instinct that made you say the **TRUTH!** Hahaheh~
: Godlike: a League film
You have to give it to Riot and Blizzard... they know how to make a game look appealing.
: Nudity in League: {{champion:34}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:143}}{{champion:203}} EDIT: I don't count head pieces/necklaces as clothing. You can wear a hat with your birthday suit but you're still ass naked. (Nami, Sol, Etc). Nami is not wearing anything on her chest. Those are a part of her body. She naked. Brand's pants would have fused to the body that was once human.. so they're a part of Brand now. He's naked. Zyra has plants growing about her, that isn't clothes. That's a living part of her. She's 100% Naked. My mistake on Nocturne. I thought he was more naked than he is. Varus has pants on. Added Kindred. Thought there was a loin cloth there, guess not!
I mean I've seen Ahri naked more than not just saying
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: Your main hugs you... do you survive?
Taliyah I that hug would just rock so I think I would survive.
: Well if you're a fangirl, and you say you're a "her" wouldn't umm... God agree with me and say I'm right? (Cause I need some god to help me right now lol)
You'll never know ( I didn't even notice I said her FUCK LOL)
: 1. {{champion:44}} X {{champion:131}} #Moonstone 2. {{champion:16}} X {{champion:136}} #Starcrossed 3. {{champion:432}} X {{champion:203}} ~~#Threesome Fetish~~ #Spirited Away my Heart
I approve of this Spirited Away ship.
: Dear Xyntheyxz Don't get in between a chick and her ships. Okay? Hope you do man. <3 god help you if you do.
: lolis > all in romance also GURL YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE GREATNESS THAT IS THE FACT HER CULTURE IS MIDDLE EASTERN! SHE'S LIKE 16 THAT'S LEGAL! besides yas is good at knocking people up ;)
: but then I can't ship taliyah and yasuo for the sensei/senpai relationship!
Taliah is just a kid ok as much as I love Taliyah RivxYas is more compatible OK TALIYAH WILL FIND HERS BUT IN MY HEAD THEY ARE GOOD FWENDS
: Yeah, it is Vikings. I highly recommend it. The show is epic af.
: Ragnar for father of the year http://66.media.tumblr.com/8acfeae9f5645f62bcbb02f2aa52a55d/tumblr_o64sbraQ1S1udwd4zo4_500.gif
ok what show is this? Is it that Vikings thing (sorry the closest thing to an actual show I've watched is Re:Zero and SU)
: Every Kled skin is now mine
I was hoping someone would catch that
: I would consider Lulu underage, because she was in a different dimension where time ran differently.
I would to but she still has lived for a much longer amount of time than 95% of the champions. Also just noticed you snuck in Karthas... Well Played
: "They" would be somewhat wrong as publicity stating "This restaurant has horrible food" is most certainly bad publicity.
actually it is proven that even THAT will drag more people to come into the restaurant at least in the short term. Everyone will want to find out why that restaurant has horrible food so more people will come in. Unless they surprise the incoming customers with decent enough food for their liking they will die off.
: So they are considered old enough to fight? But not to choose bed partners?
In our society yup that makes sense because would you really still trust lulu to chose her bed partner like she only 300+ years old
: If Janna is 14 then they must have a pretty low age of consent considering before she became a windmage she was a prostitute. 2.95$ a minute.
Well it's Zaun too be fair
: Incorrect. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2691109&page=1 It's an older thread, but the measurements still hold up because they used the in-game models.
Oh I was just using what the community dubbed like in general fan art since models are changed and shit. By that sure Mf is bigger.
: Oh lol this isn't asking them to delete any of those that was just for fun to see people's opinions.
Well I know that lol. It just baffles me anyone could hate playing against a Katarina.
: You know that the dead are ageless right? Once Mordekaiser taps them they are dead, and all his.
: Well no fucking shit dude. Garen comes across anyone at anytime would be more appropriate for that gif. It's the champion that needs the nerf not you actually playing well you deluded garen playing asshole. Try picking up a balanced champ and seeing how you fare, idiot.
I mean Garen is pretty terrible not gonna lie. Currently he doesn't do enough or give enough to his team to create any sort of pressure. Garen before and after his rework are almost the exact same rn( as in what they do for a team). Play meta champs like ekko, vlad, irelia, Shen and you destroy Garen. My personal favorite is lulu to counter any champ that wants to stick to you. However she is pretty high skill (probably the hardest utility Mage to play in game)
dakm102 (NA)
: When you see C9 lose
All I'm happy about H2WORLDS H2WORLDS H2WORLDS H2WORLDS H2WORLDS However CLG doesn't deserve to go more than IMT and C9. I think they both are better and they have proven as such.
: Me When I Made My First Micro-Transaction in League
I'm the Same way but hey every Annie, Riven, Taliyah, and Ahri skin is now mine!
: The Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria :D
*inhales* BOI
: She only seems bigger in the artwork. In game, MF wins without contest.
Sona is bigger by her model MF is bigger based proportionally to her body (which isn't hard because her wasteland is MIA)
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