: Patch 7.2 Notes
So Camille can have a 75% ban rate and not get a nerf but Graves can't even have a a cigar?
: You dodged a game at 0 LP, losing 3 and placing you at -3. Yes, you can go negative by dodging. Also, 18 LP gains are fine for average MMR. Your gains will fluctuate a little based on the perceived difficulty of the match (your MMR vs the opponent's).
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: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
Free Tyler1 {{champion:119}} hehe XD
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ai wo (NA)
: why?
As of July 23rd he only has a 48.3% winrate
: LOL so many xwx customers in my elo i guess?
sounds like a bunch of boosted animals to me too
: Looking for someone or some people to help me level grind to 30
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: Anyone Bronze-Silver want to make a team?
I'm down, I main mid and top but that's mostly because of the lack of communication I have with randomly assigned teams in bronze/silver, so I can play whatever http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=acertifiedkorean
: Graves is so broken.
: Dynamic queue is JUST BULLSHIT
most premade teams suck unless you're diamond or above
: MMR is hurting ranked
ItsOrval (NA)
: Random Leaves In Ranked
I think that the current remake system is probably as close to a perfect solution as possible. There's probably no good way to fix the issue of players leaving besides punishing that bad behavior, which is already done through bans and the tribunal system. If, as you're suggesting, the amount of LP lost should changed based on AFK's then the only ways to prevent the entire elo system from getting screwed up would be to decrease the LP gained by the winning team or massively increase the amount of LP lost by the AFK person/people. This is because you can't have people gain LP at a rate so disproportionately high compared to how they lose it. For example if you gain 15 LP for a win, it wouldn't make sense for you to only lose 4 LP for a loss because then every player would just keep consistently gaining LP. This situation would make me pretty mad also, but you should understand that statistically you are neither benefited nor harmed by people DCing in the long run, because on average it happens as much on the enemy team as it does on your team. Edit: (edited pretty much immediately after posting) Also as another commented pointed out it would be really easy for people to exploit this system in order for their friends/teammates to not lose so much LP.
After a few months of being frustrated with this problem I was able to find the solution. You just need to dominate the enemy bot lane so that your HUD is never blocking your vision like it does when you're defending the tier 1 and 2 turrets or walking down lane
: Hey Guys! I turn 30 today! RP Giveaways Come to my stream and celebrate my mid-life crisis
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: Patch 5.7 notes
wasn't luden's echo supposed to be a 120ap replacement for dfg?


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